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Myra Ellen Jenkins papers
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17th century New Mexico
17th Century Pueblo Grants of New Mexico
18th century New Mexico women of property
1963 Land Meeting (41)

A History of the Pueblo of Taos
Abeyta, Antonio
Abiquiu/Ghost Ranch  
Acequias documents and notes
Ackroyd family history notebook, ca. 1870-1890
Acoma newsletter and clippings
Acoma Preservation Project
Acoma Pueblo and tradition  
Acoma survey investigation
Acoma v. Victor de la O  
Acoma-Laguna and Navajo Land Overlap
Adaakie, Theodore
Administrative and Land Tenure History of Pueblo Indians
Agua Fria site survey, 1979
Ahlberg, Ingrid, correspondence, ca. 1955-1958
Ahlborn, R.
Albuquerque (N.M.)
Albuquerque Museum Foundation  
Alianza and the Presbyterian Church
Alianza Federal de Mercedes
Alianza rightist extreme
Alonzo case documentary research materials and notes
American history  
Ancient Santa Fe  
Angel, Frank W.
Anglican communion  
Anva Census, 1779
Apache tribes v. U.S.
Apache, general history clippings
Apaches v. Ysleta  
Aragon, Laurance
Archaeological Conservancy correspondence and clippings
Archaeological Conservancy newsletters
Archaeological Issues New Mexico forms and clippings
Archaeological reports
Archaeological Research and Management of Los Essteros Reserv.  
Archaeological Society of New Mexico newsletters  
Archaeological Survey of Cebolleta Area  
Archival administration for historians
Archival management  
Archival sources and research holdings lists, 1974-1983
Archives and archival procedure  
Archives projects  
Areas of Conflict  
Armijo, Manuel  
Arny, W. F. M., journal, 1870
Arny, W. F. M., report on Pueblo Indians, 1870  
Arroyo Seco Desmondes
Art and literature  
Atrisco (N.M.)
Attitude of Hispanos to Alianza  
Awelagte, Tom  

Baca genealogy  
Baca, Bartolome
Baltasar Baca grant  
Barefoot Trail: Access to Zuni heaven
Barrio de Analco (Santa Fe, N.M.)
Baxter, John (18), (19), (28), (36), (37), (39), (42), (43)
Bent, Charles
Biblical archaeology  
Bills (legislative)  
Billy the Kid
Bishop's Lodge
Bishops Spalding, Johnson, Ingley
Black Mesa  
Blue Lake case

Blue Lake clippings

Blue Documentary documentary research and correspondence
Blue Lake documentary research materials
Blue Lake hearings transcripts
Blue Lake Pueblo and committee statements and correspondence
Bolton, Herbert  
Book reviews
Books, libraries and printing in early New Mexico  
Boquet Ranch  
Boquet Ranch (Santa Fe, N.M.)
Boundaries of Zuni Land
Boundaries of Zuni Land: Emphasis on 1848-1946  
Bowannie, Fred, Sr.  
Boyd, E.
Boyle house (Santa Fe, N.M.)  
Brandt, E.
Braun, Julia, correspondence and obituary, 1962-1970  
Briggs, C.
British political opinion contemporaneous with the French Rev.
Buell, C., correspondence  
Buffalo Soldiers
Bureau of Indian Affairs
Bureau of Land Management

