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The bulk of the items on this list pertain to Native Americans.  It also includes sounds from the following other genres:
Cowboys: Hispanic / Latin / Spanish:


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Artist / Performer
American Indian Dances

Folkways Records - FW06510 1958

101 Night Chant, Yeibichai
102 Rabbit Dance Lucy Randall, Paul High Horse, Oliver Standing Bear
103 Sun-Omaha Dance
104 Devil Dance
105 Eagle Dance
106 Harvest Dance
201 Rain Dance
202 Squaw Dance
203 War Dance Louie Nine Pipe
204 Snake Dance Louie Nine Pipe, Andrew Nine Pipe, Catherine Nine Pipe
205 Pow Wow Dance Alan Fox, Lawrence Kiskotagan
206 Big Dog Dance Antoine Lonesinger
Anthology of North American Indian and Eskimo Music

Folkways Records - FW04541 1973

101 Sun Dance
102 Love Song
103 Crazy Dog Song Jim Low Horn, Mrs. Emil Wings, Jack Low Horn
104 Buffalo Dance Song Kenneth Anquoe, Jack Anquoe, Nick Webster
105 Man's Love Song Mark Evarts
106 Hand Game Song William Peaychew
107 Prisoner's Song William Burn Stick
108 World War II Song George Nicotine
109 Warrior Death Song for Sitting Bull
110 Canvas Dance Song Eneas Conko, Baptiste Pichette
111 Funeral Song
112 Suguaro Song
113 Peyote Song: First Song Cycle Burton John, Roy James
201 Moonlight Song
202 Eagle Dance
203 Butterfly Dance
204 Lullaby
205 Rain Dance
206 Night Chant
207 Song of Happiness Fort Wingate Indian School JHS
208 Silversmith's Song Ambrose Roan Horse
209 Corn Grinding Song
210 Children's Song: Wolf Song / Turtle Song / Turkey Song / Puppy Song (medley) Irene Poolaw
211 Church Song
212 Devil Dance, Crown Dance
301 Wolf Song Billy Assu
302 Potlatch Song Billy Assu
303 Hamatsa Song, Cedar Bark Dance Billy Assu
304 War Song for Marriage Billy Assu
305 Rabbit Dance Song
306 Cree Dance Song
307 Fiddle Dance Song
308 Bear Hunting Song Sebastian McKenzie
309 Inviting in Dance Song Otis Ahkivigak
310 His First Hunt Kemukserar, Pangatkar
311 Hunting for Musk Ox Kemukserar, Pangatkar
401 Corn Dance Thomas Lewis
402 Stomp Dance Huron Miller
403 Song of Welcome Albert Yellow Thunder, Winslow White Eagle, Blow Snake
404 Buffalo Feast Song Albert Yellow Thunder, Winslow White Eagle, Blow Snake
405 Morning Song Albert Yellow Thunder, Winslow White Eagle, Blow Snake
406 Song of the Unfaithful Woman Albert Yellow Thunder, Winslow White Eagle, Blow Snake
407 Hoot Owl Song David, Oshawenimiki Kenosha
408 Oh Mary Fred Lacasse
409 Catholic Hymn Thomas Shalifoe
410 Calusa Corn Dance Song Billy, Gatcayehola Stewart
411 Song of Removal Susie Tiger, Billie Stewart
412 Fortynine Dance Fred Lacasse
413 unidentified track
414 As Long As The Grass Shall Grow
As Long as the Grass Shall Grow: Peter LaFarge Sings of the Indians

Folkways Records - FW02532 1963

101 Look Again to the Wind Peter LaFarge
102 The Senecas: As Long as the Grass Shall Grow Peter LaFarge
103 Damn Redskins Peter LaFarge
104 Tecumseh Peter LaFarge
105 Take Back Your Atom Bomb Peter LaFarge
106 Vision of a Past Warrior Peter LaFarge
201 Coyote, My Little Brother Peter LaFarge
202 Alaska Peter LaFarge
203 Custer Peter LaFarge
204 Trail of Tears Peter LaFarge
205 Hey, Mr. President Peter LaFarge
206 The Touriste Peter LaFarge
207 Last Words Peter LaFarge
 Beautiful Beyond: Christian Songs in Native Languages   

Smithsonian Folkways Recordings - SFW40480 2004

"Presented by the Smithsonian’s National Museum of the American Indian. This anthology of hymns and songs from Native American communities throughout the United States demonstrates how music has helped to preserve and perpetuate Native languages. Singers from the Southeast to the Plains and from the Southwest to Alaska and Hawai’i demonstrate the dynamic interplay between language and faith, and show the importance placed on the singing of these songs in keeping alive the culture embodied in their Native languages."

101 Comanche Hymn Members of Petarsey Church (Comanche)
102 Comanche Hymn Members of Petarsey Church (Comanche)
103 First Kiowa Hymn by Goomdah Dorothy Whitehorse Delaune (Kiowa)
104 Kiowa Hymn Members of Cedar Creek Church (Kiowa)
105 Kiowa Hymn by Goomdah Members of Rainy Mountain Church (Kiowa)
106 Cheyenne Hymn Moses Starr, Creg Lee Hart (Southern Cheyenne)
107 Lord Have Mercy (from Tewa Mass) Tewa Women’s Choir (San Juan Pueblo)
108 Lord I Call St. Herman’s Seminary Octet (Yup’ik)
109 Having Beheld the Resurrection St. Herman’s Seminary Octet (Yup’ik)
110 Blessed Be Thy Name St. Herman’s Seminary Octet (Yup’ik)
111 Ke Aloha O Ka Haku: Lili’uokalani’s Prayer Nalani Olds (Native Hawai’ian)
112 Ho’onani Nalani Olds and Mauliola Aspelund (Native Hawai’ian)
113 Silent Night Kykotsmovi Hopi Mennonite Church Choir
114 On the Beautiful Beyond Ojibwe Hymn Singers
115 In the Sweet By and By Ojibwe Hymn Singers
116 Rock of Ages Maisie Shenandoah, Liz Robert, Joanne Shenandoah (Oneida)
117 Twill Be Glory By and By The Martin Sisters (Mohawk/Six Nations Reserve)
118 Kathleen Thompson (Mohawk/Akwesasne Reserve) Akwesasne Mohawk Singers
119 Takwaienha (The Lord’s Prayer) Akwesasne Mohawk Singers
120 Wonderful Place Cherokee Choir
121 Orphan Child Cherokee Choir and Cherokee National Youth Choir
122 That Heavenly Home The Kingfisher Trio (Cherokee)
123 Believing and Praying Margaret Mauldin (Creek)
124 Sinners Can You Hate the Savior? Choctaw Community Singers
125 Jesus Made the Road Betty Mae Jumper (Seminole)
126 At the Cross Nancy and Mark Brown (Eastern Band Cherokee)
127 Guide Me, Jehovah Walker Calhoun (Eastern Band Cherokee)
128 Heavenly Home Saved by Grace Choir (Navajo)
129 On the Jericho Road Saved by Grace Choir (Navajo)
130 Amazing Grace TeecNosPos Gospel Melody (Navajo)
131 Sweet Hour of Prayer TeecNosPos Gospel Melody (Navajo)
132 Jesus Loves Even Me Steve Emery (Cheyenne River Sioux)
133 Communion of the Saints Cheyenne River Mountain Singers (Sioux)
Borderlands: From Conjunto to Chicken Scratch

