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Collection M 104:
Helene Monberg papers

14 document cases.
Arranged and described by Todd Ellison, Archivist, and archival student Cynthy Kaufman (revised September, 1998). 

Historical sketch by Olivia Everett, November, 2004.

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M 104

Newspaper clippings, news releases and other printed materials re: Upper Colorado River, 1950s-1960s, and numerous other Southwestern United States topics, compiled by Helene Monberg, a Washington, D.C., correspondent for many western newspapers.  Also, more recently acquired (July 1990) government documents compiled by Ms. Monberg.  Monberg, the compiler, was a Washington-based western newspaper correspondent during her career. 

Ms. Monberg wrote to institutions of higher education in the region, including the Center of Southwest Studies at Fort Lewis College, asking whether they wanted part of her government documents collection, which she dispersed on a first-come, first-served basis.  This collection is comprised of accessions 1973:07001, 1990:07001, 1990:0909, and 1990:10003.

Biographical note
Helene Monberg was born in Leadville, Colorado, on October 19, 1918, and attended the University of Colorado.  In 1941, she went to Washington, D.C. to join the editorial staff of Pathfinder magazine. From 1942 to 1947, she worked for United Press.  From 1949 to 1964, while operating her news bureau, Ms. Monberg also worked for the Congressional Quarterly.  From 1947 to 1983, Monberg operated her own Washington news bureau primarily serving the states comprising the Four Corners area, specializing in water issues.  In 1965, she started a natural resources newsletter which was published until her retirement in 1994.  During the 1960s, Monberg provided start-up college scholarships for disadvantaged youths in the Washington, D.C. area which became the Achievement Scholarship Program.  The ASP Program provided scholarships for black youths recommended by parole and probation officers from 1973 to 1989.  More than 360 youths received the scholarship awards, from money provided directly by Monberg and her fundraising efforts.  In 1998, Monberg announced a bequest of $1 million upon her death to colleges and school districts in Colorado.  Monberg died of complications related to pneumonia on October 8, 2003, at Potomac Valley Nursing and Wellness Center in Rockville, Maryland.

Sources (All websites accessed 10/29/04)

http://www.capitolhillhistory.org/interviews/2003/monberg_helene.pdf: Ruth Ann Overbeck, Capitol Hill History Project, Helene C. Monberg interview, July 18, 2003.



Series descriptions


Preliminary box inventory


DESCRIPTION OF COLLECTION: Collection consists of books, booklets, magazines, newspaper articles, pamplets, research papers, reports and correspondence dealing with energy: electricity, coal, gas, oil, oil shale and nuclear power. There is also extensive information on issues dealing with land and water in the West and Southwest. The collection is divided according to these individual topics.




Reclamation Begins Importation of Energy From Pacific Northwest for Central Valley Project in California, 6/7/68 Dept. of the Interior

Paper Prepared For World Power Conference At Moscow State University, Russia, by Floyd E. Dominy, Commissioner, Bureau of Reclamation, 8/20/68, Dept. of the Interior

Reclamation to Supply "Peaking Power" in Midwest, 9/30/68 Dept. of the Interior

Underground Waste Injection Symposium, 11/3/71 Dept. of the Interior

Assistant Secretary Smith Praises North Central Power Study Report, 10/31/71 Dept. of the Interior

Investor owned electric utility industry announces support for development of a battery powered, load leveling system, Edison Electric Institute, 9/30/71

Project Threshold, Measuring Air Quality, Edison Electric Institute, 10/11/71

Meeting The Nation's Electrical Needs In The 70's: Can It Be Done? Remarks of Assistant Secretary of the Interior, James R. Smith, At the American Public Power Association's Marketing and Public Relations Seminar, Colorado Springs, Co., 10/19/71, Dept. of the Interior

FPC Commissioner Carver Warns That Environment Will Suffer If Nation Does Not Have Sufficient Power To Meet Demands, Federal Power Commission, 2/17/71

FPC Chairman Nassikas Says Public Interest Embraces The Total Environment Of Man, Federal Power Commission, 5/20/71

Edison Electric Institute's Research Program Has Been Expanded, Edison Electric Institute, 6/29/71

NEWSLETTERS: Rural Electric Newsletter, A Roundup of Legislative, Regulatory and Political News Affecting Rural Electrification, No. 572, 9/3/1971


Coal Resources for Electric Generation, Holum, Ken and Associates, Jan. 1970, Montana and Wyoming

Power Plan for the Mississippi Basin, Midwest Electric Consumers Association, Denver, Co.