Caliente, Ojo  
California-New Mexico settlements  
Campbell, E.
Campsites on the Santa Fe Trail, 1848
Canadian River Compact  
Canoncito, U.S. period, documentary research notes
Canones-Polvadera grant  
Canyon de Carnue-Tijeras  
Canyon de Chama-Tijerina  
Carlsbad (N.M.)
Carroll, C.
Carvajal family  
Cebolleta (N.M.)
Cebolleta area  
Cebolleta grant  
Cebolleta grant map  
Centuries of Solitude  
Cerillos (N.M.)
Cerrillos Mining operation
Chama Valley  
Changing meanings of Arroyo
Chaves, Jose Francisco, Col., 1833-1924
Chavez County Historical Society newsletters  
Chavez, Dennis, Senator, honors, clippings, 1988
Chavez, Tibo, Judge
Chavez-Otero family
Chilili (N.M.)
Christian religious history  
Church bulletins, 1960-1979  
Church history
Church in Territorial New Mexico  
Churches in Colorado  
Churches in New Mexico
Cienega, Cieneguilla Pueblos
Cieneguilla Pueblos  
Cimarron (N.M.)
Citizenship ceremony
City of El Paso v. Reynolds  
City of Socorro (N.M.)
Civil War diaries
Civil War in Colorado and New Mexico
Clark Knowlton and the Alianza
Class notes
Cleaveland, Norman  
Cliff Mills, Taos  
Coal mining  
Coalition to save our documentary history
Cochiti land study
Cochiti Pueblo  
Colfax County War, 1875-1878  
Colonial Land and Water Rights of New Mexico Indian Pueblos
Colorado churches
Colorado history  
Colorado and New Mexico historic preservation
Colorado church history
Colorado College history
Colorado history
Commission of Public Records meeting reports and clippings
Commission on the Status of Women reports and clippings, 1988-
Commissioner of Indian Affairs  
Committee for the Promotion of History  
Communism and fascism in South America
Coronado Building (Santa Fe, N.M.)
Coronado's Route
Corrales Project
Council on America's Military Posts newsletters
Courtwright, T. I.
Cox, Matilda  
Cristobal de la Serna grant  
Cruzate grants  
Cubero-Cebolleta research materials
Cultural awareness
Cultural Properties Review Committee correspondence
Cumbres and Toltec Railroad historic preservation
Cundiyo geneaology
Cushing, Frank H.  
Cutter, D.
Czechoslovakia history  

De la Pena House (Santa Fe, N.M.)
De Rivera, Juan Antonio  
Death of Pizarro, film recording
Deer ceremonial killing and observance  
Del Burro v. Canada
Del Rio Chiquito
Delaney, Robert
Denver (Colo.) history  
Deus, Charles, Captain
Development Potential of Taos Pueblo Area in 1906  
DeVolder, A. L.  
Diego Gallegos grant
Diegos Gallegos grant
Disease among Zunis Population
Document thefts and hoaxes  
Dolores del Oro (N.M./Mexico)
Don Diego Neighborhood Association (Santa Fe, N.M.)
Dona Ana Band-Tortugas  
Donaciano Vigil house (Santa Fe, N.M.)
Dorsey Mansion
Down on Eightmile
Drugs on college campuses
Dunham, H.  
Durango (Colo.)

Early New Mexico journalism  
Eastern Colorado history
Eastern New Mexico
Ebright, M.
Eckles, Belle  
Education in early New Mexico
Effects of Disease among Zunis Population
Eggan, Fred
El Camino Real
El Malpais National Monument
El Rancho de las Golondrinas clippings and meeting reports
El Rito  
El Viejo Ranch (Santa Fe, N.M.)
Elam affair
Elam, A. H.  
Elam, Earl H.  
Elbert County (Colo.) history brochure and clippings, 1966-
Elena Gallegos grant
Ellis, F.
Ellis, Richard (19), (35-37)
Embudo grant
Empresario grants, Texas
Encinias, Miguel
Episcopal Church
Episcopal Church in Colorado
Episcopal Church in New Mexico and Texas
Episcopal Church in the U.S.
Episcopal Church on the Upper Rio Grande
Episcopalian (publication)
Erachio, Seff, Sr.
Ethnohistory: Cienega, Cieneguilla Pueblos  
Ethnohistory: Interethnic Relations/Cochiti Pueblo
Ethnohistory: La Cienega area land grants  
Ethnohistory: Pueblo Indians
Ethnology Conference  
Expert witnesses  
Exploration of Zuni caves, 1881-1884

