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Occasional Papers:
List of publications

As noted in the Special Collections Policy, Section 3.d, "Insofar as appropriate scholarly manuscripts and funds are available, the Center...publishes a series of occasional papers to spur interest in and knowledge of the history of the region."  This is a list of occasional papers and other publications of the Center of Southwest Studies.  To propose a new Occasional Paper, contact the Director.

Study Guide for Indians of the Southwest/ by Robert W. Delaney, 1971 November 1.  42 pages.  Described in the author’s foreword as “a classroom tool for use in courses devoted to the history of Indians of the Southwest. … This is an attempt to get down on paper and in one place some tentative material which may help instructors prepare materials and direct the reading of students in their classes.”  Some of the contents are: a summary of United States Indian policy, some statistics on American Indians, a chronology of Pueblo history, a bibliography re: the Navajo, and numerous maps.

Southern Ute Lands, 1848-1899; the creation of a reservation/ by Gregory Coyne Thompson, 1972 March.  67 pages.  Occasional Paper No. 1.

The coming of Durango's little train/ by Robert W. Delaney, 1973.  11 pages.

The Black on New Spain's northern frontier: San Jose de Parral, 1631 to 1641 / by Vincent Mayer, Jr. Editor: Robert Delaney, 1974 November.  45 pages.  Occasional Paper No. 2.

Adventures with the Anasazi of Falls Creek / by Helen Sloan Daniels, 1976 September.  55 pages.  Occasional Paper No. 3.

Understanding and executing arts of the Southwest / by Ellen Yeager Cargile, 1976.  77 pages.

Fort Lewis College archaeological investigations in Ridges Basin, southwest Colorado, 1965-1982 / by Philip G. Duke, 1985.  325 pages.  Occasional Paper No. 4.


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