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Collection M 001, Record Groups 7 and 8:
Fort Lewis College Institutional Advancement and Affirmative Action:
records in the Archives

RG 7 Office of Institutional Advancement
7.A Vice President for Institutional Advancement & Dean of Admissions
7.B Office of Admission & Advising
7.C Educational Talent Search Office
7.D Development Office/ Foundation
7.E Alumni Association
7.F  Women's Club

7.G Marketing & Publications Office

RG 8 Affirmative Action

end of RGs 7 &  8

Fort Lewis College Archives

Center of Southwest Studies

---Sub-group/Series # and Title---Records description

RG 7 Office of Institutional Advancement

7.A Vice President for Institutional Advancement and Dean of Admissions
7.A.1     Reports, 1947-1972, in1 document case that includes records through Series 7.A.4.
7.A.2     Records and correspondence, 1971-1985.
7.A.3     Publicity materials (includes newspaper clippings, FLC-Announce and FLC-Official emails), 1971-1985.
7.A.4     Appointment books of the Vice President for Institutional Advancement and Dean of Admissions.

7.B Office of Admission & Advising, 2010-ongoing (formerly the Office of Admission)
(Admission & Retention Committee records are in Sub-group 19.F) (Placement Committee records are in Series 19.U)

Effective July 1, 2010, Academic Advising (formerly subgroup 18.Y) was merged with the Office of Admission to create the Office of Admission & Advising. All records from the former Office of Admission are retained in sub-group 7.B. At the same time, the Student Success Program became the Tutoring Center (subgroup 18.Y). Student Success Program/Academic Advising Center records from 1999-2010 are also retained in sub-group 18.Y.

7.B.1     Catalogs, 1913-ongoing, in 13 document cases.  (The Archives is missing -- and looking for -- the following issues: 1967. We know that no catalog for the 1933-34 was printed though a May 1933 was. Neither 1946-47 nor 1968 published. 1916, 1917, and 1965 were printed as single years, with 1965 being divided among the different schools.) See Series 10.5 for general promotional brochures and view books about the College; new students general information bulletins are in Series 7.B.7.

7.B.2     Enrollment statistics, 1927-1988 and 1999, in 1/2 document case.
See also Series 18.J.5 for Records Office enrollment reports of College students, 1933- ; see Series 11.C.10  for Fort Lewis High School students' enrollment records.

7.B.3     Other reports, 1961-1988, in 1/2 document case.

7.B.4     Records and correspondence, 1952-2001, in 1 document case that holds records through Series 7.B.6. 
See also Series 11.C.2 for file on prospective students of Fort Lewis School;
see Series 18.J.12 for historic files of high school transcripts of earliest Fort Lewis College students; Registrar/ Records Office director's records and correspondence are in Series 18.J.1.

7.B.5     Other printed materials, 1972-ongoing.  Includes posters, newspaper clippings, FLC-Announce and FLC-Official emails, and materials of the Admissions Ambassadors, such as "The Tour Guide's Tour Guide."   See also newsletters in Series 7.B.8-10.

7.B.6     Applications for admission to Fort Lewis College, 1949-1950 and 1958. 

7.B.7     General Information for New Students brochure (also titled General Information Bulletin) and view books, 1913-ongoing (bulk 1963-ongoing), in 1 document case that holds records through Series 7.B.10.

7.B.8     High school counselors newsletters, 1980-81 and 1990-ongoing, (formerly titled Counselor Newsletter, 1980-1985; currently titled News and Notes from the Fort Lewis College Admission Office, 1992-).

7.B.9     Fort Lewis Review newsletter, 1981-ongoing.  Formerly titled Raider Notes, 1981-1990, then Raider Review, 1991-1993.

7.B.10     Parents Perspective newsletter, 1990-1999. 

7.B.11     Native American tuition waiver records and correspondence, 1971-1974, 2010, in 2 document cases.  These are records pertaining to general issues.  See Series 18.J.15 for longer lists of individual Native American students receiving financial aid ( these are-confidential records);see Series 13.I.8 for records and correspondence pertaining to Native American tribes' financial aid and tribal scholarships; confidentiality rules apply.

