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Note: each index entry includes the number of the record group, the sub-group or the series, and is hyperlinked to the description in the Archives Guide.
  A.A.U.W. American Association of University Women.  Fort Lewis College chapter (Sub-group 19.C.4)
Academic Advancement Program (Sub-group 18.K)
Academic Advising Center (Sub-group 18.Y)
Academic advising handbook (Series 19.C.1)
Academic advising records and correspondence (prior to 1999) (Series 19.C.8)
Academic advising records and correspondence (1999-) (Sub-group 18.Y)

Academic Affairs Council (Series 14.8)

Academic Affairs, Office of (Record Group 14)
Academic Affairs faculty and exempt staff  search records (Series 14.12)
Academic calendars (Series 14.5)
Academic computing (Sub-group 20.B)
Academic Computing Committee (Sub-group 19.D)
Academic department self-studies for CCHE (Series 14.9)
Academic Discourse course readings pack (Series 18.U.1)
Academic Dishonesty (Series 14.18)
Academic employment records and correspondence (Series 14.2)
Academic Information Technology fee (Sub-group 19.D)
Academic Initiative report, 1995- (Series 4.2)
Academic Master Plan Task Force records, 1989 (Series 19.C.3)
Academic program self-study review reports (Series 14.9)
Academic records of students (Series 18.J.9)
Academic Schedule Task Force records, 1990 (Series 19.C.3)
Academic Standards Committee (Sub-group 19.E)
Academic Success Program (Sub-group 18.Y)
Academic Year Scheduling, Ad Hoc Committee on, 1984
(within Series 19.C.3)
Accessibility Task Force committee records (Series 13.CC.3)
Accession records (Reed Library) (Series 18.H.4)
Accountability reports (Assessment Office) (Series 18.A.1)
Accounting Program (Sub-group 16.3.A)
Accounting Club records (Series 16.3.A.4)
Accounting codes, lists of (Series 20.F.2.5)
Accounting Office (Sub-group 20.F)
Accounting Organization records (Series 16.3.A.4)
Accounting table reports (Series 20.F.6)
Accounts Payable index cards, bulk 1947-1948 (Series 20.F.4.10)
Accounts receivable records, pre-1962 (Series 11.D.4)
Accounts Receivable records (Series 20.F.5)
Accreditation records, Arts and Sciences (Series 15.2)
Accreditation records, Business Administration (Series 16.2)
Accreditation records, Education (Series 17.2)
Accreditation reports (Assessment Office) (Series 18.A.1)
Accreditation reports (Series 4.3)
Accreditation reports, Teacher Education (Series 17.3.C.3)
Actor's Circle club records (Series 15.3.R.7)
Ad hoc committee and ad hoc task force records (Series 19.C.3)
Ad Hoc Committee of Arts and Sciences Chairmen on Cheating and Plagiarism, 1979 (within Series 19.C.3)
Ad Hoc Committee on Faculty Evaluation, 1981 (within Series 19.C.3)
Ad Hoc Committee on Proficiency Testing, 1982
(within Series 19.C.3)
Ad Hoc Committee on Scheduling of the Academic Year, 1984
(within Series 19.C.3)
ADA issues (Sub-group 13.CC)

Adams, Bernard, correspondence, 1984-1986 (Series 4.7 and 4.8)
Adjustments to capital assets (Series 20.E.3)
Administrative Cabinet (Record Group 5)
Administrative Conference, circa 1963 (Record Group 5)
Administrative history of Fort Lewis College, 1947-1973, by Joe Perino
Administrative Systems Management Team (Sub-group 19.KK)
Admire, Alice,  Award (outstanding teacher) (Series 10.7.4 and 10.7.7)

Admission and Alumni Relations (Sub-group 7.A)

Admission and Retention Committee (Sub-group 19.F)
Admissions Ambassadors campus tour guides (Series 7.B.5)
Admissions and Development (Record Group 7)
Admissions and Records Director (Registrar) (Series 18.J.1)
Admissions Committee (Sub-group 19.F)
Admissions Office (Sub-group 7.B)
ADP Committee (Sub-group 19.D)
Adult Education (Sub-group 18.D)
Advising Center (Series 19.C.8)
Advising records and correspondence (Series 19.C.8)
Advisors handbook for clubs and organizations (Series 13.A.5)
Affirmative Action (Record Group 8)
Affirmative Action Committee (Sub-group 19.G)
African American History Awareness Organization records, circa 1998- (Series 13.T.46)
Agenda and minutes (Colorado Commission on Higher Education) (Series 1.1)
Agricultural Business option (in Sub-group 16.3.B)
Agricultural clubs' records (Series 15.3.C.8)
Agricultural Experiment Station (Hesperus, Colo.) (Record Group 21)
Agriculture and Forestry Department (Sub-group 15.3.C)
AIBL records (Series 13.T.29)
AISES club records (Series 15.3.N.4)
Albuquerque Indian School, 1956 (Series 18.G.1) 34
Alcohol and drug abuse policy for Fort Lewis College (cf. Sub-group 13.AA)
Alice Admire Award (outstanding teacher) (Series 10.7.4 and 10.7.7)

Allocation of student payments to the College (Series 20.F.5)

All Peoples Lodge records (Series 13.T.60)

Alternative Film and Video Club records (Sub-group 13.T.23)
Alumni Association (Sub-group 7.E)
Alumni collection (Series 7.E.6)
Alumni credential files (Series 13.D.3)
Alumni Directory (Series 7.E.2)
Alumni Scholarship Committee records and correspondence (Series 7.E.5)
Alumni surveys (Assessment Office) (Series 18.A.1)
Alumni works collection (Series 7.E.6)
American Association of University Professors.  Fort Lewis College chapter (Sub-group 19.C.4)
American Association of University Women.  Fort Lewis College chapter (Sub-group 19.C.4)

American Indian Business Leaders (AIBL) records (Series 13.T.29)
American Indian Science and Engineering Society (Series 15.3.N.4)
American Indian Studies (and Southwest Studies) Department (Sub-group 15.3.Q)
Americans with Disabilities Act (Sub-group 13.CC)
Amnesty International chapter records (Series 13.T.1)
Ancient Forest Rescue records (Series 13.T.19)
Animas Chamber Players printed materials (Series 15.3.M.2)
Animas City Jazz CD (in Series 10.22)

Annual reports (Center of Southwest Studies) (Series 18.B.8)
Annual reports (Colorado Agricultural College) (Series 3.3)
Annual reports (Computing and Telecommunications) (Series 20.B.2)
Annual reports (Fort Lewis College) (Series 4.3)
Annual reports (offices reporting to Student Affairs) (Series 12.2)
Anthropology Club (Series 15.3.A.3)
Anthropology Department (Sub-group 15.3.A)
APCUP agenda and minutes, 1980-1985 (Series 4.13)
Applications for part-time employment of faculty (Series 14.2.1)
Appointment books (President) (Series 4.16)
Appointment books (V.P. for Academic Affairs) (Series 14.15)
Appointment books (V.P. for Business and Finance) (Series 20.7)
Appointment books (V.P. for Institutional Advancement) (Series 7.A.4)
Appointment books (V.P. for Student Affairs) (Series 12.12)
Appropriation requests (Series 20.A.02)
Appropriations reports by the State of Colorado (Series 1.5)
ARA Food Service contract records (Series 13.J.2)
ARAMARK Food Service Contract records (Series 13.J.2)
Architectural drawings, blueprints and specifications (Hesperus campus) (Series 20.D.4)
Archivist's records (Series 18.B.3)
Area Coordinator's records, School of Business (Series 16.3.E.2)
Armed forces in World War II, personal correspondence of Dean E. H. Bader with students and personnel who were in the Service, [194] (Series 11.D.15)
Armed forces recruiting on campus (Sub-group 13.FF)
Arrangement note (for the College Archives)
Art Club records (Series 15.3.B.7)
Art Department (Sub-group 15.3.B)
Art Gallery records and printed materials (Series 15.3.B.3)
Art League records (Series 15.3.B.4)
Articulation agreements (Series 18.J.18)
Artifacts inventories (Series 18.B.9)
Artist in Residence, 2000- (Series 15.3.M.3)

Arts and Sciences, School of (Record Group 15)

Arts and Sciences, School of, printed materials (Series 15.4)
Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences (School of) (RG 15)
Arts literary annual magazine (Series 13.V.4)
ASFLC officers list (1953 to present)
ASFLC records and correspondence, 1959- (Series 13.U.3)
ASFLC Senate attendance and voting records (Series 13.U.12)
ASFLC Student Services Committee records (Series 13.U.13)
Assemblies of God student organization (Series 13.T.27)
Assembly Committee records, 1957-58 (Series 19.C.3)
Assessment Center (Sub-group 18.A)
Assessment Committee records, 1996- (Series 18.A.4)
Assessment Office (Sub-group 18.A)
Assessment reports (Series 18.A.1)
Assistant Business Manager records and correspondence (Series 20.2)
Associated Students of Fort Lewis College (Sub-group 13.U)
Association for Computing Machinery (Series 15.3.E.3)
Association of Public College and University Presidents (Series 4.13)
Association of State Institutions of Higher Education in Colorado records (Series 1.7)
Association of State-Supported Institutions of Higher Education correspondence (Series 1.4)
Association of State-Supported Institutions of Higher Education reports (Series 1.2)
Astronomy Club records (Series 15.3.N.6)
Athletes in Action records (Series 13.T.7)
Athletic center for students (Sub-group 13.EE)
Athletic Committee (Sub-group 19.H)
Athletic Hall of Fame Committee records (Series 9.23)
Athletic insurance records (Series 9.7.1)
Athletic Trainers Association records (Series 17.3.A.6)
Athletic Training Club records (Series 17.3.A.6)
Athletic uniforms (Series 9.10)
Athletics (Record Group 9)
Athletics clubs records (Series 13.N.3)
Athletics Institutional Self-Study Guide (ISSG) for NCAA, 2004-05) (in Series 9.7.6)
Athletics program review records and correspondence (in Series 9.7.6)
Attorney General of Colorado records (Series 5.4)
Attorney General's opinions and correspondence, 1950- (Series 5.4)
Audiovisual Committee (Sub-group 19.S)
Audiovisual Center (Sub-group 18.H)
Audit Committee annual reports, 1965- (Series 20.F.1.3)
Audit records, FTE (Colorado State University System) (Series 2.4)

Audit records (Fort Lewis College Foundation) (Series 7.D.3)
Audit reports (Series 20.F.1.1)
Audit reports (student aid programs) (Series 13.I.6)
Audit reports by the Colorado State Auditor (Series 20.F.1.1)
Authorizations to execute construction contracts (Series 20.E.3)
Automated attendant acceptance issues (Series 20.B.4)
Automated Data Processing Committee (Sub-group 19.D)
Auxiliary Services, 1960-197- (Series 12.3)
Awards Committee, Faculty/Staff (Sub-group 19.II)
Awards lists/ records (Series 10.7.4 and 10.7.7)

Baccalaureate college historical records, 1962- (Sub-group 11.E)
Bacchus Club records (Series 13.T.2)
Bader, E. H., correspondence, 1933-1948 (Series 11.D.1)
Bader, E. H., records and correspondence, circa 1920-1932 (Series 11.C.3)
Baha'is records (Fort Lewis College club) (Series 13.T.33)
Bala Sinem choir records (Series 18.G.6)
Balance sheets (Accounting) (Series 20.F.3)
Band program development records (Series 15.3.M.4)
Banner Steering Committee (Sub-group 19.JJ)
Banner Steering Committee (Sub-group 19.KK)
Banner Users' Group (Sub-group 19.JJ)
Baseball program records (Series 9.24)
Basic Educational Opportunity Grants audits (Series 13.I.6)
Basketball camps publicity materials (Series 9.3)
Basketball program records, intercollegiate (Series 9.11 and 9.12)
Basketball records, intramural (Series 13.N.3)
Beaver student newspaper, 1930 March 14 (Series 13.V.3)
Believers Learning Together records (Series 13.C.1.3)
Ben and Linda Campbell Child and Family Development Center records (Sub-group 13.H)
Benefits Committee (Sub-group 19.I)
BEOG grants audit reports (Series 13.I.6)
Berndt, Rexer, correspondence, 1969-1984 (Series 4.7 and 4.8)
Beta Alpha Psi honorary accounting fraternity (Series16.3.A.5)
Bibliographic instruction program (Sub-group 15.3.S)
Bids files (Series 20.G.4)
Big Mountain Party records (Series 13.T.45)
Bike Club (Series 13.N.3)
Bilingual education (Series 17.3.C)
Bill for Fort Lewis College, 1962 March 8 (Series 11.E.2)
Biology Club (Series 15.3.C.3)
Biology, Agriculture and Forestry Department (Sub-group 15.3.C)
Black, Dan, correspondence to 1962 June 30 (Series 11.D.1)
Black, Dan, records and correspondence (Series 20.2)
Black Student Union records, circa 1977 fall (Series 13.T.46)
BLSH reports (Accounting) (Series 20.F.3)
Blue and Gold Athletic Booster Club records (Series 9.9)
Blue Ribbon Task Force, 2001 (Series 19.C.3)
Blueprints and specifications (Durango campus) (Series 20.E.4)
Blueprints and specifications (Hesperus campus) (Series 20.D.4)
Board meeting agendas and minutes (Fort Lewis College Alumni Association) (Series 7.E.1)
Board meeting agendas and minutes (Fort Lewis College Foundation) (Series 7.D.7)
Board members directories (Foundation) (Series 7.D.5)
Board of Trustees (Record Group 3)
Bookstore (Sub-group 13.B)
Booster Club records (Series 9.9)
Bowling league records (Series 13.N.3)
Box numbering scheme for the College Archives
Boys and girls basketball camps publicity (Series 9.3)
Brochures (Athletics) (Series 9.3)
Brochures (College Relations) (Series 10.5)
Brochures (Conferences and Institutes) (Series 13.E.2)
Brochures (Intramural Sports) (Series 13.N.4)
Brochures (traffic and parking regulations) (Series 13.S.1)
Budget adjustments reports (Series 20.A.09)
Budget and Planning Committee (Sub-group 19.J)
Budget Committee records (Series 13.U.4)
Budget Data Book annual report (Series 20.A.4)
Budget documents, 1991- (Series 20.A.02)
Budget Office (Sub-group 20.A)
Budget planning records (Library) (Series 18.H.6)
Budget reports (year-end only) (Accounting) (Series 20.F.2.2)
Budget request reports (capital construction) (Series 20.E.2)
Budget requests and reports (pre-1962) (Series 11.D.6)
Budgets (Associated Students of Fort Lewis College) (Series 13.U.4)
Budgets (Budget Office) (Series 20.A.01)
Budgets (capital construction) (Series 20.E.3)
Budgets (Farm and Agricultural Experiment Station, Hesperus) (Series 21.9)
Budgets (State of Colorado) (Series 1.5)
Budgets (Sub-group 20.A)
Buffalo Council (Series 18.G.12)
Building records (Library) (Series 18.H.6)
Buildings historical files (Durango campus) (Series 20.E.8)
Buildings historical records (Hesperus campus) (Series 20.D.3)
Buildings photographs (Durango campus) (Series 20.E.9) 
Buildings photographs (Hesperus campus) (Series 20.D.8)
Bureau of Business and Economic Research (Sub-group 20.J) 
Bureau of Indian Affairs aides summer institutes (Series 18.G.3)
Bureau of Indian Affairs aides summer institutes
Peace Pipe newspaper (Vol. 1, No. 1, June 29, 1962) (Series 10.3)
Bus service for campus (Series 12.4)

