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M 030
Ben Nighthorse Campbell papers: audio-visual materials, circa 1964-2006

The Ben Campbell collection as a whole comprises political papers created and maintained by Ben Nighthorse Campbell of Ignacio, Colorado, during his service as a Colorado state representative (1983-1987), as a member of the U.S. House of Representatives (1987-1992), and as a U.S. Senator (1993-2004).  Record series include campaign files, bill files, committee files, state and federal government publications, staff project files, subject files/ legislative reference files, voting and attendance records, casework files, issue mail, and constituent correspondence.  A lively portion of this collection is videotapes and audiotapes that document portions of Senator Campbell's work on Capitol Hill and elsewhere.

These videotapes and audiotapes in particular offer an insight into the character and personality of Ben Nighthorse Campbell.  Although the recordings are not comprehensive, they do provide a view of the passion and pride the Senator took in his duties as a voice inside the U.S. political arena and for speaking on behalf of Native American issues.  His ability to reason and to communicate with and for his constituents is captured throughout the sequence of events recorded.  Native Americans and others saw him as a powerful influence among the elite who make the laws of this country.  In Congress, his unique background in terms of education, ethnicity (the only Native American Senator), and experience (Olympic judo competitor, jewelry designer, rancher, Korean conflict veteran, semi- truck driver, Harley-Davidson enthusiast who rode his motorcycle to Capitol Hill) enabled him to offer a needed perspective in areas of his focus on the Hill: federal treaties with Native Americans; U.S. trust responsibility as regards Native Americans; Native American sovereignty; water rights; issues of family violence and healthy families; the Southwest.  Native Americans would say that "he was just another blade of grass blowing in the wind" and surely is missed for the representation that he gave to that community.  The moments captured on these recordings and made available in this collection demonstrate the manner in which he grappled with the issues of government.

VHS Videotape Recordings Descriptive Report     (91 videotapes, which form a part of accession number 2004:12003)

Sorted by name of main speaker, then by title of recording 

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  Title  (length, in minutes)                            Recording date   Recording  #  Interviewer

  Jour Du Souvenir    (5 min.)                                          750

      French language footage on a post- 9-11 bike rally in N.Y.C. led by Senator Campbell.  Theme of bringing
      dollars to spend in a recovering community.

      Indians of North America--Anecdotes    Motorcycles--New York               New York, N.Y.

  ABC News

   Presidential Inauguration 1993 (ABC coverage)  (20 min.)   1993-01        771  ABC News

      Inauguration of President Clinton and the parade including Senator Campbell in traditional Plains Indian
      regalia, on horseback.

      Presidents--United States--Inauguration     Legislators--United States--1993        Washington, D.C.


Main speaker.  Ben Nighthorse Campbell

   American Indians: comments by Senator Ben Nighthorse Campbell   (15 min.) 1993 779

      Campbell talks about issues of assimilation, jobs, identity, and his personal biography in the Native American

      Indians of North America--Anecdotes    Legislators--United States--1993        Washington, D.C.

   Animas-La Plata water project debate - Feingold   (2 min.)                 770  C-SPAN

      C-SPAN coverage of Senator Ben N. Campbell on the Senate floor concerning Ute Indian water rights and the
      Feingold Amendment.

      Indians of North America--Treaties     Legislators--United States             Washington, D.C.

   Ask Congress  (30 min.)                               2002-02-12       742  Wolff, Lester

      Interview with Senator Campbell.  Includes topics on water rights, endangered species, terrorism, ethnic
      cleansing of Native Americans, sovereignty, land rights, and education.

      Terrorism--Prevention--2002         Endangered species--Law and legislation          Washington, D.C.

  Title  (length, in minutes)                            Recording date   Recording  #  Interviewer

   Aspen Airport and airway improvement   (6 min.)           1994-06-09       720

      Senator Campbell makes a Senate floor statement on the improvement of the Aspen (Colo.) airport and airway.

      Airports--Colorado--Aspen--1994      Legislators--United States--1994        Aspen (Colo.)

   Aspen Airport improvements, et al.   (16 min.)              1995-06-12       721  Good Morning

      A personal interview by Good Morning America with Senator Campbell at his home in Ignacio, Colorado. 
      The first portion of this tape contains footage of a Senate floor hearing about the Aspen airport and airway
      improvement, presented by the Senator.

      Indians of North America--Anecdotes   Legislators--United States--1995        Ignacio (Colo.)

   Ben Nighthorse Campbell on MSNBC   (10 min.)            2003-07-10      754  MSNNBC

      MSNBC coverage on the return of a female soldier in the U.S. military stationed in Iraq so that she could be
      with her dying mother, Andrea Fine.  Senator Campbell is thanked and also involved in helping her to obtain a
       30-day leave.

      Soldiers--Family relationships--2003    Families of military personnel--2003      Iraq

   Boot camp with Ben   (30 min.)                            2003          715

      Senator Campbell answers written questions from Colorado middle school students, mostly on his health and
      exercise outlook.

