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Collection M 146:
Industrial equipment catalogs inventory

Years this material was created: 1910-1980 (bulk years 1950-1965)
5 linear shelf feet (in 10 document cases and 1 flat lidded box)
 © 2000 by Fort Lewis College Foundation, Center of Southwest Studies account

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Introduction/  Scope and contents

This collection contains catalogs, manuals, guides, price lists and other printed materials pertaining to equipment used in
industrial functions in the Southwest, 1910-1980.  The bulk of the items date from 1950 to 1965

Administrative information

About the organization of this collection:  The first eight boxes of catalogs are arranged in alphabetical order by title.  Subsequent additions to the collection are added to the end of the list.  Catalogs with the same title are arranged chronologically.

Acquisition information: The Center of Southwest Studies acquired these through the decades.  Many of them were inherited from the physical plant services of Fort Lewis at the former campus near Hesperus, Colorado, and date to the years when Fort Lewis was an agricultural and mechanical school.

Processing information Center of Southwest Studies' Archival Assistant Debra Lehl arranged and described this collection in September of 2000.  This inventory was prepared by Debra Lehl in 2000 and was last edited by Todd Ellison in May, 2007.  

Series description

This is a single seriesCatalogs, manuals, guides, price lists and other printed materials pertaining to equipment used in industrial functions in the Southwest, 1910-1980 (bulk years 1950-1965).  Arrangement is alphabetical by folder title.  

Container list

Box 1:

     Folder 1     Air compressor instruction manual and service parts list/  Le Roi Company (Milwaukee, Wisc.), undated.

     Folder 2     Block’s buyers guide to better values/  Block and Company (Chicago, Ill.), 1952.

     Folder 3     Brushes/  McPhee and McGinnity Company (Denver, Colo.), 1910.

     Folder 4     Construction review/  Ingersoll-Rand (New York, N.Y.), undated.

     Folder 5     D7 tractor parts catalog/ Caterpillar Tractor Company, 1956 October.

     Folder 6     Delta Rockwell industrial power tools/ Rockwell Manufacturing Company (Pittsburgh, Penn.), 1958.

     Folder 7     Eimco continuous vacuum filters (Salt Lake City, Utah), undated.

     Folder 8     Electric-furnace steel castings/ The Eimco Corp. (Salt Lake City, Utah), 1943.

Box 2:

     Folder 1     EMF electrical year book/ Electrical Trade Publishing Company (Chicago, Ill.), 1925.

     Folder 2     Engineered incandescent lighting/ Art Metal (Cleveland, Ohio), 1955 July.

     Folder 3     Engineering and Mining Journal/ McGraw-Hill Publication, 1955 February.

Box 3:

     Folder 1     Frigidaire commercial uses/ Frigidaire (Dayton, Ohio), 1935 March.

Box 4:

     Folder 1     Frigidaire service manual/ The Burkhardt Company (Detroit, Ohio), undated. 

     Folder 2     The Helm Brick Machine Company (Cadillac, Mich.).

     Folder 3     Hendrie and Bolthoff Bulletin (Denver, Colo.), 1915 Nov.

Box 5:

     Folder 1     Industrial supplies, Hendrie and Bolthoff Company/ R. R. Donnelley and Sons Company (U.S.A.), 1957.

     Folder 2     Instructions: Sharples suction-feed tubular separator/ Sharples Separator Company (West Chester, Penn.), undated.

     Folder 3     International parts catalog/ International Harvester Company, (Chicago, Ill.), undated.

     Folder 4     International science and technology/ A Conover-Mast Publication (New York, N.Y.), 1962 March.

     Folder 5     Jaeger Machine Company/ Western Machinery Company (?) (Denver, Colo.), 1948.

     Folder 6     Jenkins values catalog/ Jenkins Bros (New York, N.Y.), 1956.

     Folder 7     Keuffel and Esser Company, Penn.rt I and II/ Kendrick-Bellany Company (Denver, Colo.), undated.

