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Collection M 180:
Four Corners printed materials and ephemera
collection inventory
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 © 2000 by Fort Lewis College Foundation, Center of Southwest Studies account (last revised 2006)

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Introduction/ Scope and contents

Collection M 180
Dates: circa 1970-current (bulk years 1991-2006)
23 linear shelf feet
(in 12 records boxes, 13 document cases, 6 flat oversize boxes, and several folders of oversize items in a map case drawer)

This is an assemblage of recently produced brochures, leaflets, pamphlets, booklets, maps tickets, posters, and other printed materials pertaining to events and businesses in Durango (Colorado) and the Four Corners region.  The collection is useful for anyone studying recent life in the Four Corners.  This collection is a single series of materials, arranged alphabetically by the name of the creating organization or individual.

Administrative information

Acquisition of this collection:  These materials were acquired from a large number of sources over the years, and continually so on an ongoing basis as we build this collection while these items are still available.  The accession numbers (assigned when the item was of high value and/or there was an importance of tracking its provenance) include 1990:11008, 1996:11007, 1998:08005:B, 1999:02002, 1999:03011:B, 1999:04002, 2001:04006B, 2001:04015D, 2001:04015F, 2001:08010, 2002:08018, 2002:12004, 2002:12009, 2003:08003, 2004:02004, 2004:07001.17, 2005:03006, 2005:05010.04, 2005:09016, 2006:037.2, 2006:037.3, 2006:064.002, 2006:064.003, and 2006:066.2.  The archivist picked up most of these items as free handouts around the Four Corners; for that reason and due to the quantity of items, most of the items in this collection are not associated with a given accession number.

About the organization of this collection:  The items in this collection are filed in a single series, in one alphabetical sequence, by name of the entity that created them.  Because we are adding to this collection, we have not numbered the boxes.  This is what is known as an artificial collection - one that the archival staff accumulated from many sources, rather than one that was compiled through a single provenance.  If the Center has a collection focused on a particular entity, printed materials are generally filed into that collection rather than in this collection.

Processing information:  This collection was arranged and described by various Fort Lewis College student archival assistants, under the supervision of Todd Ellison, Certified Archivist, 1999-2006.  Marion Heckler and Paul Beckler did some of the data entry in the summer of 2000.  Students added to the arrangement and description in the fall of 2003 and 2004 as an archival course project.  Larry Gooden continued with the arrangement and description and data entry of a massive number of items from September 2005 through August of 2006.  This inventory was prepared by Ellison in July, 2000 (last revised August 2006).

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AARP Colorado (Denver, Colo.), Vote Yes on C & D, handbill, 2005.

Abbey Theater (Durango, Colo.), Spirit of the Southwest: Panoramic Multimedia Show-Sprit of the Southwest: A Panoramic Presentation in Stereo Sound (Two cards with slightly different arrangement.), handbill-leaflets (cards), 1998, 2003-2007

Active Citizens Together (Colorado Springs, Colo.), Remember to Vote by Nov. 1st, leaflet, 2005.

Adams State College, Continuing Education Courses

Adaptive Sports Association (Durango, Colo.), Giving Disability a Possibility-Fall Newsletter, handbill-pamphlet, 1997, 2001-2011.

Adobe Inn (Durango, Colo.), handbill, 2000.

Adult Education Center (Durango, Colo.), Center Report to the Community-Annual Report, handbills-pamphlet, 1994, 1995, 1997, 2005.

ADurangoWedding.com (Durango, Colo.) SW Colorado's Online Wedding Guide. Postcard, 2003.

Advantage Physical Therapy & Wellness, P.C. (Durango, Colo.), postcard, 2005.

Akwesasne Notes, Mohawk Nation, no date.

Albuquerque Municipal Development Department/ Planning Division, pamphlet, 1984.

Alpine Bank, Past/Present Advertisement, mailer, 2006.

Alpine Home Health, Home Health: Serving Western Colorado, leaflet, 2006.

"All the Write Stuff". Aztec Literary Magazine, 2006.

Alltel (Durango, Colo.),

A.L. Davis MD. J. Haggart MD. (Durango, Colo.) General correspondence/receipts, 1918-1921.

Alroy, Leona, The Land of the Purple Sage, essay (5 pgs.), circa 1970s.

Alternative Horizons (Durango, Colo.) Memory Walk, handbills, 1997.

Alzheimer’s Association (Denver, Colo.), handbill, 1999.

American Association of University Women (Durango, Colo.), Women of the San Juan, handbills-correspondence, 1989, 1997.

American Cancer Society (Durango, Colo.), Relay for Life-Be In Harmony With Your Body, handbills, 1997, 1999.

American Express (Salt Lake City, Utah) Introducing Blue (the Smart Chip), letter, 1999

American Heart Assoc. (Durango, Colo.), Celebrity Celebration A La Heart, handbill, 1994.

American Indian Law Center Inc. (Albuquerque, N.M.) American Indian Law Newsletter, pamphlet, undated.

The American Indian Graduate Center, magazine, Jan. 2008.

American Indian Higher Education Consortium (Mancos, Colo.), TCJ Tribal College Journal of American Indian Higher Education: Telling Our Stories, booklet, 2003, 2005.

American Solar Energy Society (Boulder, Colo.), National Solar Tour: Self-Guided Tours of Solar Homes in Durango, Bayfield, Marvel, [&] Red Mesa, leaflet, 2006.+

American-West Expeditions (Durango, Colo.), Overland tours of the American Outback, pamphlet, 1995.

America's Byways of Rocky Mountain P.B.S. (Denver, Colo.) www.rmpbs.org/byways, handbill with plastic license plate frame, undated.

An Excerpt from Our Daily Diary, Dec.8-Dec.28, 1993. Leaflet, author unknown.

Anasazi Pageant (Durango, Colo.), Program of play by Sharon French with cast biographies - crew and staff list included, pamphlet with insert, 1987.

Ancient City Press, Santa Fe. 1988-1989.

Animas Conservancy (Durango, Colo.), Animas Conservancy River Beach Party, handbill, 2000.

Animas Fire Protection District (Durango, Colo.), Dry Hydrants-Development and Construction-April 2000 calendar, pamphlets-handbill, 1994-2000.

Animas Mosquito Control Dist. (Durango, Colo.), West Nile Virus Information-Mosquitoes of La Plata County, pamphlets, 1994, 2004.

