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Introduction/ Scope and contents

This is an artificially compiled collection of  various collections, each of which fills just one folder.  The provenance and identify of some of the collections are undetermined. The photographs cover a range of topics pertaining to the Southwest, and include a range of photographic media.  Approximately 660 images, in 43 folders in 3 document cases.  None of these items circulate, but the Center can provide digital or print copies of individual photographs from these albums.

Administrative information

Arrangement note: Folders are added to this collection as the Southwest Studies Center acquires albums that are not already part of a larger collection.

Acquisition information:  These photograph albums were donated to the Center of Southwest Studies by various sources over the years, as noted in the folder list.

Processing informationThis online guide was produced by Todd Ellison, Certified Archivist, Center of Southwest Studies, in August of 2007 (last updated 2/6/08).

List of folder titles:

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Box 1:

# Collection Title Years Quantity Description of this collection


Durango (Colo.) early views


5 images

Early views of Durango, Colorado: three panoramic views of the city and two views of the Tripp cabin and Tripp store in the Animas Valley. These are copy prints.  Photos by Charles Goodman, et al..


Gladys McBee photographs


2 images

One matted sepia-toned photoprint of two men (one of them with a baby on the handlebars) and a women riding on three bicycles. Also, a black and white photoprint of a young boy watching two lambs nursing by a ewe, as two men watch. Undated.


Kenneth Logan photographs


26 photoprints

Early views of Southwest Colorado, including 3 of Gold King Mill and other scenes near Silverton, Old Engine House at Rico, Lizard's Head and Mt. Wilson, Rio Grande Southern train wreck near Rico, 1910 cowgirls, Grizzly Creek camp, Morrison Ditch in Bayfield, 2 of freight wagon trains, 2 winter scenes, Ft. Lewis army post, Ten Mile Canyon near Breckenridge, miners, Bill Hanson and Claude Bradley, Quartz Mine at Creede, 2 of Galloping Goose cars, and Trimble Springs dance hall which Logan painted.  Photos by Kenneth Logan.


La Plata 1, Long Hollow, and Red Mesa dam sites photographs


1 folder

Several reconnaissance photos by James Boyd.


P. R. Griswold photographs


6 photoprints

Views of the Costilla County Courthouse (San Luis, Colo.) in 1900; Galbreath Timber Co. (South Fork, Colo.) in 1928; a fire in Alamosa on Dec. 25, 1907; Mosca Pass in 1873; a Denver & Rio Grande locomotive in 1900; Mule Shoe Curve at La Veta Pass in 1891 near Crestone (Colo.). These are black and white copy photoprints, each identified and dated.


McLean photographs


36 images

Includes 16 views of trains, including wrecked engines and winter scenes, probably in Southwest Colorado. Also (and these have the 35 mm copy negatives), views of school children, a group posing in front of the C.O. D. Laundry, Main Street in Lake City, a horse with timbers attached and miners watching, snowy main street scenes, school children group portraits, etc. All are unidentified and undated. These are black and white copy prints that were made in Oct. 1993.


Wigglesworth photographs


15 images

A view of earth moving equipment; 11 aerial photographs of Durango; and several rural scenes. Undated copy photoprints, each with its matching copy negative (these are still in the folder with the photoprints).  Compiled by Russ H. Wigglesworth.


Dominguez - Escalante Trail route snapshot photographs


11 photoprints

Contemporary color snapshot views of a likely route of the Dominguez-Escalante expedition that passed through the Durango, Colorado, area on August 7, 1776.  Photos by Walter K. Heikes.


Snyder photographs


17 photoprints

Views of the Old Fort Lewis campus near Hesperus, and photos of Ute Indians who lived near it. B/w photoprints. Compiled by Clarence Snyder.


Pat Turner photographs


51 photoprints and some matching negatives

Views of Durango, Colorado. B/w photoprints made from the lender's originals circa 1995. Most are identified and dated. Compiled by Pat Turner.