  • Historical note: the College's funding for the tuition waiver is generated under the terms of a treaty agreement.  Tribal grants and scholarships are generated by the individual tribal authorities through the Fort Lewis College Office of Financial Aid, and usually are part of a student aid package.  For a brief description of the history of the Native American tuition waiver at Fort Lewis College, see Blue Coats, Red Skins & Black Gowns: 100 years of Fort Lewis / by Robert W. Delaney (Durango, Colo.: Durango Herald, 1977), p. 165-168 (call number LD1833 .D4 ) and Sacred Trust: The birth and development of Fort Lewis College / Duane A. Smith (Niwot, Colo.: University Press of Colorado, 1991), p. 105-107 and 115-116 (call number LD1816 .S67 1991).  To peruse the documents that were reviewed when the issue was considered legally in the 1970s, see Native American Tuition Waiver at Fort Lewis College (call number E97 .I55 2000  Oversize).  All three volumes are available for checkout from Reed Library, or for use at the Delaney Southwest Research Library. 
7.C Educational Talent Search Office (includes the federally funded TRIO program)
7.C.1     Reports 1998-ongoing.
7.C.2     Records and correspondence, 1989, 1993, and 1997-ongoing, in 1 document case.
7.C.3     Publicity materials, 2003-ongoing (includes newspaper clippings).
7.C.4     Expanding Your Horizons records, 1984-1990, bulk years1989-1990, in 1 document case.
  • Historical note: Expanding Your Horizons was a short-lived program at Fort Lewis College, a decade prior to the start of the Educational Talent Search Office.  It was conducted under the auspices of the Colorado Department of Education.  Shelley Hartney coordinated it at Fort Lewis College for a year, before the work was passed on to Professor Doreen Mehs of the Chemistry Department.  The purpose of the program was to interest girls (grades 6-9) in math and science. 
7.D Fort Lewis College Development Office/ Foundation
7.D.1     Director's correspondence, in 1 document case and 8 records boxes.

7.D.2     Gift and contribution records (includes deeds of gift), 1974-ongoing, in 3 document cases.

7.D.3     Investment records,  1977-1996, in 1 document case and 8 records boxes.

7.D.4     Printed materials, 1952-ongoing, in 2 document cases.  Includes fund raising publicity and other publications, except for newsletters, which are in Series 7.D.8 and 7.D.12.  Topics include the Flower Fund, the Sacred Trust Fund begun March 2005, Stars over Fort Lewis, TLC for FLC, and the new Student Union.

7.D.5     Board members directories, 1970-1991.

7.D.6     Board memoranda, records and correspondence, 1969-1989 and 2002, in 1 document case.

7.D.7     Executive Board meeting agendas and minutes. 1969-ongoing, in 3 document cases.  Arrangement note: records of the Foundation's full board and of its executive board and of its Electra Lake meeting minutes are combined chronologically in this series.  See also Series 7.D.17: Working papers for Executive Board meetings, 1992-ongoing.

7.D.8     Newsletters, 1992-circa 1999, in 1 document case.  Includes Developments in Development newsletters, 199-, and Kudos Cultural Arts Complex of Southwest Colorado newsletter, 1996 summer-.  (See also Series 7.D.12 for scholarship newsletters)

7.D.9     Audit reports, financial statements, 1976-1995, in 1 records box and 3 document cases.

7.D.10     Legal documents, 1963- 1992, in 1 document case.  Includes articles of incorporation and bylaws.

7.D.11     Reports, 1977-78 and 2001-ongoing.

7.D.12     Scholarship Synergy newsletter, 1998 fall-.

7.D.13      Committee records, 1981-ongoing, in 1 document case.  Includes Student Tracking and Follow Up System Committee records, 1981-82.

7.D.14     Grant files (records of grants made by the Fort Lewis College Foundation) (arrangement is alphabetical), bulk years 1987-1993, in 1 document case.

7.D.15      Scholarships records, 1969-1993, in 1 document case.

7.D.16      Financial reports, 1982-1989.

7.D.17      Working papers for Executive Board meetings, 1957, 1973, 1978, and 1992-93, in 1 document case.  See also Series 7.D.7: Executive Board meeting agendas and minutes.

7.D.18      Grants for the Foundation.

7.E Alumni Association
7.E.1     Minutes, 1965-1994, in 2 document cases.

7.E.2     Publications, 1963-1989 and 1998-ongoing, in 2 document cases and 1 flat lidded box.  Includes Smoke Signals, the published Alumni Directory and the Alumni! Fort Lewis newsletter.