Smithsonian Folkways Recordings - SFW40418 1993

"A unique musical culture flourishes in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas and southern Arizona: Yaqui Pascola dance, Tohono O'odham fiddle band music, and the more contemporary Native American Chicken Scratch sound with traditional conjunto polkas and corridos, Latino-influenced big bands, northern Mexican and German-rooted norteno, modern conjunto and orquestra Tejana. Licensed from 4 small regional record labels that specialize in this music. In addition to 5 American Indian tracks, this album also includes 13 Hispanic and Southwestern American songs. 56 minutes."

En el valle del Río Grande [Río Bravo] florece una cultura musical única, en esa zona ubicada entre Texas y el sur de Arizona: desde la danza Pascola de los indios Yaqui y la música para banda de violines Tohono O’odham, hasta las sonoridades más contemporáneas del Chicken Scratch de los indígenas norteamericanos, las tradicionales polcas y corridos de conjunto, las big bands con influencia latina, la música norteña con influencias tanto mexicanas como alemanas, el conjunto moderno y la orquesta tejana. Esta compilación ha sido autorizada por 4 compañías disqueras regionales especializadas en este tipo de música. Además de los 5 cortes de música indígena, este álbum incluye también 13 canciones de origen hispánico y del sureste americano. 56 minutos"

101 La Cuquita Narciso Martinez
102 Gregorio Cortez Jesus Maya y Timoteo Cantu
103 Aunque Me Odies Lydia Mendoza
104 Un Rato No Mas Beto Villa Orquestra
105 Un Adobe y Cuatro Velas Donnenos, Los
106 Mi Unico Camino Conjunto Bernal, El
107 Angel de Mis Anhelos Ruben Vela y su Conjunto
108 Corrido de Gerardo Gonzalez Ramon Ayala y Bravos del Norte
109 El Saino de Donna, Texas Invasores de Nuevo Leon, Los
110 Dados Cargados Cachorros de Juan Villarreal
111 Caso Perdido Dos Gilbertos, Los, Beatriz Llamas
112 La Calle Flores Oscar Hernandez
113 Quedate Roberto Pulido y Los Clasicos
114 San Javielpo Chu'kuy Kwi Francisco Molina, Marcelino Valencia
115 Ali Oidak Polka Gu-Achi Fiddlers
116 Old Man Rooster The Molinas
117 Madre Mia Chote Southern Scratch
118 Uwaldina y Juan Gonzalez Conjunto Murrietta, El
 Comanche Flute Music 

Folkways Records - FW04328 1979

101 Comanche Greeting / English Greeting (medley) Doc Tate Nevaquaya
102 I Saw an Eagle Fly Doc Tate Nevaquaya
103 Edmund Wayne Song Doc Tate Nevaquaya
104 Talks about the Indian flute Doc Tate Nevaquaya
105 When the Moon Is Full Doc Tate Nevaquaya
106 Riding Song Doc Tate Nevaquaya
107 Flute Wind Song Doc Tate Nevaquaya
201 Omaha Wind Song Doc Tate Nevaquaya
202 Foolsbull's Song Doc Tate Nevaquaya
203 Comanche Riding Song Doc Tate Nevaquaya
204 49 Song Doc Tate Nevaquaya
205 Talks about Comanche Hymns / Jesus I Always Want to Be Near to You (medley) Doc Tate Nevaquaya
206 Comanche Moon Doc Tate Nevaquaya
207 Round Dance Song Doc Tate Nevaquaya
The Cowboy: His Songs, Ballads and Brag Talk

Folkways Records - FW05723 1959

101 Morning Grub-Holler Harry Jackson
102 The Round Up Cook Harry Jackson
103 The Dally Roper's Song Harry Jackson
104 I Ride an Old Paint Harry Jackson
105 Some Cowboy Brag-Talk Harry Jackson
106 Little Joe the Wrangler Harry Jackson
107 Utah Carroll Harry Jackson
108 Old Iron Pants Pete Harry Jackson
201 The Saddle Bum Harry Jackson
202 Strawberry Roan Harry Jackson
203 I Ain't Got No Use for the Women Harry Jackson
204 Blood on the Saddle Harry Jackson
205 The Ridge Running Roan Harry Jackson
206 Roll On, Little Dogies Harry Jackson
207 The Hangman's Song Harry Jackson
301 Boastin' Cowboy Harry Jackson
302 Tying a Knot in the Devil's Tail Harry Jackson
303 Clayton Boone Harry Jackson
304 Old Blue was a Gray Horse Harry Jackson
305 Little Joe the Wrangler's Sister Nell Harry Jackson
306 The Gal I Left Behind Harry Jackson
307 Zebra Dun Harry Jackson
308 When the Work's All Done This Fall Harry Jackson
401 The Pot Wrassler Harry Jackson
402 Streets of Laredo Harry Jackson
403 Windy Bill Harry Jackson
404 Cowboy Talking to a Bucking Horse Harry Jackson
405 As I Went Walking One Morning for Pleasure Harry Jackson
406 Cowboy Jack Harry Jackson
407 Jack O' Diamonds Harry Jackson
408 I'm Gonna Leave Old Texas Now Harry Jackson
Creation's Journey: Native American Music 