Fairview Cemetery (Santa Fe, N.M.)
Federal land maps
Ferguson, T. J.
Ferran case, Montoya-Ortiz
Floppy discs
Fort Craig conference
Fort Lewis College (Durango, CO.)
Fort Marcy Officer's Residence (Santa Fe, N.M.)
Fort Wingate
Fowler, Joel
Fr. Reynaldo Rivera murder (Santa Fe, N.M.)
Franke, P., Jr.
Freeman, M. Doty
Friends of Bandelier newsletters, 1988-1991
Friends of the Palace meeting reports  
Frontier religion  
Frost, R. H.  
Frost, Richard  

Gallegos Land Grant
Gallisteo (N.M.)
Gallup v. U.S.  
Garcia case correspondence and legal documents
Gaspar, Chester  
Gatschet, Albert S.
General European history, pre-World War I
General European history, World War I
General European history, World War II
Gerald, Rex
Ghost Ranch
Ghost Ranch lectures
Ghost Towns
Gijosa grant  
Government and Navajo court exhibits documents
Grammer (36)
Grant proposals
Great Britain history
Guadalupe Church (Santa Fe, N.M.) restoration
Gusdorf and Montoya papers

Hall, G.
Hammond, Reeve report
Harper's Ferry, 1862
Harrington, J. P.  
Hart, E. Richard
Hart, Richard (39), (41),  
Herner, Thelma Jenkins, and family, clippings, 1924-1991  
Herner, Thelma Jenkins, trip to Middle East, correspondence
Hide paintings correspondence and clippings, 1986-1988  
Hill, Gertrude
Hispanic heroes of New Mexico
Hispanic New Mexico issues and challenges
Historian as Expert Witness
Historic preservation
Historic Preservation New Mexico legislation records
Historic Santa Fe Foundation

Historical places, art and people teaching aids  
Historical Society of New Mexico Historical Society of Santa Fe newsletters
Historical Study of Land East of Taos Pueblo pre-1848
History of Santo Domingo Pueblo Relations with Federal Gov't
History of the American Southwest
History of the Coronado Building (Santa Fe, N.M.)
History of Western Pueblos  
History of Zuni Land Utilization, 1539 to Present
Hite, Bertha Ackroyd, clippings and obituary, 1964
Hobbs (N.M.)
Hopi visit to Gov. Bruce King  
Hopi-Navajo dispute
Houtz, Margaret Ackroyd, correspondence and clippings, 1959-
Hughes, Bill, murder, clippings, 1955
Hughes, Richard
Hull family history
Hull, Lois F.
Hull, Lois Fern, correspondence and clippings, ca. 1963
Hustido, Alonzo

Ildefonso Pueblo
Index card files  
Index to topographic maps of New Mexico  
Indian arts and ceremonies  
Indian Claims Commission
Indian Claims Court
Ingley, Bishop
Inspector's reports
Intercultural Education  
Interethnic Relations/Cochiti Pueblo
Interview transcriptions
Irrigation (19), (33), (34)
Irrigation in Rio Ojo Caliente
Irrigation in the Chama Valley

Jackson, Sheldon
Japanese relocation
Jaramillo, Maria Ignacio
Jemez (N.M.)
Jenkins family correspondence and obituaries, 1899-1980  
Jenkins, Elizabeth, legal documents and correspondence
Jenkins, Harold, and family, correspondence and clippings  
Jenkins, Lewis and Minnie, records, 1943-1955
Jenkins, Myra Ellen

Jenkins, Myron and Elizabeth, legal documents, 1943-1946
Jenkins, Myron, correspondence, 1931-1943
Jenkins, Roderic, and family, death, correspondence, 1921-1982
Jewish merchants in New Mexico
Jewish community in Pueblo (Colo.)
Jewish Community of Colonial New Mexico  
John Gaw Meem (Santa Fe, N.M.)
John Gaw Meem publication
Johnson, Bishop  
Journalism in early New Mexico
Juarez archives, deeds and documentary research materials

Karavos Tract correspondence and notes
Kaune house (Santa Fe, N.M.)
Kennedy assassination
KiMo Theater (Albuquerque, N.M.)
King, Bruce, Governor
Kit Carson Historic Museums brochures  and reports  
Knowlton, Clark
Kovacs, K.