Animas Regional Planning Commission (Durango, Colo.), Open Space and Recreation Study, handbill, 1976.

Animas River Railway (Durango, Colo.), Railbus at Rockwood, handbill, 1989, 1990, 1994.

Animas Surgical Hospital (Durango, Colo.), Emergency Services (Area map & parking included.), leaflet (card), 2006.

Animas Valley Institute (Durango, Colo.), Wilderness Vision Quest for Young Adults 17 to 22, correspondence-handbill, 2000; catalog of courses, 2004; calendar of events, 2006.

Animas Valley Mall (Farmington, N.M.), A Farmington Museum Exhibit, handbill, 1997.

Antique Dealers/ Guide & Map for the 4 Corners, handbill, undated.

Appaloosa Trading Company (Durango, Colo.) handbill, 2006.

Aramark (Phoenix, AZ.), Lake Powell America's Natural Playground: Glen Canyon National Recreation Area-Tour Mesa Verde: Mesa Verde National Park Tours, handbill-postcard, 1998, 2006, 2008.

Archaeological Society of New Mexico (Albuquerque, N.M.), Awanyu, pamphlet-newsletter, 2001.

Archuleta County Assessors’ Office (Pagosa Springs, Colo.), Abstract of Assessment and Levy of Taxes, handbill, 2000.

Arizona Capitol Museum (Phoenix, AZ.), The Capitol Explorer, pamphlet-guide booklet, 2001?.

Arizona Commission of Indian Affairs (Phoenix, AZ.), Resource Directory, extended pamphlet, 1997-1998.

Arizona Office of Tourism (Phoenix, AZ.), Official State Visitor's Map, handbill-map, 2004.

The Arizona Republic, Arizona Days & Ways magazine, Mar. 14th, 1965.

Arizona State Land Department (Phoenix, AZ.), Annual Report, extended pamphlet, 1998-1999.

Arizona State Parks (Phoenix, AZ.), Fort Verde State Historic Park, handbill, undated.

Arkansas Valley Publishing Co. (Salida, Colo.), Now This is Colorado Visitors Guide 1995, booklet, 1995.

Aspen Ballet Co. (Aspen, Colo.), The Nutcracker performed at Fort Lewis Community Concert Hall, pamphlet-programs, 1998-1999.

Aspen Cafe (Durango, Colo.), Aspen Cafe Specials [, dated June 2, 2006], leaflet, 2006.

Aspen Dance Festival (Aspen, Colo.), Aspen Ballet Company & School presents...., pamphlet, 1999.

Aspen Historical Society (Aspen, Colo.), Ashcroft-Independence ghost town, handbills, undated.

Aspen Picture map, 2001.

Assertive Wellness Center (Durango, Colo.), AWC News From Durango, pamphlet-quarterly, 2004-2008.

A Theater Group (Silverton, Colo.), 11th Season Schedule-The Sound of Music program-2005 Season [Schedule] (with notice of Classic Film Series from the Starz Film Center), handbill-leaflet, 1999-2006.

The Atlantic Monthly, "Rocky Mountain Country" by Wallace Stegner, April 1978.

Atlati Press, (Durango, Colo.), Rocky Mountain Review 9, bi-annual review booklet, 1978.

Atmos Energy Corporation / Year 2000 Readiness Disclosure ("Y2K") Issue?, handbill, 1999, Excavation Awareness Pamphlet, undated.

"Attitude", Magazine of SW Women. Vol.2, Issue 5, 2005; Vol. 3, Issue 2, 2006.

Ayres, Mary C., The Founding of Durango, booklet, circa 1950-1954.  (Accession 2006:139).

Aztec National Monument, 2003.

Aztec UFO Symposium, 2001.


Babe Ruth Baseball League (Durango, Colo.), Midwest Plains Regional Baseball Tournament, pamphlet, 1988.

Baker, Steven. Building a Historical Archaeology of Colorado. Article in Southwestern Love, 2006.

Ballantine Family, Sweetheart of the Arts, 2007.

Bandanas and Boots (Durango, Colo.), Gala Event, handbill-newsletter, 1998.

Bar-D Chuckwagon Suppers (Durango, Colo.), Memorial Day Weekend Thru Labor Day, handbills w/ map, 1996-2004.

Barefoot Dance Studio (Durango, Colo.), Workshops & Lessons, handbills, 1999, 2000.

Barrick Gold Corporation (Toronto, Canada), Third Quarter Report, pamphlet-booklet, 2003.

Bartels' Mancos Valley Stage Line (Colo.), Ride the Stagecoach, for an Old West Experience-Authentic Tours by Stagecoach, handbills, 1998-2006.

Basin COOP, Inc. (Durango, Colo.) Hunting Season Calendar-newsletter-advertisments, handbills, 2000-2006.

Basin Printing and Imaging (Durango, Colo.), 2006-2007.

Bayfield Area Chamber of Commerce (Colo.), Bayfield Colorado: Businesses & Services, Schools, Culture, Recreation, and Climate.-Sheep Trailing and Heritage Days Festival, handbill-leaflet, 1997-2002, 2006.

Bayfield High School (Bayfield, Colo.), School to Career, handbill, 1997.

Bayfield Parks & Recreation (Bayfield, Colo.), Summer Program, handbill, 1995.

Be the Change USA / Referenda C & D Invest in Colorado's Future, handbill, 2005.

Bear Smart, Durango, undated.

Best Western (Durango, Colo.), Durango Inn and Suites-Rio Grande Inn, handbills-Colorado/Utah Road Map, 1995-1997, 2000, 2003.

Big Bend Townsite (First settlement on the Dolores River, Colo.), state (archaeological) inventory form, 5 Nov. 1975.

Big Brothers/Big Sisters of La Plata County (Durango, Colo.), The Children are Waiting-Mountain Mentors, leaflet-newsletters, 1999-2008.

Bighorn Center (Denver, Colo.), Bighorn Bulletin, handbill, 2003.

Bill Ritter (Denver, Colo.), Bill Ritter for Governor, handbill (card), 2006.

Bisbee Chamber of Commerce (AZ.), Old World Charm-Walking Tours & Maps, handbill-pamphlet, 1990(?).

Bisbee, Arizona General Collection.

Blanding Chamber of Commerce (UT.), Blanding Base Camp to Adventure, handbill, 2000.