A. M. Camp photographs


approx. 25 photoprints

Views of Durango, Colorado, and vicinity. B/w photoprints, still attached to 9 2-sided photo album pages. Most are only partially identified and dated.


Cherry Creek (Denver, Colo.) flood of July 1912, real photo postcards


26 images

Views of damage from the July 1912 flood of Cherry Creek in Denver, Colorado (photographed by Herbert Jackson on July 14-15, 1912), and one view of an unidentified Boulder County town. B/w real photo postcards, arranged in order of the photographer's numbering on the picture (some gaps; not all of the numbered cards are present). Each photo is dated, titled and numbered on the lower left of the emulsion surface; we have #s 1, 2, 4-6, 7, 9, 10-12, 14, 16-17, 20, 22-23, 25, 27-28, 30, 32-36. These were among the items of the estate of Bill Ramaley's father. In his donation cover letter, Dr. Ramaley wrote that his "great uncle, Herbert Jackson, lived in Denver. The day of, or the day after, the famous Cherry Creek flood of 1912, he walked around taking photos of the damage. My father used family negatives to make postcards. I do not have the negatives anymore."


Uranium mining photographs from the Denny Viles collection


31 photoprints

Views of uranium mines, miners, and mining, apparently on the western slope of Colorado.  B/w photoprints. Not identified or dated.  Compiled by Denny Viles.


Gallup (N.M.) contact photoprints


5 sheets of images, and matching 35 mm negatives

Views of people in Gallup, New Mexico. Probably related to the Gallup Indian Community Center (per one envelope in the folder). B/w 35 mm negative contact photoprint sheets. Not identified or dated.


W. T. Vinger farm and fire-fighting equipment photographs


6 photoprints

Views of farming and fire fighting equipment in the Dolores and Rico region of Colorado, photographed by W. T. Vinger. Color photoprints. Most are identified on the back with good detail.


Colorado's beauty spots souvenir photographs booklet


1 volume

Views of Colorado along the Colorado and Southern Railway. B/w lithographs in a published booklet.


Gonner & Leeka photographs of Durango


13 photoprints and cover

Views of Durango, Colorado, by Gonner & Leeka. 13 sepia-toned photoprints attached by paper strips, and the album cover which identifies the views.

Box 2:

# Collection Title Years Quantity Description of this collection


Conrad - Brennan photographs of Durango


31 photoprints and 3 matching negatives

Views of Durango, Colorado and vicinity. B/w copy photoprints. Subjects include the Texaco service station (owned and operated by the Brennan family). Most are identified.


Aspaas family photographs of Fort Lewis


66 images

Views of Fort Lewis, Colorado, and scenes elsewhere in the vicinity, including Pagosa Springs. Includes photos of individuals, groups, buildings, and scenes. B/w copy photoprints. None are identified or dated. No negatives.


Ptolemy photographs


37 photoprints

Views of Mancos and Silverton, Colorado. B/w copy photoprints. Most are partially identified.


Schaaf family photographs


7 images

Photographs of groups of people, including one outside the church next to the Florida Cemetery on the Florida Mesa near Durango , Colorado. B/w photoprints. Not identified or dated.


Viola Enloe photographs of Fort Lewis


15 images

Photographs of groups of people at the Old Fort Lewis campus, cica 1928, including two pages from a photo album. One is a partially identified photo of Fort Lewis faculty in 1928. Another is a group outside the Log Cabin Inn at Pinkerton Springs (north of Durango) in 1928. Also, winter and summer scenes on the campus, and photos from spring vacation outings in 1928. B/w photoprints.


John Ogier certificate and photograph


2 items

Photocopy of a certificate of appreciation to John Ogier, recognizing his efforts contributing to the 100th anniversary of Colorado Statehood -- signed by Governer Richard D. Lamm in 1976. Accompanied by a black and white photoprint of John Ogier and William Winkler on one side of a flag/Centennial banner and an unidentified U.S. Forest Service employee on the other side; the three men are standing on a mountain peak.