La Cienega  
La Cienega area land grants  
La Cienega clippings  
La Cienega documentary research materials
La Cienega Partnership reports and correspondence  
La Clinica newsletters
La Conquistadora (Santa Fe, N.M.)
La Cronica
La Genta  
La Joya Sevilleta  
La Majada  
Laguna (23-25)
Laguna Acoma exhibits  
Laguna clippings and cards
Laguna court exhibits
Laguna documentary research materials and notes  
Laguna testimony notes  
Laguna-Acoma exhibits
Laguna-Acoma findings
Laguna-Acoma irrigation documentary research materials
Laguna-Acoma Line
Land and Water in New Mexico
Land and Water Rights in New Spain  
Land and Water Rights of New Mexico Indian Pueblos  
Land grant disputes  
Land grant maps
Land grant pilot program
Land grants  
Land History of the Pueblo of Taos
Land maps  
Land Rights Council correspondence and forms
Land status reports
Land surveys and grants  
Land tenure
Land Tenure of Pueblo Indians, 1528-1848
Land tenure other than grant  
Land tenure, irrigation in Rio Ojo Caliente  
Land Title Study Committee  
Land use
Land Use of the Zuni Tribe
Las Trampas (N.M.)
Las Vegas (N.M.)  
Las Vegas (N.M.) grant
Latin America

Latin America/ U.S. relations
Latin American art and music  
Latin American colonial history  
Latin American economics  
Latin American history
Latin American Indians
Latin American internal affairs  
Latin American presidents
Latin American recent history
Latin American relations  
Latin American revolutionary history
Latin American thought  
Latin American/Pan American issues
Lecture notes  
Leiby, A.  
Leroux, Tenorio land  
Libraries and printing in early New Mexico
Linda Vista litigation (Santa Fe, N.M.)
Lipan and Mescalero in Texas  
Lipan and Mescalero v. U.S.
Loma Parda (N.M.)  
London, Jack
Loretto Academy and Chapel (Santa Fe, N.M.)
Los Alamos (N.M.)
Los Essteros Reservoir  
Los Luceros
Lost treasures and mines (N.M.)
Lovato-Ramon Vigil grant
Ludi, George

Magon, Ricardo Flores
MaHooty, Chester
Malpais (N.M.)
Man on the Rio Grande  
Management plans  
Manby, Arthur Rockford  
Manchero report 1744 (incomplete)
Manderfield-Salazar Mausoleum (Santa Fe, N.M.)  
Manzano (N.M.)  
Maps of New Mexico
Marmon, Susie, correspondence  
Marmon, Suzie (Mrs. Walter K.)  
Marmon, Suzie (Mrs. Walter K.), correspondence, 1961-1966
Martinez, Leroux, Tenorio land grants  
Martinez, Padre
Maxwell land grant, 1888 Aug.
Maxwell Museum of Anthropology newsletters
Mayhew, R. W.  
McCutchan, Gordon
McIntire, Jim
McIntire/Courtwright notes  
Meem, John Gaw  
Merlan, Jesse, death, clippings, 1988-1991
Merlan, Thomas, correspondence
Mescalero v. O'Chesky
Mesilla civil colony grant  
Mesita de Juana Lopez
Mesita de Juana Lopez grant
Mexican history  
Mexican Liberal Party, 1900-1922
Mexican Liberals and Pueblo Indians, 1821-1829
Mexican Revolution  

Meyer, M. and S.
Microfilm lists
Military forts
Minge report on Tewas
Minge, Ward (38), (43), (47)
Mining, population and agriculture
Minority problems
Mission of Nuestra Senora de Guadalupe de Zuni
Missionaries to the Zuni
Modern Europe  
Monson, S.
Montoya papers
Mora grant  
Moraga, Martines, research notes
Moreno report
Morley, William R.
Mountain Men of the West
Museum of New Mexico Foundation Music history teaching aids
Musicians, famous, teaching aids
Myra Ellen Jenkins collection

