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Collection M 224:
R. H. "Bob" Tyner papers
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Introduction/ Scope and contents

This collection includes 256 postcards from the late 19th and early 20th centuries, many of them written to Bob Tyner’s Great Aunt Mrs. Alice B. Hannon of Durango, and several of them written to Bob himself from his Great Aunt Mattie (Alice’s sister) who was still back in Wheeling, West Virginia.   Elizabeth "Lizzie" Banks Tyner, Bob's mother, received some of these cards, wrote some perhaps, and compiled them and placed them into an album. 

The collection also includes six volumes of family histories that Robert Tyner compiled about his family (R. H. "Bob" Banks, Jeremiah Holly and Catherine Lynch, George Henry Tyner, Sr. and Mary Ellen Holly, and Robert H. Banks, Sr. and the Willie Ann Bradley family) and (in 2 small volumes) his wife’s family (William and Sophia Lansberry and James Baird, Jr.).  Includes The Old South and the New West, which is a fictional account that corresponds with one aspect of the family’s history, moving from Georgia through Texas into Colorado in the latter portion of the 19th century.

Administrative information

Acquisition informationThis collection is the gift of R. H. "Bob" Tyner, by deeds of gift signed on September 2 and October 4, 2005.  The accession numbers are 2005:09005 and 2005:10005.

Processing informationWhen the Center received this gift, the postcards were inserted into black construction-paper-scrapbook pages; the Center subsequently removed them and placed them into clear archival plastic sleeves for preservation and to facilitate viewing of both sides without causing damage to the cards.  (Nothing had been written on the construction paper pages of the album, which the Center returned to the donor.)  Fort Lewis College Center of Southwest Studies archival student assistant Haley Sladek placed the postcards into clear archival plastic sleeves and created item-level records to describe the postcards, from October 2005 through January 2006.  Todd Ellison, Certified Archivist at the Center, edited the data and produced this guide in January 2006.

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Christmas cards
Cities and towns--Pictorial works
Greeting cards
New Year cards
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Railroad travel--Colorado--Pictorial works
Robert H. Banks family
Tyner family

Series descriptions

Series 1: Postcards, circa 1893-1923 (bulk years: 1901-1909).  256 items.  Received and compiled by Elizabeth "Lizzie" Banks Tyner, et al.  These postcards can be generally characterized as greetings sent in the early periods of the development of the postcard.  For ease of access, the Center arranged the post cards alphabetically in geographical groupings, as shown in the following folder list.  Some cards are filed geographically in terms of recipient address, rather than in terms of the source of the postcard (especially in cases where the geographic subject of the card was unclear).

Series 2: Family histories by Robert Tyner, circa 1990s.  6 volumes.

Folder list of postcards (Series 1, all in Box 1)

1.    Arkansas River (Colo.) and Canada (postcard #s 1 & 2)

2.    Alamosa, Boulder, Bear Creek Canyon, and Canyon of the Grand (Colorado) (postcard #s 3-11)

3.    Cascade, Cathedral Spire, Colorado Springs (Colorado), and by subject content (none-geographic cards) (postcard #s 12-22)

Picture side of postcard -- click to view larger image4.    Denver (Colorado) (postcard #s 33-39)

5.    Durango (Colorado) (postcard #s 40-87)

6.    Falfa [a former railroad siding between Durango and Ignacio, Colorado, which had its own post office], Farmington (N.M.), Florida Station, Garden of the Gods, and Georgetown Loop (Colorado) (postcard #s 88-96)

7.    Gillette, greeting cards, Griffith and Hesperus (Colorado) (postcard #s 97-145)

8.    Las Animas, Mancos, Ouray, Pikes Peak, Pueblo, and Pagosa Springs (Colorado) (postcard #s 146-157)

9.    Rocky Ford, Royal Gorge, Silverton, and Salida (Colorado) (postcard #s 158-165)

10.    California (postcard #s 166-188)

11.    Iowa, Idaho, Illinois and Kansas (postcard #s 189-200)

12.    Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, and Montana (postcard #s 201-205)

13.    New York, Ohio, Oklahoma, and Pennsylvania (postcard #s 206-225)

14.    South Dakota, Utah (especially Salt Lake City), and Virginia (postcard #s 226-230)

15.    West Virginia, Wisconsin, and Wyoming (especially Yellowstone National Park) (postcard #s 231-235)

16.    Miscellaneous postcards (postcard #s 236-256)

17.    Miscellaneous small printed items (not postcards) (item #s 257-263)  Includes a Christmas present tag, 3 small Christmas greeting booklets, a small lithographic image of an unidentified church, and 2 other greetings cards.

Folder list of printed materials (Series 2, all in Box 2)

1.    The old South and the new West, by R. H. “Bob” Banks, plus miscellaneous Banks family history, circa 1990s

2.    An account of the lives of William Samuel Pryor Lansberry and Sophia Ann Favor Lansberry, by Robert Tyner

3.    An account of the lives of  James Alexander Bair, Jr., and Calla Faye Lansberry, by their son-in-law, Robert Tyner, 1993

4.    The descendants of Jeremiah Holly (1836± to 1910) and Catherine Lynch (1842± to 1923), by Robert H. Tyner, October 1992

5.    Ancestors and descendants of George Henry Tyner, Sr., and Mary Ellen Holly, by Robert H. Tyner, April 2, 1993

6.    An account of the lives of  the Robert Henry Banks, Sr., and Willie Ann Bradley family, by their grandson, Robert Henry Tyner, circa 1990s

7.    Miscellaneous papers from the dismantled postcard album.  Includes a portion of an envelope mailed to Geo. Tyner Jr., Bloomington, Calif. (2-cent stamp); the cover of a McKinney Clothing Co. (Durango, Co.) Curlee Clothes booklet; and a small hanging of a print of a stream or a ditch.

Itemized description of the post cards in the
R. H. "Bob" Tyner papers

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