Blackdog Custom Designs (Durango, Colo.), Quilts and Appliqued Apparel, leaflet (business card), 2006.

Blue Horizons Farm (Hesperus, Colo.), Southwest Colorado Farm Products and Specialty Crops - U-Pick Fresh, handbill, 1998.

Blueline Reprographics (Durango, Colo.), Blueline Reprographics LLC, pamphlet, 2007.

Blue Sky Flyfishing Co. (Navajo, NM.), Blue Sky Flyfishing Co., handbill, 2006.

Bluff City Historic Preservation Association (UT.), Bluff Land Trust Initiative-Historic Bluff City by bicycle & on foot, pamphlet-leaflet, 1997-2005.

Boulder County Historic Preservation Program, Landmark Designation Application Packet, Dec. 1996.

Boulder County Land Use Department, July 2008.

Boulevard Neighborhood Association (Durango, Colo.), The Boulevard Historic District, handbill - bi-annual newsletter, 1999.

Bowling Green State University, American Culture Program (Bowling Green, Ohio), Symposium on Boom and Bust Cycles, pamphlet, 1987.

Boy Scouts of America (Durango, Colo.), Eagle Court of Honor Honoring David Fernando Flint, handbill, 2005.

BP America Inc. (Denver, Colo.), Important Information for BP Royalty Owners in Colorado: property rights, letter, 2005.

Breckenridge Resort Chamber (Breckenridge, Colo.), Visitors Guide - Town Map & Business Guide, extended pamphlet, 1990-1995.

Brigham Young University, Provo, Utah. Eagle's Eye newspaper, Apr.- May 1972.

Brotherhood of Free Trappers (Bayfield, Colo.), Four Corners 2000 (Formerly Pagosa Springs) Rendezvous, leaflet, 2000.

Brycelea, Clifford. Newspaper article, source & date unknown.

Buck’s Livery (Durango, Colo.), Sleigh Rides, handbill, 2000.

Buckskin Joe Park & Railway (Canon City, Colo.), Royal Gorge Country, handbill, 1991.

Buffalo Bill Historic Society, Points West Journal, 2002.

Bull Hollow Raceway (Monticello, UT.), World Off Road Champion Series (WORCS) Round 8 ATV, leaflets (cards in three colors: orange, blue, & lime-yellow, 2006.

Bumper stickers (Durango, Colo.), Women's Resource Center-Baseball-Radio Stations-County Fair, bumper stickers, 1995-1996.

Burns National Bank (Durango, Colo.), The Burns National Bank, pamphlet, 1960.

Burton K. Wheeler Center, The, Montana State University (Bozeman, MT.), Ten Commandments of Federal [and] State Relations in the West [by Gov. Richard D. Lamm]-Burton K. Wheeler Center, The, Office of Academic Affairs, Montana State University [cover letter], paper-letter, 1990-1991.

Business Boosters (Ignacio, Colo.) pamphlet, 2003.

Along the Butterfield Trail (Yuma, AZ), magazine article, no name/date on magazine.


Caboose Motel (Durango, Colo.) postcard, 2003.

Calvary Presbyterian Church of Pine River (Bayfield, Colo.), Timeline 1898-2005 - Centennial Pull-Outs, handbills-letter-leaflets-photocopy, 1974-2005.

Campbell, Ben Nighthorse, newspaper article.

Canyon of the Ancients, 2003.

Canyonlands Natural History Assoc. (Moab, Utah), Canyon Country Volunteers, handbill, 1995.

Capital Campaign Committee, Durango Grant Budget, 2003.

Care Plus Walk-In Medical Care (Durango, Colo.), John C. Key, M.D. Medical Director, leaflet, 2000.

Carlsbad Caverns Coaches (El Paso, TX) pamphlet, undated.

Carriage Works Theatre, The (Durango, Colo.), The Company, Presents: A Christmas Carol-The Company, Presents: MacBeth-The Board of Directors of the Company: The Durango Friends of the Arts, A Women in Mind, Playbills-handbill, 1991-1992.

Carver Brewing Co. (Durango, Colo.), Music Schedule-Bluegrass Every Thursday Night, handbills, 2000.

Carver, Jack E. The Western Phenomenon. Reprinted from The Western English World, 1993.

Cascade Village Management Co. (Durango, Colo.), A Resort for All Seasons, handbills-pamphlet, 1997.

Cascades on Telluride Trail, The (Colo.), Condominiums to Meet Higher Expectations, handbill, 1996.

Casino Owners Association of Colorado (Lakewood, Colo.), Colorado Historical Preservation Funding, pamphlet booklet, 2001.

Catch It Quick Juggling Co. (Durango, Colo.), We Sell Juggling Equipment, Too!, leaflet, 1996.

Catholic Health Initiatives (Durango, Colo.), Health + Care-Annual Report 2004-A Resource Guide-Mercy Run for the Carrot-International Day of Peace 2006-Prayers for a Global Heart [by] Benetvision, pamphlets-handbills-leaflet, 1996-2006.

Caver Real Estate, Inc. (Durango, Colo.), Century 21, handbill, 2000.

Centennial Nature Trail, FLC, 2000.

Centennial Savings Bank (Unknown location), The Year 2000 Problem [Y2K], leaflet-handbill, 1998-1999.

Center of the American West (Boulder, Colo.), Advisory Board Plan-Meeting Notes & Developments-Prospectus-Tentative Budgets, 1990 1991.

Center for Desert Archaeology (Tucson, AZ.), Research, Outreach, and Preservation of the American Southwest and Mexican Northwest, handbill, 2002.

Center for Public Policy and Contemporary Issues, "Hard Choices". Lamm, R., Caldwell, R., Mehlman, I.

Center for Sustainable Environments (Flagstaff, AZ.), Botanist Urges Global Thinking, Local Eating, newspaper article, 2001.

Central City (Central City, Colo.), Little Kingdom Come-The Richest Square Mile On Earth-High Stakes, pamphlet-handbill-paper, 1992.

Central City Opera House Association (Denver, Colo.), Central City Opera-Opera in the Rockies, extended pamphlet booklets-handbill, 1995, 2004.

Central Colorado Library System (Wheatridge, Colo.), Nexus News-Midnight at the Internet Cafe, pamphlets (newsletters), 1997-1998.

Certified Folder Display Services, Inc. (Castle Rock, Colo.), Fearn's 2006-2007 Southwest Colorado Travelers Info Guide-2007 Edition Durango & Silverton Dining Guide, handbills, 2006-2007.