Business Achievement Day printed materials (Series 16.5.2)
Business Administration, School of  (Record Group 16)
Business Administration, School of, events (Series 16.5.2)
Business Administration, School of, printed materials (Series 16.5)
Business Administration Program (Sub-group 16.3.B)
Business and Financial Affairs (Record Group 20)
Business and Financial Affairs exempt staff search records (Series 20.8)
Business Bulletin newsletter, 1992- (Series 16.5.2)
Business Club records (Series 16.4)
Business Manager's correspondence to 1962 June 30 (Series 11.D.1)
Business Manager's records and correspondence (Series 20.2)
Business Opportunities notebooks (Series 18.I.4)

Cadet student yearbooks, 1937-1962 (Series 13.V.2)
Cafeteria records (Sub-group 13.J)
Calendar of correspondence of Fort Lewis junior college deans (Series 11.D.1)
Calendar Task Force, 1999 (Series 19.C.3)
Calendars (academic) (Series 14.5)
Calendars (Campus Dining Service) (Series 13.J.4)
Calendars (President) (Series 4.16)
Calendars (Vice President for Academic Affairs) (Series 14.15)
Calendars (Vice President for Institutional Advancement) (7.A.4 )
Calendars (Vice President for Student Affairs) (Series 12.12)
Calendars of correspondence of Fort Lewis high school deans (Series 11.C.1-3)
Calendars of Fort Lewis College events (Series 10.18)
Campaign publicity materials (Series 13.U.7)
Campbell Child and Family Development Center records (Sub-group 13.H)
Campus activities information booklets (Series 13.A.4)
Campus Ambassadors student Christian fellowship (Series 13.T.25)
Campus and Community Updates newsletter, 1998 Dec.- (Series 14.B.1)
Campus committees (College and Faculty) (Sub-group 19.C)

Campus Computing newsletter (Series 20.B.5)
Campus Crusade for Christ records (Series 13.T.7) 
Campus dedication ceremony records, 1957 May (Series 4.7)
Campus Dining Services (Sub-group 13.J)
Campus directory (Series 10.6)
Campus Ecology Club records (Series 13.T.37)
Campus Green Party records (Series 13.T.49)

Campus Information Systems Committee (Sub-group 19.JJ)
Campus Land Use Committee (Sub-group 19.GG)
Campus Ministry Office/ Chapel (Sub-group 13.C)
Campus Police (Security and Safety Services) (Sub-group 13.S)
Campus recreation guides, 1990- (Series 13.A.4)
Campus Safety and Substance Awareness Guide (Series 12.9)
Campus Security and Safety Services (Sub-group 13.S)
Campus signage policy records (Series 20.E.10)
Campus Task Force of Governance(Series 19.C.3)
Campus tour guides (Series 7.B.5)
Campus walking tour

Candidates for graduation, lists (Series 18.J.6)
Canterbury Club records, 1998- (Episcopal club) (Series 13.T.32)
Capital construction budget requests (annual) (Series 20.E.2)
Capital construction budget requests (Hesperus) (Series 20.D.2)
Capital construction records (Durango campus) (Series 20.E.2)
Capital construction records (Durango campus) (Series 20.E.3)
Capital construction records (Hesperus campus) (Series 20.D.3)
Cardio and weight room records (Series 13.N.5)
Career Services (Sub-group 13.D)
Carpentry records (Durango campus) (Series 20.E.6)
Carpentry records (Hesperus campus) (Series 20.D.6)
CAS reports (Accounting) (Series 20.F.2)
Cash book ledgers, 1911-1946 (Series 11.C.4)
Cash envelopes, daily (Series 20.F.4.5)
Cash receipt registers (pre-1962) (Series 11.D.5)
Catalogs (Conferences and Institutes) (Series 13.E.1)
Catalogs (Getaway program) (Series 13.E.1)
Catalogs (School of Arts and Sciences) (Series 15.4)
Catalogs(School of Education) (Series 17.4)
Catalogs and bulletins (Admissions Office) (Series 7.B.1)
CCHE Quality Indicator System reports (Series 14.5)
CDs (Series 10.22)
Centennial Nature Trail records (Series 20.E.8)
Centennial Needs and Goals Committee, 1976-1978 (Series 7.D.13)
Centennial Needs and Goals Committee, 1977 (Series 19.C.3)
Center for Campus Ministries (Sub-group 13.C)
Center for Civic Engagement (Sub-group 14.B)
Center for Information Technology (Computer Center) (Sub-group 20.B)
Center for Instructional Technology  (Sub-group 18.H)
Center for Professional Education (Sub-group 16.6)
Center for Service Learning (Sub-group 14.B)
Center of Southwest Studies (Sub-group 18.B)
Center of Southwest Studies Advisory Board records (Series 18.B.4)
Center of Southwest Studies Advisory Committee records (Series 18.B.4)
Center of Southwest Studies forms and guides (Series 18.B.7)
Center of Southwest Studies policy statements (Series 18.B.7)
Center of Southwest Studies staff meeting minutes (Series 18.B.6)
Central administrative correspondence files, circa 1935-1961 (11.D.1)
Central administrative subject files (Series 4.7)
Central Stores (Sub-group 20.H)
Central Stores inventory reports (annual) (Series 20.H.4)
Central Technology Planning Committee (Sub-group 19.VV)
Centro de muchos Colores (Sub-group 13.L)
Certificate of Professional Management Program (Series 16.6.3)
Chairs (of academic departments) meetings records (Series 14.5)
Chancellor's reports and correspondence (Series 2.1)
Change forms for student schedules and grades (Series 18.J.11)
Change of grade forms (update documents) (Series 18.J.11)
Chapel records (Sub-group 13.C)
Chapel use records and correspondence (Series 13.C.2.2)
Chapel visitor registration books (Series 13.C.2.1)
Charitable service by the College community, publicity (Series 10.21)

Charts of accounts (Series 20.F.2.5)
Cheating and Plagiarism, Ad Hoc Committee of Arts and Sciences Chairmen on, 1979 (within Series 19.C.3)
Check copies (Series 20.F.4.3)
Check registers (Series 20.F.4.1)
Cheerleader squad records (Series 9.22)
Chemistry Club records (Series 15.3.D.4)
Chemistry Department (Sub-group 15.3.D)
Chemistry lab manuals (Series 15.3.D.1)
Chess Club records (Series 13.T.11)
Chi Alpha Ministry records (Series 13.T.27)
Chicano Week, circa 1972 (Sub-group 19.QQ)
Child Development Center (Sub-group 13.H)
Child Development Center Advisory Committee(Series 19.C.3)
Chlorination plant records, 1951-1952 (Series 11.C.13)
Christian fellowship groups records (Series 13.T.7) -- and also,  (Series 13.T.25) and (Series 13.T.27) and (Series 13.T.41)
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (i.e., Mormons) Student Association (Series 13.T.14)
Circa Arts (literary annual magazine), 1970-1976 (Series 13.V.4)
Circle K International club records (Series 13.T.3)
Citizens Advisory Board minutes, 1962-1969 (Series 4.15)
Civic Engagement, Center for (formerly, Service Learning) (Sub-group 14.B)
Civil rights issues printed materials (Series 8.4)
Civil rights issues records and correspondence (Record Group 8)
Civil rights issues records and correspondence (Series 20.C.8)
Civil rights records (Series 8.2)
Civilian defense records and correspondence, 194- (Series 11.D.11)
Class books of Fort Lewis High School (Series 11.C.8)
Class lists (original grade sheets) (Series 18.J.3)
Class lists for Fort Lewis High School (Series 11.C.12)
Class schedules for Fort Lewis College (Series 18.J.2)
Class schedules of Fort Lewis High School (Series 11.C.9)
Classified staff handbooks (Colorado State Personnel System) (in Series 20.C.1)
Classified staff job announcements (Series 20.C.7)
Classified staff job vacancy records (Series 20.C.7)
Classified staff employment records (personnel files) (Series 20.C.2)
Climber's Society records, 1999- (Series 13.N.3)
Climbing Club records, 1998 Sept.- (Series 13.N.3)
Clippings (College Relations) (Series 10.3)
Clippings (Fort Lewis College Women's Club) (Series 7.F.1)
Club and Organizational Activities Council records (Series 13.U.8)
Club Allocations Board records and correspondence (Series 13.U.8)
Clubs, defunct, records of (Series 13.T.26)
Compact discs (Series 10.22)

Co-op projects students' reports (Series 18.E.4)
COAC records (Series 13.U.8)
CO-AMP program (Sub-group 18.Q)
Code of ethics for faculty (Subgroup 19.V)
Code Red (Subgroup 13.L.6)
COFRS reports (Accounting) (Series 20.F.3)
Collection use records (Series 18.B.3.2)
College bowling league records (Series 13.N.3)
College brochures (Series 10.5)
College Club records (obsolete organization) (Series 19.C.6)
College colors (table of historical changes of)

College Democrats records (Series 13.T.48)

College directories (Series 10.6)

College Heights Children's Center records (Sub-group 13.H)
College investment records, 1933-1962 (Series 11.D.8)
College logo (table of historical changes of)
College mascot (table of historical changes of)

College Relation, Office of (Record Group 10)

College Republicans Club records (Series 13.T.42)

College Technology Planning Committee (Sub-group 19.VV)
College Union and Activities Office (Record Group 13)
College Union and Student Activities (Record Group 13)
College Writing Award records (Series 14.5)
Colorado Agricultural College annual reports (Series 3.3)
Colorado Agricultural College reports, 1924- (Series 3.3)
Colorado Alliance for Minority Participation program (Sub-group 18.Q)
Colorado annual budget reports, 1952-1968 (Series 1.5)
Colorado Attorney General opinions records (Series 5.4)
Colorado audit reports (Series 20.F.1.1)
Colorado Campus Compact records and correspondence, 1992- (Series 4.18) 

Colorado Combined Campaign (Series 10.21)

Colorado Commission on Higher Ed. program reviews (Series 14.9)

Colorado Commission on Higher Education (Record Group 1)
Colorado construction budgets (Series 1.5)
Colorado Department of Education laws (Series 1.2)
Colorado education printed materials (Series 17.5)
Colorado Farm and Home Research publication (Series 21.1)
Colorado General Assembly Joint Budget Committee (Series 1.5)
Colorado Legislative Audit Committee reports (Series 20.F.1.3)
Colorado Legislative Committee for Education beyond High School (Record Group 1)
Colorado Legislative Council reports, 1956 (Series 1.2)
Colorado Peak Performance Task Force (Series 19.C.3)
Colorado Plateau Forum records and correspondence (within Sub-group 20.Q)
Colorado Small Business Development Center at Fort Lewis College (Sub-group 20.K)
Colorado state agencies records and correspondence, 193- (Series 11.D.12)
Colorado State Archives reports (Series 18.B.3.1)
Colorado State Auditor's audit reports (Series 20.F.1.1)
Colorado State Controller's annual financial reports (Series 1.5)
Colorado State University System FTE audit records (Series 2.4)

Colorado State University separation materials (Series 11.D.2)
Colorado State University System (Record Group 2)
Colorado Student Assn. correspondence and printed materials (Series 13.U.11)
Commedia Club records (Series 15.3.R.5)
Commencement awards planning records (Series 10.7.4)
Commencement Committee (Sub-group 19.HH)
Commencement planning records (Series 10.7.3)
Commencement records (Series 4.7, filed under "C")
Commencement records, programs and publicity (Series 10.7)
Commencement speeches transcripts (Series 10.7.5)
Commission on the Status of Women records (Series 19.C.3)
Committee assignments records (Series 19.C.2)
Committee for Self Study of Core Courses (Sub-group 19.M)
Committee of Arts and Sciences Chairmen on Cheating and Plagiarism, 1979-80 (Series 19.C.3)

Committee on Admissions and Records (Sub-group 19.F)
Committee on Faculty Evaluation, 1981 (within Series 19.C.3)
Committee on Humanities Major, 1966-1984
(within Series 19.C.3)
Committee records (Foundation) (Series 7.D.13)

Committees and task forces, ad hoc, records (Series 19.C.3)
Committees (College and Faculty) (Sub-group 19.C)
Common Reading Experience, The, printed materials and emails, 2006-ongoing (Series 18.U.5)
Community and College Connections newsletter (Series 14.B.4)
Community Concert Hall (Sub-group 20.P)
Community Concert Hall Task Force, 1998-99 (Series 19.C.3)
Community Services Office (Sub-group 18.C)
Comp 150 course (Sub-group 18.U)
Comp 190 course (Sub-group 18.U)
Competency assessment records of students (Series 18.J.9)
Composition Committee (Sub-group 19.P)
Composition instruction courses (Sub-group 18.U)
Comptroller's budget reports (Veterans training) (Series 11.D.7.3)
Computer Center (Sub-group 20.B)
Computer networking issues (Sub-group 19.D)
Computer Science Information Systems (CSIS) Program (Sub-group 15.3.E)
Computing and Telecommunications (Sub-group 20.B)
Concert and recital programs (Series 15.3.M)
Concert Hall (Sub-group 20.P)
Conferences and Institutes and Summer Programs (Sub-group 13.E)
Conferences and Summer Programs Office (Sub-group 13.E)
Constitution Committee records, 1962 (Series 19.C.3)
Constitutions and bylaws (Employee Council) (Series 20.O.4)
Constitutions and bylaws (Faculty Assembly) (Series 19.B.1)
Constitutions and bylaws (Intercollegiate athletics) (Series 9.1.1)
Constitutions and bylaws (Student government) (Series 13.U.1)
Construction budget request reports (annual) (Series 20.E.2)
Construction capitalization/ historical record (Series 20.E.3)
Construction contracts (Series 20.E.3)
Construction-in-progress reports (Accounting) (Series 20.F.2.3)
Continuing Education (Sub-group 18.D)
Contract records for faculty and exempt staff, 1990- (Series 14.2.2)
Controlled maintenance budget requests (Series 20.E.14)
Controller (Sub-group 20.F)
Convocation records, programs and publicity (Series 10.7)
Convocation speeches (Series 4.9)
Convocations records (Series 10.7.7)
Cookie Jar, The (newsletter) (Series 13.J.4)
Cooperative Education (Sub-group 18.E)
Cooperative Education Committee (Sub-group 19.K)
Coordinating Committee (Sub-group 19.J)
Core Cabinet (Record Group 5)
Corfman, Albert E., correspondence, 1951 Oct.- (Series 11.D.1)
Cost estimates (capital construction) (Series 20.E.3)
Council of chairs meetings records (Series 14.5)
Council of Faculty Women (Series 19.C.3)
Counseling and Student Development Center Advisory Committee (Sub-group 19.L)
Counseling and Student Development Center (Sub-group 13.F)
Counselor Newsletter, 1980-1985 (Series 7.B.8)
Country Dance Club records (Series 13.T.4)
Country Store (Sub-group 13.G)
Course descriptions (Series 18.J.2)
Course descriptions, School of Education (Series 17.3.*.3)
Course schedules (Series 18.J.2)
Course summaries, School of Arts and Sciences (Series 15.3.*.3)
Course summaries, School of Education (Series 17.3.*.3)
Course transfer articulation agreements (Series 18.J.18)
Co-Motion Dance club records (Series 15.3.R.8)
COPLAC (Council of Public Liberal Arts Colleges) records (Series 14.17)
Cranium Psi-Co-Chi Club newsletter, 1999 Apr.- (Series 17.3.B.7)
Credential files (Series 13.D.3)
C.R.I.M.P. Shorts bulletin (Series 13.N.1)
CRIMP's Gazette, 1992 (Series 13.A.4)
Cross country program records (Series 9.13)
CSIS (Computer Science Information Systems) Department (Sub-group 15.3.E)
CSU system governance issue, circa 1982-1987 (in Series 3.4)
CSU system governance issue, circa 1984-1985 (in Record Group 1)
CSU system governance issue, circa 1984-1985 (in Record Group 2)
Cultural Affairs Committee (Sub-group 19.FF)
Cultural Arts Complex of SW Colo. newsletter (Series 7.D.8)
Cultural Arts Series records (Series 4.7)
Cultural Diversity Committee (Sub-group 19.CC)
Cultural Program Committee (Sub-group 19.FF)
Cultural Studies Program (Sub-group 18.L)
Culture Connection records (Series 13.T.47)

