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Alden Hayes papers

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Title Alden Hayes papers
Dates (Inclusive) 1902-2005
Dates (Bulk) 1970-2003
Creator Alden C. Hayes
Abstract This collection contains books, manuscripts, research notes, personal correspondence, photos and other miscellaneous materials.
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Quantity 2.1 linear shelf feet, 4.5 document cases

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Alden Hayes was a prominent southwestern archaeologist. As Gary Matlock, Supervisory Archaeologist (Ret.) of the U.S. Forest Service wrote in his appraisal of the textual portions of the Hayes collection, Mr. Hayes worked for most of his career "as a researcher for the National Park Service and supervised or worked on a number of major excavation and research projects for them." Those projects included the Wetherill Mesa Project and others mentioned in the scope and contents note.

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The series and boxes are numbered consecutively. Because we do not expect to add to this collection, the boxes are numbered in one single numbering scheme starting with "1". The collection is arranged into 3 series chronologically by the date of creation of the document, with series 1 and 2 being arranged alphabetically by place name and author name, respectively.

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The collection contains papers and printed materials compiled and created by the late Alden Hayes pertaining to archaeology in the Four Corners region of the Southwest U.S. It includes many published and unpublished reports by various authors. Areas of focus include Mesa Verde National Park, Chimney Rock Archaeological Area, Chaco Canyon, and National Park service works.

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Access. There are no access restrictions on the use of these materials for research purposes. This collection is open to the public for use in the Delaney Southwest Research Library at the Center of Southwest Studies.

Use and Copyright. These materials are for use only in the Delaney Southwest Research Library; they are noncirculating. Limited duplication of print materials is allowed for research purposes. The user assumes full responsibility for observing all applicable laws regarding copyright, property rights, and libel.

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Alden Hayes papers, Fort Lewis College. Center of Southwest Studies.

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Gretchen Gray arranged and described the collection in the Fall of 2007. This guide was drafted and edited by the archivist in January of 2006.Student worker Tia Flippin edited and reformatted the online inventory in the Winter of 2010.

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Alden C. Hayes designated the Center of Southwest Studies as the repository for his library of books, manuscripts, research notes, personal correspondence, photos and other miscellaneous materials. Mr. Hayes donated the papers to the Center of Southwest Studies on April 13, 1962; the accession number is 1999:03001.

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464 books collected by the donor pertaining to archaeology in the Four Corners region of the Southwest U.S. These books are cataloged in the Delaney Library's OPAC and are available for research in the library.

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P 034 Alden Hayes slides. Includes 1233 color slides of archaeological work/sites in the Four Corners vicinity, 1958-1975. Half pertain to Mesa Verde National Park, especially the Wetherill Archaeological Project, ca. 1958-1963. The other half pertain to the San Juan River, Chaco Canyon and similar places. Includes photos the donor took of the Wetherill Mesa Project at Mesa Verde National Park in 1958-1965, and of excavations at Gram Quinoa in 1965-69 and at Pecos NM in 1970-71 (accession number 1998:06020).

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Hayes, Alden C.

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Series 1: National parks, monuments, etc. of the Four Corners states of the U.S., printed materials
Series 2: Published works on the archaeology of the southwestern U. S. and related topics
Series 3: Archaeology of the southwest U.S. and related topics, printed materials

Series 1: National parks, monuments, etc. of the Four Corners states of the U.S., printed materials    back to Series list

Includes park maps, brochures, and pamphlets, bulk undated.  In Box 1.  Grouped alphabetically by location name.

Description Box/Folder
Anasazi Heritage Center, Dolores, CO 1/1
Arches National Park, Moab, UT 1/2
Aztec Ruins National Monument, Aztec, NM 1/3
Bandelier National Monument, White Rock, NM 1/4
Bluff Great House, Bluff, UT 1/5
Bryce Canyon, Bryce, UT 1/6
Canyon de Chelly National Monument, Chinle, NM 1/7
Canyonlands National Park, Moab, UT 1/8
Casa Grande Ruins National Monument, Coolidge, AZ 1/9
Casa Malpais Archaeological Park, Springfeild, AZ 1/10
Capitol Reef National Park, Torrey, UT 1/11
Chaco Canyon National Historic Park, Nageezi, NM 1/12
Escalante National Monument and Grand Staircase State Park, Escalante, UT 1/13
Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, Page, AZ 1/14
Grand Canyon National Park, AZ 1/15
Homolovi Ruins State Park, Winslow, AZ 1/16
Hovenweep National Monument, Cortez, CO 1/17
Lowry Pueblo National Historic Landmark, Cortez, CO 1/18
Lyman Lake State Park, St. Johns, AZ 1/19
Mesa Verde National Park, CO newspaper articles 1/20
Montezuma Castle/ Tuzigoot National Monuments, Camp Verde, AZ 1/21
Monument Valley, Navajo Tribal Park, AZ/UT 1/22
El Morro National Monument, Ramah, NM 1/23
National Bridges National Monument, Lake Powell, UT 1/24
Navajo National Monument, Tonalea, AZ 1/25
New Mexico archaeology 1/26
Pecos National Monument, Pecos, NM 1/27
Petrified Forest National Park, AZ 1/28
Petroglyph National Monument, Albuquerque, NM 1/29
Pueblo San Marcos, Cerrillos, NM 1/30
Raven Site Ruin, AZ 1/31
Salinas Pueblo Missions National Monument, Mountainair, NM 1/32
Salmon Ruin; San Juan County Archaeological Research Center, NM 1/33
Tonto National Monument, Roosevelt, AZ 1/34
Utah travel guides 1/35
Ute Mountain Tribal Park, Towaoc, CO 1/36
Walnut Canyon National Monument, Flagstaff, AZ 1/37
Zion National Park, Cedar City, UT 1/38