Smithsonian Folkways Recordings - SFW40410 1994

"Presented by the National Museum of the American Indian. From powwow music to Christian songs in Cherokee to Irish reels, Native peoples from the U.S., Canada, Mexico, and Bolivia present living traditions and crossovers to Euro-American musics. Recorded in New York City and Washington d.c., in 1992 and 1993. Package includes detailed notes in a beautifully illustrated booklet. An eloquent expression of enduring creativity, vibrant cultural life, and diverse artistry. 64 minutes."

101 Prairie Chicken Dance Blackfoot Crossing Singers
102 Scalp Dance / Victory Dance (medley) Comanche Singers
103 Two-Step: Inform Your Grandma D.J. Nez
104 Crown Dance Ramsey Burnette
105 Butterfly Dance Peter Garcia, Carpio Trujillo
106 New Women's Shuffle Dance Young Nation
107 Constitution Breakdown Lee Cremo Trio
108 Sheehan's Reel / Pigeon on the Gate (medley) Lee Cremo Trio
109 Beautiful Life, A Kingfisher Trio
110 On the Jericho Road Kingfisher Trio
111 Helana Elena and Nicholas Charles, Joe Chief
112 Hello Song Elena and Nicholas Charles, Joe Chief
113 Ladies Dance Barbara and Andrea Cranmer, Vera Dick, Henry Seaweed
114 Peace Dance Barbara and Andrea Cranmer, Vera Dick, Henry Seaweed
115 Sata Kallta Comunidad Aymara de Laqaya
116 Axawiri Imilla Comunidad Aymara de Laqaya
117 Son de la Danza de los Mixes


Cry from the Earth: Music of the North American Indians

Folkways Records - FW37777 1979


101 Paddling Song Anivyunna
102 Raven Song Joe Sikvayunak
103 To Quiet a Raging Storm Billy Assu
104 It Was a Very Lovely Day When the Water Was Calm Billy Assu
105 Night Chant Sandoval Begay
106 Father, Have Pity on Me Sandoval Begay
107 Yellow Light from Sun Is Streaming Sandoval Begay
108 Sleep Song Clarence Taptuka
109 Wildcat Dance Clarence Taptuka
110 One Wind Kimiwun
111 Love Song Leah K. Hicks
112 Drum Dance Corbett Sundown
113 Pleasure Dance Corbett Sundown
114 Dance Song Corbett Sundown
201 Lullaby Tom Handle
202 Lullaby Tom Handle
203 The Elf's Song Rosendo Vargas
204 Power Song of the Eagle Makawatiweh
205 Dream Song Makawatiweh
206 Flute Ceremony Makawatiweh
207 Clear the Way Bear Eagle
208 Farewell to the Warriors Mrs. Charles Mee
209 Song for a Woman Who Was Brave in War Mrs. Charles Mee
210 Flute Call Julia Warren Spears
211 Lonesome Flute John Coloff
212 I Have Found My Lover John Coloff
213 Flute Song Julia Warren Spears
214 Mourning Song for a Brother Maggie Harry, Jennie Jack
215 Inviting-in Dance Song Maggie Harry, Jennie Jack
216 When I Met Him Approaching Betty Pamptopee
217 Peyote Song Charlton L. Williams
218 Methodist Hymn Betty Pamptopee
219 Kiowa Gourd Dance Betty Pamptopee
 Healing Songs of the American Indians

Folkways Records - FW04251 1965

101 The Approach of the Thunderbirds Ki miwun (Rainy)
102 Going Around the World Main gans (Little Wolf)
103 Sitting with the Turtle Ki miwun (Rainy)
104 Buffalo Said to Me, A (Brave Buffalo) Tatan ka-ohi tika
105 Song of the Bear (Eagle Shield) Wanbli-waha cunka
106 Behold the Dawn (Brave Buffalo) Tatan ka-ohi tika
107 Second Song When Treating the Sick Charles Wilson
108 Third Song When Treating the Sick Charles Wilson
109 Healing Song of the Little Green Man Teddy Pageets
110 Healing Song of the Eagle Spirit Mrs. Washington
201 Sandy Loam Fields Jose Panco
202 Out of the Mountains Jose Panco
203 Song to a Little Yellow Wasp Rafael Mendex
204 Song of the Dawn Rafael Mendex
205 Path on the Mountain Peaks, A James Guy
206 Song of the Juggler Cawunipinas
207 Healing Song from the Spirit Women David Amab
208 I Am Rewarding You Louis Pigeon
209 The Heavens Help You Louis Pigeon
Heartbeat: Voices of First Nations Women

Smithsonian Folkways Recordings - SFW40415 1995

"Powerful living music from Native women in the United States and Canada includes performances rarely heard beyond these artists’ communities. Ceremonial and social songs traditionally sung by women, other music now performed by women, and material that combines traditional and contemporary themes and musical forms. 34 selections present a seamless range of solo, choral, and instrumental pieces, forming pulsating and driving music, the heart of Indian Country."