     Folder 8     Loily cream separator/ International Harvester Company of America Inc. (Chicago, Ill.), undated.

Box 6:

     Folder 1     The 1949 mining yearbook/ Colorado Mining Association (Denver, Colo.) 1949.

     Folder 2     Minnesota home creamery/ Minnesota Company (Owatonna, Minn.) 1915.

     Folder 3     Mining world: annual catalog issue, development and directory number/ Miller Freeman Publication (San Francisco, Calif.) 1954 April 15.

     Folder 4     Mining world, Philippine mining: today and tomorrow/  Miller Freeman Publications (San Francisco, Calif.) 1955 Sept. .

     Folder 5     Mining equipment: mining equipment for mine and quarry, 1955 Aug. .

     Folder 6     Mining world: catalog, survey and directory number, 1958 April 15.

     Folder 7     Manual for Farvel centralized systems of lubrication/  Farvel Corporation (Cleveland, Ohio).

     Folder 8     The mining and contracting review/ Center of Nonferrous Mining (Salt Lake City, Utah) 1951 Oct.-Nov..

     Folder 9     Metal mining and processing/  Maclean-Hunter (Chicago, Ill.) 1965 Jan..

     Folder 10    Mining congress journal/ American Mining Congress, 1951 Dec..

     Folder 11    Mining congress journal/ The American Mining Congress (Washington, D. C.), 1938.

     Folder 12    Mining world/ Miller Freeman Publications (San Francisco, Calif.), 1957 April.

     Folder 13    Mining catalogs (bulletins)/ Eimco Corp. (Salt Lake City, Utah).

     Folder 14    National safety news: annual safety equipment issue/ National Safety Council (Chicago, Ill.), 1953 March.

     Folder 15    National safety council: occupational safety services/ National Safety News (Chicago, Ill.), 1955 March.

     Folder 16    The new Vulcan-Denver electric slushers/ Vulcan Iron Works Company (Denver, Colo.), undated.

     Folder 17    Operation and maintenance manual for the Joy WK-80 portable air compressor model 125/ Joy Manufacturing Company (Michigan City, Indiana), undated.

     Folder 18    Occupational hazards: industrial safety and housekeeping/ Safety Equipment, Inc. (Denver, Colo.), 1955 July and 1955 August.

Box 7:

     Folder 1     The plant (Pontiac, Ill.), 1955 Sept.

     Folder 2     Records that talk, I-P, books and forms, catalog No. 154/  I.F. Hoeckel Blank Book and Lithographing Company (Denver, Colo.), undated.

     Folder 3     Resale, maintenance and rebuilding/ Hitchcock Publication, 1955 March.

     Folder 4     Resale, maintenance and rebuilding/ Hitchcock Publication, 1955 Sept..

     Folder 5     Rocky Mountain Construction/  Mountain Publishing Co., Inc. (Denver, Colo.), 1958 April 1.

     Folder 6     Rocky Mountain construction/  Mountain Publishing Co., Inc. (Denver, Colo.), 1955 Sept.

     Folder 6A   Ross Meridiograph pamphlets and a paper, from the brown leather pouch of  the Center of Southwest Studies's surveying tool (accession 2002:11010A): Lallie Surveying Instrument and Supply Company (Denver, Colo.) catalog, 1917; a general info sheet on the Ross Meridiograph, with notes of a recording made on April 25, 1917 in Rico (Colo.); two identical sheets of instructions for how to find true north by the Meridiograph; and two identical sheets of a folded paper entitled “Do you survey? Here is your 1917 sun-diary.”

     Folder 7     The Sharples upward squeeze milker/  The Press of the Frank D. Jacobs Co. (Philadelphia, Penn.), undated.

     Folder 8     Silver Steel Company, (Denver, Colo., and Albuquerque, N.M.), undated.

     Folder 9     Square D Company catalog digest No. 139, 1956 Nov.