      Health behavior--United States--2003   Legislators--United States--2003        Colorado

   Bosnia, Iraq, and military spending  (5 min.)                1998-03-06       732

      Senator Campbell issues statement before a U.S. Senate Appropriations Committee hearing to address using a
      "bounty" on these leaders of the Bosnian and Iraq regimes rather than keeping the military there while
      spending all that money by keeping them in check.

      United States. Congress--1998          Legislators--United States--1998        Iraq

   Bosnian conflict and Olympic experience  (15 min.)          1994-04-20      717  Brown, Hank

      1). Live interview via satellite feed to Senator Campbell with a Q/A on the Bosnian conflict, 2). Interview by
      former Senator Hank Brown with Senator Campbell about his Olympic experience during the years 1960-1964.

      Legislators--United States--1994      Olympics--1964                    Bosnia

   Bureau of Indian Affairs conference interview with Ben   (10 min.)   1988     777

      Campbell speaks on broken treaties, expressing his opinion that U.S. President Ronald Reagan was ignorant on
       Indian affairs and claims.

      Indians of North America--Treaties      Legislators--United States--1988        Washington, D.C.

   Campbell - Considine debates  (120 min.)                 1992-09-19       751  Cochran, Dave

      Colorado's U.S. Senate candidates debate at Club 20 between Ben N. Campbell and opponent Terry
      Considine.  Other footage has the two debating on environmental issues.

      Political campaigns--Colorado--1992   Legislators--United States--1992        Colorado

   Campbell Olympics judo training footage  (27 min.)           1964          748

      1964 Olympic preparation with the U.S. judo squad in training sessions.  Highlights of Ben Campbell in
      coaching and drilling are recorded.  The tape was transferred from an 8mm to VHS  on 1988-09-14.  This
      recording has no audio.

      Indians of North America--Anecdotes    Judo--Training--United States

   Campbell profile for Portugal T.V.   (5 min.)                               749  Costa Ribas, Luis

      Live interview by L. C. Ribas (Portuguese reporter) with Ben Nighthorse Campbell.  The interviewer translates into
      Portuguese and Mr. Campbell speaks in English.

        Indians of North America--Anecdotes    Legislators--United States             Washington, D.C.

  Title  (length, in minutes)                                  Recording date   Recording  #  Interviewer

   Campbell Senate campaign message: bogus campaign of Dottie Lamm   (30 sec.) 1998-10-05   737    McAuliffe Message

       A 30-second campaign ad for Senator Campbell.

      Political campaigns--Colorado--1998   Legislators--United States--1998        Colorado

   Campbell Senate campaign message: Colorado  (13 min.)                       797

      Short comment by Ben N. Campbell on the promotional emphasis of the video message.

      Television in politics                                             Colorado

   Campbell Senate campaign message: courage   (5 min.)      1998-05-20            767  McAuliffe Message

      PSA spot on Senator B. N. Campbell and motto of "courage" for his campaign.

      Political campaigns--Colorado--1998      Legislators--United States--1998       Colorado

   Campbell Senate campaign message: families  (30 sec..)        1998-10-12          741  McAuliffe Message

       A 30-second campaign ad for Senator Ben N. Campbell.

      Political campaigns--Colorado--1998        Legislators--United States--1998        Colorado

   Campbell Senate campaign message: get the vote out   (1 min.)    1994-10-05       719

      Public service announcement by Senator Campbell for Montana Native Americans to "get the vote out" and
      have a voice in politics.

      Political campaigns--Montana--1994    Indians of North America--Government     Montana

   Campbell Senate campaign message: life experiences  (30 sec.)    1998-10-20      739   McAuliffe Message

      A 30-second campaign ad for Senator Ben N. Campbell.

      Political campaigns--Colorado--1998   Legislators--United States--1998        Colorado

   Campbell Senate campaign message: strong voice  (30 sec.)       1998-10-28      745

      Campaign ad by Ben Nighthorse Campbell on strong families and having the best for young people.

      Indians of North America--Anecdotes    Family life education--United States       Washington, D.C.

   Campbell Senate campaign message: that's okay   (30 sec.)         1998          740  Dirt Road Productions

      A 30-second campaign ad for Senator Ben N. Campbell.

      Political campaigns--Colorado--1998   Legislators--United States--1998        Colorado

   Campbell's Senate race  (300 min.)                              1989-05-05      757  Night News

      A 3-part video: 1) Headlines from several network airings on Ben N. Campbell pulling out of Senate race 
      2) footage of passing a bill  3) NAIA Div. I National Football Championship between Adams State College
      (Alamosa, Colo.) and Carson-Newman (a Catholic school in Kansas).

      Political campaigns--Colorado--1989   Legislators--United States--1989        Washington, D.C.

   Capitol Hill Harley Davidson interview   (5 min.)                   1996          776

      Interview with Campbell while sitting on his Harley Davidson motorcycle; he discusses helmet law and provides
      general information about his own motorcycle.

