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Collection M 102:
Susan A. Davies papers inventory

Years this material was created: 1960-2001, bulk 2000-2001
Quantity: .8 linear shelf feet (in 2 document cases)

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Introduction/ Scope and contents

M 102
Bulk 2000-2001
.8 linear shelf feet
(Processed material: approximately 500 items, in 58+ folders in 2 document cases.)

The Navajo Trail materials (the first series in the Davies Collection) includes printed material and ephemera pertaining to the Navajo Trail Highway.  The series includes numerous maps, magazines, brochures, and booklets which provide locals and visitors with a better understanding of the significance of the Navajo Trail.  The series in the Davies Collection pertains to environmental and growth issues affecting Durango and vicinity; that series contains materials acquired by Susan A. Davies as a result of her participation in organizations that were actively involved in the planning and development of  local issues.  Some of the issues included are ridgeline building, new housing developments, the Animas-La Plata water project, and the Fairfield Durango resort.  Documentation of the development of the ballot proposal supported by Residents for the Open Space Initiative is also included in this series.

Historical note about East Third Avenue ("the Boulevard," Durango, Colorado)

Durango’s East Third Avenue between 5th and 15th Streets is known as "The Boulevard,” and has been a designated historical residential area since Oct. 11, 1984.  Built in the 1890s, many churches chose to build in this area and it quickly became the premier location in Durango.  In the late 1990s, the Neighborhood Boulevard Association was formed and drafted historic district guidelines for the area, which outlined 14 different housing types along the avenue’s 12 blocks. These range from mining shacks that were hauled to Durango from New Mexico to the elaborate Hood Mortuary building, a former mansion.

Susan Davies, the donor of these records, was awarded the Outstanding Contribution for Maintaining a Historic Structure for the Sloan residence in 2004 at 973 East Third Avenue and is an advocate of open space that does no infringe on Third Avenue’s historical character.

Works cited (all websites last accessed 12/15/2004):

Administrative information

Acquisition information: All of the items in this collection were donated by Susan A. Davies.  She acquired this collection as a result of her interest in local issues, especially her interest in environmental and growth issues.  The two series in this collection were donated to the Center of Southwest Studies in two separate accessions (1988:11002 in November of 1988 for the the Navajo Trail materials; 2002:01011 in January of 2002 for the environmental and growth issues materials.  We have maintained the different accessions in separate file folders with the assigned accession number noted on each folder.

Processing informationThis inventory was prepared by Diana L. Novara, March 12, 2001 (she arranged and described the materials also) and was edited by Todd Ellison, C.A.  The historical sketch was prepared by archival assistant Olivia Everett, December of 2004.

Series descriptions

Note:  Box numbers start with 1; folder numbers start with 1 in each box.  Items within each series are arranged chronologically, unless noted otherwise.

Series 1:   The Navajo Trail printed materials, 1956-1971, 18 folders.  Maps, magazines and ephemera related to the Navajo Trail.  Arranged chronologically.

Series 2:   Environmental and growth issues printed materials, 1996-2001, 41 folders.  Documents related to a wide variety of growth and environmental issues that are important to residents of the city of Durango and La Plata County.  Issues included are: Residents for the Open Space Initiative, Fairfield Durango development, ridgeline development, new housing developments, and gas and oil wells.  Growth issues in the state of Colorado are also included.  Folders in this series are arranged in alphabetical order. 

Container list

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Box 1 (Series 1: Navajo Trail printed materials), folders 1-18:

Folder 1   Arizona Highways magazine, April 1956.  This issue describes the drive through Monument Valley.  Includes pictures of scenery in valley and describes the lives of residents in Monument Valley.

Folder 2   The Four Corners Magazine, ca.1960.  An advertising publication for the towns located along the Navajo Trail.  Includes information about the towns, hotels, restaurants, and shops in the towns.

Folder 3   Indian Country Map from the Automobile Club of Southern California, ca. 1960.  The map highlights the Indian villages in southern California, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, and Colorado.  It also includes advice regarding  preparation for desert driving.

Folder 4   The Navajo Trail brochures and pamphlets, ca. 1960-.

Folder 5   The Navajo Trail map, ca. 1960.  Highlights the scenic route from Cortez to Phoenix.

Folder 6   The Navajo Trail advertising placard, ca. 1960-.  It is a sample size for a full size billboard advertisement. 

Folder 7   Navajoland U.S.A. map, 1960.  Prepared for and published by the Navajo Tribal Council, this map provides visitors with information regarding the sights to be visited on the Navajo reservation.

Folder 8    Arizona Highways magazine, September 1961.  This issue provides readers with a tour of the Four Corners area in the Southwest United States.

Folder 9    The Trail They Call the Navajo, September 1962.  45 rpm record from the special dedication of the Navajo Trail.

Folder 10   Navajo Trail membership certificate and decal, 1962-1963.  Also includes a written history of the Navajo Trail from Susan A. Davies.

Folder 11   Along the Navajo Trail decorative plate, 1963.

Folder 12    Sunday Empire Magazine, September 1963.  The magazine of the Denver Post includes the article "Westward on the Navajo Trail" (p.6).

Folder 13   San Juan County Utah brochure, 1965.

Folder 14    Trek Along the Navajo Trail yearbook, 1964-1965.  Offers advice to tourists on places to visit, the best time for visiting, and how to arrive at their destinations.

Folder 15    Colorado's Navajo Trail Region booklet, 1966.  This booklet is designed to encourage business and industry to locate their businesses in the four corners area.