Cumulative fiscal year end closeout reports (Series 20.F.2)
Cumulative year-end inventory reports (Bookstore) (Series 13.B.3)
Curriculum Committee (Sub-group 19.M)
Curriculum change requests (Series 19.M.5)
Curator's records (Series 18.B.14)
Custodial work records (Durango campus) (Series 20.E.6)
Custodial work records (Hesperus campus) (Series 20.D.6)
Cycling Club records (Series 13.N.3)

D.A.N.C.E. club records (Series 15.3.R.5)
D.A.N.C.E. performing group records (Series 15.3.R.6)
Daily cash envelopes (Series 20.F.4.5)
Dance Co-Motion Club records (Series 15.3.R.8)
Dance organization and performing group records (Series 15.3.R.6)
Dance programs (Series 13.A.7)
Dance Team records (Series 13.N.3)
Data Book annual budget report (Series 20.A.4)
Database Administrator's records (Series 20.B.10)
Day care center records (Sub-group 13.H)
Dean of Administration, circa 1972-1973 (Record Group 20)
Dean of Admissions (Record Group 7)
Dean of Admissions (Sub-group 7.A)
Dean of Faculty correspondence (Series 14.5)
Dean of Student Affairs records and correspondence (Series 12.3)
Debate Team records, 1957-58 (Series 13.T.34)
Decals (Series 10.9)
Dedication of the College ceremony records, 1957 (Series 4.7)
Defunct athletics programs records (Series 9.28)
Defunct clubs records (Series 13.T.26)
Degree statistics (Series 18.J.7)
Delaney, Robert (Center of Southwest Studies) (Series 18.B.2)
Dental, Pre- (Series 18.V)
Department chairs council meetings records (Series 14.5)
Department of Public Safety (Sub-group 13.S)
Departmental records, Arts and Sciences (Sub-group 15.3)
Departmental records, Business Administration (Sub-group 16.3)
Departmental records, Education (Sub-group 17.3)
Departmental records, School of Business Adm. (Sub-group 16.3)
Departmental records, School of Education (Sub-group 17.3)
Departmentalization, Special Committee on, circa. 1958
(within Series 19.C.3)
Developing Institutions Program grants (Series 4.6)
Developments in Development newsletter (Series 7.D.8)
Diploma cover books (Series 10.9)
Director of Admission and Alumni Relations (Sub-group 7.A)
Director of Admissions and Records (Registrar) (Series 18.J.1)
Director of Budget (Sub-group 20.A)
Directories (Fort Lewis College) (Series 10.6)
Directories (Foundation Board of Directors) (Series 7.D.5)
Directories of approved teacher education programs (Series 17.5)
Directories of Fort Lewis College speakers (Series 10.19)
Disabilities, Services for Students with (Sub-group 13.CC)
Disciplinary files (students) (Series 12.10)
Distinguished Service award (Series 10.7.4)
Ditch company records (Hesperus campus) (Series 11.C.13)
Ditches (Hesperus campus) records (Series 11.C.13)
Diversity Committee (Sub-group 19.CC)
Diversity Programming (Sub-group 12.19)
Division of Cultural Studies records (Series 18.B.5)
Division of Liberal Arts (Record Group 15)
Division of Local Government Regional Manager (Sub-group 20.L)
Division of Student Affairs (Record Group 12)
Dodge ball records (Series 13.N.3)
Drug abuse and alcohol policy for Fort Lewis College (cf. Sub-group 13.AA)
Dublin Daily (1979) (Series 13.V.5)
Durango campus dedication ceremony, 1957 May (Series 4.7)
Durango campus property development documentation, 1947-ongoing (Series 20:E;15)
Durango Choral Society printed materials (Series 15.3.M.2)
Durango Diversity Players, 1996- (Sub-group 19.CC)
Durango Fine Arts Festival records (Series 15.3.M.2)
Durango Housing Committee  (Series 13.M.07)
Durango Housing Task Force  (Series 13.M.07)
Durango Inkslingers records (Series 13.T.22)
Durango Lift bus service for campus (Series 12.4)

Early Retirement Committee, 1981-1987 (within Series 19.C.3)
Ecology Club, Campus, records (Series 13.T.37)

Econometer newsletter (Series 18.I.3)
Economic Analysis and Business Research (Sub-group 18.I)
Economic Development (Sub-group 18.I)
Economic Development District of SW Colo. (Sub-group 20.M)
Economics Program (Sub-group 16.3.C)
Edmondson, B. W. (Business Office) records (Series 20.2)
Education, School of (Record Group 17)
Education, School of, printed materials (Series 17.4)
Education Association, Fort Lewis A&M College, records (Series 19.C.9)
Education master planning manuals (CCHE) (Series 1.6)
Education printed materials (Series 17.5)
Educational Development Committee (Sub-group 19.M)
Educational Development Committee, circa 1978 (Sub-group 19.SS)
Educational Support (Record Group 18)
Educational Talent Search Office (Sub-group 7.C)
El centro de muchos Colores (Sub-group 13.L)
Elections materials (Students) (Series 13.U.7)
Elections records (Faculty) (Series 19.B.4)
Elections records (Student government) (Series 13.U.7)
Electronic Learning Committee (Sub-group 19.LL)
Electronic Learning Task Force (Sub-group 19.LL)
Email distribution list (FLC-Announce) messages (Series 20.B.8)
Emergency Management (including Emergency Management Task Force) records  (Series 13.S.4)
Employee Council (Sub-group 20.O)
Employee Council Advisory Board minutes (Series 20.O.1)
Employee Council Executive Committee minutes (Series 20.O.1)
Employee data reports (Series 20.F.4.6)
Employee directories, 1959- (Series 10.6)
Employee earnings records (Series 20.F.4.7)
Employee earnings records, 1911-1962 (Series 20.F.4.7 and 9)
Employee earnings records, 1962-  (most comprehensive source for this information) (Series 20.F.4.6)
Employee Events Committee newsletter (Series 20.E.7)
Employee handbooks (Colorado State Personnel System) (in Series 20.C.1)
Employee job descriptions (Series 20.C.13)
Employee leave records, circa 1952-1957 (Series 14.2.4)
Employee ledgers, 1955-1962 (Series 20.F.4.7)
Employee spreadsheet summaries and reports (Series 20.C.8)
Employees (former and some of current) card file (Series 14.1)
Employees (classified staff) personnel files (Series 20.C.9)
Employees (exempt staff and faculty) personnel files (Series 14.2)
Employment of both husband and wife, or immediate family member (SBA policy) (Series 19.C.1)

Employment statistics data (Series 20.C.8)
Employment statistics data reports (Series 8.2)
Energy Committee records, 1974-1975 (Series 15.1)
Engineering Department (Sub-group 15.3.N)
Engineering Management option (in Sub-group 16.3.B)
English as a second language program (Sub-group 17.3.C)
English Department (Sub-group 15.3.F)
Enrichment Courses Committee (Sub-group 19.WW)

Enrollment Management Committee (Series 19.C.3)
Enrollment reports (Series 18.J.5)
Enrollment reports, 1947-1955 (Veterans) (Series 11.D.7.2)
Enrollment statistics (Series 7.B.2)
Entering students surveys (Assessment Office) (Series 18.A.1)
Entrance examinations records (Series 18.J.13)
Environmental Center (Sub-group 13.X)
Environmental Policy Minor (Sub-group 15.3.U )
Environmental Studies Task Force (Sub-group 19.N)
Environmental Studies Working Group (Series 19.N)
Environmental Task Force (Sub-group 19.N)
Ephemera (Series 10.9)
Episcopal student organizations (Series 13.T.32)
Equal Opportunity Employment records (Series 8.2)
Equal Opportunity Employment reports (Series 20.C.8)
Equal Opportunity Employment reports (Series 8.2)
Ethical Treatment of Animals, Fort Lewis Students for the (Series 13.T.36)
Events Planning Office (Fort Lewis College) (Sub-group 13.GG)
Events schedules (Fort Lewis College) (Series 10.18)
Examinations, School of Arts and Sciences (Series 15.3.*.3)
Examinations, School of Business Admin. (Series 16.3.*.3)
Examinations, School of Education (Series 17.3.*.3)
Executive Board meeting agendas and minutes (Series 7.D.7)
Executive budget requests (Series 20.A.2)
Executive Committee (Record Group 5)
Executive Council (Sub-group 19.A)
Executive orders issued by Governor of Colorado (Series 1.2)
Exempt staff and faculty employment records (personnel files) (Series 14.2)
Exempt staff handbooks (in Series 20.C.1)
Exempt staff job announcements (Series 14.2.3)
Exempt staff position descriptions (Series 20.C.13)
Exempt staff/professional staff policies/manuals (Series 20.C.1)
Exercise Science Club records (Series 17.3.A.3)
Exercise Science Department (Sub-group 17.3.A)
Exercise Science News monthly newsletter (Series 17.3.A.7)
Expanding Your Horizons records, bulk 1989-1990 (Series 7.C.4)

Experiment Station (Hesperus, Colo.) (Record Group 21)
Experiment Station annual reports (Series 21.5)
Experiment Station monthly reports (Series 21.6)
Extended Studies Program (Sub-group 18.D)
External Affairs (Record Group 6)

Facilities and Food Management, Office of (Record Group 13)
Facilities inventories (Hesperus campus) (Series 20.D.1)
Facilities inventories (Series 20.E.1)
Facilities Master Plan Committee records (Series 20.E.11)
Facilities Master Plan Task Force records (Series 20.E.11)
Facilities Planning and Grants Administration (Sub-group 20.I)
Facilities Scheduling and College Union Building (CUB) Operations (Sub-group 13.GG)
FACT (Fee Advisory Committee-Technology) (Sub-group 13.U.14)
Facts at a Glance brochure (Series 10.5)
Faculty Affairs Committee (Sub-group 19.A)
Faculty Affairs Committee minutes (Series 14.10)
Faculty and Academic Affairs exempt staff  search records (Series 14.12)
Faculty and exempt staff contract records (Series 14.2.2)
Faculty and exempt staff employment records (personnel files) (Series 14.2)
Faculty and exempt staff job announcements (Series 14.2.3)
Faculty and exempt staff position descriptions (Series 20.C.13)
Faculty and exempt staff search committee records (Series 14.12)
Faculty and staff awards publicity and programs (Series 19.II.1)
Faculty and staff by academic division (Series 14.1)
Faculty and staff survival guide (Series 10.13)
Faculty Assembly (Sub-group 19.B)
Faculty Assembly meeting audiotapes (Series 19.B.6)
Faculty Cares Committee, circa 1987 (Sub-group 19.UU)
Faculty Code Committee records, 1962-63 (Series 19.C.3)
Faculty committee assignments records (Series 19.C.2)
Faculty committees (Sub-group 19.C)

Faculty Compensation Committee (Sub-group 19.I)
Faculty Development Committee records (Series 14.11)
Faculty Development Grants records (Series 14.11)

Faculty elections records (Series 19.B.4)
Faculty Evaluation, Ad Hoc Committee on, 1981 (within Series 19.C.3)

Faculty Executive Council (Sub-group 19.A)

Faculty Governance Task Force, 2001 (Series 19.C.3)
Faculty Government (Record Group 19)
Faculty Grievance Committee (Sub-group 19.NN)
Faculty handbooks (Series 19.C.1)
Faculty meetings minutes, 1933-(Off./Academic Affairs) (Series 14.10)
Faculty meetings minutes, 1962- (Faculty Assembly) (Series 19.B.2)
Faculty meetings minutes, 1962-(Office of Academic Affairs' set of records) (Series 14.10)
Faculty of Color and Allies, 1994-95 (in Series 19.C.3)

Faculty position applications and contracts (Series 14.2)
Faculty publications (Series 14.16)
Faculty records, School of Arts and Sciences (Series 15.3.*.3)
Faculty records, School of Business (Series 16.3.*.3)
Faculty records, School of Education (Series 17.3.*.3)
Faculty representative to State Board, reports (Series 19.B.3)
Faculty Seminar papers (Series 19.C.5)
Faculty Seminar records (Series 19.C.5)
Faculty Senate (Sub-group 19.B)
Faculty Welfare Committee, circa 1965 (Sub-group 19.I)
Faculty-Staff Survival Guide (Series 19.C.1)
Faculty/Staff Awards Committee (Sub-group 19.II)
Faculty/staff newsletter (Series 10.4)
Faculty/staff email "Skybytes" newsletter, 2002 September - (Series 7.G.5)

Faculty/staff rosters (Series 14.1)

Faculty-staff handbook, circa 1965- (Series 19.C.1)
Faculty/Staff Housing Committee (Series 19.C.3)
Faculty Task Force on Reorganization (Series 19.C.3)
Faculty works collection (Series 14.16)
Family Newsletter (President's Office) (Series 4.9)
Farm (Hesperus, Colo.) (Record Group 21)
Farm Institute (Hesperus campus) (Series 21.1)
Farm logs (Series 21.3)
Farm reports (Series 21.2)
Farmer's Institute (Hesperus campus) publicity (Series 21.1)
FCRTRNR reports (Accounting) (Series 20.F.3)
Featured Scholar records and publicity materials, 1999- (Series 4.19)

Federal student loan records (Series 20.F.7)
Fee Advisory Committee-Technology (FACT) (Sub-group 13.U.14)
Fee schedules leaflets (Series 10.16)
Feminist Voice Club records (Series 13.T.20)
Fencing Club records (Series 13.N.3)
Film and Video Club records (Sub-group 13.T.23)
FIN2 reports (Accounting) (Series 20.F.3)
Final grade lists (Series 18.J.10)
Finance and Administration Office (Record Group 20)
Finance and Business Office (Record Group 20)
Finance option (in Sub-group 16.3.B)