      Motorcycle helmets--Colorado--Law and legislation    Harley-Davidson motorcycle--1996       Washington, D.C.

   CBS News broadcast   (5 min.)                                  2004         784  Smith, Harry

      Senator Campbell comments on the Abu-Ghraib prison scandal and his role in the Veterans Affairs Committee.

      Prisoners of war--Iraq--2004         Legislators--United States--2004        Iraq

   Channel 5 News with Senator Ben Nighthorse Campbell   (2min.)                778  Howard, Hillary

      Interview with Ben N. Campbell on his art of making jewelry.

      Indians of North America--Anecdotes    Jewelry making--Colorado--Ignacio       Colorado

  Chiapas people of Central America   (5 min.)                    1994-02-02        718

      Senator Campbell gives a speech on Capitol Hill, appealing for redress to injustices against the Chiapas
      people in Mexico by the local government of their state.

      Chiapas (Mexico)--History--Peasant     Legislators--United States--1994        Washington, D.C.

   Club 20 Debate with Lamm   (120 min.)                            1998          774  Groswold, Gerry

      Senate race debate between Ben N. Campbell and Dottie Lamm at Club 20.

      Political campaigns--Colorado--1998   Legislators--United States--1998        Colorado

   C-SPAN Washington Journal   (60 min.)                                        788

      Live call-in interviews with Rep. Donald Payne and Ben N. Campbell.  Callers made statements on political
      correctness for the FDR memorial, Indian gambling, smoking, government shutdown, and hiring of the mentally impaired.

      Legislators--United States           Political correctness--United States       Washington, D.C.

   Democracy in action: Congress at work   (5 min.)                               792

      Ben N. Campbell at his work in Congress.

      Indians of North America--Anecdotes    Legislators--United States             Washington, D.C.

   Denver Indian Market   (66 min.)                                 1989-01-12     763  Palmer, Curtis R.

      Footage of the 7th annual Indian Market in Denver.  Includes a short interview with Ben Nighthorse Campbell
      regarding his jewelry making, thoughts on politics. Other footage is of artisans and Native dances.

      Indians of North America--Anecdotes     Jewelry making--Colorado--Ignacio--1989      Denver (Colo.)

   Dick Durbin's Capitol Report   (15 min.)                                        793  Durbin, Dick

      Durbin interviews Ben N. Campbell on his personal and political life.

      Indians of North America--Anecdotes    Legislators--United States             Washington, D.C.

   Digital video conference   (54 min.)                               2004-03-09     712  Hopkins, John

      Senator Campbell, Bruce Hill, and John Hopkins on a videoconference inside a U.S. Senate recording studio,
      with Campbell answering telephone questions on Senate and state issues in regards to his assessment of events
       on the timelines.

      Legislators--United States--2004      Television in politics--2004            Washington, D.C.

   Election congratulations  (120 min.)                                 1992        753  9News T.V.

      Live broadcast featuring up-to-the-minute election results from polls in the U.S. Senate race of Colorado and
      several brief interviews with Ben N. Campbell.

      Political campaigns--Colorado--1992   Legislators--United States--1992        Colorado

   Environmental extortionism   (23 min.)                           1997-12-17      731  ABC World News

      News segment on a Colorado businessman Tom Chapman who buys private lands and then sells them back to
      the federal government. Senator Campbell is interviewed by ABC News on his comments.

      National parks and reserves--United States                                  Colorado

   Equal Time (CNBC)  (30 min.)                                  1995-12-19      780  Brown, Dee Dee

      Campbell is asked about his judo experience, jewelry making, political life, and his Harley-Davidson motorcycle.

      Indians of North America--Anecdotes     Harley-Davidson motorcycle--1995       Washington, D.C.

   Good Morning America Sunday   (5 min.)                         1995-10-22     764  Fox, Steve

      "Politics As Usual" segment features an interview with Ben N. Campbell, mainly regarding his switching of
      political parties.  Other footage is of the United Nations meetings in NYC.

      Political campaigns--Colorado--1995   Political parties--United States--1995      Washington, D.C.

  Title  (length, in minutes)                            Recording date   Recording  #  Interviewer

   Greenwood Village mayors show # 52   (66 min.)                         796  Phifer, David W.

      Short segment of Campbell's comments on the federally funded Centennial Airport.

      Airports--Colorado                Legislators--United States             Colorado

   Harley show on Amazing America  (30 min.)            1997-01-22           734  Amazing America

      A Learning Channel programming that includes a history of the Harley-Davidson motorcycle with footage and
      interview of Senator Ben N. Campbell.

      Harley-Davidson motorcycle--1997     Legislators--United States--1997        Washington, D.C.

   How the West was lost   (50 min.)                    1993-02-20          785  Thomas, Peter

      Campbell makes a short commentary in the episode of the history of the Cheyenne Indians and their stories and

      Indians of North America--Treaties      Cheyenne Indians--Wars--1993         Washington, D.C.

