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Collection  M 001, Series 18.B.18:

Hopi Language Booklet:
 Hopi Vocabulary for the Growing Student
 by Darlene J. Leslie, 2006

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Darlene Leslie's personal statements about this work:

Respectively dedicated to the Hopi men and women back home who continue to live up to the roles as caretakers of the land since the beginning of the Hopi Cycle of Life.

Most importantly I would like to thank the staff at the Center of Southwest Studies for their contributed library and archival knowledge:  Elayne, Todd, Diana, Rachael, Larry, and Gabriel.  Thank you for allowing me to contribute to the library and learn about the work it takes to keep continued information updated for cultural preservation and efficiency.  I really felt many of my goals were met and that I developed more as a person because of your continuous support.  Thank you!

This drawing forms part of the Hopi Language Booklet collection M 001 at the Center of Southwest Studies. 

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