Chaco Canyon National Historic Park.

Chaffee County Mountain Bike Guide (Salida, Colo.), Biking, Activities, Map & Trail Directory, pamphlet, 1998.

Chaffee County Times (Buena Vista, Colo.), Buena Vista Historic Tour: Walking Tour 1998, pamphlet, 1998.

Chama Valley Chamber of Commerce, Inc. (Chama, N.M.), The Guide Book Chama Valley-Chama Valley on Top of Enchantment, pamphlets, 1997.

Chapman Hill, Dirt Crit Weekly Mountain Bike Racing, flyer, 2000.

Chatrigna Ferguson (Durango, Colo.), The Herbal Way of Animal Healing, handbill, 1997.

Chaves County Historical Society (Roswell, NM.), The Chaves County Historical Museum-Facts and Traditions-History of South Spring Ranch, handbills-leaflets, 1987.

Children’s Museum of Durango (Durango, Colo.), Hands-on Learning-Web site & e-mail-Save the Powerhouse-Events, handbills-leaflet, 1998-2003.

Chimney Rock Interpretive Association (Pagosa Springs, Colo.), Chimney Rock Archaeological Area-2006 Program Schedule (insert), handbill, 2005-2006.

China Cafe Menu, Durango, 2007.

Chipeta Cafe and Lounge (Montrose, Colo.), Chipta Cafe [Menu], with Dinner Insert, handbill, 1951.

Christ of the Mines Shrine (Silverton, Colo.), 30th Anniversary Celebration, handbill, 1989.

Christina's Grill & Bar (Durango, Colo.), [Menus:] Breakfast-Lunch-Dinner (Note: Located as least property from the Best Western: Durango Inn and Suites.), handbills, 2006.

Christopher Love (Durango, Colo.(?)), Clairvoyant Healer & Reader, handbill, 2000.

Christian Parents As Teachers at Home (Durango, Colo.), Homeschool Newsletter, leaflets, 1996-1997.

Churches of Durango and Silverton, 1986.

Circle B Publishing (Ridgway, Colo.), Silverton Magazine, extended pamphlet, 2002.

Circle of Light, Navajo Educational Project (Gallup, NM.), Our Fathers, Our Grandfathers, Our Heroes..., The Navajo Code Talkers of World War II, postcard, 2004.

Citizen Alert Native American Program (Reno, NV.), Protect Indigenous Religious Freedom Right, handbill (bumper sticker), 2005.

Citizens Supporting A Quality Durango (Durango, Colo.), Vote Yes 2A-Summary-Frequently Asked Questions-Endorsements, handbills-leaflets, 2005.

City Market (Durango, Colo.), 38 Convenient Locations Throughout Vacation Land-1999 Anniversary Calendar (75th), leaflet-calendar, 1996-1999.

City of Colorado Springs Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services (Colo.), American Indian Heritage, pamphlets, 2002.

City of Ouray (Ouray, Colo.) Welcome to the Ouray Hot Springs Pool, rack card, date unknown.

Clean Water Action (Denver, Colo.), Action Alert!!!-Colorado Clean Water Action-Clean Water Action News, handbill-leaflet-pamphlet, 1998-2002.

Clear Creek County Tourism Board (Idaho Springs, Colo.), Empire-Georgetown-Idaho Springs-Silver Plume, handbills, 1995.

Club Durango (Colo.), Luxury Apartments, handbill-letter, 1999.

Club 20 (Grand Junction, Colo.), Colorado West News Magazine, periodical, 1994.

Coalition to Save Perins Peak, date unknown.

Coldwell Banker (Durango, Colo.), Buyer's Guide-Recodo Del Rio Townhomes of Durango-Where Were the Buyers from in 1999-County Estate-Client Handout, handbills-leaflets-pamphlets, 1995-1996, 2000, 2005-2006.

Collingwood Magpies Football Club (Australia), Are You the One, leaflet, 2005.

Colon Health Center for the Four Corners (Durango, Colo.), Body Cleansing Through Colon Therapy, handbill, 1996.

Colorado Airlines, Inc. (Durango, Colo.), schedule/brochure, circa 1950s.

Colorado Archaeological Society, 2001.

Colorado Assoc. of Naturopathic Physicians (Denver, Colo.), Naturopathic Medicine in Colorado, handbill, 1998.

Colorado, BLM Profile, US Dept. of the Interior.

Colorado Boards and Commissions (Denver, Colo.), Terms Expiring, pamphlet (booklet), 1992-1993.

Colorado Business Review (Boulder, Colo.), University of Colorado at Boulder-Business Research Division, leaflets (newsletter), 1993-2004.

Colorado Cattlemen’s Centennial Commission (Denver, Colo.), The Cooperative Century, book, 1967.

Colorado Central (Salida, Colo.), periodicals, 1994-2009.

Colorado Coalition of Land Trusts (Durango, Colo.), CCLT-Annual Fall Conference, pamphlet (newsletter)-leaflet, 1999-2000.

Colorado Coalition for Women's History (Denver, Colo.), Planning Grant-Guidelines-Honorary Proclamation-Interpreting Women's History in the National Park Service-Women's Quest for Equality & Emancipation in Higher Education-Colorado Suffrage Centennial, handbills-leaflets-pamphlet-correspondence, 1992-2002.

Colorado College, The, Southwest Studies Program (Colorado Springs, Colo.), la Tertulia (newsletter), pamphlet, 1987-1988, La Tertulia, Spring 2002.

Colorado Crossroads, Newsletter of BLM, 1991-1993.

Collaborative Assistive Technology Conference of the Rockies, June 2006.

Colorado Commission of Indian Affairs (Denver, Colo.), Colorado Tribal Contacts List, pamphlet, 2002.

Colorado Community Revitalization Association (Denver, Colo.), CCRA Annual Community Revitalization Conference, postcard-pamphlet (booklet), 2005.

Colorado Dept. of Labor and Employment (Denver, Colo.), Colorado Job Outlook in Brief-Bottom Line-Child Labor Laws for Colorado Youth and Employers-Introducing the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment, handbill-leaflet-pamphlet (booklet), 1989-1997.

Colorado Department of Local Affairs (Denver, Colo.), Directory of Services- Smart Growth, handbills-pamphlet (booklet), 1999-2001.