   Hozho Nahadslii [Navajo phrase meaning "Return to Harmony"] 1996   (10 min.)        711  Johns Hopkins Center...

      N.F.L. players' football camp at Chinle High School (Chinle, Ariz.), on Navajoland.  Produced by The Johns Hopkins
        Center for American Indian and Alaskan Native Health.

      Indians of North America--Health and...    Football--Training--Arizona--1996        Chinle, Ariz.

   In focus with Hank Brown   (28 min.)                                    781  Brown, Hank

      Brown interviews Tim Wirth, first on wilderness issues, then with Ben N. Campbell on the Wilderness legislation.

      Wilderness areas--Law and legislation     Legislators--United States             Colorado

   Indian Affairs: sovereignty  (22 min.)                        1997-09-07     730  ABC News

      News segment on one Senator's proposal to redirect Native American sovereignty.  Includes video footage of
      Senator Campbell and Indian leaders speaking against such actions.

      Indians of North America--Anecdotes     Indians of North America--Government     Washington, D.C.

   Indian arts and crafts: Southwest art   (13 min.)              1994-05-25     716

      A caller interview via satellite feed in a U.S. Senate recording studio; Senator Campbell answers questions
      about laws and legal issues concerning Native or Indian arts and crafts.

      Indians of North America--Anecdotes     Legislators--United States--1994        Washington, D.C.

   Interview with Senator Ben Nighthorse Campbell  (20 min.)   1996-03-21     758

      Topics covered are Indian veterans and Congressional Native involvement, or the lack of it.

      Indians of North America--Anecdotes     Legislators--United States--1996        Washington, D.C.

   Interview with Senator Campbell  (28 min.)                  1993-01-27     726  Brown, Hank

      "In Focus" program interview by former Colorado U.S. Senator Hank Brown with Senator Campbell and U.S.
      Congressman Scott McInnis.

      Legislators--United States--1993      Television in politics--1993            Colorado

   Kennedy assassination recollections on Good Morning America  (20 min.)   795  Good Morning America

      Campbell shares his experience upon hearing of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy while
      Campbell was in training at Tokyo, Japan.

      Indians of North America--Anecdotes    Presidents--Assassination

   Lawyergate   (1 min.)                                                 768  CNN

      Short statement by Senator Campbell on why President Clinton has lawyers who are paid by taxpayers' money.

      Executive power--United States                                      Washington, D.C.

    Lehrer News Hour   (1 min.)                              2000-04-18    760  Denver TV News

      Footage of discussion of Sand Creek Massacre bill to erect a monument, and the White River Forest Plan.

      Sand Creek Massacre (Colo.)--2000    White River Forest (Colo.)--2000         Colorado

   Life away from Washington during the year of the Senate race  (10 min.) 1989-04-22  759   Channel 9 News

      Footage of Ben N. Campbell at a Denver pow-wow and comments on his life away from Washington at the
      ranch, pow-wow, and year of the U.S. Senate race.

      Indians of North America--Anecdotes     Legislators--United States--1989        Denver (Colo.)

   Link Up America: Congressional PSA   (30 sec.)               1988-03-18     744

      30 second public service announcement by Ben Nighthorse Campbell to promote use of a telephone service.

      Telephone answering services--1988   Legislators--United States--1988        Colorado

   Mounted Capitol Police   (2 min.)                           2004-06-26     743  Wilson, Brian

      Short footage of interview with Senator Campbell and his proposal to use mounted police on horseback at the
      grounds of the White House.

      White House (Washington, D.C.)--2004                                Washington, D.C.

   N.A.F.T.A.   (2 min.)                                      1993-10-26      725

      Questions and answers on the North American Free Trade Agreement.

      Commercial treaties--1993          Legislators--United States--1993        Washington, D.C.

   N.A.F.T.A.   (4 min.)                                      1993-11-10      724

      Satellite feed interview in Senate recording studio with Senator Campbell and questions related to the North
      American Free Trade Agreement.

      Commercial treaties--1993          Legislators--United States--1993        Washington, D.C.

   National Parks: historic preservation and recreation legislation   (50 min.) 2000-09-14   723

      Energy and Natural Resources Subcommittee hearing on national parks with Senator Thomas as Chairman and
      Senator Campbell proposing Sand Creek Massacre site legislation.

      National parks and reserves--Colorado      Legislators--United States--2000        Washington, D.C.

   Newshour with Jim Lehrer   (15 min.)                       1997-06-09     789  Deardon, Tom

      Animas-La Plata water project issues are debated, pro and con.

      Water resources development--Colorado--1997    Indians of North America--Treaties--1997   Animas River (Colo.)

   NMAI Prep Theater: Self-expression  (1 min.)                2004-01-12     787

      Rough cut footage of scenes captured around Native America showing Indian people in their settings.  One
      frame shows Senator Ben N. Campbell sitting in his office at Capitol Hill.