101 Mother Earth Six Nations Women, The Singers
102 The Bingo Song Six Nations Women, The Singers
103 Ho Way Hey Yo Six Nations Women, The Singers
104 Fish Dance Song Joanne Shennandoah
105 I May Want a Man Joanne Shennandoah
106 Taos Courting Flute Song Lillian Rainer
107 Lakota Flute Song Georgia Wettlin-Larsen
108 Ojibwa Love Charm Song Georgia Wettlin-Larsen
109 Ojibwa Love Song Georgia Wettlin-Larsen
110 War Mothers' Song Anita Anquoe George
111 Bunny Hop Dance Mary Ann Meanus, Verbena Green
112 Stick Game Song Mary Ann Meanus, Verbena Green
113 Navajo Riding Song Lillian Rainer
114 Let 'Em Talk The Sweethearts of Navajoland
115 One Woman's Man The Sweethearts of Navajoland
116 Lizard, His Song Nancy Richardson
117 Panther, His Song Nancy Richardson
118 Kick Dance Song Nancy Richardson
119 Spotted Fawn Song Nancy Richardson
120 The Mice and the Bad Angel Betty Mae Jumper
121 Turtle's Song to the Wolf Betty Mae Jumper
122 Glitter Nights Geraldine Barney
123 Tsidi-Bird Geraldine Barney
124 Honor Song for Older Sister Poldine Carlo
125 World War II Honor Song Poldine Carlo
126 Blessing Song Cornelia Bowannie, Arliss Luna, The Olla Maidens
127 Ange'in Tewa Indian Women's Choir
128 Holy, Holy, Holy Tewa Indian Women's Choir
129 Beautiful Mansion in the Sky Betty Mae Jumper
130 Hallelujah Betty Mae Jumper
131 Going Home Ulali
132 Mother Ulali
133 Northern Lights The Crying Woman Singers
134 Starwalker Buffy Sainte-Marie
Heartbeat 2: More Voices of First Nations Women

Smithsonian Folkways Recordings - SFW40455 1998

"The highly acclaimed 1995 Smithsonian Folkways release, Heartbeat: Voices of First Nations Women, introduced the public to a rare and dynamic but little-known Native American music. This new recording offers more material traditionally sung by tribal women and music that is ordinarily sung or played by man, but recently performed by women as well. Heartbeat 2 includes social and ceremonial dance songs, war, honor, and story songs from Native North America, as well as music in contemporary styles, including flute songs, poetry set jazz, and pop-oriented folk song. Produced in collaboration with the National Museum of American History."

101 Coming Out Song Bernice Torrez
102 Lahuyay Bernice Torrez
103 Feather Dance Song Bernice Torrez
104 Women's Honor Song Tzo'kam
105 Gathering Song Tzo'kam
106 Children's Dance Mary Youngblood
107 Ellangluteng Mary Stachelrodt
108 War Song Elena Charles, Mary Stachelrodt
109 Wabakii Bezhig Jani Lauzon
110 Ah Hum Mum Ma Tudjaat
111 Humma Ha Ba Ba Tudjaat
112 Kajusita (My Ship Comes In) Tudjaat
113 Igo Wabanoag Singers
114 Echoes Mary Youngblood
115 War Mothers Song Mary Ann Anquoe
116 Encouragement Song Sissy Goodhouse
117 Girl's Song for Her Grandmother Dorothy Whitehouse Delaune
118 Girl Hunting for Her Boyfriend Dorothy Whitehouse Delaune
119 Lullaby Dorothy Whitehouse Delaune
120 Honoring Song for Young Man Afraid of His Horses Nellie Two Bulls
121 Singers' Honor Song Crying Woman Singers
122 Potter's Bull Laura Wallace
123 Beatiful Mountain
124 Welcome Home Sharon Burch
125 Trail of Life Sharon Burch
126 Tuhvanga Bui Wahnay Judy Trejo
127 Hey Wuhui Judy Trejo
128 Wovoka Judy Trejo
129 Tears for Kientepoos Mary Youngblood
130 The Musician Who Became a Bear: A Tribute to Pepper Joy Harjo, Poetic Justice
Heroes and Horses: Corridos from the Arizona-Sonora Borderlands

Smithsonian Folkways Recordings - SFW40475 2002

"The corridos in this collection come from the region comprising southern Arizona and northern Sonora, one that was divided politically by the Gadsden Purchase of 1853, but is unified by a Mexican folk culture. These corridos-- the word translates loosely as "ballads" -- are story songs that tell tales of revolution, crime, heroic showdowns, horse races, and disasters in this overlooked part of the world. Heroes and Horses is a slice of life along the Arizona-Sonora border as it has been lived and memorialized in corridos over the course of the 20th century. Rich with the folk traditions of northern Mexico, rarely are the engaging voices of these balladeers accompanied by more than a guitar and an accordion. Tales of triumph and tragedy fill this collection and bring the Arizona-Sonora borderlands to life. This enhanced CD includes 71 minutes of music, extensive notes, photos, and complete lyrics in Spanish and English on the disc."

"Los corridos de esta colección vienen de la región del sur de Arizona y del norte de Sonora, una región dividida políticamente por el acuerdo Gadsden Purchase de 1853, pero que está unificada por la cultura popular mexicana. Estos corridos son historias cantadas que cuentan sobre la revolución, el crimen, heroicos encuentros, carreras de caballo y desastres en esta región olvidada del mundo. Heroes and Horses (Héroes y caballos) es una dimensión de la vida a lo largo de la frontera Sonora-México como ha sido vivida y conmemorada en los corridos en el transcurso del siglo XX. Rica en tradiciones populares del norte de México, rara vez las voces cautivantes de estos corridistas son acompañadas con más de una guitarra y un acordeón. Historias de triunfo y tragedia llenan esta colección y traen a la vida las regiones fronterizas entre Arizona y Sonora. Este disco compacto incluye 71 minutos de música, extensas notas, fotos y letras completas en español e inglés."

