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Pendleton Preservation Series

Textiles in the form of wearing blankets and bedding are iconic to the West. The chiefs’ blankets, Puebloan mantas, Hispanic serapes, and contemporary textiles that make up The Durango Collection® embody this long-standing tradition. Over 150 years, Pendleton blankets have joined this tradition, drawing inspiration from Native designs and working with contemporary Native artists. Throughout the United States, Pendleton blankets have been given as gifts for major milestones and treasured as family heirlooms much like the historical role of the textiles in the Center’s collection.

In the Fall of 2017, representatives from Pendleton Woolen Mills visited the Center of Southwest Studies. Blown away by the depth and beauty of the weavings, the Pendleton representatives were inspired to collaborate with the Center to create the first in a run of Preservation Series Pendleton blankets.

Royalties from the sales of the following Preservation Series Blankets help fund Native American art and education programming and outreach at the Center of Southwest Studies.

Where to buy

You can purchase the following blankets locally at:

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Pendelton ps01 blanket

· The first in the Preservation Series® (PS01) was inspired by a Navajo serape blanket from the early 1800s. Its simple striped and terraced design bands suggest Rio Grande Valley influence.

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Pendelton ps02 blanket

The second in the Preservation Series® (PS02) was inspired by a Navajo child's blanket from the late 1800s. The crosses are often used as a symbolic reference to Spider Woman, a powerful teacher and benefactor who brought weaving to the Navajo.

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Pendelton ps03

The third in the Preservation Series® (PS03) debuted in 2021. This piece was inspired by an early Zuni serape that also showcases Hispanic design elements common to weavings from New Mexico's Rio Grande Valley.

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