      Indians of North America--Anecdotes     Legislators--United States--2004        Washington, D.C.

   Operation blaze on Channel 7  (1 min.)                     1994-07-08      782  Deale, Pam

      Short footage of comments on "trails" in Colorado by Ben N. Campbell.

      Wilderness areas--Law and legislation       Trails--Colorado--1994              Colorado

   P.O.W. and M.I.A. flag act legislation  (5 min.)                 1997-04-09      729

      Senator Campbell addresses the Senate about creating an act to honor the POW/MIA flag, and dates for it to
      be flown.

      Prisoners of war--1997          Flags--Law and legislation--United States       Washington, D.C.

  Title  (length, in minutes)                            Recording date   Recording  #  Interviewer

   Politically incorrect with Bill Maher  (40 min.)             1997-03-03       735     Maher, Bill

      Ben N. Campbell appears on an broadcast alongside celebrities Alex Trabek, Jerry Seinfield, and Valerie
      Bertinelli.  Topics include cigars and death, et al.

      Indians of North America--Anecdotes     Legislators--United States--1997        Washington, D.C.

   Presidential spending on attorneys   (5 min.)               1998-03-19       733

      Senator Campbell makes a statement on appropriating funds for Presidential legal actions like having too
      many attorneys pertaining to legal matters.

      Executive power--United States--1998   United States. Congress--Appropriations    Washington, D.C.

   Radio interoperational demo  (10 min.)                                   772  Denver TV Networks

      Short footage of Ben N. Campbell expressing support for interagency communication between law enforcement
       branches using a radio system.

      Terrorism--Prevention              Law enforcement--Federal aid          Washington, D.C.

   Rep. Ben Nighthorse Campbell on floor of Senate  (240 min.)     1987      775

      Representative Ben N. Campbell speaks on water rights and Indian land agreements; also, he opposes HR-1039.

      Indians of North America--Treaties     Legislators--United States             Washington, D.C.

   Republican radio address  (10 min.)                      1998-04-03       762

      Senator Campbell talks about the federal budget.

      Legislators--United States--1998      United States. Congress--Appropriations    Washington, D.C.

   Restless warrior: war of words: a dream come true (on 9News)   (8 min.)  1995-10-03  736   Sardella, Ed

      Restless Warrior segment: includes a look into the life of Senator Campbell's daily life in the Senate.

      Indians of North America--Anecdotes     Legislators--United States--1995        Washington, D.C.

   Return of remains of American soldiers from Korea  (121 min.)   1989-05-28   755

      Ben N. Campbell speaks during the return of the remains of American soldiers who were in the Korean War.
      The remains of five individuals were given over to a delegation from the U.S.  This video includes footage of
      the formalities and meetings with Korean officials.

      Prisoners of war--Korea--1989        Legislators--United States--1989        Korea

   Rising tide  (60 min.)                                                 786  Barbour, Haley

      Short commentary by Ben N. Campbell on property rights versus the federal government, and makes a
      "Bambie" comment (referring to protecting deer).

      Conflict of laws--Eminent domain      Eminent domain                   Washington, D.C.

   Rising tide - "Winning the West"   (60 min.)                  1995-10-19     746  Barbour, Haley

      Footage and interview by Republican National Committee head Haley Barbour with Ben N. Campbell and his
      views on Bruce Babbit, switching parties to Republican, and how the West is very resource-abundant.

      Political parties--Colorado--1995      Legislators--United States--1995        Washington, D.C.

   Rock out   (30 min.)                                                   791

      Highlights of a headliner about Ben N. Campbell aiding another Congressman who was assaulted by Carlton
      Moore in the White House tunnel.  Other segments are of Campbell commenting over the Bosnian conflict and
      the campaign funds in question when he switched political parties.

      Legislators--United States           Political parties--United States          Washington, D.C.

   RTV  (5 min.)                                            1995-05-16     794  Tuck, Jennifer

      Ben N. Campbell is asked about his senatorial routines and his switching of political parties.

      Political parties--Colorado--1995      Legislators--United States--1995        Washington, D.C.

    Segment on Indian Affairs hearing  (5 min.)                 2004-10-03     714  ABC Nightly News

      Short segment on "Money Grab" where some tribes accuse Washington lobbyists of corruption, especially in
      relation to the Abramoff-Scanlon casino scandal.

      Indians of North America--Government    Lobbying--Law and legislation--United States     Washington, D.C.

   Senate floor hearing  (240 min.)                            1996-06-06     747

      The first portion of this videotape has a debate in the Energy and Natural Resources Subcommittee chaired by
      Senator Campbell.  Topics include a bill to support national parks and its sponsorship - advertising issues.  The
      second portion deals with a legislation for recognizing Robert Dole officially for his works and contributions to
      the public and government; Senator Campbell promotes that recognition before the Senate.

      National parks and reserves--United States     Legislators--United States--1996        Washington, D.C.