101 El Corrido de Nogales Robert Lee Benton, Jr. and Oscar Gonzalez
102 El Moro de Cumpas Robert Lee Benton, Jr. and Oscar Gonzalez
103 La Cárcel de Cananea Robert Lee Benton, Jr. and Oscar Gonzalez
104 La Tolota Francisco Federico and Antonio Gonzalez
105 El Palomino y El Gancho Francisco Federico and Antonio Gonzalez
106 Corrido de Oquitoa Francisco Federico and Antonio Gonzalez
107 El General Santa Cruz Antonio Federico and Frank Moreno
108 Rafaelita Antonio Federico and Frank Moreno
109 José Lizardo Antonio Federico and Frank Moreno
110 Máquina 501 Antonio Federico, Frank Moreno and Hipolito Romero
111 Joaquín Murrieta Luis Méndez and Guadalupe Bracamonte
112 El Corrido del Palomino Luis Méndez and Guadalupe Bracamonte
113 El Corrido del Minero Luis Méndez and Guadalupe Bracamonte
114 Los Indios con Obregón Luis Méndez and Guadalupe Bracamonte
115 Canal del Infiernillo Los Riberenos de Gollo
116 El Corrido del Guasiado Los Riberenos de Gollo
Hopi Katcina Songs and Six Songs by Hopi Chanters

Folkways Records - FW04394 1964

101 Bean Harvest, Powamu Katcina Honyi, Kutka, Honauuh
102 Buffalo Dance, Mucaiasti Katcina Honyi, Kutka, Honauuh
103 Beard Dance, Anga Katcina Honyi, Kutka, Honauuh
104 Mudhead, Tacheuktu Katcina Honyi, Kutka, Honauuh
105 Mudhead, Tuwina'ay Honyi, Kutka, Honauuh
106 Rain Dance, Soyohim Katcina Honyi, Kutka, Honauuh
107 Rabbit Hunt, Makwatu Honyi, Kutka, Honauuh
108 Duck, Pawik Katcina Honyi, Kutka, Honauuh
109 Rain Song, Malo Katcina Honyi, Kutka, Honauuh
110 Rain Song, Tacab Katcina Honyi, Kutka, Honauuh
111 Rain Song, Humis Katcina Honyi, Kutka, Honauuh
201 Mudhead Katcina Song Porter Timeche
202 Butterfly Dance Song Porter Timeche
203 Hoop Dance Song Porter Timeche
204 Buffalo Dance Song Porter Timeche
205 Eagle Dance Porter Timeche
206 Snake Dance Porter Timeche
Hopi Tales

Folkways Records - FW07778 1971

101 Sun Callers Jack Moyles
102 Coyote's Needle Jack Moyles
103 Honwyma and the Bear Fathers of Tokoanaue Jack Moyles
104 Journey to the Land of the Dead Jack Moyles
 Indian Music of the Southwest

Folkways Records - FW08850 1957


101 Mudhead Kachina
102 Harvest Dance Song
103 Squaw Dance
104 Night Chant, Yeibichei
105 Horse Song
106 Corn Dance
107 Comanche Song
201 Drum Dance
202 Midnight Dance
203 Bird Song
204 Ailsha Chant
205 Medicine Song
206 Girls' Coming of Age Song
207 Social Dance
208 Horse Dance
209 Crown Dance
 Llegaron Los Camperos!: Nati Cano's Mariachi Los Camperos

Smithsonian Folkways Recordings - SFW40517 2005

"America’s favorite mariachi ensemble, Nati Cano’s Mariachi Los Camperos, brings you their solid-gold Mexican sound acclaimed by audiences in New York’s Lincoln Center, Washington, DC’s Kennedy Center, the Smithsonian Folklife Festival, and other major venues throughout the United States Southwest and Mexico. Llegaron Los Camperos (Los Camperos Have Arrived) showcases the group’s concert stage repertoire, skillfully arranged versions of classic mariachi melodies and styles of traditional music from many regions of Mexico."

"El Mariachi favorito de America, Mariachi Los Camperos de Nati Cano, nos trae su sonido mexicano de oro puro, aclamado en conciertos en el Lincoln Center de Nueva York, el Kennedy Center de Washington, DC, el Smithsonian Folklife Festival, y en presentaciones de primera categoría a través del suroeste de los Estados Unidos y México. Llegaron Los Camperos despliega el repertorio de concierto del grupo, además de versiones de melodías clásicas artísticamente arregladas y estilos de música tradicional de muchas de las regiones de México."

101 Llegaron Los Camperos - The Countrymen Arrived Nati Cano's Mariachi Los Camperos
102 Jalisco Nati Cano's Mariachi Los Camperos
103 Las ciudades - Cities Nati Cano's Mariachi Los Camperos
104 Jarocho II Nati Cano's Mariachi Los Camperos
105 José Alfredo Jiménez Nati Cano's Mariachi Los Camperos
106 Los dos amantes - The Two Lovers Nati Cano's Mariachi Los Camperos
107 Michoacán Nati Cano's Mariachi Los Camperos
108 La noche de mi mal - The Night of My Bad Fortune Nati Cano's Mariachi Los Camperos
109 Jarocho I Nati Cano's Mariachi Los Camperos
110 México Lindo - Pretty Mexico Nati Cano's Mariachi Los Camperos
 Music of New Mexico: Hispanic Traditions

Smithsonian Folkways Recordings - SFW40409 1992

"Sacred hymns, serenades, narrative ballads, and lyric folk songs give a glimpse of the diverse and captivating cultural landscape of Hispanic New Mexico. These centuries old-traditions have helped sustain the Hispanic community's ethnic identity, but until recently they have received little attention outside the Southwest. Spanish lyrics have English translations. 26 tracks, 73 minutes."

"Los himnos sagrados, las serenatas, las baladas narrativas y las canciones líricas presentes en esta colección permiten darse una idea de la diversidad del cautivante paisaje cultural del Nuevo México hispánico. Estas tradiciones, que se remontan siglos en el pasado, han contribuido a sostener la identidad étnica de la comunidad hispana, pero solo hasta hace poco han recibido alguna atención fuera del sur este americano. Letras de las canciones en español con traducciones al inglés, 26 cortes, 73 minutos."