Colorado Department of Natural Resources, Division of Minerals and Geology, Colorado Geological Survey (Denver, Colo.), Rock Talk, pamphlets (newsletter), 2000-2004.

Colorado Department of Social Services (Denver, Colo.), Governor's Task Force on the Homeless, records (book), 1988.

Colorado Democrats Update Newsletter, 1984

Colorado Department of Transportation, Bicycle & Pedestrian Program (Denver, Colo.), Colorado Bike Week July 17-24, handbill, 1994.

Colorado Department of Transportation, Wolf Creek Pass (Denver, Colo.), U.S. Highway 160, Wolf Creek Pass, leaflets, 2005.

Colorado Division of Wildlife (Durango, Colo.), fishing booklet-map, 2009-2010.

Colorado Endowment for the Humanities (Westminster, Colo.), Colorado Water: The Next 100 Years, letter-pamphlet, 1990.

Colorado Environmental Coalition, report, 2007.

Colorado Excitement, Colorado Dimensions, First National Bank of Denver, 1979.

Colorado's Executive Mansion, no date.

Colorado Fair (Pueblo, Colo.), The Seventeen Days of Colorado's Fair, handbill, 1998.

Colorado Forestry, Durango District Annual Report, 1993.

Colorado Forestry and Horticulture Association, "The Green Thumb: Magazine for Rocky Mountain Gardeners," vol. 16 no. 7, August 1959.

Colorado Foundation for Water Education (Denver, Colo.), Citizen's Guide to Colorado's Water Heritage, pamphlet (booklet), 2004.

Colorado Forum Business Leaders Committed to Colorado's Future, no date.

Colorado Gambling (Cripple Creek, Colo.), leaflets (newspaper & magazine articles) , 1990-1998.

Colorado Historical Society (Denver, Colo.), Colorado Certified Local Government Handbook-Colorado State Historical Fund-The Economic Benefits of Historic Preservation in Colorado-Colorado Archaeology and Historic Preservation Month-Office of Archaeology and Historic Preservation-Colorado Heritage-Colorado History Museum: The Jewelry of Ben Nighthorse, Ancient Voices, Tribal Paths, handbill-pamphlets (booklets & quarterly magazine), 1995-2006.

Colorado Historic Society, magazines, letters, pamphlets, postcards, 1995-2008

Colorado History and Projects Bureau of Reclamation Projects, booklet, 1983.

Colorado History Group, CU-Denver History Department  (Denver, Colo.), Ferril Fest: A 100th Birthday Party for Poet Thomas Hornsby Ferril [Note: See U of Colo., Dept. of History]-Alfred Packer: Retrial, handbills, 1995-1996.

Colorado Hotel and Motel (Lodging) Association (Denver, Colo.), Colorado 1991 Planning Supplement-Colorado State Vacation Guide, pamphlets (booklets) , 1991-1997.

Colorado Lottery (Pueblo, Colo.), Trails in Colorado Western Slope and Mountains-Exhibition Game March 31, 1995 & Exhibition Series 1995, handbills (maps)-handbill (ticket & pin), 1995.

Colorado Mining Assoc. ((Denver, Colo.), Third Annual Small Operators Workshop Meeting Notice and Program-Colorado Mining Association Directory-The Colorado Miner-The Honorable Ben Nighthorse Campbell-CMA Hails Bipartisan Mining Law Reform Bill-National Western Mining Conference & Exhibition-The CMA Communicator-Rock & Coal-leaflets-pamphlets-correspondence, 1989-2006.

Miscellaneous Colorado Maps, two maps, Natural Resource Recreation, no dates.

Colorado Mountain Expiditions (Durango, Colo.), pamphlet, 2003.

Colorado Municipal League (Denver, Colo.), For the Sake of the Best Life, pamphlet (booklet), 1997.

Colorado Municipalities (Boulder, Colo.), The City Officials Magazine, May 1931.

Colorado Natural Abortion & Reproductive Rights Action League (Denver, Colo.), A world Without Choice-"Rain Without Thunder," handbill, 1997.

Colorado Off-Road Point Series (Gunnison, Colo.), Join the C.O.R.P.S. Official NORBA State Championship Series, handbill, 1998.

Colorado Office of Energy Conservation, Ride Share handbill, 1998.

Colorado Parks and Recreation Association, Byline Newsletter, 2002.

Colorado Plateau Forum, Economy and Environment, 1997-2000.

Colorado Plateau River Guides (Moab, UT.), Fall Meeting, leaflet (card), 1996.

Colorado Preservation Inc. (Denver, Colo. ), Colorado's Most Endangered Places List, pamphlets, 1999, 2002, and 2003, newsletter 1993, 1997.

Colorado Railroad Museum (Golden, Colo.), Grand Opening of the Robert W. Richardson Library at the Colorado Railroad Museum, invitation & tickets 1997.

Colorado Restaurant Association (Denver, Colo.), Dining Out, booklet (guide), 2000.

Colorado Rivers Alliance (Durango, Colo.), Helping Communities Protect Rivers-Confluence-The A-LP Governor's Negotiations, handbill-pamphlets (newsletters, one with insert), 1995-1997.

Colorado Rocky Mountain West magazine, Jan.-Feb. 1980.

Colorado Rural Electric Association (Denver, Colo.), Colorado Country Life, pamphlet, 1996.

Colorado Sales Tax Increase Study Session, 11 Jan, 2007.

Colorado Special District Association of Newsletters, no date.

Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center (Colo.), Celebrates the Spirit of the Southwest, pamphlet, 2000.

Colorado Spring Survey, 24-25 Nov., 2002.

Colorado State Democratic Party (Denver, Colo.), Elect Ann Brown, handbill, 1986.

Colorado State Forest Service (Durango, Colo.), Community Forestry Cooperator: Durango District-Colorado Forestry, correspondence-pamphlet (newsletter), 1992-1994.

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University of Colorado at Boulder, College of Business and Administration (Colo.), handbills-booklet, 1998-2001.

University of Colorado at Denver, Department of History (Colo.), Historical Studies Journal (Spring 1992)-Dear Ferril Fester-Ferril Fest [Note: See Colorado History Group.], booklet-leaflets, 1992-1996.

University of Colorado at Denver, College of Architecture & Planning (Colo.), Boulder Valley Ditches: Anderson Ditch, A History and Guide-Boulder Valley Ditches: Anderson Ditch, A History and Guide [Note: The "Silver Lake Ditch" is missing from this collection.], pamphlets, 2000.