   Senate hearing on Confederate Flag Amendment  (120 min.)   1993-07-22     783

      Campbell speaks against legislation for the Helms Confederate Flag Amendment and what symbols represent
      to people.  Also recorded on this videotape are Campbell's remarks on the NAFTA trade agreement.

      Emblems, National--1993           Commercial treaties--1993            Washington, D.C.

   Senator Ben N. Campbell on CNBC's Cal Thomas Show  (30 min.)  1995-06-06  756   Thomas, Cal

      Cal Thomas interviews Senator Campbell and addresses questions on terrorism, amendments to bills, death
      penalty, Bosnian conflict, environmental issues, switching to republican party, and gambling.

      Legislators--United States--1995      Gambling--Law and legislation--United States    Washington, D.C.

   Senator Campbell and the mouse  (5 min.)                               798

      "Killer Jumping Mouse" versus the human growth: Campbell speaks on keeping a certain species of mice off of
      the endangered species list for animals because it really is impeding on expansion and development of the
      community involved.

      Endangered species--Law and legislation      Mice--Law and legislation--United States   Washington, D.C.

   Senator Campbell interview and B Roll NTSC-SP  (30 min.)                773

      Italian interview with Ben Campbell on his personal and political profile.

      Indians of North America--Anecdotes    Legislators--United States             Washington, D.C.

   Senator Campbell on the U.S. Olympic Committee scandals  (10 min.)       769  Warner Brothers

      A Warner Brothers production, including a short interview with Ben N. Campbell, who addresses the corruption
      and scandals within the U.S. Olympic Committee.

      Legislators--United States           Olympics

   Senator Campbell's public service announcement: healthy babies  (1 min.)  1993-10-27  738

      90 second public service announcement by Senator Campbell on "healthy babies".

      Indians of North America--Anecdotes     Family life education--United States--1993       Colorado

   Sonya live in L.A.  (10 min.)                                         766  Sonya

      Senator Ben Nighthorse Campbell is asked about the arts and censorship/ responsibility issues, along with
      financial obligations from the government and his responses to them.

      Arts--Censorship--United States       Legislators--United States             Washington, D.C.

   Stop family violence stamp  (1 min.)                     2003-10-11     790

      PSA by Ben N. Campbell to promote purchase of the "stop family violence" postage stamp.

      Indians of North America--Anecdotes     Family violence--United States--2003      Washington, D.C.

   Town meeting  (60 min.)                                           761

      A question and answer session at a town meeting, without any more info or details as to time and place
      (somewhere in Colorado), etc.

      Legislators--United States                                         Colorado

   Walnut Canyon National Monument Subcommittee hearing  (115 min.)  1995-11-09  722

      Senator Campbell chairs an Energy and Natural Resources Subcommittee hearing, including proposals for the
      land acquisition of Walnut Canyon National Park in Flagstaff, Arizona.

      National parks and reserves--Arizona--1995    Legislators--United States--1995        Flagstaff (Ariz.)

   Worldnet dialogue  (60 min.)                             1992-03-24    752  Hourigan, Terry

      Ben Nighthorse Campbell and Michael Anderson, the Director of the National Congress of American Indians,
      are interviewed by answering call-in questions about such issues as Housing and Urban Development., Native
      sovereignty, Alaskan corporations, political reality, jurisdiction problems, and gambling issues.

      Indians of North America--Government    Gambling--Law and legislation--United States    Washington, D.C.

  Title  (length, in minutes)                            Recording date   Recording  #  Interviewer

 Clinton, William J.

   President Clinton honors Senator Campbell  (1 min.)      1992-07-09       728

      Bill Clinton gives honor in a televised statement for Ben Nighthorse Campbell and his services to the Southwest.

      Legislators--United States--1992      Television in politics--1992            Washington, D.C.

  Feingold, Russ

   Animas River Project  (90 min.)                         1996-07-30      727  Campbell, Ben

      Senate floor coverage on the Animas River Project with debate by Russ Feingold and counter by Pete
      Domenici, Senator Campbell chairs the debate.

      Water resources development       Legislators--United States--1996        Animas River (Colo.)

  McClellan, Dave

   Specialty Equipment Market Association awards banquet  (1 min.) 1998-11-15  765  

      Specialty Equipment Market Association honors Senator Ben N. Campbell with its Chairman's Service Award,
      but Campbell is absent from the ceremony.

      Legislators--United States--1998                                    Washington, D.C.

  West, Richard

   National Museum of the American Indian opening day   (22 min.) 2004-09-21 713  Brokaw, Tom, et al.

      Coverage and interviews with the opening activities of the National Museum of the American Indian, some
      interviews by network TV with director Richard West and participants of the festivities/parade.  Hosting t.v.
      networks were CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC and PBS News Hour.

      Indians of North America--Museums--2004   Legislators--United States--2004        Washington, D.C.


Also of interest, these audiotape recordings:

Narrator                                        Recording date   Recording  #  Interviewer

  Campbell, Ben Nighthorse                            Accession        2002:12

                                                  2002/12/16       645  Gulliford, Andrew, et al.