101 Amar es Entregarse Coro Santo Nino
102 Mananitas Tapatias Coro Cristo Rey
103 Pito Melody Cleofes Vigil
104 Madre de Dolores Hermanos de la Morada de N...
105 Los Comanchitos Our Lady of Sorrows Senior Ch.
106 Los Posadas Coro de San Jose
107 Matachines Dance Tunes Charles Aguilar, Jerry Hopkins-Velarde, Eddie Guitierrez
108 Versos del Ano Nuevo Pete,Chris,Manuel Chavez
109 Entriega de Novios Charles Aguilar, Jerry Hopkins-Velarde
110 Pecos Polka Gregorio Ruiz, Henry Ortiz
111 Valse Gregorio Ruiz, Henry Ortiz
112 Chotiz Chavez Antonio Apodoca, Phil Esquibel
113 Polka Revolcada Antonio Apodoca, Phil Esquibel
114 Mazurka Isidiro Gonzales, Phil Esquibel
115 Chotiz "El Paseadito" Reyes de Albuquerque, Los
116 Delgadina Mercedes Lopez
117 Don Gato Mercedes Lopez
118 El Gato le Dice al Raton Edwin Berry
119 El Canutero Abade Martinez
120 La Finada Pablita Julia Jaramillo
121 Himno del Pueblo de las Montanas de la Sangre de Cristo Cleofes Vigil
122 Elena y el Frances Albert "Hurricane" Sanchez
123 El Corrido de Daniel Fernandez Reyes de Albuquerque, Los
124 La Julia Cipriano Vigil
125 Mi Carrito Paseado Roberto Mondragon
126 Viva Chihuahua Johnny Florez, Raul Garcia
Music of New Mexico: Native American Traditions

Smithsonian Folkways Recordings - SFW40408 1992

"This portrait of Pueblo, Navajo, and Mescalero Apache music from New Mexico (recorded in 1992) reveals a remarkable breadth of Native American song, from a traditional San Juan Pueblo Cloud Dance song to modern Navajo songs. 68 minutes. Produced by Howard Bass. Annotated by Edward Wapp Wahpeconiah."


101 Rainbow Dance Song Fernando Cellicion, Alton Nastacio, Florentine Johnson
102 Captive Dance Song Bernard Duran
103 Two-Step Dance Song Bernard Duran
104 Cloud Dance Song Peter Garcia, Sr., Cipriano Garcia, Jerry Garcia
105 Two-Step Dance Song Carl Tsosie
106 Two-Step Dance Song Carl Tsosie
107 Round Dance Song Ruben Romero, Ernest Martinez, Juan O. Lujan
108 Taos Pueblo Round Dance Song Ruben Romero, Ernest Martinez, Juan O. Lujan
109 New Two-Step Dance Song: Enjoy our Lives Together Forever Turtle Mountain Singers, Jimmie Castillo, John Dennison
110 New Skip-Dance Song: It's Your Fault That You're Looking for Your Horses All Night Turtle Mountain Singers, Jimmie Castillo, John B. Dennison
111 Courting Flute Song Fernando Cellicion
112 The Handshake A. Paul Ortega
113 Moccasin Game Song A. Paul Ortega, Sharon Burch
114 Traveling Song A. Paul Ortega
115 Tsídii-Bird Geraldine Barney
116 Welcome Home Sharon Burch
117 Courting Song John Rainer, Jr.
118 Round Dance Song John Rainer, Jr., John Rainer, Sr., P.J. McAfee, Lillian Rainer, Howard Verenda
119 Glitter Nights Geraldine Barney
Music of the American Indians of the Southwest

Folkways Records - FW04420 1951

101 Moonlight Song
102 Gambling Song
103 Eagle Dance
104 Rain Dance
105 Butterfly Dance
201 Night Chant, Yeibichai Dance
202 Enemy Way, War Dance
203 Devil Dance
204 Sunrise Song
205 Bird Song Cycle
206 Saguaro Song
207 Funeral Song
208 Stick Game Song
Music of the Sioux and the Navajo

Folkways Records - FW04401 1949

101 Rabbit Dance Benjamin Sitting Up, Lucy Randall, Paul High Horse
102 Peyote Cult Song Male Sioux singer with gourd rattle, water-drum player
103 Love Song Male Sioux singer
104 Sun Dance Male Sioux chorus, eagle-bone whistle player, drummers
105 Omaha Dance, World War II Male Sioux chorus, drummers, dancers with bells
106 Love Song John Coloff
107 Honoring Song John Coloff
201 Riding Song Mixed Navajo chorus
202 Song of Happiness Fort Wingate Indian School
203 Spinning Dance Julia Deal
204 Spinning Dance Julia Deal
205 Corn Grinding Song Female Navajo singer, basket-drum player
206 Old Squaw Dance Male Navajo chorus, drummers
207 Silversmith's Song Ambrose Roan Horse
208 Night Chant, Yeibichai Dance Male Navajo chorus with gourd rattles
 Navajo Songs

Smithsonian Folkways Recordings - SFW40403 1992

"The lifestyles, philosophies, and traditions of the Navajo nation are represented by songs for herding, planting, harvesting, hunting, blessing hogans, and soothing children. The 1933 and 1940 field recordings from settlements in New Mexico and Arizona beautifully document a music largely vocal and highly melodic with relatively short song phrases repeated, divided, and combined in intriguingly complex ways. Recorded by Laura Boulton. Compiled and annotated by David McAllester and Charlotte Frisbie. "

101 Yeibichei Song: Talking God's Song Ben Hudson Begay
102 Yeibichei Song: Calling God's Song Hudson Begay
103 Yeibichei Song
104 Yeibichei Song
105 Yeibichei Song
106 Yeibichei Song
107 Corn Grinding Song Joe Lee
108 Corn Grinding Song Joe Lee
109 Six Sway Songs
110 Six Sway Songs
111 Four Circle Dance Songs
112 Five Circle Dance Songs
113 4 Moccasin Game Songs: Ye'iitsoh Song / Counter Stick Song / The People of Lukachukai / Pinyon Jay song (medley)
114 Moccasin Game Song: Wildcat Song Pablo Huerito, Frank Huerito
115 Moccasin Game Song: Chickadee Song Pablo Huerito, Frank Huerito
116 Moccasin Game Song [in vocables] Pablo Huerito, Frank Huerito
117 Moccasin Game Song: Cicada or Locust Song Pablo Huerito, Frank Huerito
118 Moccasin Game Song: Antelope Song, Gray Song Pablo Huerito, Frank Huerito
119 Moccasin Game Song: Crow Song Pablo Huerito, Frank Huerito
 Peter LaFarge Sings of the Cowboys - Cowboy, Ranch and Rodeo Songs, and Cattle Calls

