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Collection M 001, Record Group 16:
Fort Lewis College School of Business Administration:
records in the Archives

Sub-group 6.1: Dean
Sub-group 16.2:
Sub-group 16.3.A:
Accounting Program
Sub-group 16.3.B:
Business Administration Program
Sub-group 16.3.C:
Economics Program
Sub-group 16.3.D:
Marketing Program
Sub-group 16.3.E:
Computer Science Information Systems (CSIS) Program

Sub-group 16.4:
Business Club

Series 16.5:
School of Business Administration printed materials

Sub-group 16.6: Center for Professional Education

Sub-group 16.7: Colorado Center for Tourism Research
end of Record Group 16
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---Sub-group/Series # and Title---Records description

RG 16 School of Business Administration

16.1    Dean's records and correspondence, 1957-2002, bulk 1958-87. 

16.2    Accreditation reports and correspondence, 1973, 1975, 1978,  3 document cases. 

16.3    Departmental records, including memos and records of the SOBA Personnel Committee and the SOBA Reorganization Team, 1983, 2002 - ongoing.

16.3.A    Accounting Program
16.3.A.1    Printed materials, 1985, 1994-95, 1997, 1 document case- 16.3.B, (includes posters, newspaper clippings, and other publicity).
16.3.A.2    Area Coordinator's records.
16.3.A.3    Faculty records, 1985, 1997-98, 2000-. 
16.3.A.4    The Accounting Organization (also known as the Accounting Club) records, 1995. 
16.3.A.5    Beta Alpha Psi honorary accounting fraternity records, 2002-. 
16.3.A.6    Projects and grants records. 
16.3.B    Business Administration Program
16.3.B.1    Printed materials, 1966-69, 1982, 1992, 2002-03, (includes posters, newspaper clippings, and other publicity).
16.3.B.2    Area Coordinator's records.
16.3.B.3    Faculty records, 1957, 1984-85, 1997-. 
16.3.B.4    Projects and grants records, 1992-94, 2001. 
16.3.C    Economics Program
16.3.C.1    Printed materials, 1994-97, 1 document case- 16.5.2,  (includes posters, newspaper clippings, and other publicity). 
16.3.C.2    Area Coordinator's records.
16.3.C.3    Faculty records, 1985, 1994, 1997-98, 2000-. 
16.3.C.4    Projects and grants records.
16.3.D    Marketing Program

16.3.D.1    Printed materials.
16.3.D.2    Area Coordinator's records.
16.3.D.3    Faculty records.
16.3.D.4    Projects and grants records.
16.3.E    Computer Science Information Systems (CSIS) Program

16.3.E.1    Printed materials.
16.3.E.2    Area Coordinator's records.
16.3.E.3    Faculty records.
16.3.E.4    Projects and grants records.
16.4    Business Club records
(see also Roteract International Club, Series 13.T.10, and Students in Free Enterprise/SIPE, Series 13.T.38)

16.5    School of Business Administration printed materials

16.5.1    Catalogs, brochures, and website screen printouts, 195_, 1960's, 1993-. 

16.5.2    School of Business Administration events printed materials, 1957-63, 1978, 1982-87, 1994-. 1 document case- 16.6  , (includes printed materials pertaining to the annual Southwest Business Forum, 1993-, printed materials the former Business Achievement Day, and other SOBA activities).

16.5.3    Business Bulletin newsletter, 1992-93, 1995, 1999.

16.5.4    Office of Foreign Study Programs records, 1958, 1966, 1995- (includes earlier records of program development from the 1950s). 

16.5.5    Tourism Tattler newsletter, 1998-.

16.6    Center for Professional Education
16.6.1    Publications, 1993-95, 1999,  (includes posters, newspaper clippings, and other publicity)

16.6.2    Director's records and correspondence. 

16.6.3    Certificate of Professional Management Program records.

  • Historical note: this program was begun in February 1995 as a model of government outsourcing; it is run on a contractual basis through the Fort Lewis College Foundation with a private firm that produces the seminars and shares with Fort Lewis College a percentage of any profits.
16.7    Colorado Center for Tourism Research
16.7.1    Publications (includes posters, newspaper clippings, and other publicity).

16.7.2    Director's records and correspondence.

This inventory was prepared by Todd Ellison, C.A.

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