      Co-interviewer Jeanne Brako as curator at the Center of Southwest Studies.  On the topic of the Senator's

      Jewelry            Indians of North America--Arts & crafts          Durango (Colo.)


  Campbell, Ben Nighthorse                            Accession        2006:088

                                                  2006/05/22       710  Gulliford, Andrew, et al.

      Co-interviewer Jeanne Brako as interim director/curator at the Center of Southwest Studies.  On the topic of the
      Senator's political experiences.  At the Campbell Child Development Center on the campus of Fort Lewis
      College, with an audience of students from Escalante Middle School in Durango.

      United States--Politics and government         Senators--United States          Durango (Colo.)

Audiotape Recordings of Ben Nighthorse Campbell, a descriptive report
     (35 audiotapes, which form part of accession number 2004:12003)

Sorted by title of recording 

Search tip:   search for names using the Edit-> Find in Page (Ctrl+F) feature on your Web browser.

    Title  (length, in minutes)                                   Recording date   Recording  #                         

   A caucus of one: Senator Ben Nighthorse Campbell  (60 min.)               825

      National Native News covers the inaugural involvement of Ben Nighthorse Campbell and interviews him with
      questions on his challenges to come with his new senatorial office and many more details are expressed by his
      interests and views.  Date undetermined, circa 1992.

      Indians of North America--Anecdotes

   Ben Nighthorse Campbell and Dottie Lamm campaign  (30 min.)              824

      Campbell summarizes his work and contributions to political work at a debate in Pueblo, Colorado.  Date
      undetermined, circa 1988, October 13th.

      Legislators--United States                                         Pueblo (Colo.)

   Ben Nighthorse Campbell campaign statements on Dottie Lamm  (10 min.)     830

      Comments by Campbell on the failures her perceived of Dottie Lamm regarding her promises on issues and
      how he, on the other hand, has contributed to various legislations, bills, and funds.  Date undetermined, circa 1988.

      Legislators--United States

   Ben Nighthorse Campbell interview by French broadcast  (15 min.)     1996-05-00       812

      Campbell is asked to highlight issues on Indian gaming (gambling) and the loss of traditions in Native
      American communities.

      Gambling--Law and legislation          Indians of North America--Government

   Ben Nighthorse Campbell: Trails of Colorado  (5 min.)                       832

      Short talk by Campbell on Colorado trails, including the Old Spanish Trail.  Date undetermined, circa 1986-2004.

      Old Spanish Trail                 Trails--Southwest, New

   Colorado radio call in program  (45 min.)                                   826

      Miscellaneous questions and answer session for Campbell, topics ranging from the political to the personal and
      the local to the national items.  Date undetermined, circa 1986-2004.

      Legislators--United States

   Colorado wilderness  (5 min.)                                             823

      Discussion of a proposal of adding a few more acres to the Colorado wilderness areas, with comments from
      various speakers.  Date undetermined, circa 1986-2004.

      Wilderness areas--Law and legislation         Legislators--United States

   Committee on Veteran Affairs  (10 min.)                      1997-06-12       813

      Senator Campbell is involved in the markup of a bill to designate Bob Hope an Honorary Veteran

      Veterans--Law and legislation        Legislators--United States

   Conference calls with Ben Nighthorse Campbell  (15 min.)                   829

      Senator Campbell comments on Appropriations Bill,  Dept. of the Interior funds, and Post 9/11 details.  Date
      undetermined, circa 2001-2003.

      Legislators--United States

   Conversation with Congressman Campbell  (10 min.)                        827

      Representative Ben N. Campbell is interviewed and asked on Ute Indian water rights as well as his support for a
      National Ski Day.  Date undetermined, circa 1986-1992.

      Water resources                  Legislators--United States

   Fetal Alcohol Syndrome awareness  (5 min.)                                831

      Campbell shares about his upbringing around the alcoholism of his father, and his view of the statistics and
      problems associated with alcohol like F.A.S. and F.A.E.  Date undetermined, circa 1986-2004.

      Indians of North America--Anecdotes      Legislators--United States

   Floor statement    (5 min.)                                1994-06-09       806

      Campbell talks on the Aspen Airport curfew and the regulations surrounding the airport usage.


   Floor statement   (10 min.)                                1994-09-14       807

      Campbell stresses the history and importance for preserving the Old Spanish Trail in addition to other trails.

      Old Spanish Trail                 Trails--Southwest, New

   Floor statement    (5 min.)                               1995-01-11       809

      Campbell addresses a bill on grazing issues within federal lands.

      Grazing districts--Law and legislation            Public lands--Law and legislation--1995

   Gang violence hearing   (5 min.)                           1994-02-09       804

      Campbell is invited to speak on problems in the Denver area with gangs and violence.  He also talks about the
      intervention program that a Reverend Kelly is utilizing for that community in particular.