Series 2: Published works on the archaeology of the southwestern U. S. and related topics    back to Series list

Articles, periodicals, book chapters, etc., circa 1916 -1996. In Boxes 2 and 3. Grouped alphabetically by author's last name.

Description Box/Folder
Walpi Archaeological Project: Synthesis and Interpretation report by Charles E. Adams 2/1
Human Impacts on the Grasslands of Southeastern Arizona, report by Conrad J. Bahre 2/2
A brief report on the Pirio-Tompiro archaeology and ethnohistory project, 1981 field season 2/3
Pirio-Tompiro ethnography report by Stuart J. Baldwin, 1st draft 2/4
Moon House: a Pueblo III period cliff dwelling complex in southeastern Utah, report by William W. Bloomer (pages 1-106) 2/5
Moon House: a Pueblo III period cliff dwelling complex in southeastern Utah, report by William W. Bloomer (pages 107-213) 2/6
Tree-ring dated Basketmaker III and Pueblo I sites in Mesa Verde National Park, report by David A. Breternitz 2/7
Site BC364 at Chaco Canyon: a prehistoric farm system report by William Bromberg 2/8
The Navajo Exodus, article by David M. Brugge, Archaeological Society of New Mexico Supplement no. 5 2/9
The tragedy of the San Simon by Henry H. Collins, Jr. 2/10
The Magdalena problem: a study which integrates a new pottery variety within the Mesa Verde design tradition, by Emma Lou Davis (pages 1-56) 2/11
The Magdalena problem: a study which integrates a new pottery variety within the Mesa Verde design tradition, by Emma Lou Davis (pages 57-127) 2/12
Burial excavation, E. J. Hands Ranch; Gila Pueblo (Globe, AZ) field report by EBS 2/13
A thousand years of the Pueblo sun-moon-star calendar, by Florence Hawley Ellis 2/14
The Cliff Ruins in Fewkes Cañon, Mesa Verde National Park, CO, by Jesse Walter Fewkes 1916 2/15
Households, communities, and painted pottery in the Mimbres region of southwestern New Mexico, report by Patricia A. Gilman 2/16
Chacoan Great Houses and Regional Variability, report by Donna M. Gladwick 2/17
Holocene vegetation at Chaco Canyon (N.M.): evidence from pollen and plant microfossils, report by Stephen A. Hall 3/1
Chaco Canyon reading project: class paper for Jim Judge by Valerie H. Hall 3/2
Envenomation by the Mojave rattlesnake (Crotalus scutulatus scutulatus) in southern Arizona, U.S.A. report by David L. Hardy, Toxicon vol. 21 #1 3/3
A cache of gardening tools: Chaco Canyon,report by Alden C. Hayes 3/4
Pithouse Y at Shabikeschee (29SJ1659), report by Alden C. Hayes 3/5
Summer diary, University of New Mexico archaeological reconnaissance of Chihuahua, report by Alden C. Hayes 3/6
An Anasazi shrine in Chaco canyon, report by Alden C. Hayes and Thomas C. Windes 3/7
The excavations of Chetro Ketl, Chaco Cañon 1932-33 report by Edgar L. Hewett 3/8
The beginnings of Spanish settlement in the El Paso District report by Ann E. Hughes University of California Publications in History vol. 1 #3 3/9
Spanish American pottery from New Mexico report by Wesley R. Hurt and Herbert W. Dick El Palacio vol. 53 #10 3/10
The San Juan archaeological program: investigations at the Salmon site, 1974, report by Cynthia Irwin-Williams (editor) 3/11
Constuction of the Pecos churches and convento (Pecos, N.M.), report by Ivey 3/12
Changing hydrolic regimes and prehistoric landscape use in the northern San Luis Valley, CO report by Margaret A. Jodry and Dennis J. Stanford 3/13
The architectural evolution of Pueblo Bonito and everyday life in Pueblo Bonito, as disclosed by the National Geographic Society’s archeologic explorations in the Chaco Canyon National Monument, NM report by Neil M. Judd 3/14
The Mimbres people: ancient Pueblo painters of the American southwest (excerpts from, and map of Mattocks ruin, Mimbres, NM, report by Steven A. Leblanc 3/15
Mimbres Art and Archaeology and The surface archaeology of southwestern New Mexico report by Stephen H. Lekson 3/16
Chaco, Hohokam and Mimbres: the southwest in the 11th and 12th centuries, report by Stephen H. Lekson, Expedition vol. 35 #1 1993 3/17
The abandonment of Chaco Canyon, the Mesa Verde migrations, and the reorganization of the Pueblo world, report by Stephen H. Lekson and Catherine M. Cameron 3/18
Courage at the Core, report by Gerald F. Linderman (pages 7-33) 3/19
Anasazi occupation of the Sand Canyon, 1: Introduction and 10: Summary and concluding comments by William D. Lipe 3/20
The Chacoan roads—a cosmological interpretation, report by Michael P. Marshall 3/21
A brief history of the NPS Chaco project: personnel, affiliated institutions, and collections management, draft report by Frances Joan Mathien, Appendix A: 3/22
Adaptional continuities and occupational discontinuities: the Cedar Mesa Anasazi report by R. G. Matson, William D. Lipe, and William R. Haase IV 3/23
Aboriginal American Basketry report of the National Museum 3/24
The ancient Mimbrenõs: based on investigations at the Mattocks ruin field work report by Paul H. Nesbitt 3/25
The Journal of Insignificant Research, vol. 1, no. 1, article by Simon J. Oldsworthy and J. A. Ford 3/26
Human skeletal material from Chaco Canyon (N.M.), preliminary report by Erik K. Reed 3/27
Priests, power, and politics: some implications of socioceremonial control report by Jonathan E. Reyman (Chapter 8) 3/28
Social implications of Pueblo water management in the northern San Juan report by Arthur H. Rohn 3/29
An atlas of occupation and abandonment across the northern Southwest by Sarah Schlanger, William Lipe, and William Robinson 3/30
Tijeras Canyon sites AS-10, Albuquerque Archaeological Society preliminary report by William M. Sundt and Richard A. Bice 3/31
The Chaco phenomenon, report by Carla Van West 3/32
The Gran Quivara reports and pottery of the northern Jarnada Mogollon, report by Pegge N. Wiseman, and correspondence to A. H. Warren 3/33