Nambe land claim
Nambe Pueblo
Nastacio, Alvin Lynn
Nastacio, Oscar
National Trust Award correspondence and clippings
Native American Archives Project  
Native Americans general information pamphlets
Navajo court exhibits
Navajo Encroachment after 1846
Navajo history clippings, 1940-1983  
Navajo history publications
Navajo Long Walk  
Navajo raids, documentary research notes  
Navajo, Mexican period, documentary research notes
Navajo, U.S. period, documentary research notes
Navajos in church records  
Neighbors, K.
New Mexico

New Mexico Arts  
New Mexico Association of Indian Affairs, 1922-1958
New Mexico churches
New Mexico churches historic preservation  
New Mexico Commission of Public Records meeting reports
New Mexico county boundaries  
New Mexico Eminent Scholars Program
New Mexico Endowment for the Humanities reports and newsletter
New Mexico families
New Mexico Governors and officials
New Mexico historic building preservation
New Mexico Historical Review
New Mexico history
New Mexico House Speakers
New Mexico in the Spanish period
New Mexico in world history  
New Mexico in World War II  
New Mexico land grants  
New Mexico land tenure
New Mexico Library Association
New Mexico maps and guides  
New Mexico Medical History Program  
New Mexico Museum of Natural History newsletters
New Mexico Prison Revolt
New Mexico Pueblos report and census
New Mexico Quincentenary Commission New Mexico State Records Center New Mexico State Register of Cultural Properties Sandia application
New Mexico State University-Las Cruces
New Mexico statehood  
New Mexico territory
New Mexico town land grants
New Mexico, land of immigrants
New Mexico, Spanish introduction of plants  
New Mexico, Spanish period  
New Mexico: History, the historian, museums  
New Mexico's Mexican Heritage, 1821-1848
New Mexico's Pueblo Indians
New Mexico's Spanish Colonial Heritage
Nickerson, Agnes, correspondence, clippings and obituary
Nostrand/Hispano homeland
Nuestra Senora de Guadalupe de Zuni

Ojo Caliente  
Ojo de Borrego grant  
Old Santa Fe Association newsletters  
Old Santa Fe Association symposium materials, 1984  
Old Santa Fe Today
Onate report, 1848
Onate, Santiago
Opler, M.
Ore deposits of New Mexico
Ortega family documents  
Ortiz family and houses (Santa Fe, N.M.)
Ortiz house (Santa Fe, N.M.)
Ortiz Mine  
Ortiz, E.
Otero family
Otra Banda del Rio  
Our Strength is the Land  

Pacific/ U.S. relations
Palace of Governors (Santa Fe, N.M.)
Palmer, Henry Knox
Pandey, Trilocki  
Parish Planning Committee
Paseo de Paralta Loop (Santa Fe, N.M.)
Patterns of Zuni land use
Pena Blanca
Penitentes of New Mexico
Peralta statue (Santa Fe, N.M.)
Philosophy history  
Picuris Pueblo
Pinkney R. Tully house (Santa Fe, N.M.)  
Pino family
Pino, Pedro
Pioneers Foundation correspondence
Pizarro, death of, film recording  
Plains Indians of North America  
Plan of Pitic
Plaza Bandstand (Santa Fe, N.M.)
Pojoaque Pueblo  
Pojoaque Valley land tenure  
Polvadera-Piedra Lumbre
Pope report
Presbyterian centennial  
Presbyterian Centennial Committee
Presbyterian Church
Presbyterian Church in New Mexico
Presbyterian relations with the Indians
Presbyterian Synod of New Mexico  
Preservation Coalition reports, 1987-1989
Preservation New Mexico publications
Printing in early New Mexico
Prison revolts
Provincias Internas, New Mexico reports  
Provincias Internas, Plan of Pitic  
Public history
Pueblo (Colo.)

