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Collection M 001, Record Group 10:
Fort Lewis College Public Relations:
records in the Archives

10.1 News releases
10.2 Radio & TV scripts
10.3 Other publicity materials
10.4 Faculty/staff newsletter
10.5 College brochures
10.6 College directories
10.7 Commencement & convocation
10.8 Songs, poems & music
10.9 Ephemera
10.10 Photographs
10.11 and 10.12 Director's records & memoranda
10.13 Manuals
10.14 and 10.15 Sports press releases & newsletters
10.16 and 10.17 Tuition & fee schedules
10.18 Master calendars
10.19 Speakers directories
10.20 Public Relations Committee records, ca. 196-
Fort Lewis College service in the community printed materials
10.22 Fort Lewis College compact discs (CD's)
10.23 Fort Lewis College videotapes
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Record Group 10:    Public Relations

10.1    News releases, 1938-nearly current, in 15 document cases.  Click here for the text of a release dated Feb. 9, 1950 summarizing the Fort Lewis College history to that date.
10.1.1    Press release indexes, 1938-ongoing, in 25 document cases.
10.2    Radio and television scripts, 1942-1949, 1963, in 1 document case.

10.3    Other publicity materials, 1919-ongoing, in 2 document cases and 1 flat box.
Includes newspaper clippings about Public Relations, and periodicals regarding Fort Lewis College.

  • This includes Volume 1, Number 1 of The Peace Pipe, the first -- and we suspect only -- issue of a newspaper published by the predecessor Office of Information and Services on June 29, 1962 to tell the story of two summer workshops held on the Fort Lewis College campus for Bureau of Indian Affairs instructional aides and food-service personnel.  To view the issue, click here.)  
  • Also includes Smoke Signals, 1963 Feb. and August -- 3 issues -- published for the purpose of telling prospective students about the College.
  • Newspaper clippings compiled by the Office of Public Relations are not kept in this series but rather are filed with the records of the College division or department that they describe.

10.4    Faculty/staff newsletter, 1959-2002 June (this is the Messenger and its predecessors) (produced by the Office of College Relations until July of 2001, then continued by the newly created Office of Public Relations through February 5, 2002, then resumed with an online publication in PDF format dated April 6, 2006), in 4 document cases.

10.5    College brochures, through 2000 June (includes Facts at a Glance leaflet) (produced by the Office of College Relations until July of 2001, then continued by the newly created Marketing & Publications Office, Sub-group 7.G) , in  3 document cases.
(Fort Lewis College catalogs and bulletins are in Series 7.B.1; view books and other general brochures for prospective students are in Series 7.B.7; tuition and fee schedules are in Series 10.16)
(Note: effective with the 2003-04 school year, the college no longer produces departmental brochures; they, along with other printed materials, were eliminated with the budget cuts)

10.6    College directories, 1967-ongoing, in  4 document cases.
(also includes the guides that were formerly known as student-staff directories or the campus directory; this series includes the combined student/ faculty/ staff directories which began in 1967-68)

  • Access note: directories, including a faculty and staff directory containing names, position titles, department affiliation, office location, e-mail address, and portrait photo -- the digital photos taken by the College in Winter 98-99 are in color -- is accessible to authorized users, i.e., Fort Lewis College faculty and staff, on the Web at http://comtel.fortlewis.edu/campusphonedirectory/phonedirectories.htm
  • Fort Lewis College Web users can login in the personal access category on the Web Opus Information System, select either the Faculty & Advisors Menu or the Employee Menu, then choose the Faculty and Staff Directory to do a search of the directory.  One can search by
    • Last Name
    • First Name
    • Department
    • Location
    • Job

    10.6.1    Screen printouts of Web employee directory.  Dated March 12, 1999, on Permalife™ Bond paper.  Only  is available to those same authorized users as in Series 10.6.  In 5 folders.  The screen printout includes all fields except the email addresses (which are available in the College's printed directories in Series 10.6).

(see also Series 20.C.12 for early directories of employees, ca. 1948-1989; see Series 14.2.5 for employee leave records, ca. 1952-1957--confidential; see Series 20.B.3 for records regarding the production of this directory--produced by the Computing and Telecommunications Office;see Series 13.A.6 for a few student directories, for 1953-54, 1954-55, and 1981-82)

10.7    Commencement and convocation records, 1914-ongoing (with gaps!), in 1 document case.  Includes materials about the honors convocations.
(See also Series 4.7 for President's Office records on commencement, Series 4.9 for the President's published convocation speeches, and Series 18.J.6 for graduation rosters from the Records Office; records of the Fort Lewis College Durango campus dedication ceremony, 1957 May, are in Series 4.7 under "dedication")