Hispanic Southwest Colorado portrait photographs


18 images

Views of Hispanic family members of Southwest Colorado. B/w and sepia-toned photoprints. Partially identified. See also slide transparencies in the small collection of slides, accession 2000:09015.


Ditch #3 diggers photographs


2 photoprints

Two undated early 20th century photoprints (6.25 " x 8.25" on acidic matboard nearly 9 x 11") by Hippenmeyer (Farmington, N.M.). One is a posed portrait of 7 adults (4 of them, Navajo; and 3 Anglo men) in front of a canvas tent about 9' tall at its peak and is labeled in pencil on the back Showalter[?]'s Camp on San Juan River, Ditch #3. The other is labeled in pencil on the back Ditch #3 San Juan River N.M. and is a large group portrait of the same two Anglo men posing in front of a double row of Native Americans who are holding ditch-digging tools (long-handled shovels and a few axes) with five more adult Indians seated in front of the rows of standing adults. Both photoprints are somewhat faded.


Frontier women photograph


1 photoprint

View of 3 women standing in front of a log house. Undated and unidentified black and white photoprint.


Chuck Harbert photographs


2 photoprints

Two black and white photos: an Indian mail carrier, circa 1930s, and "125 ft. 'Fiery Cross' burned on Smelter Mtn. at close of KKK address by Rev. Markley. Durango Colo. April 22 - 25"/ photo by Pennington Studio.


American Smelting and Refining Co. (Durango, Colo.) photographs


14 photoprints

A.S.& R. Co. (American Smelting and Refining Company) early 20th century photos of wooden-fenced areas and construction, apparently near the Animas River in Durango. The word "Samuels" has been written beneath some of the images on some of the prints.


Southwest Colorado photographs from Denver Convention and Visitors Bureau


2 photoprints

B/w photoprints of Southwest Colorado, circa 1949: Electra Lake and Wolf Creek Falls. From the Denver Convention and Visitors Bureau (along with 3 duplicates of 2006:117:003).


Southwest Colorado photographs from State Highway Department


15 photoprints

B/w photoprints of Southwest Colorado, circa 1949, including Coalbank Hill, Red Mountain Pass, Lake City, Sultan Mountain near Silverton, Cumbres Pass by O.T. Davis, Chimney Rock, Wagon Wheel Gap by O.T. Davis, Emerald Lake, Shelf Road, Grenadier Range from Molas Lake, Te-La-Waukett Ranch on the Pine River. From the Colorado State Highway Department, dated March 1949 and numbered.


Southwest Colorado photographs


10 photoprints

B/w photoprints of Southwest Colorado, circa 1949, including Coalbank Hill, Red Mountain Pass, Lake City, Sultan Mountain near Silverton, Cumbres Pass by O.T. Davis, Chimney Rock, Wagon Wheel Gap by O.T. Davis, Emerald Lake, Shelf Road, Grenadier Range from Molas Lake, Te-La-Waukett Ranch on the Pine River. From undetermined source(s).


Alton Dorsett photographs


19 photoprints

A variety of black and white photoprints. Includes a number of portrait photos of Mr. William A. and his wife Margaret Wieland of Bayfield, Colorado. Also, views of the Fowler property in Bayfield, 1900; Presbyterian Church in Bayfield "dad built it"; American Smelting and Refining baseball team; two early card photos including one of toddler named Ernie in 1898. Also, the George Goodmand and Co. wallpaper store; a more recent view of Goodman art supplies etc. store; Durango street scene with snow piled up on Dec. 23, 1965; G. A. Ambold Meat Market, Colorado Armory, G.W. Kepha… General Outfiters, and other early storefront buildings with a board sidewalk and dirt street; panoramic view of Durango from Smelter Mountain circa 1963; etc.


Olga Schaaf Little photographs


26 photoprints

Views of muleteer Olga Little and her home at Hesperus, Colorado, at the Gold King Mine in the San Juan Mountains, and on the trail with her mule train. Some are identified and dated. Includes one oversize color enlargement of a slide transparency that is in the related collection, P 017-010.