  • Historical note: Smoke Signals was the name of the Fort Lewis College student newspaper through the fall of 1962.  From March of 1962 it was edited by the Fort Lewis College Office of Information and Services (now College Relations), LeRoy W. Goodwin editor and publisher, followed by Bill Pugh ca. 1964, and its function changed to "telling prospective students about the College."  By 1967, the small newspaper was being produced by the Fort Lewis College Alumni Office.  Beginning with the Winter 1972 issue [Feb. 1972] (numbered Vol. 1, No. 1), it took on a new format as a quarterly newsletter published by the Public Affairs Office in February, May, August and November and was mailed to Fort Lewis College alumni, friends of the College, and the parents of Fort Lewis College students.  According to that first issue, "those newsletters going to alumni have a single page insert which carries the class notes that are of interest to alums."  (Only the Archives' issue of Vol. 1, No. 2 contains those class notes.)  By the fall of 1977, it had changed back to a newsprint/ newspaper format.
  • The Archives has the following issues of Smoke Signalsthe Center of Southwest Studies would welcome the addition of missing issues!
    • 1963 March 10, 22, April 17, May 7, 24, Aug. 8, 22
    • 1964 Aug. 19
    • 1967 Jan.
    • 1968 May
    • 1969 Aug.
    • 1970 Apr., Aug.
    • 1972 Feb., May, Aug., Nov.
    • 1976 Spring (May?), Fall (Sept.?)
    • 1977 Spring (May?), Autumn (Sept.?)
    • 1978 May
    • 1979 Winter (Feb.?), Summer (Aug.?), Autumn (Sept.?)
    • 1980 Spring (May?), Fall (Sept.?)
    • 1981 March
    • ongoing
7.E.3     Printed materials, 1958-ongoing, bulk years 1970s-ongoing, in 3 document cases.  This includes publicity about the annual homecoming during the early years when the Alumni Association sponsored it, circa 1966-1970.

7.E.4     Records and correspondence, 1956-2003.

7.E.5     Alumni Scholarship Committee records and correspondence, bulk 1982-1987, in 2 document cases.

7.E.6     Alumni works collection, bulk years 1966-1980, in 1 document case.  Includes books, articles, paintings, artifacts, and noteworthy or representative works by graduates of Fort Lewis College.

7.E.7     Fort Lewis College Native American Alumni Association records.

  • Historical note: The mission of the NAAS, which was formed  in 2001, is "to provide a forum and to serve as a communication link between Fort Lewis College and its Native American alumni, and to provide assistance to FLC Native American students. ...  One of our primary goals is to establish a scholarship for Native American students at Fort Lewis College. While the tuition-waiver is a much needed resource, many Native American students are still unable to attend college due to lack of financial resources."
7.E.8     Legal documents, 1967-nearly current, in .5 document case.  Includes articles of incorporation.

7.F Fort Lewis College Women's Club (defunct since about1994)

7.F.1     Publicity materials (includes newspaper clippings and scrapbooks), 1965-1976, in 1 flat lidded box.
7.F.2     Records and correspondence, 1976-1994, in 1 document case.

7.G Marketing & Publications Office (created effective July of 2000)

  • Messenger faculty/staff newsletter, 2000 July-2002 (Series 10.4)
  • College brochures, 2000 July- (includes Facts at a Glance leaflet) (Series 10.5)
  • Speakers directories (Series 10.19)
  • Tuition and fee schedules (student fees) leaflets, 2000 July- (Series 10.16)
  • Master calendars  (Series 10.18)

7.G.1     Director's records and correspondence, 2000 July 1-ongoing.

7.G.2     Reports, 2000 July 1-ongoing.

7.G.3     Publications, other, including FLC-Announce and FLC-Official emails, 2000 July 1- (other than the faculty/staff newsletters, college brochures including departmental and Facts At A Glance, tuition and fee schedules, master calendars, and speakers directories -- all of which are in Sub-group 10 as noted above)

7.G.4     Photographs, 1999 and 2001-ongoing.

7.G.5     Skybytes email newsletter printouts, 2002 September-2005 March 27, in a portion of 1 document case.  This was a weekly email (discontinued after March 2005) distributed to Fort Lewis College faculty and staff each Friday.  It included news stories, features, announcements, news briefs, and tips from the Employee Council.

RG 8 Affirmative Action
(Affirmative Action Committee records are in Sub-group 19.G)

8.1     Manuals, 1972-1995 and 2000 (missing 1973-1975), in 1 document case.

8.2     Reports, 1972-1999, in 4 document cases.  This series includes this office's records pertaining to civil rights and Equal Opportunity Employment.

8.3     Director's records and correspondence, 1964-1993, in 3 document cases.

8.4     Printed materials, 1987-1995 and 2003, in 1 document case.  These materials pertain to civil rights issues, and also include newspaper clippings and other publicity materials.

8.5     Search records, 1988-1990, 1997-2000, and 1999-2002, in 7 document cases and 2 records boxes.

  • Arrangement note: this series contains Affirmative Action's records on Fort Lewis College candidate searches, retained permanently for research purposes.  Its arrangement is chronological by the earliest date of the records in the search file.

This inventory was prepared by Todd Ellison, C.A.

Doing research:  The College Archives are located at the Center of Southwest Studies on the campus of Fort Lewis College.  Interested researchers should phone the archivist at 970/247-7126 or send electronic mail to the archivist at: archives@fortlewis.edu.   Click here to use our E-mail Reference Request Form.  The Center does not have a budget for outgoing long-distance phone calls to answer reference requests, so please leave an email address if you wish to receive a response from us.

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