Folder 16   Mesa Verde National Park guide, 1969.

Folder 17    Navajo Trail Traveler newspaper, 1969.  This newspaper describes Durango and Pagosa Springs and the activities available to tourists.

Folder 18   Colorado state map, 1971. 

Box 2 (Series 2: Environmental & Growth issues printed materials), folders 1-41:

Folder 1   Animas-LaPlata Project newspaper clippings, 1996-1997, 2000.

Folder 2   Colorado environmental report, special 35th anniversary edition, 2000.

Folder 3   Colorado's Most Endangered Places records, 1999.  Includes the review committee manual and the nomination form for 2000.

Folder 4   Colorado Open Lands correspondence, 1999.

Folder 5   Colorado Open Landscape newsletter, 2001.

Folder 6    Colorado Wild newsletter and brochure, 2000-2001.

Folder 7   Creekside Environmental Alliance records, 1996.  Includes correspondence and newspaper clippings related to the fair fishing legislation.

Folder 8   Durango Conference and Convention Center printed materials, 2000-2001.  Includes materials and newspaper clippings related to the possible development of a convention center.

Folder 9   Earth Day pamphlets, 2000.

Folder 10   Elks' Development by Greenmount Cemetery  (Durango, Colo.) printed materials, 2000-2001.  Includes newspaper clippings regarding the possible development of the Elks' property next to the Greenmount Cemetery. 

Folder 11   Fairfield Durango Resorts printed materials, 1999-2000.  Newspaper clippings covering the development and approval of the resort and public response to the resort.  A promotional mailing for a Fairfield Durango vacation.

Folder 12   Friends of Animas Valley brochures, 2000.. 

Folder 13   Growth issues, non-specific to Durango/La Plata County newspaper clippings, 1996, 1999-2000.  Also related to growth and development issues in other areas of Colorado and the nation.

Folder 14   La Plata County Clerk and Recorder voting information brochure, 2001.  "Notice of a coordinated/combined polling place election to increase taxes on referred measures" mailing from the county clerk explaining the issues about which voters must decide. 

Folder 15   La Plata Electric Association printed materials, 2001.  Notice from LPEA and a newspaper clipping regarding the Dark Sky meeting. 

Folder 16   La Plata Open Space Conservancy printed materials, 2000.  Brochure and letter to the Board of County Commissioners regarding the mission of the La Plata Open Space Conservancy.

Folder 17   Oil and gas industry  printed materials, 2000.  La Plata County oil and gas development projection, notice of House Bill 1480, and newspaper clippings related to oil and gas issues.

Folder 18 Operation Healthy Community printed materials, 2000-2001.  Brochures and booklets.

Folder 19   Parks master plan report, 2001.  The commission review report of the Durango comprehensive plan. 

Folder 20   Property development printed materials, 2000-2001.  Presentation materials, brochures, and newspaper clippings regarding potential residential developments.  Developments included are: Kroeger Ranch, River Trails Ranch, Florida Mesa Plan, Piano Creek Ranch, Turtle Lake Refuge, and Oak Ridge Development.

Folder 21   Public Leadership Forum Growth printed materials, 2000.  Brochure and notes from the forum in Durango on September 18, 2000.

Folder 22   Residents for the Open Space Initiative newspaper clippings, 2001.  Reflecting support for the use tax.

Folder 23   Residents for the Open Space Initiative newspaper clippings, 2001.  Reflecting views of those against the use tax.

Folder 24   Residents for the Open Space Initiative advertising materials, 2001.  Posters, pamphlets, buttons, and stickers.

Folder 25   Residents for the Open Space Initiative Campaign Committee meeting agendas, 2001 June 21 - July 19.

Folder 26   Residents for the Open Space Initiative Campaign Committee meeting agendas, 2001 July 26.  Includes the La Plata County voter opinion survey.

Folder 27   Residents for the Open Space Initiative Campaign Committee meeting agendas, 2001 August 2-26.

Folder 28   Residents for the Open Space Initiative printed materials, 2001.  Legal definitions and requirements for ballot measures. 

Folder 29   Residents for the Open Space Initiative records and correspondence, 2001.

Folder 30   Residents for the Open Space Initiative printed materials, 2001.  Working drafts of resolution 2001-35. 

Folder 31   Residents for the Open Space Initiative printed materials, 2001.  Bicycle Tour of the San Juans fund raising information.

Folder 32   Residents for the Open Space Initiative printed materials, 2001.  Sample resolutions from Adams and Douglas counties. 

Folder 33   Residents for the Open Space Initiative printed materials, 2001.  Sample resolutions from Grand, Larimer, and Weld counties.

Folder 34   Ridgeline development newspaper clippings, 1999-2001.  Regarding potential ridgeline development around Durango.

Folder 35    San Juan Citizens News newsletter, 2001.

Folder 36   Saving Places records, 2000-2001.  Colorado Preservation, Inc.'s annual historic preservation conference. 

Folder 37   Scenic America records, 2001.  Scenic Colorado exploratory meeting records.

Folder 38   Ski area proposed development printed materials, 2000-2001.  Regardomg potential development of the Durango Mountain Resort and of the Silverton Tramway and Storm Peak Recreation Area.

Folder 39   Summary of the Final Environmental Impact Statement, USDA Forest Service, for the Northern Great Plains Management Plans revision, 2001.

Folder 40   Telecommunication towers and antennas printed materials, 2001.  Guidelines and response to the guidelines regarding the placement of towers.

Folder 41   Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado booklet, 2001.

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