Financial Aid Committee (Sub-group 19.O)
Financial aid handbooks (Series 13.I.1)
Financial Aid Office (Sub-group 13.I)
Financial Aids Committee (Sub-group 19.O)
Financial reports (annual reports) (Series 20.A.6)
Financial reports (State of Colorado, annual) (Series 1.5)
FINC reports (Accounting) (Series 20.F.3)
Fiscal procedure instructions (Series 20.4)
Fiscal procedures policy statements (Series 20.A.8)
Fiscal year end closeout reports (Series 20.F.2)
Fishing Club records (Series 13.N.3)
FITE (Fighting for Independence, Tradition and Excellence) Committee (in Series 19.A.5)
Fitness Assessment Center records and correspondence (Series 13.N.5)
Fitness Programming Center records and correspondence (Series 13.N.5)
FLC-Announce email distribution list messages (Series 20.B.8)
FLC-Exempt email distribution list messages (Series 19.C.7)
FLC-Faculty email distribution list messages (Series 19.C.7)
FLC-Official email distribution list messages (Series 20.B.8)
Flower Fund records (Series 7.D.4)
Fly Fishing Club records (Series 13.N.3)
Food Management, Office of Facilities and (Record Group 13)
Food service records (Sub-group 13.J)
Food service contract records (Series 13.J.2)
Football program records, intercollegiate (Series 9.14)
Football records, intramural (Series 13.N.3)
Football, flag type, records (Series 13.N.3)
For Being Fit records (Series 19.AA.4)
For Your Information newsletter (Series 20.C.6)
Foreign Study Programs Office records, 1995- (Series 16.5.4)
Foreign Trimester Abroad (Sub-group 14.A)
Forestry Department (Sub-group 15.3.C)
Forms (Facilities Planning and Grants Admin.) (Series 20.I.1)
Fort Lewis A&M College Education Association records (Series 19.C.9)
Fort Lewis Agricultural and Mechanical College Committee records, 1959 June 24 (Series 3.6)
Fort Lewis Citizens Council minutes, 1962-1969 (Series 4.15)
Fort Lewis Climber's Society records, 1999- (Series 13.N.3)
Fort Lewis College archives, history of
Fort Lewis College Cares Committee, circa 1987 (Sub-group 19.UU)
Fort Lewis College Centennial Needs and Goals Committee (Series 19.C.3)
Fort Lewis College Citizens Advisory Board (Series 4.15)
Fort Lewis College Community Concert Hall (Sub-group 20.P)
Fort Lewis College Development Office (Sub-group 7.D)
Fort Lewis College Featured Scholar records and publicity materials, 1999- (Series 4.19)

Fort Lewis College Foundation (Sub-group 7.D)
Fort Lewis College Foundation Executive Board (Series 7.D.7)
Fort Lewis College Foundation history
Fort Lewis College history (chronological notes)
Fort Lewis College Native American Alumni Association records (Series 7.E.7)
Fort Lewis College President (Record Group 4)
Fort Lewis College property development documentation, 1947-ongoing (Series 20:E;15)
Fort Lewis College property development documentation report, by Joe Perino
Fort Lewis College Search and Rescue Team records, [ca. late 1980s] (Series 13.T.51)
Fort Lewis College students news items and other printed materials (Series 13.A.7)
Fort Lewis College Toastmasters club records, Winter 1986 (Series 13.T.52)
Fort Lewis College Women's Club (Sub-group 7.F)
Fort Lewis Collegian student newspaper, 1936-48 (Series 13.V.3)
Fort Lewis High School class books (Series 11.C.8)
Fort Lewis High School class schedules (Series 11.C.9)
Fort Lewis High School employees personnel correspondence (Series 11.C.7)
Fort Lewis High School historical data (Series 11.C.11)
Fort Lewis High School records, 1911-1933 (Sub-group 11.C)
Fort Lewis High School student enrollment records (Series 11.C.10)
Fort Lewis High School student transcripts (Series 11.C.6)
Fort Lewis High School students' names and grades (Series  11.C.12)
Fort Lewis history (Record Group 11)
Fort Lewis In Toto student newspaper, 1927 Jun.6 (Series 13.V.3)
Fort Lewis Indian school records, 1891-1910 (Sub-group 11.B)
Fort Lewis junior college records, 1933-1962 (Sub-group 11.D)
Fort Lewis military post records, 1878-1891 (Sub-group 11.A)
Fort Lewis Fund reconciliation records (Series 20.A.10)
Fort Lewis Review newsletter (Series 7.B.9)
Fort Lewis Students for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (Series 13.T.36)
Fort Lewis Substation Advisory Committee records and correspondence, 1945 -1946  (Series 21.4)
Fort Lewis Visitors' Day records (Series 12.5)
Fortune Cookies (newsletter) (Series 13.J.4)
Foundation (Sub-group 7.D)
Foundation Board members directories (Series 7.D.5)
Four Corners Lecture Series printed materials (Series 15.3.A.1)
Four Corners Opera Assn. printed materials (Series 15.3.M.2)
Four year college transition printed materials (Series 11.D.2)
Fourth Wall Student Productions records (Series 15.3.R.9)
Freedom to Learn newsletter (Series 17.4)

French Club records (Series 15.3.L.6)

Freshman/ Sophomore Composition Seminar Program (Series 18.U)
Freshman/Sophomore Composition Seminar Committee (Sub-group 19.P)
Freshman Studies Task Force, 1986-1987 (Series 19.C.3)

Freshmen Foundation Task Force (Sub-group 19.C.3)
Freshmen Integrated Learning Program (Sub-group 18.R)
Freshmen orientation programs records (Sub-group 13.F)
Freshmen student orientation programs records (Series 13.F.3)
Friends of the Library records (Series 18.H.7)
Friendship Club, International  (Series 13.T.35)
Frisbee records (Series 13.N.3)
FTE (Full Time Equivalent) Committee, 1979-80(Series 19.C.3)

Fund Drive Committee records, 1977-1979 (Series 7.D.13)
Fund raising publicity materials (FLC Foundation) (Series 7.D.4)
FURFEED reports (Accounting) (Series 20.F.3)
Future Farmers of America club records (Series 15.3.C.8)
FYI / For Your Information newsletter (Series 20.C.6)

Game videotapes (Series 9.8)]
Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual and Transgendered Alliance records (Series 13.T.5)
Gender Equity Task Force (Athletics) (Sub-group 19.H)
General Assembly Joint Budget Committee annual reports (Series 1.5)
General correspondence (Hesperus campus) (Series 20.D.6)
General Education Council (Sub-group 19.SS)
General Education Council Assessment Committee records, 2000- (Series 19.SS.4)
General education courses (Sub-group 18.S)
General Education Program Newsletter (Series 19.SS.1)
General Education Task Force (Sub-group 19.SS)
General Fund budget request, 1956- (Series 20.A.02)
General Information Bulletin (Series 7.B.7)
General information for new students (brochure) (Series 7.B.7)
General ledgers (year-end only) (Accounting) (Series 20.F.2.1)
General Science Major (Sub-group 15.3)
General Studies Program (Sub-group 18.S)
Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Minor (Sub-group 15.3.V )
Geology camp records, circa 195- (Series 15.3.G.7)
Geology Club records (Series 15.3.G.4)
Geology Department (Sub-group 15.3.G)
Geosciences Department (Sub-group 15.3.G)
German Club records (Series 15.3.L.3) 27
Getaway program catalogs (Series 13.E.1)
Gifford, William I., correspondence, 1914-1936 (Series 11.C.1)
Gift and contribution records (Series 7.D.2)
Girls and boys basketball camps publicity (Series 9.3)
GIS (Geographic Information Systems) Minor (Sub-group 15.3.V )

Global Current, The, 1985 Oct. (part of Series 13.V.3)

Golf program records (Series 9.15)
Governing Board (Record Group 3)
Governmental Relations Office (Sub-group 18.T)
Governor of Colorado executive orders (Series 1.2)
Grade sheets (Series 18.J.3)
Grade statistics (Series 18.J.8)
Grades (Fort Lewis High School) (Series 11.C.12)
Graduate Programs Task Force (Sub-group 19.RR)
Graduated Native American students, lists of  (Series 18.J.15)
Graduates of Fort Lewis College, photographs (commencement master rolls) (Series 10.7.8)
Graduates of Fort Lewis College, works by (Series 7.E.6)
Graduation Ad Hoc Committee records, 1964(Series 19.C.3)
Graduation rosters (Series 18.J.6)
Grant files (Foundation) (Series 7.D.14)
Grants Administration (Sub-group 20.I)
Grants and projects records (Athletics) (Series 9.7.5)
Grants Management, Office of  (Sub-group 20.I)
Grants records (Academic Affairs office) (Series 14.11)
Grants records (Center of Southwest Studies) (Series 18.B.5)
Grants records (Community Services office) (Series 18.C.3)
Grants records (Facilities Planning office) (Sub-group 20.I)
Grants records (Faculty Development)  (Series 14.11)

Grants records (Financial Aid office) (Series 13.I.6)

Grants records (institutional projects) (Series 4.6)
Grants records (Library) (Series 18.H.5)
Grants records (Native American Center) (Series 18.G.3)
Grants records (President's office) (Series 4.6)
Grants records (Series 18.G.3)
Grants records (Teacher Education Department) (Series 17.3.C.5)
Green Freedom newsletter (Series 13.X.1)
Grievance Committee (Sub-group 19.NN)
Grounds maintenance records (Durango campus) (Series 20.E.6)
Grounds maintenance records (Hesperus campus) (Series 20.D.6)
Growth and Graduate Programs Task Force (Sub-group 19.RR)
Guides for campus tours (Series 7.B.5)
Gymnastics athletics program (defunct) records (Series 9.28)

H.H. Ditch Company of La Plata County records (Series 11.C.13)
Habitat for Humanity. Fort Lewis College Chapter (Series 13.T.6)
Hall of Fame Committee records (Series 9.23)
Hampshire College (MA.) leave-exchange program with Fort Lewis College, 1999- (Sub-group 18.P)
Handbooks (Business and Financial Affairs) (Series 20.4)
Handbooks (Faculty) (Series 19.C.1)
Handbooks (Financial Aid Office) (Series 13.I.1)
Handbooks (Health Center) (Series 13.K.1)
Handbooks (Intramural Sports) (Series 13.N.4)
Handbooks (Music Department) (Series 15.3.M.6)
Handbooks (Office of Student Affairs) (Series 12.1)
Handbooks (Psychology Department) (Series 17.3.B.1)
Handbooks (Student clubs and organizations) (Series 13.A.5)
Handbooks (Student government) (Series 13.U.6)
Handbooks (Student publications) (Series 13.V.1)
Handbooks (Teacher Education Department) (Series 17.3.C.1)
Handbooks (Union and Activities Office) (Series 13.A.3)
Handicaps, services for students with (Sub-group 13.CC)
Hangdog Club records, 2002- (Series 13.N.3)
Hawk's Eye View newsletter (Talon Club), 1999-  (Series 9.9)
Hay Gulch Ditch Company records, 1916- (Series 11.C.13)
Health Careers (Sub-group 18.V)
Health Center (Sub-group 13.K)
Health insurance brochures and info for students (Series 13.K.2)
Health insurance for students, records (including insurance policies) (Series 12.4)
Herd record books, 1937-1951 (Series 21.7)
High Country Chronicle (Series 13.V.5)
High school counselors newsletters, 1980- (Series 7.B.8)
High school musicians festival records (Series 15.3.M.2)
High school records, 1911-1933 (Sub-group 11.C)
Higher Education Act of 1963 grants (Series 4.6)
Higher Education Act of 1963 grants records (Series 18.G.3)
Highlands Middle Ages Re-creation records (Series 13.T.21)
Hilltoppers drill team (photo in P 004  Series 9.22 is circa 1961-62) (Series 9.22)
Hispanic Club records (Series 13.L.5)
Hispanic Cultural Center (Sub-group 13.L)
Hispanic Student Center (Sub-group 13.L)
Hispanic Students, Task Force on Recruitment of, 1987 (Series 19.C.3)
Hispano Devotional Art of the Southwest Planning Committee records, 1998 (Series 19.C.3)
Historic Mission Work Group (Series 15.3.Q.7)
Historical data of Fort Lewis High School (Series 11.C.11)
Historical files on buildings (Durango campus) (Series 20.E.8)
Historical markers records (Series 20.E.8)
Historical markers walking tour of the Durango campus

History Club records (Series 15.3.H.5)
History Department (Sub-group 15.3.H)
History of Fort Lewis College (chronological notes)
History of the Fort Lewis College archives
Hockey Club records, 2003- (Series 13.N.3)
Holiday reception publicity (Series 4.14)
Home Economics Department records, 195- (Series 11.D.9)
Homecoming printed materials, circa 1966-1970 (Series 7.E.3)
Homecoming records and printed materials (Series 12.5)
Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi. Fort Lewis College chapter (Sub-group 13.DD)
Honor society records (Sub-group 13.DD)
Honorary degrees records (Series 10.7.9)
Honors and year-end convocations records (Series 10.7.7)
Honors convocation (Series 10.7)
Honors Council (Sub-group 19.Q)
Honors Program (Sub-group 18.M)
Horse Gulch Study Group records, circa 1999-2000 (Series 19.C.3)

Hourly employees payroll records (Series 20.F.4.6)
Hourly staff employment records (Series 20.C.9)
Housing for students (posters) (Series 13.A.7)
Housing and Residence Life Office (Sub-group 13.M)
Housing Services (Sub-group 13.M)
Hozhoni Days records (Series 18.G.5.3)
Human Heritage course (Sub-group 18.S)
Human Heritage course readings packs (Series 18.S.1)
Human Resources Office (Sub-group 20.C)
Human Services Department (Sociology) (Sub-group 15.3.P)
Humanities Department (Sub-group 15.3.I)

I.D. office (SkyCard Service Center) records and correspondence (Series 12.14)
Images arts/literary annual magazine (Series 13.V.4)

Images records (Series 15.3.F.5)
Images student publication (Series 13.V.4)
Imprest checks (Series 20.F.4.2)
Improv. Club records (Series 13.T.28)
Improvisation Club records (Series 13.T.28)
Independent student newspaper: records of the organization (Sub-group 13.BB)
Independent, 1962 Oct. 11-current: the actual newspaper (Series 13.V.3)
Index of press releases
Indian Business Leaders (AIBL) records (Series 13.T.29)
Indian Club records, 1961- (Sub-group 18.G.5)
Indian education records (Series 18.G.1)
Indian school records, 1891-1910 (Sub-group 11.B)
Information and Services, Office of (Record Group 10)
Information Systems Department (Sub-group 15.3.E)
Information systems operational issues (Sub-group 19.JJ)
Information systems policy issues (Sub-group 19.KK)
Information Technology (Computer Center) (Sub-group 20.B)
Innovative Month (Sub-group 19.T)
Insignia (Series 9.10)
Institutional Advancement (Record Group 7)
Institutional reports (Fort Lewis College) (Series 4.3)
Institutional Research and Planning Office (Sub-group 18.F)
Institutional Review Board (Sub-group 14.D)
Institutional self-studies and accreditation reports (Series 4.3)
Instructional aides summer institutes, 1961-1969 (Series 18.G.3)
Instructional computing and networking issues (Sub-group 19.D)
Instructional technologies taskforce (Sub-group 19.LL)
Instructional Technology, Center for (Sub-group 18.H) 
Instructional Technology Council (ITC) (Sub-group 19.LL)
Instructors' handbooks (Writing Program) (Series 18.U.4)
Instructors' reports for Fort Lewis High School (Series 11.C.12)
Insurance claims files (Accounts Payable) (Series 20.F.8)
Insurance for students (brochures and info) (Series 13.K.2)
Insurance policies (Fort Lewis College property) (Series 20.2)
Insurance records (Athletics) (Series 9.7.1)
Insurance records (personnel) (Series 20.C.11)
Integrated Learning Community for Freshmen (Sub-group 18.R)
Integrated Learning Program (Sub-group 18.R)
Intensive English Program (Sub-group 18.N)
Intercollegiate athletic associations records (Series 9.1)
Intercultural Committee (Sub-group 19.R)
Intercultural Studies Center (Sub-group 18.G)
Interface reports (Accounting) (Series 20.F.3)
Interior campus signage policy manuals (Series 20.E.10)
International Business option (in Sub-group 16.3.B)
International Friendship Club (Series 13.T.35)
International Programs (Sub-group 14.A)
International Relations Club records (Series 13.T.43)