Pueblo County Historical Society newsletters
Pueblo County Historical Society publications  
Pueblo Governor's canes  
Pueblo history  
Pueblo Indian lands  
Pueblo Indian Litigation  
Pueblo Indian Stories
Pueblo Indians (35-37), (45)
Pueblo Indians archaeological report
Pueblo Indians land and water history  
Pueblo Indians land tenure
Pueblo land grants
Pueblo Lands Act
Pueblo Lands Board (18), (19), (23), (36)
Pueblo Lands Board final court decree  
Pueblo of Ildefonso
Pueblo of Ildefonso and its land, 1598-1900
Pueblo of Isleta
Pueblo of Nambe, 1598-1900
Pueblo of Picuris
Pueblo of Pojoaque, 1598-1900
Pueblo of Sandia
Pueblo of Sandia and its Lands
Pueblo of Santa Ana v. Baca
Pueblo of Santa Clara
Pueblo of Santa Clara land status
Pueblo of Santo Domingo
Pueblo of Taos (N.M.)
Pueblo of Taos and its Lands  
Pueblo of Tesuque
Pueblo of Ysleta del Sur
Pueblo of Zuni
Pueblo of Zuni and U.S. Occupation
Pueblo Revolt and Reconquest
Pueblo Revolt of 1680  
Pueblo Revolt Ticentennial Committee (Santa Fe, N.M.)
Pueblo uprising  
Pueblo water and land rights
Pueblo water rights
Pueblo, Colo. and its Jewish community  
Pueblos of Jemez, Santa Ana and Zia v. Abousleman  
Pueblos under American Rule

Quam, Ralph  

Rael v. Taylor
Railroad agreements
Railroads historic preservation
Raton (N.M.)
Raton Range newsletter
Reality of New Mexico Land Grants
Records of the Mission of Nuestra Senora de Guadalupe de Zuni
Reflection on Zuni Pueblo and its People
Reflections on Zuni Land Use
Reformation history
Reineger report
Religion on the frontier
Religious art, theft of
Reminiscences of a Public Historian
Renaissance and the Reformation
Report and census of New Mexico Pueblos
Return of the Kolhu/Wala:Wa
Reyes Tijerina/Alianza
Ricardo Flores Magon and Mexican Liberal Party, 1900-1922
Rightist extremes
Rio Abajo (N.M.)
Rio Arriba (N.M.)
Rio Chama adjudication
Rio Chama Hydrographic Survey Report
Rio Grande Compact of 1938
Rio Hondo System, Taos area
Rio Lucero water dispute documentary research materials
Rio Ojo Caliente
Rio Pueblo de Taos Hydrographic Survey, report, vol. 2, 1969
Rio Puerco grants
Rio Quemado
Rio Quemado, Santa Cruz, history of settlement and irrigation
Rio Santa Cruz and Rio de Truchas adjudication
Rivera, Reynaldo
Rock etchings
Rock inscriptions (N.M.)
Rodriguez house (Santa Fe, N.M.)
Roots and Wings Foundation memoranda and reports
Ruidoso, Hondo system
Rural Life in 17th Century New Mexico

Salazar murder
Salinas (N.M.)
Salinas National Monument Project
Salinas Project
San Antonio del Rio Colorado, Questa, Cerro
San Bernardino Ranch National Historical landmark
San Cristobal Hydrographic Survey
San Felipe joint grant
San Francisco (Calif.) maps
San Gabriel
San Ildefonso
San Ildefonso grant
San Juan Pueblo
San Juan Pueblo, San Gabriel
San Luis Valley
San Miguel del Vado grant
San Miguel del Vado, Pecos
San Rafael (N.M.)
Sanada de la Cruz
Sandia Abstract and Title Co.
Sandia court exhibits
Sandia Pueblo
Sandia survey
Sando, J.
Sandoval County (N.M.)
Sandoval County Historical Society newsletters
Sangre de Cristo grant
Sangre de Cristo grant survey reports, 1983
Santa Ana
Santa Ana Pueblo
Santa Ana v. Baca
Santa Clara and San Ildefonso
Santa Clara grant
Santa Clara Pueblo
Santa Clara Pueblo and its lands, 1598-1900
Santa Cruz de la Canada grant
Santa Cruz-Quemado Watershed
Santa Fe (N.M.)

