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Introduction/ Scope and contents

This is a collection of one-folder collections of slides: approximately 1,000 color film transparencies of scenes in the American Southwest, especially in the Four Corners region.  In 12 folders.  None of these items circulate, but digital or print copies are a possibility.

Administrative information

Arrangement note: The slides are housed in one document case.  Folders are added to this collection whenever the Southwest Studies Center acquires small (fitting into a single storage folder) collections of slide transparencies.

Acquisition information:  These photographs were donated to the Center of Southwest Studies by various sources over the years, as noted in the folder list.

Processing informationThis online guide was produced by Todd Ellison, Certified Archivist, Center of Southwest Studies, in May of 2006.  For the sake of brevity in the online presentation, the following list does not contain all of the detailed information that the Center has recorded in its Access databases to describe the content of this collection of collections.

List of folder titles:

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Folder #

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1 Fort Lewis College
slide collection of Dale Rea 
(Accession 2006:068)
1951-1964 135 color slide transparency photographs, in 8 sleeves.  Many of the views are of the construction of certain buildings on the FLC campus, including the original gym (Natatorium), Berndt Hall, and Miller Student Center. Also, 6/1953 graduates at Old Fort campus, 6/1964 FLC history plaque dedication, overheads of student enrollment statistics for presentations, etc.  Slides in sleeves 4-8 are undated.
2 Four Corners views by Sherry Ballard from the California Academy of Science Picture Collection
(Accession 1995:0204)
1956-1968 55 color slide transparency photographs, in 3 sleeves.  Each slide is identified.  Topics include Monument Valley (Utah and Ariz.), Shiprock (N.M.), and Canyon De Chelly (Ariz.)
3 Four Corners views donated by the Strybing Arboretum Society (Accession 1993:0601) 1949-1970 25 color slide transparency photographs, in 2 sleeves.  Each slide is identified.
4 [Colorado?] Railroad Museum slides 1960-1961 27 color slide transparency photographs, in 2 sleeves.  Arrangement is chronological. Most are identified.
5 Solar energy photographs by Harold Mansfield (Accession 1999:10004B) 1975-1982 143 color slide transparency photographs, in 7 sleeves.  Most are identified.
6 Colorado photographs
by John S. Darling
(Accession 1975:12004)
circa 1944-1971 60 color slide transparency photographs, in 3 sleeves.  Topics include Central City, Denver, Red Rocks Park, Cherry Hills Country Club, Elitch's Gardens, Golden, Lizard Head Pass, Ouray, Red Mountain Pass, and Ridgway, Colorado.  Arrangement is alphabetical by place name.
7 Colorado mountains: Million Dollar Highway, Durango to Ouray
(Accession 2000:08007)
1958-1963 22 color slide transparency photographs, in 2 sleeves.
8 History of Hispanos in the Four Corners
(Accession 2000:09015)
circa 1880-1960 40 color slide transparency photographs, in 2 sleeves. Slides to accompany a SW [390?] student paper written in April, 2000. 
9 Robert York southwestern slides
(Accession 2005:09012)
(bulk 1981-1990)
84 color slide transparency photographs, in 5 sleeves.
Described online (with some digital images) at http://swcenter.fortlewis.edu/finding_aids/inventory/YorkSlides.htm
10 Olga Little slides  (female Southwestern Colorado mule skinner) (Accession 2006:070) circa 1910-1970 75 slide transparency photographic images.  View digital images of all of them online at http://swcenter.fortlewis.edu/finding_aids/images/P017/P01701001.htm
11 Homer Root Ridges Basin archaeological project slide transparency photographs  (Accessions 1966:02207 through 1966:02214) 1966 Color slide transparencies of Ridges Basin (Durango, Colo.) archaeological work by Homer Root et al. in 1966 (155 slides, in 11 sleeves). This archaeological site was six and a half miles southwest of Fort Lewis College, on the Mike Bodo ranch.
12 Native Americans

(found in collection)
circa 1961-1981 18 color slide transparency photographs, in 1 sleeve.  Includes a map of the lands of Seneca Indians; historical markers / monuments of  the Battle of Wounded Knee, Tatanka Iyotake/ Chief Sitting Bull (1831-1990) and of Fort Niobrara, Nebraska; photos of Native dancers; and a photo of the Old Faithful geyser at Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming.

Other collections of slides at the Southwest Studies Center:

P 034:  Alden Hayes slides   (photographs of Southwest archaeological sites)

P 058:  Gayle Maloy slides (Four Corners Southwest scenery, circa latter 20th century)

P 047:  John Funk slides   ( 3,102 color photographs of Southwest scenery, 1950-1990)

Doing your own research:
This description of a portion of the collections at the Fort Lewis College Center of Southwest Studies is provided to inform interested parties about the nature and depth of the repository's collections.  It cannot serve as a substitute for a visit to the repository for those with substantial research interests in the collections.

This collection is located at the Center of Southwest Studies on the campus of Fort Lewis College.  Researchers wanting more information about using this material at the Delaney Southwest Research Library at the Center may email the archivist at archives@fortlewis.edu or click here to use our E-mail Reference Request Form (or phone the archivist at 970/247-7126).  The Center does not have a budget for outgoing long-distance phone calls to answer reference requests, so please email if you wish to receive a response from the Center.  To request reproductions/copies, click here for instructions.

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