International Studies Program (Sub-group 15.3.J)
Intertribal News records and correspondence (Series 18.G.5.4)
Intertribal News student newspaper (Series 18.G.8)
Intertribal Theatre Project records, 1998-2002 (Series 13.T.30)
Intervarsity Christian Fellowship Native Campus Ministries records (Series 13.T.41)
Intramural athletics clubs (Series 13.N.3)
Intramural Shorts newsletters (Series 13.N.1)
Intramural Sports (Sub-group 13.N)
Introspections Psychology Department newsletter (Series 17.3.B.6)
Inventories (Bookstore) (Series 13.B.3)
Inventories (Center of Southwest Studies) (Series 18.B.9)
Inventories (Central Stores) (Series 20.H.4)
Inventories (Computing and Telecommunications) (Series 20.B.7)
Inventories of Fort Lewis High School property (Series 11.C.5)
Inventories of livestock (Series 21.8)
Inventories, special collection guides (Series 18.B.7)
Investment Committee records, 1982-1993 (Series 7.D.13)
Investment records (Series 20.A.05)
Investment records (Series 7.D.3)
IT ( Information Technology; Computer Center) (Sub-group 20.B)
ITC (Instructional Technology Council) (Sub-group 19.LL)

Japan Program (Sub-group 18.O)
Japanese Club records (Series 18.O.4)
Japanese students (Intensive English Program) (Sub-group 18.N)
Job announcements (faculty and exempt staff) (Series 14.2.3)
Job announcements in Human Resources newsletters (Series 20.C.6)
Job announcements in job vacancy records (Series 20.C.7)
Job descriptions (Series 20.C.13)
Job vacancy records (Series 20.C.7)
Jobs available lists (Series 13.D.4)
John F. Reed honors program (Sub-group 18.M)
John F. Reed Library (Sub-group 18.H)
Joint Budget Committee annual reports (Series 1.5)
Joint Sub- Committee on appropriations annual reports (Series 1.5)
Jones, Joel M., correspondence, 1988- (Series 4.7 and 4.8)
Journal vouchers (Accounts Payable) (Series 20.F.4.5)
Judicial Affairs, Office of (Sub-group 12.13)
Judo records (Series 13.N.3)
Juggling Club records (Series 13.N.3)
Juggling records (Series 13.N.3)
Jump roping / rope skipping records (Series 13.N.3)
Jump Start Program records, circa 1989 (Series 13.F.3)
Junior college records, 1933-1962 (Sub-group 11.D)
Junior Seminar Committee, 1980
(within Series 19.C.3)

Katzima student yearbook, 1964-1969 and 1978-79 (Series 13.V.2)
Kayaking records (Series 13.N.3)
KDUR program guides (Series 13.R.1)
KDUR radio station (Sub-group 13.R)
Keepers of the Sacred Trust printed materials, circa 1993 (in Series 18.G.4)
KFLC radio station (Sub-group 13.R)
KME Club records (Series 15.3.K.5)
Knowledge Bowl (Series 13.T.62)
Ku Klux Klan presentation on campus, 1991-92 (Series 7.E.3)
Kudos Cultural Arts Complex newsletter (Series 7.D.8)

La Movida newsletter (Series 13.L.1)
La Plata River irrigation records (Series 11.C.13)
Laboratory manuals (Chemistry Department)  (Series 15.3.D.1)
Lacrosse records (Series 13.N.3)
Land Use Committee, Campus (Sub-group 19.GG)
Landscaping Subcommittee records (Series 20.E.11)
Latter Day Saint Student Association records (Series 13.T.14)
Law and Finance Area (Sub-group 16.3.C)
Law, Pre- (Sub-group 18.V)
Lax (lacrosse) records (Series 13.N.3)
Leadership 101 Fort Lewis College Student Leaders Conference (Series 13.AA.1)
Leadership Center (Sub-group 13.HH)
Leadership Program (Sub-group 13.HH)
Learning Assistance Center (Sub-group 13.O)
Leave-exchange programs with Fort Lewis College and Hampshire College (Sub-group 18.P)
Legal case files (Series 4.12)
Legislative Audit Committee annual reports (Series 20.F.1.3)
Legislative Committee for Education beyond High School (Record Group 1)
Letterhead (Series 10.9)
Letters (varsity sports) (Series 9.10)
Lewis, William H., biographical materials
LIB 150 course (Sub-group 15.3.S)
Librarian's records (Southwest Research Library) (Series 18.B.15)

Library (Sub-group 18.H)
Library and Museum Committee (Sub-group 19.S)
Library bibliographic instruction program (Sub-group 15.3.S)
Library Committee (Sub-group 19.S)
Library director search records (Series 18.H.10)
Library governance records (Series 18.H.11)
Library grants records (Series 18.H.5)
Library Management Council records (Series 18.H.11)
Library subject files (Series 18.H.6)
Lifelong Learning Lecture Series by the Professional Associates of Fort Lewis College, digital video recordings  (Series 6.6.4)
Limited Edition (1976 Nov.) (Series 13.V.5)
Litigation records (President's Office) (Series 4.12)
Litigation records (Water rights) (Series 11.C.13)
Live Performance Party (Series 13.T.63)
Livestock inventories (Series 21.8)
Livestock record books (Series 21.7)
Living Well newsletter, 1994 (Series 19.AA.1)
Locals Club records (Series 13.T.54)
Logos of the college (table of historical changes of)

Long range planning reports (Durango campus) (Series 20.E.1)
Long range planning reports (Series 4.4)
Long-range planning reports (Hesperus campus) (Series 20.D.1)
Lory Spring pumping station and plant records (Series 11.C.13)

M1 payroll reports (Series 20.F.4.6)
M2 payroll reports (Series 20.F.4.6)
Mail Service (Sub-group 13.P)
Main Fort Lewis College phone number answering issues records (Series 20.B.4)
Maintenance budget requests (Series 20.I.4)
Maintenance records (Durango campus) (Series 20.E.6)
Maintenance records (Hesperus campus) (Series 20.D.4)
Maintenance records (Hesperus campus) (Series 20.D.6)
Management option (in Sub-group 16.3.B)
Manna Soup Kitchen volunteering (Series 10.21)

Manuals (Academic Affairs Office) (Series 14.3)
Manuals (Affirmative Action) (Series 8.1)
Manuals (Business and Financial Affairs) (Series 20.4)
Manuals (College Relations) (Series 10.13)
Manuals (Colorado Commission on Higher Education) (Series 1.6)
Manuals (Computing and Telecommunications) (Series 20.B.1)
Manuals (faculty) (Series 19.C.1)
Manuals (Financial Aid Office) (Series 13.I.1)
Manuals (Health Center) (Series 13.K.1)
Manuals (Human Resources Office) (Series 20.C.1)
Manuals (President's Office) (Series 4.10)
Manuals (Psychology Department) (Series 17.3.B.3)
Manuals (Purchasing Office) (Series 20.G.1)
Manuals (Residence Life) (Series 13.M.1)
Manuals (State Board of Agriculture) (Series 3.2)
Manuals (student employment) (Series 13.I.2)
Manuals (Writing Program) (Series 18.U.4)
Maps (Durango campus) (Series 20.E.5)
Maps (Hesperus campus) (Series 20.D.5)
Marketing Program (in Sub-group 16.3.D)
Marketing Task Force (Series 19.C.3)
Married student housing (Sub-group 13.M) 
Martial arts clubs records (Series 13.T.8 and 13.T.12)
Martial arts records (Series 13.N.3)
Mascots of the college (table of historical changes of)
Master calendars (Fort Lewis College) (Series 10.18)
Master Plan Committee records (Series 20.E.11)
Master Plan Ministries records (Series 13.T.7)
Master planning manuals (CCHE) (Series 1.6)
Mathematics and Statistics Department (Sub-group 15.3.K)
Mathematics/Computer Science Club records (Series 15.3.K.4)
McLain, Charles W., correspondence, -1949 (Series 11.D.1)
McNichols, Governor (Fort Lewis College bill signing) (Series 11.E.2)
McPherson Memorial Chapel (Sub-group 13.C.2)
Med, Pre- (Sub-group 18.V)
Media guides (Athletics) (Series 9.6)
Media guides (Intercollegiate athletic assns.) (Series 9.1.2)
Meditation Club records (Series 13.T.61)
Men's and women's cross country program records (Series 9.13)
Men's basketball program records (Series 9.11)
Men's football program records (Series 9.14)
Men's golf program records (Series 9.15)
Men's soccer program records (Series 9.17)
Men's volleyball program records (Series 9.19)
Men's wrestling program records (Series 9.21)
Messenger faculty/staff newsletter (Series 10.4)
Middle Ages and Renaissance periods customs (Series 13.T.21)
Middle Ages Re-creation records (Series 13.T.21)
Military post records, 1878-1891 (Sub-group 11.A)
Mineral rights records (Series 20.D.1)
Mining, Metallurgy and Exploration Club records (15.3.G.6)
Minority Students Summer Outreach Programs (Sub-group 18.Q)
Minutes (Alumni Association) (Series 7.E.1)
Minutes (Center of Southwest Studies staff) (Series 18.B.6)
Minutes (Colorado Commission on Higher Education) (Series 1.1)
Minutes (Core Cabinet) (Series 5.1)
Minutes (Employee Council) (Series 20.O.1)
Minutes (Faculty Assembly) (Series 19.B.2)
Minutes (Faculty Executive Council) (Series 19.A.2)
Minutes (Fort Lewis College Foundation Exec. Board )(Series 7.D.7)
Minutes (Intercollegiate athletic associations) (Series 9.1.3)
Minutes (President's Council) (Series 6.1)
Minutes (Professional Staff) (Series 20.O.1)
Minutes (State Board of Agriculture) (Series 3.1
Minutes (Student Senate) (Series 13.U.2)
Mission Statement Editing Committee, 1979-1986
(within Series 19.C.3)
Mission statements (Series 4.1)
Modern Arnis Club (martial arts) records (Series 13.T.8)
Modern Languages Department (Sub-group 15.3.L)
Modern League of Arab States records (Series 13.T.16)
Monacle student newspaper, 1927-1928 (Series 13.V.3)
Monthly balance sheets (Accounting) (Series 20.F.3)
Mormon student organization records (Series 13.T.14)
Mountain biking records (Series 13.N.3)
Mountain Studies Institute (Sub-group 18.X)
Mountain Studies Program (Sub-group 18.X)

Mud football records (Series 13.N.3)

Murphy, Julian, reports (Series 14.4)
Museum and Historical Records Committee (Sub-group 19.S)
Music (Series 10.8)
Music camps (summer) records and correspondence, 1933-1962 (Series 11.D.13)

Music Department (Sub-group 15.3.M)
Music Department concert and recital programs (Series 15.3.M.1)
Music Department printed materials (Series 15.3.M.3)
Music Department student handbook (Series 15.3.M.6)
Music majors student handbook (Series 15.3.M.6)
Musical Notes newsletter, 1997- (Series 15.3.M.8)

NAGPRA Committee records (Sub-group 19.YY)
NAGPRA National Park Service grant records (Series 18.B.5)
National American Indian Business Leaders records (Series 13.T.29)
National Defense Student Loan records (Series 20.F.7) 53
National intercollegiate associations records (Series 9.2) 7
National Policies Affecting Students Committee (Series 19.C.3)
National Strength and Conditioning Association (Series 17.3.A.9)
National Student Echange (Series 14.A)
National Youth Administration Program records and correspondence, [193-] (Series 11.D.14)
Native American Alumni Association records (Series 7.E.7)
Native American and Indigenous Studies (NAIS) Advisory Board records(Series 15.3.Q.6)
Native American students Christian ministries group records (Series 13.T.41)
Native American Center (Sub-group 18.G)
Native American Center director search records (Series 18.G.9) 35
Native American education records (Series 18.G.1) 34
Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act grants records of the Center of Southwest Studies, circa 1990s (Series 18.B.5)
Native American Honor Society records (Series 18.G.7) 35
Native American Innovative Leadership Project: Master of Arts in Administration Dual-Licensure Preparation Program records, Fall of 2005- (Sub-group 17.6)
Native American songs choir records (Series 18.G.6) 35
Native American student aid records (Series 13.I.8) 16
Native American Student Body (UNASB) records (Series 18.G.10)
Native American students records (Series 18.J.15)
Native American tuition waiver records and correspondence (Series 7.B.11)
Native Campus Ministries (Intervarsity Christian Fellowship) records (Series 13.T.41)
Native Playwrights' Newsletter (Series 13.T.30)
Natural and Behavioral Sciences (School of) (RG 15)
Natural Resources Study Center degree program proposal records (Series 15.1)
Navajo Nation Comprehensive Contract Task Force, 1996-97 (Series 19.C.3)