North Dakota Rural Electric Magazine, Special Edition, 9/1966


National Broadcasting Co. Inc. Presents Comments With Garrick Utley, Volume 1, No. 29, Aug. 22, 1971 Conversation with Charles F. Luce, CEO of the Consolidated Edison Co. of New York  PAPERS: Giant Power In The Upper Missouri Basin, Presented by James L. Grahl, General Manager, Basin Electric Power Cooperative, at NRECA Annual Meeting, 2/27/68, Dallas, Texas

Joint Power Supply Planning In The Missouri Basin, presented by James Grahl, General Manager of Basin Electric Power Cooperative, at the Annual Meeting of the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association, Las Vegas, Nevada, 2/11/70

Technological Challenges In Meeting The Requirements of the Environmental Age, presented by James L. Grahl, General Manager, Basin Electric Power Cooperative, at the Wyoming Electric Power Conference, Cheyenne, Wyoming, 4/17/70

Remarks of Norman M. Clapp, Administration, Rural Electrification Administration, before the 8th Annual Meeting of Basin Electric Power Cooperative, Bismark, North Dakota, 11/22/68

ARTICLES: Many Public Systems Adopt ALL-URD Policy for New Subdivisions, by Lawrence Hobart

Federal Tax On KWH Proposed To Support Electric Research by James C. Webster

Basin Electric Power Cooperative Report, Volume 6, No. 6, 6/1968

Basin Electric Power Cooperative Report, Volume 13, No, 12, 6/1966

Basin Electric Power Cooperative Report, Annual Report, 1967

Basin Electric Report, May 1970

Basin Electric Report, June 1970

Basin Electric Report, July 1970

Basin Electric Report, August 1970

Basin Electric Report, September 1970

Basin Electric Report, February 1971

Western Intersystem Diversity and Energy Program, Planning Committee Missouri Basin System Group, 7/1970

A Systems Analysis of Aquatic Thermal Pollution and Its Implications, Volume 1, Summary Report, Philip B. Cheney and Frank A. Smith, 1/1969, prepared for the National Coal Policy Conference, Inc.

FILM SCRIPT: The Prairie Is Our Garden, A Documentary Film, produced by Basin Electric Power Cooperative, Bismark, North Dakota

Remarks by Assistant Secretary of the Interior, John A. Carver, Jr. at the 99th Annual Convention of the National Wool Growers Association, 1/21/64

Remarks of Charles H. Stoddard, Director of BLM at the Recreation Development Congress of the National Association of Counties, Honolulu, Hawaii, 2/12/64

Address by Charles Stoddard, Director of BLM, at Annual Meeting of the National Wildlife Federation, 3/8/64


Introducing BLM, 7/1963

Our Public Lands, Volume 13, No.1, July 1963

Our Public Lands, Volume 13, No.2, October 1963

Our Public Lands, Volume 13, No.4, January 1964

Civilian Nuclear Power, Appendices to a Report to the President, 1962

Summary of Land Acquisition by Federal, State and Local Governments Up to 1964, Government Land Acquisition, Published by American Forest Products Industries, Inc.



Four Research Grants Awarded by Bureau Of Mines Under Solid Waste Disposal Act, Bureau of Mines, Dept. of the Interior, 10/6/66

Mines Bureau Research Grant Seeks Use for Coal-Ash Slag Wastes, Bureau of Mines, Dept of the Interior, 10/31/66

Remarks by George Fumich Jr., Director of Coal Research, Dept. of the Interior, At the American Gas Association Symposium On Synthetic Pipeline Gas, Pittsburgh Hilton Hotel, Nov.15, 1966, Dept. of the Interior, 11/15/66

Laser Shows Promise For Making Chemicals From Coal, Bureau of Mines, Dept. of the Interior, 11/30/66

Mines Bureau Report Lists Locations of Low Sulfur Coal, Bureau of Mines, Dept. of the Interior, 12/5/66

Garbage Could Become Source of Gasoline and Oil, Bureau of Mines, Dept. of the Interior, 11/5/69

Report On Uses for CULM-Bank Materials Released, Office of Coal Research, Dept. of the Interior, 11/24/69

Mineral Waste Disposal Practices Described, Bureau of Mines, Dept. of the Interior, 1/29/70

Final Report on Project Fuel Cell Released, Office of Coal Research, Dept. of the Interior, 2/2/71

Technical Evaluation of Project BI-GAS, Office of Coal Research, Dept. of the Interior, 3/8/71

America's Coal: A Resource and a Responsibility, Office of the Secretary, Dept. of the Interior, 5/18/71

Secretary Morton Receives Situation Report From Advisory Group on Energy, Office of the Secretary, Dept. of the Interior, 7/23/71

New Interim Report on Project Gasoline Released, Office of Coal Research, Dept. of the Interior, 11/9/71

Coal Scientist Says More Research Needed To Meet Future Energy Demands, Press Service: National Coal Association, 4/22/71

Coal Big Contributor To Ohio's Economy, NCA Study Shows, Press Service: National Coal Association, 5/7/71

Coal's Future Is Bright If Its Full Potential Is Realized, Coal Executive Says, Press Service: National Coal Association, 5/7/71

Bagge Calls For "Redemption" of High Sulfur Coal Reserves As Urgent National Priority, Press Service: National Coal Association, 10/21/71

Government Awards $24 Million Coal Gasification Contract To Bituminous Coal Research, Inc., Press Service: National Coal Association, 11/11/71

Contract to Study Feasibility of the Use of Nuclear Energy To Convert Low Grade Coal To Pipeline-Quality Gas, Gulf General Atomic Co.,