University of New Mexico Press (Albuquerque, NM.), Madam Millie-Hot Biscuits-Pueblo Indian Culture [Note: Three book reviews & advertisements.], leaflets, 2002.

University of Northern Colorado, Alumni Association Bulletin, May 1999.

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United Church of Christ, Silverton, Colo., pamphlet, 2008.

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U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, Soil Conservation Service, Snow Survey Unit (Denver, Colo.), Water Supply Outlook for Colorado and New Mexico, pamphlet, 1978.

U.S. Dept. of Commerce, Bureau of the Census, National Processing Center (Jeffersonville, IN.) In the Next few Weeks...-Your Answers are Confidential-To All Households-Temporary Censes Jobs in Your Area-United States Census 2000 (bag), letter-leaflets-envelopes-plastic bag-lg. leaflet poster, 2000.

U.S. Dept. of the Interior, [Office of origin is unknown.] (Washingtion, D.C.), A Living Legacy: Arts of the Indian Peoples [Awards program and location.], handbill, 2004.

U.S. Dept. of the Interior, [Office of origin is unknown.] ( [City of origin is unknown.]), Strengthening the Circle: Interior Indian Affairs Highlights 2001-2004.  This Publication Highlights the U.S. Departments of the Interiors Activities and Accomplishments in the American Indian and Native Alaskan Communities During the Past Four Years.  [Contains a "Message from the Secretary, Gale A. Norton" of the "Bush Administration."], booklet, undated.

U.S. Dept. of the Interior, Bureau of Land Management, Anasazi Heritage Center (Delores, Colo.), The Anasazi Heritage Center-Coming Events: More Coming Events (1998-99)-BLM News: Native American Healer to Speak at Anasazi Heritage Center-Explore: Anasazi Heritage Center-Anasazi Heritage Center: A Museum Interpreting the History and Culture of the Four Corners Region, leaflets-handbills, 1998-2000.

U.S. Dept. of the Interior, Bureau of Land Management (Farmington, NM.), Bisti / De-Na-Zin Wilderness, handbill, 2000.

U.S. Dept. of the Interior, Bureau of Land Management, Canyons of the Ancients National Monument [at] Anasazi Heritage Center (Delores, Colo.), [Note: Anasazi Heritage Center is the headquarters for Canyons of the Ancients National Monument.]  Canyons of the Ancients Scoping Worksheet-Planning Newsletter #1-Exhibits & Special Events 20005-Exhibits & Special Events 2006, handbill-leaflets, 2005-2006.

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U.S. Dept. of the Interior, Bureau of Reclamation, History Program (Denver, Colo.), Research on Historic Reclamation Projects: Pine River, Silt, Collbran, Navajo, & Flaming Gorge-BLM [Map of ] Federal Reclamation Diversion Dams, booklets-map, 1981-1998.

U.S. Dept. of the Interior, National Park Service, Big Thicket National Preserve (Beaumont, TX.), Big Thicket National Preserve, handbill (with map), 1985.

U.S. Dept. of the Interior, National Park Service, Cultural Resources/Technical Preservation Services (Washington, D.C.), The Secretary of the Interior's Standards for the Treatment of Historic Properties 1995-Preservation Tax Incentives for Historic Buildings-Common Ground: Preserving Our Nation's Heritage (quarterly), handbill (photocopy)-pamphlet-booklet, 1995-2005.

U.S. Dept. of the Interior, National Park Service, Intermountain Region, Intermountain Cultural Resource Center and Support Office (Santa Fe, NM.), Our Fragile Legacy: Preserving the Spirit of Peoples Past and Present, handbill, 2005.

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U.S. Dept. of the Interior, National Park Service, (Florissant, Colo.), Florissant Fossil Beds, map, 1995.

U.S. Dept. of the Interior, National Park Service, (Cortez, Colo.), Hovenweep National Monument, leaflet, [Undated].

U.S. Dept. of the Interior, National Park Service, (Twentynine Palms, CA.), Joshua Tree National Monument, map, 1988.

U.S. Dept. of the Interior, National Park Service, Mesa Verde National Park (Mesa Verde, Colo.), Mesa Verde National Park: Selection of Alternatives, Mesa Verde Planning Team-Environmental Assessment Realignment of Chapin Mesa Loop Road at Soda Point ( with cover letter to Richard Ellis, Director, Center of Southwest Studies)-First World Conference on Cultural Parks Preservation and Use (with Corrections to Program) (1984)-News Release: Mesa Verde National Park to Host National Parks Touring Artists Program (1995)-News Release: Cattails to be Burned at Mesa Verde National Park (1995)-News Release: Environmental Assessment on Mesa Verde National Park Water System (1995)-News Release: Mesa Verde National Park Schedule in Full Swing (1997)-News Release: Mesa Verde National Park Announces Summer Schedule-Mesa Verde: The Official Newspaper of Mesa Verde National Park-Bill Miller www.billmiller.net (poster), leaflet-pamphlet-handbills-letter-newspaper, 1976-2006.

U.S. Dept. of the Interior, National Park Service, National Trails System (Santa Fe, N.M.), Long Walk: Significance Conference-Long Walk News 2 (newsletter), leaflets, 2004.

U.S. Dept. of the Interior, National Park Service, Rocky Mountain Regional Office, Division of Cultural Resources (Denver, Colo.), National Register of Historic Places Registration Form: Central City -- Black Hawk Historic District-Ute Mountain Ute Tribe, National Park Service to Study Tourism Related Growth on Tribal Land, records-pamphlet, 1987-1988.

U.S. Dept. of the Interior, National Park Service, Yucca House National Monument (Mesa Verde, Colo.), Yucca House National Monument [Historical and archeological outline.], leaflet (with map), undated.

U.S. Dept. of the Interior, Office of Communication (Office of the Secretary) (Washington, D.C.), People, Land & Water is the Employee News Magazine of the U.S. Dept. of the Interior.  www.doi.gov/doi_plw.html , magazine (booklet), 1999.

U.S. Dept. of the Interior, San Juan and Montezuma National Forest ([City is unknown], Colo.), Table of Contents for Forest History Volume I 1905-1971, leaflet, undated.