Navajo Springs Day School records, 1891-1910 (Sub-group 11.B)
NCAA records (Series 9.2)
NDSL federal student loan records (Series 20.F.7)
NDSL loan assignments (Series 20.F.7)
NDSL paid-off files (Series 20.F.7)
New student orientation records (Series 13.F.3)
Newman Club records (Series 13.T.9)
News and Notes from the Fort Lewis College Admission Office (Series 7.B.8)
News Notes (Reed Library newsletter) (Series 18.H.9)
News releases (Series 10.1)
Newsletters (Admissions Office) (Series 7.B.8-10)
Newsletters (Assessment Center) (Series 18.A.2)
Newsletters (Campus Dining Service) (Series 13.J.4)
Newsletters (Center for Service Learning, et al.) (Series 14.B.1 and 14.B.4)
Newsletters (Center of Southwest Studies) (Series 18.B.8)
Newsletters (Computing and Telecommunications) (Series 20.B.5)
Newsletters (Cultural Arts Complex of SW Colorado) (Series 7.D.8)
Newsletters (Cultural Diversity Committee) (Series 19.CC.1)
Newsletters (Environmental Center) (Series 13.X.1)
Newsletters (Exercise Science Department) (Series 17.3.A.7)
Newsletters (faculty/staff) (Series 10.4)
Newsletters (Fort Lewis College Development Office) (Series 7.D.8)
Newsletters (Fort Lewis College Foundation) (Series 7.D.4)
Newsletters (Foundation) (Series 7.D.8)
Newsletters (Human Resources) (Series 20.C.6)
Newsletters (Indian Club) (Series 18.G.5.2)
Newsletters (intramural sports) (Series 13.N.1)
Newsletters (library) (Series 18.H.9)
Newsletters (Music Department) (Series 15.3.M.8)
Newsletters (Office of Economic Analysis) (Series 18.I.3)
Newsletters (Physical Plant Services) (Series 20.E.7)
Newsletters (President's Office) (Series 4.9)
Newsletters (Psychology Department), 1997 Nov. - (Series 17.3.B.6)
Newsletters (Reed Library) (Series 18.H.9)
Newsletters (School of Arts and Sciences) (Series 15.4)
Newsletters (School of Business) (Series 16.5)
Newsletters (sports) (Series 10.15)
Newsletters (Talon Club), 1999-  (Series 9.9)
Newsletters (Teacher Education) (Series 17.3.C.4)
Newsletters (Teacher Education) (Series 17.3.C.6)
Newsletters (Teaching Support Committee) (Series 19.BB.1)
Newsletters (Wanbli Ota Indian Club) (Series 18.G.5 and 18.G.8)
Newsletters (Wellness Committee) (Series 19.AA.1)
Newsletters (Women's Studies) (Series 15.3.T.6)
Newspaper clippings (College Relations) (Series 10.3)
Newspaper clippings (Fort Lewis College Women's Club) (Series 7.F.1)
Newspaper clippings (re: Fort Lewis College Hesperus campus) (Series 11.D.10)
Newspapers (Series 13.V.3)
Newspapers, student, 1962 Oct. 11-current: the actual Independent newspaper (Series 13.V.3)

Newspaper, student: records of the Independent student newspaper organization (Sub-group 13.BB)
Newspapers, student: Intertribal News, by Fort Lewis College American Indian students (Series 18.G.8)

Nobel Prize winners faculty presentation publicity (Series 18.M.1)
Non-current student transcripts (Series 18.J.12)
Non-Fort Lewis College events held at the campus, printed materials (Series 13.E.4)
Non-Traditional Students Club records (Series 13.T.56)
North Central Association of Colleges...correspondence (Series 4.7)
North Central Association of Colleges...exam reports (Series 4.3)
Nursing, Pre- (Sub-group 18.V)

Occasional papers (Center of SW Studies) (Series 18.B.1)
ODTA reports (Series 20.F.4.8)
Office assignment lists (Series 14.1)
Office of Academic Affairs (Record Group 14)
Office Admissions and Advising (Sub-group 7.B)
Office of Community Services (Sub-group 18.C)
Office of Continuing Education (Sub-group 18.D)
Office of Economic Analysis and Business Research (Sub-group 18.I)
Office of Economic Development (Sub-group 18.I)
Office of Facilities and Food Management (Record Group 13)
Office of Facilities Scheduling, circa 2004-ongoing (Sub-group 20.I)
Office of Financial Aid (Sub-group 13.I)
Office of Foreign Study Programs printed materials (Series 16.5)
Office of Foreign Study Programs records, 1995- (Series 16.5.4)
Office of Grants Management (Sub-group 20.I)
Office of Information and Services (Record Group 10)
Office of Institutional Advancement (Record Group 7)
Office of Judicial Affairs (Sub-group 12.13)
Office of Student Affairs (Record Group 12)
Office of the President (Record Group 4)
Official histories (Series 11.E.1)
Official histories, records and correspondence re: (Series 11.E.2)
Off-Campus Experiences Committee (Sub-group 19.T)
Off-Campus housing office  (Series 13.M.07)
Oil and gas leases records (Series 20.D.1)
Old Fort Lewis campus blueprints and specifications (Hesperus campus) (Series 20.D.4)
Old Fort Lewis Task Force records (Series 20.D.10)
Old Fort Lewis Visitors' Day records (Series 12.5)
Omnibus Stagecoach (Series 7.D.2)
Operating budgets (Series 20.A.1)
Opportunities for Research pamphlet (Series 18.B.1)
Oral histories (collection U 001)
Oral history transcripts and printed materials (collection U 001)
Organization Detail Transaction Activity (Series 20.F.4.8)
Organization of the College Archives' holdings
Organizational charts (Series 4.1)
Orientation program staff t-shirts (Series 13.F.5)
Orientation records and printed materials (Series 13.F.3)
Other performers printed materials (Series 15.3.M.2)
Other student publications (Series 13.V.5)
Outdoor Pursuits (Sub-group 13.Q)
Outstanding Teacher award (Series 10.7.4)
Oversize materials (Record Group  22)

Parents newsletter (President's Office) (Series 4.9)
Parents Perspective newsletter (Series 7.B.10)
Parents Weekend and Homecoming materials (Series 12.5)
Parking permit decal memoranda and forms (Series 20.F.1)
Parking regulations brochures (Series 13.S.1)
Part-time applicant pool files (Series 14.2.1)
Pay history reports (Series 20.F.4.6)
Pay total reports (Series 20.F.4.6)
Payment transactions reports (Series 20.F.5)
Payroll cumulative fiscal year end reports (Series 20.F.4.6)
Payroll records (Series 20.F.4.9)
Peace Pipe, The Volume 1, No. 1, June 29, 1962 (Series 10.3)

Peace and Conflict Studies Minor (Series 15.3.X)
Peak Performance Task Force, Colorado  (Series 19.C.3)
Peer Educators records (Series 13.AA.3)

Pejuta Tipi Society records (Series 18.G.13)
Pen used to sign a bill for Fort Lewis College (Series 11.E.1)
Pep Club records (Series 9.22)
Periodicals regarding Fort Lewis College (Series 10.3)
Perkins federal student loan records (Series 20.F.7)
Personnel correspondence of Fort Lewis High School employees (Series 11.C.7)
Personnel files, 1933-1962 (Series 20.C.10)
Personnel insurance records (Series 20.C.11)
Personnel Office (Sub-group 20.C)
Personnel records (Classified staff) (Series 20.C.2)
Personnel records (Faculty and exempt staff searches) (Series 14.12)
Personnel records (Faculty and exempt staff) (Series 14.2)
Personnel records (Fort Lewis High School, 1911-1933) (Series 11.C.7)
Personnel records (Fort Lewis High School), 1911- (Series 11.C.6)
Personnel records (Fort Lewis High School), 1915-1916 (Series 11.C.2)
Personnel records (Temporary and hourly staff) (Series 20.C.9)
Personnel records, 1933-1962 (Series 20.C.10)
Personnel records, 1955- (Series 20.F.4.7)
Personnel records, 1962- (Series 20.F.4.6)
Personnel records, -1979 (Series 20.F.4.9)
Phi Alpha Theta records (Series 15.3.H.5)
Phi Beta Kappa chapter prospects records (Series 13.DD.2)
Phi Epsilon Kappa records (Series 17.3.A.10)
Phi Kappa Phi honor society, Fort Lewis College chapter (Sub-group 13.DD)
Philosophy Club records (Series 15.3.O.5)
Philosophy Department (Sub-group 15.3.O)
Photographs (Series 10.10)
Photographs of buildings (Durango campus) (Series 20.E.9)
Photographs of buildings (Hesperus campus) (Series 20.D.8)
Photographs taken by students (Series 13.V.6)
Physical Plant (Durango campus), 1956- (Sub-group 20.E)
Physical Plant (Hesperus campus), 1880- (Sub-group 20.D)
Physical Plant Services Director's records (Series 20.E.6)
Physical Science Department (Sub-group 15.3.N)
Physical Therapy Club records (Series 17.3.A.5)
Physical Therapy, Pre- (Sub-group 18.V)
Physics and Engineering Club records (Series 15.3.N.5)
Physics, General Science and Engineering Department (Sub-group 15.3.N)
Physics, Physical Science and Engineering Department (Sub-group 15.3.N)
Pi Sigma Alpha Political Science Honor Society (Series 15.3.O.8)
PIEDAD Committee (Sub-group 19.QQ)
Place names lists (Durango campus) (Series 20.E.8)
Placement Committee (Sub-group 19.U)
Placement Office (Sub-group 13.D)
Planning and budget analysis reports (Series 20.A.4)
Plant Circle News newsletter (Series 20.E.7)
Plaques and historical markers records (Series 20.E.8)
Plaques, list of

Play Book (information about campus activities) (Series 13.A.4)
Playbills (Series 15.3.R.1)
Plugged In newsletter (Computer Center)  (Series 20.B.5)
Poems and music (Series 10.8)
Police (Security and Safety Services) (Sub-group 13.S)
Policies and procedures manuals (Human Resources) (Series 20.C.1)
Policy Committee (Sub-group 19.V)
Political Science and Philosophy Department (Sub-group 15.3.O)
Political Science Club records (Series 15.3.O.4)
Political Science Honor Society Fort Lewis College chapter (Series 15.3.O.8)
Position descriptions (all employee positions) (Series 20.C.13)
Position descriptions (including in records of job vacancies for Classified staff) (Series 20.C.7)
Post cards (Series 10.9)
Postal Service (Sub-group 13.P)
Posters (Athletics) (Series 9.3)
Postsecondary Education Master Planning manuals (Series 1.6)
Pre-Dental (Sub-group 18.V)
Pre-Law (Sub-group 18.V)
Pre-law Club records (Series 15.3.O.6)
Pre-Med (Sub-group 18.V)
Pre-Nursing (Sub-group 18.V)
Pre-Physical Therapy (Sub-group 18.V)
Pre-Professional Programs (Sub-group 18.V)
Pre-Vet (Sub-group 18.V)
President, Office of the (Record Group 4)

President's Advisory Committee on Hispanic Affairs, 1999-2000 (Series 19.C.3)
President's Advisory Committee on Native American Affairs, 1999-2001 (Series 19.C.3)
President's Cabinet (Record Group 5)
President's Council (Record Group 6)
Presidential search records (Series 4.11)
Presidents, list of
Presidents Association (of Colorado Institutions of Higher Education) records (Series 1.7)

Press books (Series 9.6)
Press of Colorado, University  (Sub-group 14.C)
Press release index (Series 10.1.1)
Press releases about Fort Lewis College athletics (Series 10.14)
Press releases index 
Press releases, 1938- (Series 10.1)
Prevention Peer Educators records (Series 13.AA.3)
Prevention Program (Sub-group 13.AA)
Pre-Physical Therapy Club records (Series 17.3.A.5)
Pre-Professional Committee (Sub-group 19.PP)
Professional Associates of Fort Lewis College records and correspondence (Sub-group 6.6)
Professional Staff Committee, 1978 (Series 19.C.3)
Professional staff meeting minutes, 1968-1970 (Series 20.O.1)
Professional staff policies and manuals (Series 20.C.1)
Proficiency Testing, Ad Hoc Committee on, 1982
(within Series 19.C.3)
Program for Academic Advancement (Sub-group 18.K)
Program plans (Hesperus campus) (Series 20.D.1)
Program plans (Series 20.E.1)
Program self-study review reports (Series 14.9)
Programs (Fort Lewis College Community Concert Hall) (Series 20.P.1)
Project proposals (capital construction) (Series 20.E.3)
Project Trail grants (Series 18.G.3)
Projects and grants records (Academic Advancement) (Series 18.K.4)
Projects and grants records (Academic Affairs) (Series 14.14)
Projects and grants records (Accounting Area) (Series 16.3.A.6)
Projects and grants records (Anthropology Department) (Series 15.3.A.5)
Projects and grants records (Art Department) (Series 15.3.B.6)
Projects and grants records (Biology...Department) (Series 15.3.C.7)
Projects and grants records (Business and Finance) (Series 20.5)
Projects and grants records (Center of Southwest Studies) (Series 18.B.5)
Projects and grants records (Chemistry Department) (Series 15.3.D.5)
Projects and grants records (Community Services) (Series 18.C.4)
Projects and grants records (Cooperative Education) (Series18.E.3)
Projects and grants records (CSIS Department) (Series 15.3.E.5)
Projects and grants records (Economic Analysis Office) (Series 18.I.5)
Projects and grants records (Economics Area) (Series 16.3.B.4) 
Projects and grants records (English Department) (Series 15.3.F.6)
Projects and grants records (Exercise Science Department) (Series 17.3.A.8)
Projects and grants records (Extended Studies) (Series 18.D.5)
Projects and grants records (Geology Department) (Series 15.3.G.7)
Projects and grants records (Governmental Relations Office) (Series 18.T.3)
Projects and grants records (History Department) (Series 15.3.H.6)
Projects and grants records (Humanities Department) (Series 15.3.I.5)
Projects and grants records (Integrated Learning Program) (Series 18.R.3)
Projects and grants records (Law and Finance Area) (Series 16.3.C.4)
Projects and grants records (Library/Audio-Visual) (Series 18.H.5)
Projects and grants records (Management Area) (Series 16.3.D.4)
Projects and grants records (Marketing...Area) (Series 16.3.E.4)
Projects and grants records (Mathematics Department) (Series 15.3.K.6)
Projects and grants records (Modern Language Department) (Series 15.3.L.7)
Projects and grants records (Music Department) (Series 15.3.M.7)
Projects and grants records (Native American Center) (Series 18.G.3)
Projects and grants records (Physics...Department) (Series 15.3.N.7)
Projects and grants records (Political Science Department) (Series 15.3.O.7)
Projects and grants records (Psychology Department) (Series 17.3.B.5)
Projects and grants records (Records Office) (Series 18.J.14)
Projects and grants records (Sociology...Department) (Series 15.3.P.5)
Projects and grants records (Southwest Studies Department) (Series 15.3.Q.5)
Projects and grants records (Theatre Department) (Series 15.3.R.10)
Projects and grants records (Writing Program) (Series 18.U.3)
Projects Management Office records (Series 20.E.10)
Promotion and Tenure Policy Committee (Sub-group 19.W)
Property development documentation for Durango campus of Fort Lewis College, 1947-ongoing (Series 20:E;15)
Property insurance policies (Fort Lewis College) (Series 20.2)
Psychology Department (Sub-group 17.3.B)
Psi-Co-Chi Club newsletter, 1999 Apr.- (Series 17.3.B.7)
Psi-Co-Chi Club records (Series 17.3.B.4)
Psych-o-Chi Club records (Series 17.3.B.4)
Public Health Program (Sub-group 15.3.C)
Public Relations Committee records, 1962 (Series 19.C.3)
Public Relations Committee records, circa 196- (Series 10.20)
Public relations correspondence (Series 10.11)
Public Safety Department (Sub-group 13.S)
Public safety reports (Series 13.S.3)
Publicity materials (Hesperus campus) (Series 20.D.7)
Publicity materials (Physical Plant) (Durango campus) (Series 20.E.7)
Publicity materials (Series 10.3)
Pumping station records, 1951-1952 (Series 11.C.13)
Purchase orders (Series 20.F.4.4)
Purchasing Office (Sub-group 20.G)