Series 3: Archaeology of the southwest U.S. and related topics, printed materials  back to Series list

Includes periodicals, newspaper clippings, official documents, drafts, periodicals, circa 1923 -2003 (bulk 1969 -1979). In Boxes 4 and 5. Grouped by date.

Description Box/Folder
Wetherill Mesa Project (Mesa Verde National Park, Colo.) project summaries, AAAs, by a variety of authors 4/1
Vivian Gordon, correspondence with Superintendent McNeil; regarding Mrs. Richard Wetherill’s remembrances of Chaco Canyon 4/2
Southwest archaeology periodicals and printed materials 4/3
Wetherill Mesa Project (Mesa Verde National Park, Colo.), publications, correspondence, etc. 4/4
Summary of National Park Service preservation policies (pages1-3) and Pecos National Monument (N.M.) photo essay (pages 4-13) 4/5
Surface cleanup of cultural sites in Grand Gulch. Contract #52500-CT4-558, archaeological investigation final report by William D. Lipe, Museum of Northern Arizona Department of Anthropology 4/6
Archaeomagnetic samples collected from Pueblo Alta and miscellaneous sites, and laboratory of tree-ring research, Pueblo Alta 4/7
Excavations of the Chaco Center and Chaco Canyon printed materials/ handouts 4/8
Anthropology of the desert west: essays in honor of Jesse D. Jennings edited by Carol G. Condie and Don D. Fowler University of Utah Anthropological Papers no. 110 4/9
Chaco Culture National Historic Park proposed research plan (first phase) by Tom Vaughn, Park Superintendent 4/10
Archaeology of Baja California printed materials, reading lists, and notes, by various authors, and a map of the missions of Baja California 4/11
Mimbres National Monument; correspondence, proposals for National Monument and site maps 4/12
Mimbres Trails vol. 1 spring/summer 2001 and other material pertaining to Silver City, NM 4/13
Preview featuring articles on Chimney Rock, 1991, and Connections featuring articles on Chimney Rock, 1998 4/14
Crow Canyon Archaeological Site CO: newspaper articles, maps, and a poem 4/15
Colorado archaeology: newspaper articles, pamphlets, maps, etc. 4/16
Cannibalism in the Four Corners, newspaper articles 4/17
Chimney Rock interpretive program 1997, 1998 4/18
Chimney Rock archaeological area: tour guide handbooks and notes 1997, 1999 5/1
Southwest Ed-ventures, Four Corners school 2000 5/2
Four corners archaeology; news-clippings, articles, etc.1996-2001 5/3
Volunteer interpretive training,  May 2001, San Juan Mountains, Chimney Rock 5/4
Arizona archaeology: newspaper articles, maps, brochures, National Park Service maps/handouts 5/5
Chimney Rock archaeological area: newspaper articles, bibliography, various reports, publications, periodicals regarding Chimney Rock (many are undated, bulk 1923-2003) 5/6