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Collection P 055:
 Robert and Florence Lister photographs inventory

Years this material was created: circa 1930-1990
Quantity: estimated 1,400 p
hotographs, in 5 letter-size document case and and two oversize flat lidded boxes.
 © 2004  by Fort Lewis College Foundation, Center of Southwest Studies account

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Introduction/ Scope and contents

Biographical note

Administrative info

Folder list
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Introduction/ Scope and contents

Hundreds of photoprints of archaeology of the Southwestern United States, Central Mexico and other areas, many of them photographed by Robert Lister.  The Listers used some of these images as illustrations in their books.

Biographical note

Robert Lister and his widow Florence Lister were distinguished archaeologists of the Southwest region, with a long association with Mesa Verde and other Four Corners region sites. 

Administrative information

About the organization of this collection:  The photographs are arranged by subject, in the same order in which the Listers placed them.

Acquisition information: Mrs. Lister donated the collection to the Center of Southwest Studies by deed of gift on April 4, 2003 (accession 2003:04004.2).  Acquisition of this collection was approved by the Southwest Accession/ Deaccession Committee on April 2, 2003.   The collection was appraised by Gary Matlock, as documented by his letter dated June 18, 2003 to the Director of the Southwest Studies Center.

Processing information This collection was arranged and described by Fort Lewis College student archival worker and anthropology major Andrew Hayes, with Todd Ellison, Certified Archivist, Center of Southwest Studies, in October of 2004.  Gretchen Gray numbered the photographic images and updated the webpage in November of 2007.

Related collection: Collection M 214: Robert and Florence Lister papers.  In 7 document cases.

Added entry terms:
Archaeology--Colorado--Pictorial works
Archaeologists--Colorado--Pictorial works

Folder inventory

Box 1

Folder 1:     Gran Quivira National Monument (N.M.), circa 1967 (photos 1-20)

Folder 2:     Artwork for Behind Painted Walls, Florence Lister, 2000 (photos 21-119)

Folder 3:     Behind Painted Walls artwork, Chapter 1 (photos 120-128)

Folder 4:     Behind Painted Walls artwork, Chapter 2 (photos 129-151)

Folder 5:     Behind Painted Walls artwork, Chapter 3 (photos 152-171)

Folder 6:     Behind Painted Walls artwork, Chapter 4 (photos 172-191)

Folder 7:     Behind Painted Walls artwork, Chapter 5 (photos 192-199)

Folder 8:     Behind Painted Walls illustration proofs

Folder 9:     Behind Painted Walls artwork (35mm film negatives)

Folder 10:     Photographs from A. V. Kidder; Babicora Ranch, Chihuahua (Mex.) (photos 200-216)

Folder 11:     Sonora-Chihuahua archaeology circa 1953(35mm film negatives)

Folder 12:     Sonora-Chihuahua archaeology, Cave Valley, circa 1952 (35mm film positives)

Folder 13:     Sonora-Chihuahua archaeology, Casas Grandes, circa 1952 (35mm film positives)

Folder 14:     Sonora-Chihuahua photographs, miscellaneous (negatives)

Folder 15:     Sonora-Chihuahua photographs (photos 217-236), with correspondence to Robert H. Lister from A. V. Kidder, 23 June 1958

Folder 16:     Sonora-Chihuahua prints, circa 1952 (photos 237-257)

Folder 17:     Sonora-Chihuahua prints, circa 1953 (photos 258-287)

Folder 18:     Wetherill Mesa survey pottery, circa 1968 (photo negatives)

Folder 19:     Fewkes Collection of pottery from Mesa Verde National Park (Colo.), circa 1969 (photo negatives)

Box 2

Folder 1:     Site 875 in the Far View Group, Chapin Mesa, Mesa Verde National Park (Colo.), circa 1969 (photos 288-295)

Folder 2:     Pottery excavated 1891 from Mesa Verde National Park (Colo.); from the National Museum of Finland, Helsinki (Finland) (photos 296-319)

Folder 3:     Mesa Verde National Park (Colo.) (photos 320-344)

Folder 4:     Mesa Verde National Park (Colo.) (photos 345-375)

Folder 5:     Mesa Verde National Park (Colo.) (photos 376-397)

Folder 6:     Excavations at Mesa Verde National Park (Colo.) (photos 398-416)

Folder 7:     Mesa Verde National Park (Colo.) (photos 417-433)

Folder 8:     Pottery from Mesa Verde National Park (photos 434-456)

Folder 9:     Chaco Culture National Park (photos 457-484)