A. C. Vroman's Pueblo photographs


6 photoprints

Pueblo tribes photos, 1899-1900, by A. C. Vroman.  7 black and white photoprints, size 8 1/2" x 11".


Culver family photographs


2 photoprints

A Wescott (Dunlap, Iowa) card photo of baby Cora Culver, cousin of Edna Kuykendall Muhic; and a photo of Mary, Grace, and Stewart Culver standing outdoors.


Durango buildings photographs


19 images

Durango landmarks, circa 1945, including the old County Courthouse, the County Fairgrounds during the annual Spanish Trails Fiesta rodeo, several brick houses, and a large wooden structure. 24 copy photoprints, 5x7" (includes some duplicates; 19 black and white images) Undated and unidentified, but good quality images. Duane Smith acquired these from Durango architect R. Michael Bell. From originals at the La Plata County Court House.


Goldie Smiley photographs


10 images

Original black and white photos of persons in the Durango area around the turn of the century. Includes a group card photo of a band of 8 players (woodwinds, brass, and strings), including B. E. Hocker, Mary Hocker, Goldie Hocker (Smiley), Anna Hocker, and Jesse Hocker; a card pnoto of 6 women on a 1909 basketball team; a sepia-toned goup photo of B. E. Hocker, Mary Hocker, Jesse Hocker, Anna Hocker, and Goldie Hocker (Smiley); a card photo of Anna Hocker; and real photo post cards of women on a porch, women standing in front of a building, six smiling young men (Ned Haggart, Paul Jakway, Dick Lane, Goulding Houk, Glen Stevens, and Jim McGillis) standing in a line in suits, and 9 persons in a band (strings, percussion, and brass); and two black and white snapshotphotos of a couple standing outside a car and two fowl in a path to a building.


Charlie Black Mesa Verde photographs


19 images

A card photo (and photoprint copy) of mummies, by Gonner & Hurd (Durango, Colo.). Also, 18 5x7" black and white photo negatives, mostly of views of cliff dwelling archaeological sites at Mesa Verde National Park.


Lewis Bartholomew photographs


19 images

Photos circa 1920s of Smuggler (Colo.), et al.  Belonging to Mrs. Lewis Bartholomew of Bayfield; loaned by Eric J. Adams of KIUP Radio, decades ago.


Clara Goeglein photographs


19 images

Real photo postcard, postmarked Sept. 7, 1926, of the Elks Home in Grand Junction. Also, 5 photo negatives.

Box 3:

# Collection Title Years Quantity Description of this collection


Early 20th century Durango photographs


6 images

Photos of a Durango residence and a large group outside a clapboard building with a broken window pane.  Also, 4 negatives of 1040 Main Avenue, Durango.


Nel McCarty La Plata County photographs


6 images

Photos of individuals and scenes in La Plata County, Colorado, where Nel McCarty was superintendent of the schools in the 1920s. Includes views of school buildings in Allison and Thompson, and portrait photos by Pen-Dike Studio (Durango, Colo.). Includes nitrate negatives, separated out.


Frank H. Vos storefront photograph


1 image

Card black and white photo of the Frank H. Vos building, used as exhibit #1 in Vos vs. Vos court case #3882. Dated September 1, 1926.


Pacific Railroad photographs by A. R. "Andy" Saez


10 images

Well identified photos of locomotives.  Includes views of: a 0-6-0 wheel arrangement Southern Pacific switcher engine at Bay Shore Yard, San Francisco, California; a 4-8-2 Mountain Class engine at San Francisco; a 4-8-4 Northern type engine #4434 on Train #780 at Bakersfield; a General Motors Aerotrain (an experiment that didn't work -- using bus bodies for cars) on the Santa Fe Railroad at Orange, California; a 2-8-0 Colorado Southern locomotive; a 4-8-8-4 Union Pacific Big Bay (largest engine ever run in the U.S.; only 24 of them) in Green River, Wyoming; a 4-6-6-4 Union Pacific Challenger engine in Cheyenne; et al.

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