Radio and television scripts, 1942-1949, 1963 (Series 10.2)
Radio Station KDUR (Sub-group 13.R)
Radio Station KFLC, 196- (Sub-group 13.R)
Raider Notes newsletter, 1981-1990 (Series 7.B.9)
Raider Review newsletter, 1991-1993 (Series 7.B.9)
Raider Roundup sports newsletter (Series 10.15)
Raider Squad records (Series 9.22)
Rape Intervention Team printed materials (Series 13.AA.1)
Rathbun, Paul,  Intertribal Theatre Project records, 1998-2002 (Series 13.T.30)
Rea, Charles Dale, correspondence, 1949 July -1962 (Series 11.D.1)
Reading Experience, The Common, printed materials and emails, 2006-ongoing (Series 18.U.5)
Receipt registers (Accounts Payable) (Series 20.F.4.5)
Receipt registers (pre-1962) (Series 11.D.5)
Receiving and Central Stores (Sub-group 20.H)
Recommended candidates for graduation (Series 18.J.6)
Record groups (numbering scheme for)
Records deaccession records (form SW-53) (Series 18.B.12)
Records disposition schedules (Series 18.B.10)
Records inventory worksheets (form SW-10) (Series 18.B.13)
Records management certificates of compliance (Series 18.B.11)
Records of final standing (Series 11.C.6)
Records Office (Sub-group 18.J)
Recreation Center (Student Life Center) (Sub-group 13.EE)
Recreation guides, 1990- (Series 13.A.4)
Recreational Services calendar, 2002 Fall- (Series 13.EE.4)
Recreational Services Department (Sub-group 13.EE)
Recruiting Committee records, 1963 (Series 19.C.3)
Recruitment of Hispanic Students, Task Force on, 1987 (Series 19.C.3)

Reed Library (Sub-group 18.H)
Reed Library News Notes newsletter, 1997- (Series 18.H.9)
Reed, John F., correspondence, 1962-1969 (Series 4.7 and 4.8)
Reflections Teacher Education newsletters (Series 17.3.C.6)
Region 9 Economic Development District of Southwest Colorado (Sub-group 20.M)
Registered Student Organizations (RSO) (Sub-group 13.T)
Registered students, lists of (Series 18.J.4)
Registrar's records and correspondence (Series 18.J.1)
Regulations (Public Safety) (Series 13.S.1)
Regulations (Security and Safety Services) (Series 13.S.1)
Regulations and manuals (President's Office) (Series 4.10)
Regulations and manuals (State Board of Agriculture) (Series 3.2)
Religious Affairs Committee (Sub-group 19.OO)
Religious Studies Minor (Sub-group 15.3.W )
Reminiscences (Series 11.E.3)
Rentals for students posters (Series 13.A.7)
Reorganization, Faculty Task Force on (Series 19.C.3)
Reports (Physical Plant Services) (Durango campus) (Series 20.E.12)
Republicans, College, Club records (Series 13.T.42)

Requests for appropriations, 1964-1969 (Series 20.A.02)
Requisitions (Series 20.F.5)
Research Advisory Committee records, 1945-1946 (Fort Lewis Farm) (Series 21.4)
Residence Advisor applications (accepted) (Series 13.M.6.16)
Residence Advisor Co-op 300 course printed materials (Series 13.M.6.05)
Residence Director applications (accepted) (Series 13.M.6.15)
Residence Director conference presentations printed materials (Series 13.M.6.06)
Residence Director office schedules (Series 13.M.6.09)
Residence Director recruiting publicity materials (Series 13.M.6.14)
Residence hall charters (Series 13.M.6.02)
Residence hall codes of ethics (Series 13.M.6.01)
Residence hall custodial workers' policies and procedures (Series 13.M.6.23)
Residence hall newsletters (Series 13.M.6.03)
Residence hall posters (Series 13.M.6.04)
Residence hall program proposals and evaluations (Series 13.M.6.11)
Residence hall records and correspondence (Sub-group 13.M.6)
Residence hall staff rosters (Series 13.M.6.10)
Residence Life and Conference Services (Sub-group 13.M)
Residence Life forms (Series 13.M.06.13)
Residence Life proposals and program development records (Series 13.M.5)
Residence Life statistical reports (Series 13.M.06.08)
Residence staff directories (Series 13.M.1)
Residents on Campus Association records (Series 13.M.4)
Resort Management, and Tourism, option (in Sub-group 16.3)
Resource 25 scheduling software (Sub-group 13.GG)

Resource Book (State Board of Agriculture) (Series 3.2)
Results Club records (Sub-group 13.T.24)
Retired, resigned, or deceased faculty and staff (Series 20.C.2)
Retiree luncheon/events publicity (Series 20.C.5)
Right Start Program records and printed materials (Series 12.6)
River Rock Cafe records (Sub-group 13.J)
ROCA records (Series 13.M.4)
Rocky Mountain Athletic Conference (Series 9.1)
Rodeo Club records (Series 13.T.18)
Rope skipping records (Series 13.N.3)
Rotaract International Club records (Series 13.T.10)
ROTC program proposal, 1982 (Sub-group 13.FF)
Rules Committee (Sub-group 19.V)

Sabbatical leave records (Series 14.13)
Sabbatical Leave Usage Committee (Sub-group 19.I)
SAC records (Series 13.U.8)
Sacred Trust Fund publicity materials, 2005 (in Series 7.D.4)
Safe Zone (Sub-group 12.19)
Safer Alternative for Enjoyable Recreation (SAFER FLC) Club (Series 13.T.59)
Safety First newsletter (Series 20.E.7)
SAGA Food Service contract records (Series 13.J.2)
Salaried employees payroll records (Series 20.F.4.6)
Salary, Promotion and Tenure Policy Committee (Sub-group 19.W)
San Juan Basin Economic Development District (Sub-group 20.M)
San Juan Basin Empire Builders (Sub-group 20.M)
San Juan Forum records and correspondence (within Sub-group 20.Q)
San Juan Mountain Studies Program (Sub-group 18.X)

San Juan Symphony and Chorus printed materials (Series 15.3.M.2)

San Juan Water Users Association records (Series 11.C.13)
Scarlet Letters Club records (Series 15.3.F.4)
Schedule of courses (Series 18.J.2)
Schedules of classes (Series 18.J.2)
Schedules of courses (Series 18.J.2)
Scheduling of the Academic Year, Ad Hoc Committee on, 1984
(within Series 19.C.3)
Scholars, Featured, Fort Lewis College, records and publicity materials, 1999- (Series 4.19)
Scholarship Synergy newsletter, 1998 Fall- (Series 7.D.12)
Scholarship awards lists (lists prepared by the Archives) (Series 10.7.7)
Scholarships lists records (compiled by Office of Financial Aid) (Series 13.I.7)
Scholarships records (Fort Lewis College Development Office/ Foundation (Series 7.D.15)
School of Arts and Sciences (Record Group 15)
School of Arts and Sciences printed materials (Series 15.4)
School of Business Administration (Record Group 16)
School of Business Administration events (Series 16.5.2)
School of Business Administration printed materials (Series 16.5)
School of Education (Record Group 17)
School of Education printed materials (Series 17.4)
Science fraternity club records (Series 15.3.C.6)
Scrapbooks of Women's Club (Series 7.F.1)
SEAC records and correspondence (Series 13.X.5)
Search and Rescue Team records, [ca. late 1980s] (Series 13.T.51)
Search records (Faculty and Academic Affairs exempt staff) (Series 14.12)
Search records (Library) (Series 18.H.10)
Search records (Native American Center) (Series 18.G.9)
Search records (President) (Series 4.11)
Search records (positions reporting to Vice President for Academic Affairs) (Series 14.12)
Search records (positions reporting to Vice President for Business and Finance) (Series 20.8)
Search records (positions reporting to Vice President for Student Affairs) (Series 12.17)
Search records for all FLC positions, maintained by Affirmative Action (Series 8.5)
Security and Safety Services (Sub-group 13.S)
Security reports (Series 13.S.3)
SEEDS records (Series 13.T.55)
Self Study Steering Committee (Sub-group 19.DD)
Self-defense (women's) records (Series 13.N.3)
Self-studies and accreditation reports (Series 4.3)
Self-study review reports, of academic programs (Series 14.9)
Senate (Faculty) (Sub-group 19.B)
Senior class (Sub-group 13.Y)
Senior Class breakfasts printed materials (Series 13.Y.1)
Series arrangement scheme for this collection
Service Learning Center (Sub-group 14.B)
Service projects of the College community (Series 10.21)
Services for Students with Disabilities (Sub-group 13.CC)
Sexual assault response brochure (Series 13.AA.1)
Sexual Assault Task Force, 1994-95 (Series 19.C.3)
Shalako Indian Club records, circa 1960s (Sub-group 18.G.5)
Sigma Tau Delta (English honor society) records, 1999- (Series 15.3.F.7)
Sigma XI Club records (Series 15.3.C.6)
Signage policy manuals (Series 20.E.10)
Ski class instruction records (Series 9.16)
Ski Club Team (recreational) records (Series 13.N.3)
Ski team (competitive) program records (Series 9.16)
Skybyte email calendar, 2002 September - (Series 10.18)

Skybytes email newsletter, 2002 September - (Series 7.G.5)

SkyCard Service Center records and correspondence (Series 12.14)

Skyhawk news sports newsletter (Series 10.15)
Skyhawk Spirit cheerleader squad records (Series 9.22)
Skyhawks Roster sports news (Series 9.3)
Skyhawks sports news (Series 9.3)
Small Axe, Small Steps Club records (Series 13.T.57)
Small Business Development Center (Sub-group 20.K)
SME club records (Series 15.3.G.6)
Smith, Duane lecture series announcements (Series 15.4)
Smoke Signals newsletter (Series 7.E.2)
Smoke Signals student newspaper, 1949-1962 (Series 13.V.3)
Snowboard Club records (Series 13.N.3)
Snyder, George F., correspondence, 1915-1934 (Series 11.C.2)
SOAR Program records and printed materials (Series 13.F.3)
Soccer program (varsity sport) records (Series 9.17 and 9.18)
Soccer (intramural club) records (Series 13.N.3)
Society for Mining, Metallurgy and Exploration records (Series 15.3.G.6)
Society of Creative Anachronism records (Series 13.T.21)
Sociology/ Human Services Department (Sub-group 15.3.P)
Sociology Club records (Series 15.3.P.4)
Sodexho Food Service contract records, 1997- (Series 13.J.2)
Softball intramural records (Series 13.N.3)
Softball women's varsity sports records (Series 9..26)
Songs, poems and music (Series 10.8)
Sophomore Composition Seminar Program (Series 18.U)
Source, The [housing information quarterly] (Series 13.M.01.02)
Southwest Accessions / Deaccessions Committee records (Series 18.B.16)
Southwest Business Forum printed materials (Series 16.5.2)
Southwest Colorado Film Commission (Sub-group 20.N)
Southwest Days (Series 18.B.1-2)
Southwest Research Library Librarian's records (Series 18.B.15)

Southwest Studies Advisory Committee records (Series 18.B.4)
Southwest Studies Club records (Series 15.3.Q.4)
Southwest Studies and American Indian Studies Department (Sub-group 15.3.Q)
Space Utilization Task Force, 1985-1987 (Series 19.C.3)

Spanish Club records (Series 15.3.L.5)

Speakers directories (Fort Lewis College) (Series 10.19)
Speaking Out newsletter (Series 19.CC.1)
Special collection/ artifacts inventory reports (Series 18.B.9)
Special collections forms, guides, and policies (Series 18.B.7)
Special Committee on
Departmentalization, circa. 1958 (within Series 19.C.3)
Special programs and projects files (Series 4.6)
Special Services Program Committee (Sub-group 19.QQ)
Speech transcripts, 1950- (Series 4.9)
Speeches (President) (Series 4.9)
Speeches transcripts (Commencement) (Series 10.7.5)
Spitting Nonsense Comedy Improvisation Club records, 1998- (Series 15.3.R.11)
Sponsored program grants ledger, 1973-1975 (Series 20.I.5)
Sponsored Research and Federal Relations (Series 14.F)
Sports event programs (Series 9.5)
Sports event schedules (Series 9.4)
Sports newsletters (Series 10.15)
Sportsline press releases (Series 10.14)
SPOT (Sub-group 13.Z)
Staff employment records (temporary and hourly) (Series 20.C.9)
Staff handbook, circa 1965- (Series 19.C.1)
Staff job announcements (Series 20.C.7)
Staff job vacancy records (Series 20.C.7)
Staffing pattern reports (Series 20.A.3)
STAR program records and printed materials (Series 13.F.3)
State agencies of Colorado, records and correspondence, 193- (Series 11.D.12)
State Board of Agriculture (Record Group 3)
State Board of Agriculture Fort Lewis College faculty representative (Series 19.B.3)
State Board of Agriculture governing board membership directories, circa 1958-1984 (Series 3.7)
State Board of Agriculture regulations and manuals (Series 3.2)
State Board of Agriculture resource book (Series 3.2)
State Controller's annual financial reports (Series 1.5)
State of Colorado annual budget reports, 1952-1968 (Series 1.5)
State of Colorado audit reports (Series 20.F.1.1)
State of Colorado construction budgets (Series 1.5)
State Personnel Office records and correspondence (Series 20.C.1)
State-Supported Institutions of Higher Education in Colo. (Series 1.2)
Statistics Department (Sub-group 15.3.K)
Steering Task Force, 1999-2000 (Series 19.C.3)

Step aerobics records (Series 13.N.3)
Strength and Conditioning Association (Series 17.3.A.9)
Strengthening Developing Institutions Program grants (Series 4.6)
Student Activities (Record Group 13)
Student Activities Council records (Series 13.U.8)
Student Activity Guide (information about campus activities) (Series 13.A.4)
Student advising records and correspondence (Series 19.C.8)
Student Affairs Committee (Sub-group 19.X)
Student Affairs Office (Record Group 12)
Student aid for Native Americans (records) (Series 13.I.8)
Student aid programs audit reports (Series 13.I.6)
Student aid programs records (Series 13.I.6)
Student and alumni credential files (Series 13.D.3)
Student athletes eligibility certificates, 1958- (Series 9.7.2)
Student Athletic Trainer Club records (Series 17.3.A.6)
Student Athletic Trainers Association (Series 17.3.A.6)
Student Athletic Trainers Association records (Series 17.3.A.6)
Student awards lists (Series 10.7.7)
Student billings and correspondence (Series 20.F.5)
Student billings and payments (pre-1962) (Series 11.D.4)
Student body newspapers (Series 13.V.3)
Student Budget Committee records (Series 13.U.4)
Student Career Development Committee (Sub-group 19.U)
Student clubs (Sub-group 13.T)
Student clubs and organizations handbooks (Series 13.A.5)
Student computing services (Sub-group 20.B)