El Paso Natural Plans To Build Worlds First Commercial Plant To Convert Coal Into BTU Gas Suitable For Pipeline Transmission, El Paso Natural Gas Co., 8/19/71

Coal Gasification Plant Study Announced, Texas Eastern Transmission Corp., 10/27/71

Senate Interior Committee Announces Hearings On Coal Gasification Legislation From The Senate Committee On Interior and Insular Affairs, Senator Henry M. Jackson [D-Wash.], 6/3/71

PAMPHLETS: IGT HYGAS Process for Production of Pipeline-Quality Gas From Coal

Progress in Coal Conversion Research and Development , E.J. Hoffman, Reprinted from Proceedings from 11th Biennial Conference of the Institute for Briquetting and Agglomeration

News Briefs, Public Service Co. of Colorado, Vol. 14, No. 12, June 7, 1971, [Coal Gasification]

ARTICLES: Putting New Heat On Coal To Make Gas, Chemical Week, 10/27/71

Synthetic Gas Project Using New Mexico Coal Set By Three Concerns, Wall Street Journal, 10/28/71

Columbia Gas Subsidiary To Limit New Gas Sales After Nov. of 1972, Wall Street Journal, 10/15/71

Multiple Catalyst Fluidized Reaction [November 27,1968-November 27,1973]-The University of Wyoming Natural Resources Research Institute-$613,700

PAPERS: The Direct Production of Hydrogen from Coal Steam Systems, E.J. Hoffman, Natural Resources Research Institute, University of Wyoming, submitted 3/1971

Conversion of Coal Steam Systems, E.J. Hoffman, Natural Resources Research Institute, University of Wyoming, 6/1971

Conservation in the Use of Coal, presented by James Grahl, General Manager, Basin Electric Power Cooperative, at the Montana Coal Symposium, Billings Montana, 11/7/69

Combined-Cycle Power Generation Utilizing Fuel Gas Produced by Hydrogasification of Coal, Institute of Gas Technology IIT Center, Chicago, Illinois, An Unsolicited Research Proposal submitted to Air Pollution Control Office, Environmental Protection Office, Environmental Protection Agency, 3/19/71

CORRESPONDENCE: to: Monberg, Helene C., from: Martin

Letter dated about 5/6/71, regarding article "Comparative Economics of Pipeline Gas From Coal Processes"

to: Monberg, Helene C., from: Martin

Letter dated 11/8/71, regarding article from Chemical Week summarizing plans for construction of a commercial size plant for coal gasification

to: Monberg, Helene C., from: Sargent, Ralph Jr., Vice President of Public Service Co. of Colorado

Letter dated 6/23/71, regarding article on coal gasification


Office of Coal Research Annual Report 1971, Dept. of the Interior, Office of Coal Research, Washington D.C.NUCLEAR ENERGY


Oil From Any Solid Carbonaceous Material In-SITU Using A Nuclear Reactor As The Source of Heat, Justheim Petroleum Company, 8/11/69

A Method for the In-SITU Extraction Of Oil From Carbonaceous Shales, Justheim Petroleum Company, 1/27/70

Possible Results of Compliance With Calvert Cliffs Decision, Edison Electric Institute, 10/13/71

Policy Resolutions Dealing With The Siting Of Nuclear And Other Thermal Electric Power Plants, Uranium Mill Tailings Problem, Utilization of Thermal Discharge From Power Plants in Agricultural Irrigation, Support For Locating The Proposed Fast Breeder Reactor Demonstration Plant, Western Interstate Nuclear Board,

Remarks Shortly After Detonation of the Cannikin Device, United States Atomic Energy Commission, 11/8/71

NEWSLETTERS: National Coal Policy Conference, Inc. Newsletter. Vol. VII, No. 43, 10/27/1966

Public Power Weekly Newsletter, American Public Power Association, No.71-29, 7/30/1971

APPA Nuclear Power Newsletter, American Public Power Association Atomic Energy Service, 8/1971

Cannikin Test Bomb Seated In Blast Well, 10/27/71
AEC Chief, Family At Amchitka Site, The Daily Sentinel, 11/5/71, pg.2

Judge Will Demand Amchitka A-Study, The Washington Post, 10/24/71, pg. A 38

AEC Details Nuclear Complex Plans, Rocky Mountain News, 8/26/68, pg.21


No. 1: Federal Legislation-Power Plant Siting, 9/1971

No. 3: Liquid Metal Fast Breeder Reactor, 9/71

No. 4: Space Port, 9/71

No. 5: Support of Colorado Department of Health, 9/71

REPORTS: The Calvert Cliffs Decision, First Federal Appellate Decision On Section 102 of Nepa, Environmental Impact Statements 102 Monitor, Vol.1 No.8, Sept. 1971

Fact Book on U.S. Nuclear Power Projects, eight edition, Electric Companies Public Information Program, 8/66

Civilian Nuclear Power Appendices to a Report to the President-1962, U.S. Atomic Energy Commission

Western Interstate Nuclear Board Annual Report 1970-1971, Lakewood, Colorado


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