Box 3

Folder 1:     Unidentified archaeological sites/ ruins (photos 485-490)

Folder 2:     Miscellaneous American Southwest photographs (photos 491-516)

Folder 3:     Miscellaneous American Southwest photograph (photos 517-539)

Folder 4:     Miscellaneous American Southwest photographs (photos 540-557)

Folder 5:     Pecos National Historical Park (N.M.) (photos 558-589)

Folder 6:     Pecos National Historical Park (N.M.) (photos 590-621)

Folder 7:     Pottery from Wetherill Mesa, Mesa Verde National Park (Colo.) (photos 622-671)

Folder 8:     Pottery from Wetherill Mesa, Mesa Verde National Park (Colo.) (9 sets of 35mm film negatives)

Folder 9:     Ancestral Pueblo pottery design motifs (photos 672-682)

Box 4

Folder 1:     Positives- Mesa Verde National Park (Colo.) archaeological sites (negatives)

Folder 2:     Negatives- Mesa Verde National Park (Colo.) archaeological sites (negatives)

Folder 3:     Negatives- Mesa Verde National Park (Colo.) sites 875, 866, and 1088 (negatives)

Folder 4:     Negatives- Excavation at Hell’s Midden, Dinosaur National Monument (Colo.) (negatives)

Folder 5:     Rural Chihuahua (Mexico) mid 1950s (negatives paired with prints: photos 683-688)

Folder 6:     Artwork for Prehistory in Peril, 1997 (photos 689-740)

Folder 7:     Homer Root collection at Fort Lewis College, 1994 (photos 741-748)

Folder 8:     Rural Chihuahua (Mexico) mid-1950s (photos 749-784)

Folder 9:     Pottery and engravings from Genoa (Italy) (photos 785-794)

Folder 10:     Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic (photos 795-802)

Folder 11:     Photoprints from Mexico and Central America (photos 803-829)

Folder 12:     Photos of Chimney Rock and pottery recovered from Chimney Rock (photos 830-851)

Folder 13:     Artwork for Potluck: Adventures in Archaeological Ceramics, circa 1997 (photos 852-911)

Folder 14:     Artwork for In the Shadow of the Rocks: Archaeology of the Chimney Rock District, circa 1977 (photos 912-917)

Folder 14:     Artwork for Prehistory in Peril: the Worst and Best in Durango Archaeology, circa 1997 (photos 918-923)

Box 5

Folder 1:     African photographs from University of Colorado Nubian expedition, circa 1963 (photos 1-11)

Folder 2:     Meroitic Nubian Pottery (Sudan)  (photos 12-91)

Folder 3:     Artwork for The Chinese of Early Tucson, circa 1989 (photos 1-138)

Folder 4:     Artifacts from Chinese boarding house, Tucson (Ariz.) (35mm film negatives)

Folder 5:     Artwork for The Chinese of Early Tucson, circa 1989 (35mm film negatives)

Folder 6:     Negatives from the Tucson Urban Renewal project (35mm film negatives)

Folder 7:     Artwork for The Chinese of Early Tucson, circa 1989 (slides)

Folder 8:     Artwork for The Chinese of Early Tucson, circa 1989 (photos 139-199)

Folder 9:     Deleted images from The Chinese of Early Tucson, circa 1989 (photos not in sleeves; therefore not numbered)

Folder 10:   Chinese of Prescott, Arizona (photos 200-251)

Box 6:  Oversize images (in smaller flat lidded box, 17.5" x 12")

Folder 1:     Photoprints of Mesa Verde National Park artifacts--oversize

Folder 2:     Pecos Site (N.M.), circa August 1965--oversize

Folder 3:     Figures from Lister's book on the Chinese of Tucson, illustrations--oversize

Folder 4:     Mounted photos (proofs?) of  artifacts from Mesa Verde National Park--oversize (not in folder)


Box 7:  Oversize images (in larger flat lidded box, 20.5" x 16.5")

Folder 1:     Photoprints of archaeological sites of southern Mexico--oversize

Folder 2:     Photoprints of the carvings of Los Danzantes (the dancers) Monte Alban; Oaxaca, Mexico, circa 1953--oversize (even larger prints of the same outside folder)

Folder 3:     Artwork for: Chaco Canyon Archaeologists and Archaeology, circa 1981--some oversize, majority are 8x10" or smaller but were retained together here to preserve the original order

Folder 4:     "Bob Lister and Al Schroeder at Arkansas Monument in 1970s, 1 mounted photoprint; not in folder--oversize

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