Student Conduct Committee (Sub-group 19.E)
Student Conduct Committee (Sub-group 19.MM)
Student Conduct Guide (Series 12.8)
Student Council minutes, 1957 Sept.-1959 Sept. 24 (Series 13.U.2)
Student Court decisions and records (Series 13.U.10)
Student Development Center (Sub-group 13.F)
Student Development Center Advisory Committee (Sub-group 19.L)
Student directories, 1953-1959 and 1981-82 (Series 13.A.6)
Student Discipline Issues Committee (Sub-group 19.MM)
Student Diversity Committee, 1999- (Sub-group 19.CC)
Student elections records (Series 13.U.7)
Student employment guides and manuals (Series 13.I.2)
Student Employment Study Committee (Sub-group 19.U)
Student enrollment records, 1923-1933 (Series 11.C.10)
Student enrollment reports (Series 18.J.5)
Student enrollment statistics (Series 7.B.2)
Student Environmental Action Coalition (SEAC) (Series 13.X.5)
Student Event Management (Sub-group 13.Z)
Student Exchange Program (Sub-group 18.P)
Student fees leaflets (Series 10.16)
Student Financial Aids Committee (Sub-group 19.O)
Student fund budgets and financial reports (Series 13.U.4)
Student government (Sub-group 13.U)
Student government elections materials (Series 13.U.7)
Student government officers list, 1953 to present
Student handbooks (Series 12.1)
Student handbooks, 1993-94 ongoing (Series 13.A.3)
Student handbooks, circa 1940-1987 (Series 13.U.6)
Student health insurance brochures (Series 13.K.2)
Student health insurance records (including policies) (Series 12.4)
Student housing (Sub-group 13.M)
Student Housing and Conference Services Office (Sub-group 13.M)
Student Housing quality of life survey summary reports (Series 13.M.6.12)
Student housing rentals posters (Series 13.A.7)
Student Leaders Conference printed materials (Series 13.AA.1)
Student Life Center, 1998- (Sub-group 13.EE)
Student Life Committee (Sub-group 19.X)
Student loan records (Series 20.F.7)
Student loans audit reports (Series 13.I.6)
Student needs posters (Series 13.A.7)
Student news items (printed materials pertaining to Fort Lewis College students) (Series 13.A.7)

Student newspapers: Intertribal News
Fort Lewis College American Indian student newspaper (Series 18.G.8)

Student newspapers, 1962 Oct. 11-current: the Independent student newspaper (Series 13.V.3)

Student newspapers: records of the Independent student newspaper organization (Sub-group 13.BB)
Student opinion surveys (Assessment Office) (Series 18.A.1)
Student orientation records/ printed materials (Series 13.F.3)
Student Orientation, Advising and Registration (Series 13.F.3)
Student papers (Honors Program) (Series 18.M.4)
Student posters (Series 13.A.7)
Student printed materials (Series 13.A.7)
Student publications (Sub-group 13.V)
Student Publications Committee (Sub-group 19.Y)
Student Researcher newsletter, 1998- (Series 18.U.1)
Student scholarship awards lists (Series 10.7.7)
Student Senate attendance and voting records (Series 13.U.12)
Student Senate minutes (Series 13.U.2)
Student Senate resolutions (Series 13.U.9)
Student Services Committee records (Series 13.U.13)
Student Success Program (Sub-group 18.Y)
Student Survival Guide, 1993-94 ongoing (Series 13.A.3)
Student teaching handbooks (Series 17.3.C.1)
Student Tracking and Follow Up System Committee, 1981-82 (within Series 7.D.13)

Student transactions reports (Series 20.F.5)

Student transcripts for Fort Lewis High School (Series 11.C.6)
Student transcripts, non-current students (Series 18.J.12)
Student Union Board (Sub-group 13.Z)
Student Union Productions (SUP) (Sub-group 13.HH.5)
Student yearbooks, 1943-1979 (Series 13.V.2)
Students Against Political Apathy (formerly the Political Science Club, series 15.3.O.4) (Series 13.T.44)
Students for a Free Tibet records (Series 13.T.31)
Students for a Sustainable World Constitution, meeting minutes, 1989-90 (Series 13.X.5)
Students for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (Series 13.T.36)
Students with Disabilities, Services for (Sub-group 13.CC)
Students' posters seeking/offering goods/services (Series 13.A.7)
Students' reports on Co-op projects (Series 18.E.4)
Student-staff directories (Series 10.6)
Study Abroad (Sub-group 19.T)
Study abroad activities coordination (Sub-group 14.A)
Sub-groups in this collection (arrangement scheme for)
Summer Freshman Orientation records (Series 13.F.3)
Summer institutes (Bureau of Indian Affairs), 1961-1969 (Series 18.G.3)
Summer Intensive English Program (Sub-group 18.N)
Summer music camps records and correspondence, 1933-1962 (Series 11.D.13)
Summer Program Task Force, 1995 (Series 19.C.3)
Summer Programs (Sub-group 13.E)
Summer sessions brochures (Series 14.7)
Surveys and maps (Durango campus) (Series 20.E.5)
Surveys and maps (Hesperus campus) (Series 20.D.5)
Surveys of students and alumni (Series 18.A.1)
Survival Guide for Fort Lewis College faculty and staff, 1996- (Series 10.13)
Sustainable Design Club records (Series 13.T.37)
Swim Club records (Series 13.N.3)
Swimming / water polo records (Series 13.N.3)
Syllabi (Series 17.3.C.4)
Syllabi, School of Arts and Science (Series 15.3.*.3)
Syllabi, School of Business Administration (Series 16.3.*.3)
Syllabi, School of Education (Series 17.3.*.3)

T. Chase McPherson Memorial Chapel (Sub-group 13.C.2)
Tae Kwon Do Club records (Series 13.T.12)
Talent Search, Educational, Office (Sub-group 7.C)
Talon Club records (Series 9.9)
Task Force for Facilities Accessibility records (Series 13.CC.3)
Task Force on Cultural Diversity (Sub-group 19.CC)
Task Force on General Education (Sub-group 19.SS)
Task Force on Growth and Graduate Programs (Sub-group 19.RR)
Task Force on Recruitment of Hispanic Students, 1987 (Series 19.C.3)

Task Force on Reorganization (Faculty Task Force) (Series 19.C.3)
Task forces and committees, ad hoc, records (Series 19.C.3)
Tax reports (classified staff) (Series 20.C.3)
TBAL reports (Accounting) (Series 20.F.3)
Teacher education certification courses syllabi (Series 17.3.C.4)
Teacher Education Committee (Sub-group 19.Z)
Teacher Education Department (Sub-group 17.3.C)
Teacher education programs directories (Series 17.5)
Teacher licensing files (Series 17.3.C.7
Teaching Support Committee (Sub-group 19.BB)
Teaching, Learning, and Curriculum grants records (Series 14.11)
Technology in the instructional process (Sub-group 19.LL)
Technology Master Plan Taskforce (Sub-group 19.VV)
Tech-Fee Advisory Board (Sub-group 13.U.14)
Telecommunications (Sub-group 20.B)
Telephone System Committee records (Series 20.B.4)
Television scripts (Series 10.2)
Temporary and hourly staff employment records (Series 20.C.9)
Tennis records (Series 13.N.3)
Tenure Policy Committee (Sub-group 19.W)
Terminated classified staff personnel records (Series 20.C.2)
Test Battery newsletters (Assessment Program) (Series 18.A.2)
Testing Center (Sub-group 18.Z)
TGRAPPL reports (Accounting) (Series 20.F.3)
TGRFEED reports (Accounting) (Series 20.F.3)
The Common Reading Experience, printed materials and emails, 2006-ongoing (Series 18.U.5)
Theater events programs (Series 15.3.R.1)
Theatre Company of Fort Lewis College programs (Series 15.3.R.1)
Theatre Department (Sub-group 15.3.R)
Theatre Department faculty member Paul Rathbun (Series 13.T.30)
Theatre Project records, Intertribal (Series 13.T.30)
Thematic Studies general education courses (Sub-group 18.S)

Theme of the Year Committee, 1990 (in Series 19.C.3)

Tier II courses in composition (Sub-group 18.U)
Timelines Center of Southwest Studies newsletter (Series 18.B.8)
Timetables and institutional class schedules (Series 18.J.2)
Title III grants records (Series 18.G.3)
Title III grants records (Series 4.6)
TLC@Fort Lewis College clustered courses program records and correspondence (Series 19.C.8)
Toastmasters club records, Winter 1986 (Series 13.T.52)
Total Learning Community newsletter (Series 19.BB.1)
Total operating budgets (Series 20.A.1)
Tour Guide's Tour Guide (Series 7.B.5)
Tour of historical markers on the Durango campus

Tourism and Resort Management option (in Sub-group 16.3.B)
Tourism Tattler newsletter, 1998- (Series 16.5.5)
Track and field club records (Series 13.N.3)
Track program records (Series 9.13)
Traffic and Fiscal Committee minutes, 1962 (Series 19.MM.2)
Traffic and parking regulations (Series 13.S.1)
Traffic Court (Sub-group 13.W)
Training program enrollment reports (Veterans) (Series 11.D.7.2)
Transcripts (Commencement speeches) (Series 10.7.5)
Transcripts of Fort Lewis High School students (Series 11.C.6)
Transcripts of non-current students (Series 18.J.12)
Transcripts of speeches (President) (Series 4.9)
Transfer articulation agreements (Series 18.J.18)
Transfer student orientation programs records (Series 13.F.3)
Travel Authorization form (Series 20.I.1)
Travel procedure manual (Series 20.4)
Tri the Rim annual triathlon printed materials (Series 13.M.01.01)
Triathlon and Multisport Club records (Series 13.N.3)
Tribal affiliations of Fort Lewis College students (Series 18.J.15)
Tri-Beta Club (Series 15.3.C.6)
TRIO program (Sub-group 7.C)
Trustees, Board of  (Record Group 3)
T-shirts for orientation staff (Series 13.F.5)
Tutoring Center(Sub-group 18.Y)
Tuition and fee schedules leaflets (Series 10.16)
Tuition and fees records and correspondence (Series 10.17)
Tuition Classification Committee, 1973-74, 1979 (Series 19.C.3)
Tuition waiver (for Native American students) records and correspondence (Series 7.B.11)

U.S. armed forces recruiting on campus (Sub-group 13.FF)
U.S. Bureau of Indian Affairs summer institute (Series 18.G.3)
U.S. Commissioner of Indian Affairs correspondence (Series 11.B.1)
Ultimate frisbee records (Series 13.N.3)
UNASB (United Native American Student Body ) records (Series 18.G.10)
Uniforms (Series 9.10)
Union and Activities Office (Record Group 13)
Union for Student Action (U.S.A.) club records, Winter 19
85 (Series 13.T.53)
United Native American Student Body (UNASB) records (Series 18.G.10)
United Way annual campaign on campus (Series 10.21)
University Press of Colorado (Sub-group 14.C)
Update newsletter (Wellness Committee) (Series 19.AA.1)
Upward Bound Program (Sub-group 18.W)

Vacancy Bulletin (Series 13.D.4)
Varsity sport letters (Series 9.10)
Vehicles records (Durango campus) (Series 20.E.6)
Vehicles records (Hesperus campus) (Series 20.D.6)
Veteran Servies Committee (Series 12.18)
Veterans Administration records (Series 11.D.7)
Veterans training program records, 1946-1955 (Series 11.D.7)
Veterans' individual files, 1946-1955 (Series 11.D.7.1)
Veterans' training program enrollment reports (Series 11.D.7.2)
Veterans-related training budget reports, -1956 (Series11.D.7.3)
Veterinarian, Pre- (Sub-group 18.V)
Vice President for Academic Affairs correspondence (Series 14.6)
Vice President for Academic Affairs reports (Series 14.4)
Vice President for Business and Finance (Record Group 20)
Vice President for Business and Finance records (Series 20.3)
Vice President for Business and Finance subject files (Series .20.2)
Vice President for Institutional Advancement (Sub-group 7.A)
Vice President for Student Affairs records (Series 12.3)
Video Club records (Sub-group 13.T.23)
Videotapes of athletic events (Series 9.8)
Videotapes (Series 10.23)
Viewbooks (Series 7.B.7)
Visitors' Day records (Old Fort Lewis) (Series 12.5)
Vocational Education (Sub-group 18.D)
Vocational on-the-farm training for veterans (Series 11.D.7)
Voice mail issues records (Series 20.B.4)
Voices (Native American organization) records (Series 13.T.50)

Volleyball alumni newsletter, 2003 Nov. 21 - (Skyhawk News) (Series 10.15)
Volleyball program records (Series 9.19 and 9.20)
Volleyball records (Series 13.N.3)
Voting records (Student government) (Series 13.U.7)

Walk in Beauty Please My Children (1975-1976) (Series 13.V.5)
Walking tour of historical markers on the Durango campus

Wambidiota Club records (Sub-group 18.G.5)
Wambidiota News, 1981 Nov.-1987 Sept. (Series 18.G.8)
Wambli Ota Indian Club records (Series 18.G.5)
Wanbli Ota Indian Club records, 1961- (Sub-group 18.G.5)
Wanbli Ota News (newsletter) (Series 18.G.5.2)
Wanbli Ota News newsletter (Series 18.G.5)
Waste Reduction Coordinator printed materials and records (Series 13.X.8)
Water polo records (Series 13.N.3)
Water rights litigation records (Series 11.C.13)
Water use records (Hesperus campus) (Series 11.C.13)
WebOPUS records and printed materials (Series 18.J.17)

Website Task Force (Series 19.C.3)
Weight and cardio room records (Series 13.N.5)
Welcome Week records (Series 13.F.3)
Wellness Committee (Sub-group 19.AA)
Wellness Exchange newsletter (Series 19.AA.1)
Western Regional Issues Institute records and correspondence (defunct as of 7/2001; records are included with those of the San Juan Forum within Sub-group 20.Q))
Westerners Club records (Series 13.T.17)
Whalen, Don, correspondence, 1984, 1986-1988 (Series 4.7 and 4.8)
Wilderness Defenders Club records (Series 13.T.19)
Women's basketball program records (Series 9.12)
Women's Club (Sub-group 7.F)
Women's Collective records (Series 13.T.15)
Women's events and issues records (Series 13.T.15)
Women's self-defense records (Series 13.N.3)
Women's soccer varsity sports records (Series 9.18)
Women's softball varsity sports records (Series 9..26)
Women's Studies Committee (Sub-group 19.EE)
Women's Studies Minor (Sub-group 15.3.T)
Women's Studies Newsletter (Series 15.3.T.6)
Women's volleyball varsity sports records (Series 9.19)
Women's wrestling records (Series 13.N.3)
Work study programs audit reports (Series 13.I.6)
Workers compensation claim files (Accounts Payable) (Series 20.F.8)
Works by graduates of Fort Lewis College (Series 7.E.6)
World War II civilian defense records and correspondence, 194- (Series 11.D.11)
World War II personal correspondence of Dean E. H. Bader with students and personnel who were in the Armed Services, [194] (Series 11.D.15)

Wrestling program records (Series 9.21) 8
Wrestling records (Series 13.N.3) 17
Writers' Times newsletter (1995 Oct.) (Series 13.T.22) 19
Writing Program (Sub-group 18.U) 38

X, Y. and Z (formerly Gay/ Lesbian/ Bisexual and Transgendered Alliance) records (Series 13.T.5)

Yearbooks (of intercollegiate athletic associations) (Series 9.1.2) 7
Yearbooks production records and correspondence (Series 13.V.2.2) 20
Yearbooks, 1937-1979 (Series 13.V.2) 20
Yoga Club records (Series 13.T.13) 18
Youth Administration Program, National,  local program records and correspondence, [193-] (Series 11.D.14)

4-H club records (Series 15.3.C.8) 25"
5-year planning campus Steering Task Force, 1999-2000 (Series 19.C.3) 

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