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Map of the Western Hemisphere -- the Americas, circa 1700
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    Item Number: 1970:02007.01S        Date of map: 1700?

Title: America, secondo le ultime osservazioni dell Accademia Reale delle Scienze di Parigi [map of the Western Hemisphere -- the Americas]

     Cartographer (corporate name): Academy of Sciences (Paris)              Height (inches): 7.5                 Width (inches): 10

   This is one map (page 220) in a bound volume of twenty maps that are from a geography textbook that is missing its table of contents.  The page numbering of the maps is not consecutive.  The titles are in Italian, derived from an edition issued by the Royal Academy of Sciences in Paris, France.  Each map includes lines of latitude and longitude.  Because the Royal Academy of Sciences of Paris was established in 1666, it is estimated that this textbook was published in the late 17th century or the early 18th century.  This map of North America is remarkably accurate with respect to size and length:width ratio.  

This map forms part of the Cutter World Map Collection, collection C 003, at the Center of Southwest Studies, Fort Lewis College.
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