10.7.1    Commencement invitations, 1914; 1922; 1955; 1970-ongoing, in 1 document case.
10.7.2    Commencement programs, 1915-17, 1929-33, 1950-ongoing, in 3 document cases.  (Click here for a list of commencement speakers, 1914- recent.)
10.7.3    Commencement planning records, 1918, 1920-21, 1951-ongoing, in 2 document cases.  (See also Series 10.7.4)
10.7.4    Commencement awards planning records, 1970-1976, in 1 document case which holds records through Series 10.7.6.  (Includes Distinguished Service and Outstanding Teacher awards, et al.)  (Click here for a list of honorees and history of the annual awards to Fort Lewis College employees and College supporters)
10.7.5    Commencement speeches transcripts, 1962, 1974, 1978, 1987, 1995-96, 2000, 2004. 
10.7.6    Commencement publicity materials (includes newspaper clippings), 1970-1978, 1986, 1999.  
10.7.7    Honors and year-end convocations records and printed materials, 1932-ongoing, in 1 document case.  (click here for a list of honorees and history of the annual awards to students)
10.7.8    Graduate photonegatives, 1994-1997, in 1 document case.   (produced by Chappell Studio, Inc., Fairfield, IA, of Fort Lewis College commencement ceremonies in April and December of  1994, 1995, 1996, and 1997; some include an alphabetical listing of the graduates, indicating the location of each image on the roll.)
10.7.9    Honorary degrees records, 2004-ongoing.
10.8    Songs, poems and music, 1940s-1963, in 1 document case.

10.9    Ephemera, 1911-ongoing, in 15 document cases.  Includes sample blank letterhead, blank diploma cover books, college decals, playing cards, Fort Lewis College post cards, etc.

10.10    Photographs, 1940s-ongoing, in 8 document cases.

10.11    Director's records and correspondence, 1957-1999, in 1 document case that holds records through Series 10.16.   Includes public relations correspondence.

10.12    Memoranda, 1950- 2000.  Includes correspondence of the former Office of College Relations and its predecessor, the Office of Information and Services.

10.13    Manuals, 1990-1997.  Includes Survival Guide for Fort Lewis College faculty and staff, 1996-ongoing.

10.14    Sportsline press releases, 1967, 1991-1997. 

10.15    Sports newsletters, 1980s-ongoing.  Includes Raider Roundup, Skyhawk News, etc.  (Volume 1, Issue 1 of the Skyhawk News: Fort Lewis College Volleyball Alumni Newsletter was dated 11/21/2003).

10.16    Tuition and fee schedules (student fees) leaflets, 1950-51 through 1952-53, 1961-62, 1964-65,  and 1969-70 through the current fiscal year, produced by the Office of College Relations until July of 2001, then continued by the newly created Marketing & Publications Office, Sub-group 7.G.

  • Contents note: includes any relevant newspaper clippings and publicity; Archives holdings are complete for this series except for the following missing issues: most years prior to 1969-70; and the spring (summer) trimesters of 1988 and 1989) (see Series 12.2 for student fees survey report, 1962)

10.17    Tuition and fee schedules records and correspondence, 1959-197-, in .5 document case.  These are records produced by the Office of College Relations pertaining to proposed and actual student tuition charges and fees. (see Series 13.U.14 forStudent Fee Review Board records, 1990-ongoing).

10.18    Master calendars, 1959-ongoing, including Skybytes 2002-ongoing, in .5  document case.  (Produced by the Office of College Relations until July of 2001, then continued by the newly created Marketing & Publications Office, Sub-group 7.G)   Includes, since September of 2002, the weekly Skybyte Calendar (an email distributed to Fort Lewis College faculty and staff each Monday via the FLC-OFFICIAL-L campus email distribution list, to describe events that are scheduled to occur during the ensuing two weeks.)

10.19    Speakers directories., 1990-2000, in 1 document case that holds records through Series 10.22.  (Produced by the Office of College Relations until July of 2001, then continued by the newly created Marketing & Publications Office, Sub-group 7.G)

10.20    Public Relations Committee records, circa 1960s.

10.21    Fort Lewis College service in the community printed materials, 1995, 1998-ongoing.  (Includes email announcements, clippings and other descriptions of College-wide service projects such as the United Way annual fundraising -- replaced by the Colorado Combined Campaign in the fall of 2002 -- and working in the Manna Soup Kitchen.)

10.22    Fort Lewis College compact discs (CDs), 1999-ongoing, in 2 document cases.  (Includes Animas City Jazz by Fort Lewis College Jazz Band students under Professor James Klages; the Fort Lewis College academic catalog beginning with the 2003-04 school year;  and any other CDs pertaining to Fort Lewis College.)

10.23    Fort Lewis College videotapes (VHS format, for the most part), in 7 drawers in the two videotape cabinets.

This inventory was prepared by Todd Ellison, C.A.

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