     Folder 10    Stewart’s iron fence/  The Stewart Iron Works Company (Cincinnati, Ohio), 1923. 

     Folder 11    Thor portable power tools catalogs/  Independent Pneumatic Tool Company (Aurora, Ill.), 1950-51.  One three-ring binder, containing:

·Thor catalog No. 38-A (second edition) Portable Electric Tools/  Universal Type, 82 pages.

·Thor 1951 catalog No. 39, Portable Electric Tools, 40 pages.

·Thor catalog No. 42-A (second edition) Mining and Contractors Tools, 58 pages.

·Thor catalog No. 43 Mining and Contractors Tools, 42 pages.

·Thor catalog No. 52-B (third edition) Pneumatic Tools, 66 pages.

·Thor catalog No. 52-B (fourth edition) Pneumatic Tools, 66 pages.

·Thor catalog No. 70 Portable Power Tool Accessories, March 1950, 54 pages.

       Folder 12    Tritch Hardware Co. (Denver, Colo.), equipment brochures and correspondence to H. C. Biggs & Co. (Ignacio, Colo.) and U.S. Indian Service, Consolidated Ute Agency, 1924-1925.  (Gift of Paula Wiseman, May 2007.)  Equipment includes Clayton & Lambert double needed torches and fire pots, and tool chests, carving sets, show shoes, tobaggans, sleds, and ski boots,  child's Viko aluminum toy sets, and stoves.

      Folder 13    Western construction equipment directory/  King Publications (San Francisco, Calif.), 1958 Jan.

Box 8:

     Folder 1     Wyeth Hardware and Manufacturing Company, catalog and price list/ The Heinn Company (Milwaukee, Wisc.).

Box 9:

     Folder 1     Shapleigh Hardware Company (St. Louis, MO.) catalog, ca. 1942.  Products of Shapleigh Hardware Co. and Keen Kutter: "The recollection of quality remains long after the price is forgotten."  28 sections, all in one binder.   This and the two catalogs in Box 10 are accession 2004:08010.3, from Mrs. Tom (Paula) Wiseman, trustee of Tom Wiseman estate.  This (as with the other two catalogs) was used in the Wiseman Hardware Store (Ignacio, Colo.).  A handwritten note inside the cover states that the company went out of business, 1/10/1960.

Box 10: 

     Folder 1     Holmes Hardware Co. (Pueblo, Colo.) catalog, undated, circa 1934 (732 pages, hardcover).  Indexed at the front.  This catalog #152 belonged to Mr. H. C. Biggs of Ignacio, Colo.

     Folder 2     The Salt Lake Hardware Co. wholesale catalog F, 1949 (2,805 pages, hardbound).  This volume was presented to H. C. Biggs, Ignacio, Colorado).

Box 11: 

     Folder 1     The Last Whole Earth Catalog, Sept. 1971. 

     Folder 2     The (updated) Last Whole Earth Catalog, 16th edition, June 1975.

     Folder 3     The Next Whole Earth Catalog, 1980.

Box 12:

     Folder 1     Mitutoyo Measuring Instruments, Catalogue 1000

     Folder 2     Science and Mechanic's Tool Directory, 1961

     Folder 3     Peterson's Tool Book No. 1: Basic Automotive Tools and How to Use Them

     Folder 4     Peterson's Tool Book No. 3: Basic Automotive Measuring Tools and How to Use Them

     Folder 5     Brookes Twentieth Century Machine Shop Practice by L. Elliott Brookes. Frederick J. Drake & Co.: Chicago, 1915.

     Folder 6     Sporting Firearms by Horace Kephart. The MacMillan Company: New York, 1928.

Doing your own research: This description of a portion of the collections at the Fort Lewis College Center of Southwest Studies is provided to inform interested parties about the nature and depth of the repository's collections.  It cannot serve as a substitute for a visit to the repository for those with substantial research interests in the collections.

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