U.S. Dept. of the Interior, U.S. Geological Survey, Minerals Information Team (Reston, VA.), Metal Industry Indicators of Domestic, Primary Metals, Steel, Aluminum, and Copper Activity.  ...Tracks the Effects of the Business Cycle on Five U.S. Metal Industries by Calculating and Publishing Composite Indexes of Leading Coincident Indicators., pamphlet, 2002.

U.S. Dept of Transportation, National Scenic Byways Program (Washington, D.C.), America's Byways map, date unknown.

United States General Accounting Office (Washington, D.C.), Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo: Definition and List of Community Land Grants in New Mexico, booklets [One in English and one in Spanish.], 2001.

United States Geological Survey, Metal Industry Indicators, Mineral Industry Surveys, annual reports, 1998-2003.

United States Postal Service (Durango, Colo.), Postal Patrons-Postal Services Right in your Neighborhood, leaflet (card)-postal card, 1995.

United States Postal Service (Washington, D.C.), Native American Culture-USA Nonprofit Org.-Consumer Affairs, postcard-post stamp-postal card, 1993-1997.

US West Communications, Inc. (Durango, Colo.), U.S. West: (Customer Proprietary Network Information, CPNI)-Important Information About US West Wire Maintenance Plans-Announcing Colorado's New Area Code 970-Remember Colorado's New Area Code 970-Make Sure Your Business Doesn't Lose Business...: Be Prepared for the New Area Codes Coming Nationwide-Think Ten-Your New Phone Bill will have Fewer Pages-10 Digit Dialing-With Caller ID, you'll Know Who's on the Line Before you Pick Up the Phone-How Can you Tell if a Call is Long Distance Before you Answer?-Exciting New Telephone Service -- Now Available in your Area-Important Information About Caller ID and Blocking Options from US West-INFO: Important News from US West, to go-Notice to Customers (...restricted from reusing or selling the calling parties)-Now You Have an Additional Choice!!-On January 1, 2000, the Sun Will Rise...and the Phones Will Ring., handbills-leaflets-letter, 1995-1999.

Utah Dept of Transportation, official highway map of Utah, date unknown.

Utah Site Stewardship Program (Blanding, UT.), Monthly Monitoring (newsletter), pamphlet, 2004.

Utah’s Canyonlands (Moab, Utah), Utah's Canyonlands: See & Do Guide, handbill, 1997.

Ute Mountain Casino (Towaoc, Colo.), Ute Mountain Casino-Ute Mountain Casino and RV Park, handbills, 1998-1999.

Ute Mountain Indian Pottery (Towaoc, Colo.), Ute Mountain Utes: Distinctively Handmade Pottery, pamphlet, undated.

Ute Mountain Tribe, Ute Mountain Tribal Park (Towaoc, Colo.), Ute Mountain Tribal Park: Awaken Your Spirit, handbill, 2006.


Vagabond Inn Bed & Breakfast (Durango, Colo.), "A Country Inn", handbill, 1995.

Vallecito Community Council (Bayfield, Colo.), Tour of Carvings Vallecito Lake, handbill, 2003.

Vallecito Lake Chamber of Commerce (Colo.), Vacation Guide-Colorado, leaflet, 1999-2000.

Vallectio Resort (Bayfield, Colorado), brochure, date unknown.

Vectra Bank Colorado (Durango, Colo.), When was the Last Time Change Felt this Good-We're Okay with Y2K!-Year 2000, Related Fraud Advisory: Y2K Fraud Alert-Ready for Y2K and the New Millennium, leaflets, 1999.

Vectra Bank Colorado [&] Thredgold Economic Associates (Salt Lake City, UT.), Insight: Economic News of Colorado and the Nation (newsletter), pamphlet, 1998-2005.

Victorian Aid Society (Durango, Colo.), Victorian Aid Society: A Place for Misplaced Victorians (newsletter)-Stepping Back in Time Society Ball and Dance Workshop, leaflets, 1999-2005.

Veterans Memorial, Durango, Colo., packet, no date.

Villa Grove Trade (Colo.), Sangre de Cristo Cafe & The Inn @ Villa Grove (Photograph of this "Supply Store" on the backside, circa 1891.), leaflet (small card), 2006.

Vintage Villains, Evil Rides the Narrow Gauge, Interactive Theatre Experience, pamphlet, no date.

Virginia City Nugget, newsletter, Virginia City, Montana, 1994.

Voice Be Heard, Be the Media, newsletter, 2003.

Volunteers of America (Durango, Colo.), Volunteers of America (newsletter)-A Caring Christmas Catalog [2000?]-A Caring Christmas Catalog [2002?], leaflets, 1990-2010.

Vote Yes on C & D (Denver, Colo.), Move Colorado Forward [Referendums C & D on Education Issues.], handbills-leaflet (card)-sticker, 2005.

VSP (America's First Choice for Eyecare) (Rancho Cordova, Cali.), list of participating doctors, pamphlet, 2002.


Waci-ci Trading Company (Ignacio, Colo.), Mel [& Mahvash] Allen Silva est. 1991, leaflet (sm. card), 2006.

Wal-Mart Supercenter (Durango, Colo.), Complimentary Store Directory ( with floor plan), handbill, 1998.

Water Information Program (Durango, Colo.), Saving Water Outdoors-Brochures [List], handbill-leaflet (card), 1997-1998.

Watermelon Adventures (Durango, Colo.), Rafting!, leaflet (card), 1998.

Wayne State College, Social Science Division (NE.), The Midwest Review: A Journal of the History and Culture of the Missouri Valley (Relevant Examples: Camp Carson, Colorado: European Prisoners of War in the American West During World War II-Neihardt and Native Americans), booklet, 1991.

Webb, Mayor Wellington, Report to Citizens of Denver, 2002.

Wells Group of Durango, Inc., The (Colo.), Accent on Durango (newsletter)-The Durango Homefront (newsletter)-Mike Dent's Commercial Notes (Also the Commercial, both are newsletters.)-News (Also News From..., both are newsletters.)-West Side News (newsletter)-[Miscellaneous printed materials.], leaflets, 1993-2005 (with many undated).

Weminuche Group Sierra Club (Durango, Colo.), One Earth, One Chance (newsletter), leaflet, 1996.

Weminuche Wilderness Adventures (Bayfield, Colo.), Horse Adventures: The Big Corral at Scenic Vallecito Lake, 2004.

Western Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies, Managing Conflicting Values in an Era of Low Trust, packet, 1999.