Folkways Records - FW02533 1963

101 Whoopee Ti Yi Yo! Peter LaFarge
102 Chisholm Trail Peter LaFarge
103 Trail to Mexico Peter LaFarge
104 The Sirey Peaks - Devil Song Peter LaFarge
105 Lavender Cowboy Peter LaFarge
106 I've Got No Use for the Women Peter LaFarge
107 I Ride an Old Paint Peter LaFarge
108 Cowboy's Lament Peter LaFarge
201 Yavipii Pete Peter LaFarge
202 When the Work's All Done This Fall Peter LaFarge
203 Cowboy's Dream Peter LaFarge
204 The Black Stallion Peter LaFarge
205 Walkin' John Peter LaFarge
206 Strawberry Roan Peter LaFarge
207 The Rodeo Hand - Calls Peter LaFarge
208 Cattle Calls Peter LaFarge
The Promised Land: American Indian Songs of Lament and Protest

Folkways Records - FW37254 1981

101 Traditional Honoring Song Periwinkle
102 An Indian Prayer - Lament Periwinkle
103 The Day Columbus Got Lost Periwinkle
104 Song for Sarah Periwinkle
105 Straight Talk Periwinkle
106 For the Children's Sake Periwinkle
107 Proud to Belong to the Indian Nation Periwinkle
108 The People United Can Never Be Defeated Periwinkle
201 Columbus Had Six Sailing Ships Periwinkle
202 Feathers Periwinkle
203 Ode to an Indian Swan Periwinkle
204 No Tippecanoe Periwinkle
205 The Promised Land Periwinkle
206 Traditional 49-er Periwinkle
The Pueblo Indians: In Story, Song and Dance

Folkways Records - FW07200 1955

101 Kuo-Haya (The Bear Boy) - A Folk Tale Swift Eagle
201 Hunting the Fox Swift Eagle
202 The Laughing Horse Swift Eagle
203 The Buffalo Dance Swift Eagle
204 Background Music from the Bear Boy: Story Teller Song Swift Eagle
205 Background Music from the Bear Boy: Green Corn Dance Swift Eagle
206 Background Music from the Bear Boy: Medicine-Man Chant Swift Eagle
Rail Dynamics

Cook Records - COOK01070 1950

101 Railroad Sounds
201 Railroad Sounds
 Songs and Stories from Grand Canyon

Smithsonian Folkways Recordings - SFW40167 2005

"Songs and stories from Grand Canyon features the "real folks" who call this extraordinary place their home. An Indian tribe sings of its birth out of the canyon in ancient times. Mulepacks tell tales of their daily descents. Boatmen brave the Colorado's rapids. A mosaic of local songs and stories by local people, alongside a never-before-released track by Roy Rogers, resonates with the deep meaning of this place. This is an insider's soundtrack to the Grand Canyon. Extensive notes, photos, 58 minutes."

101 Deep Canyon, Deep Voices Various
102 Walk to the Precipice L Greer Price
103 Canyon Reflections Gordon Burt
104 Grand Canyon Song Christa Sadler
105 Songs of the Humpback Chub Larry Stevens
106 Song of the Boatman Katie Lee
107 Zuni Emergence Song Nawetsa (Zuni)
108 Grand Canyon Gold Alger Greyeyes (Navajo)
109 These Red Walls Roland Manakaja (Havasupai)
110 Grand Canyon Creation Story Phyllis Yoyetewa-Kachinhongva (Hopi)
111 Major John Wesley Powell and Flow Gently Sweet Afton Hal Cannon and Tom Bopp
112 Rafting Down the Colorado Hal Cannon and Teresa Jordan
113 Row D-Squared
114 Lava Falls Vaughn Short
115 Canyon Winds Patty Dunnigan Nolan
116 A Time to Decide Ross Knox
117 All Aboard for the Bright Angel Trail Grand Canyon Cowboy Band
118 Where Do You Go? Sue Harris
119  The Grand Canyon Trail Roy Rogers
Songs of the West

Folkways Records - FW05259 1961

101 Frenchman's Ranch Dave Fredrickson
102 Lone Star Trail Dave Fredrickson
103 Farewell, Fair Ladies Dave Fredrickson
104 Billy the Kid Dave Fredrickson
105 Pretty Boy Floyd Dave Fredrickson
106 Mole in the Ground Dave Fredrickson
107 Hang Me Dave Fredrickson
108 George Campbell Dave Fredrickson
109 More Pretty Girls Than One Dave Fredrickson
201 Jack of Diamonds Dave Fredrickson
202 Austin's Fair City Dave Fredrickson
203 Gypsy Davy Dave Fredrickson
204 Bonnie Blue Eyes Dave Fredrickson
205 Girl I Left Behind Me Dave Fredrickson
206 The Fair Maid from the Plains Dave Fredrickson
207 Letter Edged in Black Dave Fredrickson
208 Cowboy's Life is a Very Dreary Life Dave Fredrickson
209 Big City Jail Dave Fredrickson
Sounds of Steam Locomotives, No. 1: Stack Music Sampler; or Steam, Steel and Action

Folkways Records - FW06152 1956

101 2-8-2 No. 1534, Illinois Central
102 2-8-2 No. 5352, Burlington
103 4-8-4 No. 801, Union Pacific
104 4-12-2 No. 9007, Union Pacific
105 2-8-2 No. 2599, Chicago Northwestern
106 4-6-4 No. 4003, Burlington
107 4-6-0 No. 1353, Chicago Northwestern
108 4-8-4 No. 809 with 4-6-6-4 No. 3816, Union Pacific & 4-8-4 No. 5629, Burlington "0-5"
201 4-8-8-4 No. 4018, "Big Boy" Union Pacific
202 4-8-2 No. 2514, Illinois Central
203 0-6-0 No. 4471, Union Pacific "Switcher"
204 2-8-2 No. 480, Denver Rio Grande Western
205 4-6-6-4 No. 3839, Union Pacific
206 2-8-2 No. 495 with 2-8-2 No. 493, Denver Rio Grande
207 2-10-2 No. 809, Colorado Southern / 2-8-0 No. 648, "Switcher" & 4-8-4 No. 824 and No. 825, Union Pacific
208 2-8-0 No. 648, "Switcher"
Sounds of Steam Locomotives, No. 3: Colorado Narrow Gauge Stack Music

