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Collection M 001, Record Group 17:
Fort Lewis College School of Education:
records in the College Archives

17.1 Dean
17.2 Accreditation
17.3.A Exercise Science Department
17.3.B Psychology Department
17.3.C Teacher Education Department
17.4 School of Education printed materials
17.5 Colorado education printed materials
end of Record Group 17

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---Sub-group/Series # and Title---Records description

RG 17    School of Education

17.1    Dean's records and correspondence, bulk 1966-1995,  2 document cases. 

17.2    Accreditation reports and correspondence, bulk 1927-1954,  1 document case.

17.3    Departmental records
* Each department's records should include the following:

17.3.A    Exercise Science Department (moved to the School of Natural and Behavioral Sciences) (Intramural athletics clubs' records are in Series 13.N.3)
17.3.A.1    Printed materials, 1957-ongoing (bulk years 1972-2010)in 1 document case which includes records through Series 17.3.A.2 (includes posters, newspaper clippings, and other publicity).  (See also Exercise Science News monthly newsletter in Series 17.3.A.7)

17.3.A.2    Chair's records, 1995-2010

17.3.A.3    Syllabi, 1977, 1985, 1997-2010

17.3.A.4    Exercise Science Club records,  1994.

17.3.A.5    Physical Therapy Club records (also known as the Pre-Physical Therapy Club), 1996. 

17.3.A.6    Athletic Training Club records (club recognized by ASFLC in Feb. 1995), 1996, 1998-. 

  • Historical note: includes the former Student Athletic Trainer Club and the Student Athletic Trainers Association.
17.3.A.7    Exercise Science News monthly newsletter, 1994-. 

17.3.A.8    Projects and grants records, 1981, 1995. 

17.3.A.9    National Strength and Conditioning Association. FLC student chapter records, 1998-.

17.3.A.10   Phi Epsilon Kappa Club (PEK) records, 1997-.

17.3.A.11   Faculty course records, 1934-.  See syllabi in Series 17.3.A.3.  Includes manuals and handbooks used in Physical Education classes, and a book entitled Athletic Dances and Simple Clogs, by Hillas and Knighton (New York: A.S. Barnes and Company, 1934).

17.3.B Psychology Department (moved to the School of Natural and Behavioral Sciences)
17.3.B.1    Printed materials, bulk 1968-1994, 1 document case (includes through Series 17.3.B.4)(includes handbooks, manuals, posters, newspaper clippings, and other publicity).

17.3.B.2    Chair's records, 1966-1968. 
17.3.B.3    Faculty records, 1974, 1983-1985, 1996-ongoing
17.3.B.4    Psych-o-Chi Club records, 1982, 1994. 
17.3.B.5    Projects and grants records, 1981, 1992-93. 
17.3.B.6    Introspections Psychology Department newsletter, 1997 Nov.-ongoing.
17.3.B.7    Cranium Psi-Co-Chi Club newsletter, 1999 Apr.-ongoing.

17.3.C    Teacher Education Department (includes programs for bilingual education and English as a second language, 1993). (Teacher Education Committee records are in Sub-group 19.Z)
17.3.C.1    Printed materials, 1911- ongoing (bulk years 1955-nearly current), in 1 document case which includes records through Series 17.3.C.3.   Includes student teaching handbooks, and posters, newspaper clippings and other publicity (Reflections Teacher Education monthly newsletter is in Series 17.3.C.6).

17.3.C.2    Chair's records, bulk 1963-ongoing

17.3.C.3    Faculty records, - to1969, 1985, 1997-ongoing

17.3.C.4    Accreditation reports, 1962-ongoing, in 6 document cases. Includes syllabi of all Fort Lewis College departments for teacher education certification courses.  (Archives has 1962, 1967, 1973, 1976, 1978, 1980, 1985, 1990-ongoing.)

17.3.C.5    Grants records and correspondence, 1965-ongoing, 3 document cases.

17.3.C.6    Reflections Teacher Education monthly newsletters, 1991-1998,  1 document case containing the contents of Series 17.3.C.6  through Sub-group 17.6.

17.3.C.7    Teacher licensing files, [circa 1980] to five years ago.  28 records boxes, on shelves 95.3 through 96.6.  The arrangement is alphabetical by the name of the Education student who was licensed. For long-term retention.  See list of files (Word document in the Archivist's electronic directory of collections documents).  The Teacher Licensing Officer is retaining in her office the most recent records going back 5 years.

17.4    School of Education printed materials  (includes catalogs and newsletters, and posters, newspaper clippings and other publicity about the School) (includes these seven issues of the Freedom to Learn newsletter: October 6, 1981 (8 pages); February 26, 1982 (8 pages); September 28, 1982 (6 pages); November 29, 1982 (9 pages); January 31, 1983 (7 pages); February 25, 1983 (8 pages); and April, 1983 (27 pages; last issue in Archives).

17.5    Colorado education printed materials, 1982, 1984-1988, 1989, 1991-92, 1994, includes directories of approved teacher education programs; state reports; etc.). 

17.6    Native American Innovative Leadership Project: Master of Arts in Administration Dual-Licensure Preparation Program records, Fall of 2005-ongoing.

This inventory was prepared by Todd Ellison, C.A.

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