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Collection M 001, Record Group 9:
Fort Lewis College Athletics program
records in the Archives

Series 9.1: Intercollegiate athletic associations
Series 9.2: National intercollegiate associations
Series 9.3 through 9.6: Printed materials/ publicity
Series 9.7: Director's records
Series 9.8: Game movies
Series 9.9: Talon Club
Series 9.10: Athletic uniforms and insignia
Series 9.11 through 9:26: Varsity sports programs
end of Record Group 9
Fort Lewis College Archives
Center of Southwest Studies
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---Sub-group/Series # and Title---Records description
RG 9 Athletics (Athletic Committee records are in Sub-group 19.H)

9.1     Fort Lewis College's intercollegiate athletic associations
(includes Rocky Mountain Athletic Conference records of Fort Lewis College)
9.1.1     Constitutions and bylaws, 1950-1993 (bulk 1974-80), 1 document case.
9.1.2     Yearbooks and media guides, 1970-1998.
9.1.3     Minutes, 1937,  1966- ,  3 document cases.

9.1.4     Records and correspondence, 1950-1989, 3 document cases.
9.1.5     Financial reports, 1950-1988, 1 document case.
9.1.6     Administrative and other reports, 1979- 99. 
9.2     National intercollegiate associations records regarding Fort Lewis College, 1952-ongoing (bulk 1982-), (includes NCAA records of Fort Lewis College), 5 document cases.

9.3     Publicity materials,1958-ongoing, 1 document caseIncludes general brochures, newspaper clippings, posters, Skyhawks or Skyhawks Roster sports news leaflets with athletic schedules inside, and records of summer boys and girls basketball camps, etc.
(see also Fort Lewis College sports newsletters in Series 10.14 and 10.15;items pertaining to particular sports are filed in Series 9.11 through 9.24)

9.4     Sports event schedules (arrangement is alphabetical by sport, then chronological), 1948-2000 (bulk 1960- ), 1 document case. 

9.5     Sports event programs (arrangement is alphabetical by sport, then chronological), 1950-ongoing. 

9.6     Press books/ media guides (arrangement is alphabetical by sport, then chronological), 1965-2007, 2.5 document cases.

9.7     Director's records and correspondence

9.7.1     Athletic insurance records, in 1 document case that contains records through Series 9.7.4.
9.7.2     Student athletes eligibility certificates, 1957-1968 and 2001-ongoing .
9.7.3     Budgets records, 1949-1965 and 1998-ongoing. 
9.7.4     Central subject correspondence files, 1946-2001 (arrangement of these folders is alphabetical) .
9.7.5     Grants and projects records and correspondence, 1976-1984, in 1 document case that contains records through Series 9.11. 
9.7.6     Program review records and correspondence, 1961-1998.  Includes Institutional Self-Study Guide (ISSG) for NCAA, 2004-05.
9.8     Game movie recordings (includes 35mm and/or 16mm films and videotapes) (arrangement is alphabetical by sport, then chronological), 1949-ongoing (bulk years 1961-1991), in 28 document cases.  Most of the earlier recordings are 16mm movie film; more recent ones are VHS videocassettes.  Includes a DVD copy of the original VHS videotape of the game against Western New Mexico State University on October 1, 1988. Most (278) of the recordings are of football games; 17 are of basketball; 1 (unidentified on the reel) is of wrestling; and 1 DVD of the NCAA Division II Men's Soccer Championships, 2010.   Click here for an itemized list of the recordings.

9.9     Skyhawk Booster Club records (includes the Hawk's Eye View newsletter, starting with Volume 1, Issue 1, dated August 1, 1999), 1991-ongoing. 

  • Historical note: The Club is the official booster club of Fort Lewis College athletics.  Boosters support college athletics through financial contributions, by cheering on the Skyhawks at games, and by volunteering their time and talents at special events.  Formerly (from the 1996-97 academic year until the name was changed to the Skyhawk Booster Club by vote of the club's board of directors in December of 2003 to take effect in January of 2004) the Talon Club, and prior to that, the Blue and Gold Athletic Booster Club.
9.10     Athletic uniforms, T-shirts, hats and insignia (includes varsity sport letters), in 5 document cases.

Note: series 9:11 through 9:21 in this record group are for Fort Lewis College intercollegiate varsity sports programs:(see also recreational/intramural athletics program records in Series 13.N.3)

9.11     Men's basketball program records, bulk years 1942-1999, in 1 document case that contains records for series 9.11 through 9.14.

9.12     Women's basketball program records, 1996-ongoing. 

9.13     Men's and women's cross country and track program records, 1960-2001.  (The Fort Lewis College men's track team, circa 1970s, is pictured at right; click on the image for a larger view.)

9.14     Football program records, bulk 1940-ongoing, in 1 document case that contains records for series 9.14 through 9.27.

9.15     Men's golf program records, 1977-1998.

9.16     Ski team (competitive) program records (includes records of ski class instruction), 1964-1998. 

9.17     Men's soccer program records, bulk years 1970-2000.

  • Historical note: Since becoming a varsity sport in 1991, the Skyhawk men’s soccer team has earned six trips to the NCAA Division II playoffs (1997, ‘98, ‘99, 2001, ‘04, ‘05), posted a 7-5-1 record in NCAA playoff competition, advanced to two Final Fours (1999, 2005) and won nine league championships (1993, ‘95, ‘97, ‘98, ‘99, 2000, ‘01, ‘04, ’05).

9.18     Women's soccer program records, 1995-1997. 

9.19     Men's volleyball program records (this club was recognized by ASFLC in Feb. 1995)

9.20     Women's volleyball program records, bulk years 1972-2000. 

9.21     Men's wrestling program records (this program was eliminated in Feb. 1995), 1955-1995. 

9.22     Skyhawk Spirit cheerleader squad records (includes records of the former Raider Squad and its predecessor Pep Club and the former Hilltoppers drill team circa 1961-62), bulk years 1960-2000. 

9.23     Athletic Hall of Fame Committee records, 1995-2000. 

9.24     Baseball program records, bulk 1957-2000. 

9.25     Road Cycling Team  records, 1996-1999.  (See also Cycling Club records in Series 13.N.3.)

9.26     Women's softball program records, 1996-2002.                                                         

9.27      College pool printed materials, 1996-2002.

9.28      Defunct athletic programs records (includes Gymnastics Team).

This inventory was prepared by Todd Ellison, C.A.

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