Folkways Records - FW06154 1958

101 A Ride on the Train to Yesterday
201 Three Little Engines and 33 Cars
Sounds of Steam Locomotives, No. 5: The Stack Music Spectacular

Folkways Records - FW06156 1976

101 Toughy Hill 2-10-2 Asst by 4-12-2
102 Union Pacific - The Challenger Type 4-6-6-4
103 Six Wheel Switcher #4466
104 809 Followed by 3816 4-8-4 and 4-6-6-4
105 The Burlington #6324 2-10-4
201 Norfolk and Western 4-6-6-4 and 2-8-8-2
202 Union Pacific #3996 4-6-6-4
203 Rio Grande Narrow Gauge 2-8-0
204 Union Pacific #9052 4-12-2
205 Union Pacific #3827 & #2151 4-6-6-4 and 2-8-2
Sounds of the American Southwest

Folkways Records - FW06122 1954

101 Chiricahua Mountain Region: Sounds of the Dry Season - Western Mourning Dove / Western Mockingbird / Javalina, Juvenile / Western Robin / Western Diamond-Back Rattlesnake / Morning Chorus of Birds in Cave Creek / Broad-Tailed Hummingbird / Stephen's Whippoorwill / Western Horned Owl / Tree Cricket
102 Chiricahua Mountain Region: Sounds of the Wet Season - Thunderstorm / Flash Flood / Western Spadefoot Toad / Black-Tailed Rattlesnake / Canyon Tree Frog / Desert Toad / Sonoran Spadefoot Toad / Sonoran Spadefoot Toad and Western Spadefoot Toad / Desert Bobcat, etc.
103 Tucson Region: Sounds of the Wet Season - Inca Dove and Red-Shafted Flicker/ Javalina or Peccary, Grunts / Longhorn Beetle, Sounds / Desert Bobcat, Chirping / Tiger Rattlesnake/ Sonoran Spadefoot, Colorado River, and Western Spadefoot Toads / Male Colorado River Toad, Warning Croak or Clucking
104 Pacific Region - Pacific Tree Frog, Mating Chorus / Pacific Tree Frog, Chorus with Individual Calls of California Canyon Tree Frog / Great Plains Toad, Mating Chorus
105 Miscellaneous Sounds - Mountain Lion or Puma, Purr of Captive / Arizona Twin-Spotted Rattlesnake / Mojave Rattler, Rattling of Half-Grown Individual / Sonoran Spadefoot Toad, when Seized by a Hognosed Snake
Spanish and Mexican Folk Music of New Mexico

Folkways Records - FW04426 1952

"The tracks on this album have been selected from the several hundred recordings that comprise the J.D. Robb collection of southwestern popular and folk music. Most of these were recollected in New Mexico."

"Los cortes de este álbum fueron seleccionadas entre muchos cientos de grabaciones que hacen parte de la colección de música folclórica y popular del suroeste de J. D. Robb. La gran mayoría de esas grabaciones fueron recolectadas en Nuevo México"

101 Matachines Dances James Trujillo, Sam Garcia, Modesto Garcia
102 Matachines Dances James Trujillo, Sam Garcia, Modesto Garcia
103 Huapango Garcilian Pacheco
104 Entriega de Novios Felix Ortega
105 Polka Librado Leyba, Eddie Ortiz
106 La Luna Se Va Metiendo Alfred Campos, Edwin Lobato
107 Cuatro Caminos Alfred Campos, Edwin Lobato
108 El Zapatero Arthur L. Campa
109 Grasshopper Waltz Daniel Lopez
201 Cancion Ingles Jacobo Maestas
202 Hymn of Farewell
203 Corrido de Elena Felix Ortega, Consuelo Ortega
204 Jesusita Vidal Valdez, Lupe Rodriguez
205 Para Que Me Sirvo el Vino Daniel Lopez, Lupe Rodriguez
206 Trovo del Viejo Vilmas Arvino Martinez
207 Cuna Jacobo Maestas, Victor Frescas
Spanish Folk Songs of New Mexico

Folkways Records - FW02204 1957

101 El Pavito Real Peter Hurd
102 Calandria, La (The Lark) Peter Hurd
103 Siete Leguas (Seven Leagues) Peter Hurd
104 Palomita Callejera, La (Little Dove of the Streets) Peter Hurd
105 Toro Bravo, El (The Wild Bull) Peter Hurd
106 Palo Verde, El (The Palo Verde Tree) Peter Hurd
107 Sombreito, El (The Little Hat) Peter Hurd
201 Las Chaparreras Peter Hurd
202 Barandales Del Puente, Los (The Railings of the Bridge) Peter Hurd
203 Corrido Del Norte (Ballad of the North) Peter Hurd
204 Jabali, El (The Boar) Peter Hurd
205 Fue En El Africa Lejana (It Was In Far-Off Africa) Peter Hurd
206 Corrido De Cananea, El (Ballad of Cananea) Peter Hurd
207 Traigo Mi Cuerenta Y Cinco (I Carry My Forty-Five) Peter Hurd
Yaqui Dances: The Pascola Music of the Yaqui Indians of Northern Mexico

Folkways Records - FW06957 1957

“`The Yaqui Indians of the state of Sonora in northwest Mexico are a strong, proud desert people living as farmers along the banks of the Yaqui River in central Sonora. The villages are scattered between the towns of Ciudad Obregón and Guaymas, and the Indians use both towns as market centers…'” (Jean Zeiger)

“`Los indígenas Yaqui del estado de Sonora en el noroeste de México son gentes del desierto tenaces y orgullosas, que viven como labradores a lo largo de los bancos del río Yaqui en el centro de Sonora. Sus poblados están esparcidos entre las poblaciones de Ciudad Obregón y Guaymas, ciudades que los indios utilizan como centros de mercado...'”
(Jean Zeiger)

101 Heragua Loco
102 Paloma
103 Papusa
104 Mundo
201 Aguedada
202 Paloma
203 Maria Loreta
204 Dance Song

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