      Gangs--Colorado--Denver--1994      Legislators--United States--1994        Denver (Colo.)

   Gulf War Illness   (30 min.)                                1993-11-16       817

      Campbell speaks on the noticeable illness of Gulf War participants. He also talks briefly on the withdrawal of the
       Reid Amendment.

      Persian Gulf syndrome--1993         Iran-Iraq War, 1980-1988

   Imus in the morning   (15 min.)                            1994-06-08       818

      Radio talk show host interviews Ben N. Campbell, who gives a short autobiography and shares a little on Native
      American issues.

      Legislators--United States

   Interview by Susan Sukstorf   (10 min.)                    1993-05-11       801

      A representative of University of Northern Colorado interviews Campbell on contemporary Native American
      issues and the protection of 1st Amendment rights.

      Indians of North America--Anecdotes    Legislators--United States

   KOA Radio of Denver: call-in show   (66 min.)              1995-09-07       808

      The first portion of this audiotape deals with the Robert Packwood issue and whether to allow for his retirement
      or to be expelled from Congress. The second recording is a Q&A session with Senator Campbell on his first
      three years of senatorial work.

      Legislators--United States

   Native American Religious Act/Crime Bill  (10 min.)          1994-00-00       802

      Katie Davis asks Campbell to give some insight as to the effects of the Native American Religious Act and the
      new Crime Bill.

      Indians of North America--Anecdotes

   POW-MIA radio   (10 min.)                               2002-12-13       816

      Senator Campbell comments on a Veterans bill being legislated, and current military conflicts.

      Veterans--Law and legislation        Legislators--United States

   Reaction to President Clinton's speech  (10 min.)          1993-09-22       799

      Senator Campbell responds to health care issues addressed by the President of the U.S.

      Health care reform--1993            Legislators--United States--1993

   Reaction to Presidential address   (01 min.)               1994-01-26       803

      Short commentary on a Crime Bill and health care issues that the President of the U.S. addressed.

      Health care reform--1994

   Satellite feed from Bosnia  (08 min.)                     1994-04-20       805

      President Clinton speaks on the bombing of a hospital in Bosnia.  Sen. Hank Brown responds to speak on the
      "halfhearted efforts".  Senator Campbell agrees with the President's outlook on events in Bosnia.


   Sen. Campbell - SD366   (60 min.)                        1995-02-16       810

      Senator Campbell debates in Senate on National Park issues, wolf and predator control, and the Animas-La
      Plata project.

      National parks and reserves         Water resources

   Senate floor hearing    (05 min.)                                       822

      Proposal on a Bill for trails is recommended by Ben N. Campbell.  Date undetermined, circa 1992-2004.

      Trails--Colorado                  Legislators--United States

   Senate floor statement  (04 min.)                        1993-03-16       800

      Senator Campbell makes comments about mining issues and elaborates in this "energy hearing".

      Mines and mineral resources--Law and legislation       Legislators--United States

   Senator Campbell - Senate Hearing on Indian Housing    (10 min.)  1995-05-25 819

      Statements on statistics and the dynamics facing Indian housing today.

      Indians of North America

   Senator Campbell on Senate floor  (10 min.)                             821

      Senator Campbell shares his views on the grazing fee issue on public lands.  Date undetermined, circa 1992-
      2004, October 21st.

      Grazing districts--Law and legislation                 Legislators--United States

   Speech at George Washington University  (60 min.)        1996-05-06       811

      Comments on Mr. Turley and the editorial attacks made against Senator Campbell. Campbell also talks about
      "ideological zealots" and the Animas-La Plata project money dynamics.

      Legislators--United States

   SRC Radio Dept.   (20 min.)                                           833

      Campbell takes in questions from radio call-ins and answers on energy resources on Indian lands, the Animas-
      La Plata project, water conservation, and the federal debt.  Date undetermined, circa 1986-2004.

      Water resources                  United States. Congress--Appropriations

   SRC Radio Dept.   (10 min.)                                           828

      Radio call- in questions and comments made by Senator Campbell on the President Clinton's State of the
      Union Address, Homeland Security, economics, Farm Bill, and misc.  Date undetermined, circa 1986-2004.

      Legislators--United States

   State of the Union   (5 min.)                           2002-01-29       815

      Senator Campbell reacts on the issues of national defense, Homeland Security, and economic security in the
      President's 2002 State of the Union address.

      Economic security--United States--2002           Social policy--United States--2002

   Town meeting (Wray, Colorado), broadcast on KATR FM 98.3   (60 min.)  2001-05-28  814

      Open forum comments by Campbell in response to questions by guests on his impressions of the government,
      farming, McCain/Feingold issue, teachers, energy resources, and health care.

      Health care reform--2001            Legislators--United States--2001        Wray (Colo.)

   Voice of America   (5 min.)                                           820

      Campbell describes his status as a "silent constituency" for Native people and highlights the art world of the
      Indian community.  Date undetermined, circa 1986-2004.

      Legislators--United States

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