Westerncoloradoweddingguide.com (Durango, Colo.), postcard, 2003.

Western Excelsior Corporation (Mancos, Colo.), The Absorbing Story of the Remarkable, Renewable, Naturally Regenerating Rocky Mountain Aspen Tree, pamphlet, 1994.

Western History Association, newsletter, 2007.

Westerners International (Tucson, AZ.), Buckskin Bulletin (newsletter), pamphlet, 1987.

Western Museum of Mining and Industry (Colorado Springs, Colo.), Western Museum of Mining and Industry (newsletter), pamphlet, 2006, 2011-2013.

Western Reflections Publishing Co., Book Catalog, 2004.

Western State College of Colorado, 1st Annual Rural Schools Conference, 2005.

Westland Development Co., Inc. (Albuquerque, NM.), House Joint Memorial-102 Congress 1st Session, S.963: To Confirm the Jurisdictional Authority of Tribal Governments in Indian Country-Letters-La Herencia En Santa Fe Application Form-Westland Development Co., Inc.: Atrisco Land Grant-History of Westland Development Co., Inc. [Time list of dates and events.], leaflets, 1987-2001.

Whole Expo (Durango, Colo.), 3rd. Annual Whole Expo 98: The Four Corners Wholistic/Meteaphysical Conference & Exposition, leaflet (program), 1998.

Whole Living Directory, The, Serai Communication Arts (Durango, Colo.), Whole Living Directory, booklet (annual pub.), 1995-2007.

Wholistic Alternatives, The Alternate Realities Companies (Durango, Colo.), Four Corners Wholistic Alternatives: The Four Corners Holistic Journal, booklet (magazine), 1997-2001.

Wild Blue Communications, Inc. (Greenwood Village, Colo.), Leave Dial-Up in the Dust!  Get High-Speed Internet Via Satellite, leaflet (card), 2006.

Wild San Juans Coalition, Saving the Silver San Juans, pamphlet, no date.

Wilderness Land Trust, The (Boulder, Colo.), The Wilderness Heritage, pamphlet (newsletter), 1993.

Wilderness Trails Ranch (Durango, Colo.), A Blend of the Past...and the Present, pamphlet (booklet), 1997.

William P. Clements Center for Southwest Studies (Dallas, TX.), William P. Clements Center for Southwest Studies, pamphlet (booklet), 2006.

William Walks Along (Durango, Colo.), "Interpreting the Sand Creek Massacre Site", papers, 2001.

Wildflowers of Southwest Colorado (Colo.), Wildflowers of Southwest Colorado, handbill (unknown name of actual author or publisher), 1997.

Wiggles Worth Family (unknown location), Thomas Hudson Wigglesworth 1835-1909, leaflet (unknown name of actual author or publisher), undated.

Wiseman Hardware and Lumber (Ignacio, Colo.), wooden nickel, 1987.

Wits End Guest Ranch & Resort (Bayfield, Colo.), Family & Group Vacations at Wit's End Our Full American Plan-Full Royal American Plan-Luxury at the Edge of the Wilderness, pamphlet-leaflet-booklet, 1992-1998.

Wolf Creek Ski Area (Pagosa Springs, Colo.), Wolf Creek: The Most Snow in Colorado-Wolf Creek: Ski and Soak Safari, handbill-leaflet (card), 1996-1997.

Wolf Wood Refuge and Adoption Center (Pagosa Springs, Colo.), Wolf Wood Rufuge Center, leaflet, 2000.

Woman’s Ministry Board (unknown location), Victorian Christmas, handbill, undated.

Woman’s Resource Center (Durango, Colo.), Neighbor-to-Neighbor Program...Important Guidelines-Community Cash Directory Additions-Second Insert to CC Directory-Women's Resource Center: 1995 Membership Roster-"Places to go, People to See": Women's Yellow Pages of Southwest Colorado-Special: Reserve Your Place at the Center!-Join in Womenfest '98... Conference, leaflets-pamphlet (booklets), 1995-2000.

Women's Resource Center (Durango, Colo.), Women's Ink (newsletter), pamphlet, 1996-2005, Networks (newsletter), 2011.

Women United in Christ, Inc. (Durango, Colo.), Women Fully Reliant on God: Speaker Gigi Graham-Women Fully Reliant on God: Featuring Guest Speaker Gigi Graham-Dear Church Representative-Women Fully Reliant on God [handout leaflets]-Registration Form, handbill-leaflets, 2006.

Word of Grace Community Church, band needed poster, no date.

World Council of Elders, Inc. (Morrison, Colo.), [Packet:] Immediate Funding Priorities October - December 2001-Funding Priorities FY 2002-World Council of Elders: Mitakuye Oyasin "We are All Related" (Lakota)-World Council of Elders [packet body], leaflets-handbill-pamphlet (packet), 2002.

Writers in the Sky (Telluride, Colo.), Writers in the Sky: October 24th, 1998, handbill, 1998.

Wyman Hotel & Inn, The (Silverton, Colo.), The Wyman Hotel & Inn: Step Back in Time...-The Wyman Hotel & Inn: Step Back in Time by Spending Time at the Wyman Hotel & Inn, handbill-leaflet (card), undated.


Yaseen Design Studio (Durango, Colo.), Signs for the Competitive Marketplace, leaflet (card), undated.

Yingwen Teach, teach English in China flyer, no date.

Zia Sporting Goods, Farmington, San Juan River Map, 2006.

Zia Taqueria (Durango, Colo.), Traditional Mexican Flavors, leaflets (business card & long menu card), 2006.

Zion-Bryce National History Association, Self-Guiding Nature Trail to the Canyon Overlook, leaflet, undated.

Oversize materials:

Balletto di Toscana Mediterranea


High Country Elevators, Inc. (Dove Creek, Colo.), two empty burlap sacks for Banjo Brand Recleaned Pinto Beans.  One sack is marked 50 lbs. Net weight; the other, 100 lbs.  Printed in red and black with a graphic in black, red and yellow of a banjo and a Mexican/ Southwestern figure in a sombrero.  Dove Creek calls itself the Pinto Bean Capital of the World.  These were produced for beans sold in them at the end of 1998.


Snowdown Durango, Inc. (Durango, Colo.), poster, 1999.  "Can You Dig It", round poster, 18" in diameter.


[ALSO: a flat box of  printed materials still to be arranged and described]

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