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Collection M 001, Record Group 12:
Fort Lewis College Division of Student Affairs
records in the Archives

12.1 Student handbooks
12.2 Reports
12.3 Vice President for Student Affairs 
12.4 Subject files
12.5 Parents Weekend & Homecoming
12.6 Right Start Program
12.7 Publicity materials
12.8 Student Conduct Guide
12.9 Campus Safety & Substance Awareness Guide
12.10 Student disciplinary files (confidential) 
12.11 Student withdrawal files
12.12 Appointment books

12.13 Judicial Affairs Office

12.14 SkyCard Service Center (I.D. Office) 

12.15 Student Affairs director's records

12.16  Assistant Vice President of Student Affairs records and correspondence

12.17 [open sub-series]

12.18 Veteran Services Committee

12.19 Diversity Programming

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---Sub-group/Series # and Title---Records description

RG 12 Office of Student Affairs

(Student Affairs Committee records are in Sub-group 19.X; Student Activities office records are with College Union records in RG 13; Student Publications Committee records are in Sub-group 19.Y;
annual reports from these various offices are all included here, in Series 12.2)
Date appointed Name Date effective
  Michael S. Nyikos  
May 14, 1980 Bill D. Engman (he resigned 6/30/82) May 1, 1980
June 21, 1979 Julian Murphy (by transfer to this position; he died of a heart attack on 6/23/1983) August 1, 1979
June 29, 1983 Don Whalen (Acting VP Student Affairs) July 1983
  Edward S. Freienmuth  
  Betty Perry  
  Glenna Witt Sexton Jan. 1998

12.1    Student handbooks, 1991-92, 1992-93, and 2002-03 ongoing, in 1 document case, including Series 12.1 through 12.3.
(includes the annual student handbook when it was produced by the Office of Student Affairs, circa 1991-92 and 1992-93, and from 2002-03 ongoing to the present).  (
Note: student handbooks from circa 1929 through 1989 are in Series 13.U.6; those from 1993-94 through 2001-02 are in Series 13.A.3 )
(see also the annual Student Conduct Guide in Series 12.8 and the annual Campus Safety and Substance Awareness Guide in Series 12.9)

12.2    Reports, 1958, 1970-1972.  (includes the annual reports of the offices reporting to the Vice President for Student Affairs)

12.3    Vice President for Student Affairs records and correspondence, bulk 1958-ongoing (arrangement is chronological). Includes correspondence of the predecessor: Dean of Student Affairs, and records of the old Office of Auxiliary Services which was under the Dean of Student Affairs' direction in the 1960s and 1970s.  See also the minutes of this director's meetings.

12.4    Subject files (arrangement is alphabetical), 1980s-ongoing, in 31 document cases.  Subjects include Durango Lift bus service for campus; student health insurance records, including all of the College's student health insurance policies; student deaths; formal college AIDS policy; etc. (although the Office of Student Affairs supervises student health insurance, that brochure is produced by the Health Center, so it is filed in Series 13.K.2).

12.5    Parents Weekend and Homecoming records and printed materials, 1919- present (bulk years 1949- present), in 1 document case, including Series 12.5 through12.10.  Includes records of the early Old Fort Lewis Visitors' Day and posters, leaflets, flyers, newspaper clippings, and other publicity.

12.6    Right Start Program records and printed materials, 1992-93. 

12.7    Publicity materials (includes newspaper clippings), bulk 1962-  (other than Parents Weekend and Homecoming events materials, which are in Series 12.5).

12.8    Student Conduct Guide, 1968-70, 1980, 1995, 1997, 1999-2000. 

12.9    Campus Safety and Substance Awareness Guide, 1992- 2001. 

12.10    Student disciplinary files (confidential; closed to the public) (for indefinite or permanent retention)  less than .5 document case, 1955, 1973, 1979-1980, 1986-1990.

12.11    Student withdrawal files, 1990-1993, in 2 document cases.   This series is confidential; it is closed to the public; and these records are not for permanent retention.

12.12    Appointment books of the Vice President for Student Affairs.

12.13    Office of Judicial Affairs

                12.13.1    Coordinator's records and correspondence, 2000 August -
                12.13.2    Reports
                12.13.3    Printed materials
(includes newspaper clippings and other publicity materials).

12.14    SkyCard Service Center records and correspondence, 1973,1979-80, 1986- 90.

12.15    Student Affairs Director

                12.15.1    Meeting agendas and minutes, 1998-ongoing, in 2 document cases through Series 12.17.

                12.15.2    Correspondence, 2005-ongoing.

12.16    Assistant Vice President of Student Affairs records and correspondence, 2007-ongoing.

12.17    [Open sub-series]

12.18   Veteran Services Committee. Records of the Veteran Services Committee, 2009 - ongoing.

Note: The Vet Services Team was formed in July of 2009 by VP of Student Affairs Glenna Sexton. The purpose is:

• Communication among the team members about the services available to vets – a "service network."
• Communication to the campus about services available to veteran students.
• Communication with the Vet Club to hear what their needs are.
• Orientation for new veteran students.
• Identify needs for training of new, and current, faculty and staff.

12.19   Diversity Programming (includes records of Safe Zone), 2012 - ongoing.
                12.19.1    Coordinator's records and correspondence.
                12.19.2    Reports
                12.19.3    Printed materials
(includes newspaper clippings and other publicity materials).

This inventory was prepared by Todd Ellison, C.A. 

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