Santa Fe (N.M.) area historic preservation
Santa Fe Brewing Co. (Santa Fe, N.M.)
Santa Fe College
Santa Fe Community College
Santa Fe Community Foundation newsletters and reports
Santa Fe Fiesta
Santa Fe grant
Santa Fe Historical Sites Commission
Santa Fe Living Treasures
Santa Fe Ring
Santa Fe River water adjudication
Santa Fe Trail
Santa Fe Trail Association newsletters
Santa Rosa de Cubero grant
Santo Domingo de Cundiyo grant
Santo Domingo grant
Santo Domingo grant survey and resurvey
Santo Domingo Pueblo
Santo Domingo v. Rael
Santo Domingo v. Thompson
Santo Domingo, Cochiti land study
Santo Domingo-San Felipe joint grant
Santo Domingo/Gallegos land grant
School of American Research newsletters
Schroeder, Al
Segesser hide paintings correspondence and clippings
Selph v. Alger
Serna grant
Serna, Gijosa grants
Settlement and Irrigation in the Santa Cruz-Quemado Watershed
Settlement and Water Use at El Rito
Settlement of Santa Cruz, Canada
Shakespeare Ghost Town, New Mexico
Shakespeare Quarterly newsletters
Sherman, John
Shinedling, A.
Silver City (N.M.)
Smith, Cora, clippings and obituary, ca. 1947
Snow, D. (30), (31), (43), (45)
Society for the Preservation of the Common Book of Prayer
Socorro (N.M.)
Soldier's Monument (Santa Fe, N.M.)
Southern Colorado history
Southern New Mexico
Southern Tewa Land and Water Rights in American Period
Southwest Archaeology
Southwest Historical Quarterly excerpts, 1911-
Southwest Mission Research newsletters
Southwest National Monuments and Parks
Spain Spalding, Bishop
Spanish Administration of New Mexico and Tewa Indians
Spanish Administration of New Mexico Indians
Spanish Administration of Tiguas of Ysleta
Spanish Civil War, 1940-1948
Spanish Colonial Arts Society newsletters
Spanish Colonial Policy and the Pueblo Indians
Spanish documents
Spanish Exploration in Chama Valley pre-1800
Spanish grant documents, Mercedes
Spanish grant documents, Tierras
Spanish grants overlap  
Spanish introduction of plants
Spanish land grants in New Mexico
Spanish land policies and regulations documents, 1500-1941
Spanish period in New Mexico
Spanish records of Government of Ysleta, 1835
St. Catherine's Indian School (Santa Fe, N.M.)
St. John's in the Wilderness (Colo.)
St. Louis, Rocky Mtn. and Pacific [Railroad]Co.
St. Vincent's Hospital (Santa Fe, N.M.)
St. Vrain, Ceran
Stagecoach routes
State Archives of New Mexico
Sandia materials
State of New Mexico v. Abeyta
State v. Aamodt
State v. PERB
Stevens, Montague
Stoller, M
Stone Warehouse (Santa Fe, N.M.)
Stoney, J. M.
Swadesh, Frances, correspondence and clippings, 1963-1974
Syracuse University Project

Tano Indians of Gallisteo Basin
Taos (Carson) Forest Reserve
Taos (N.M.)

Taos and Pueblo Lands board, Blue Lake
Taos early history
Taos Impact Study  
Taos Indians and Battle for Blue Lake
Taos Indians testimony, 1926 Oct.
Taos land claim valuation
Taos lands irrigation reports and notes, 1909-
Taos Pueblo
Taos Pueblo court exhibits
Taos Pueblo land award appraisal
Taos v. U.S.
Taos water rights
Taos World Heritage lists
Tarbell lectures
Taylor, B.
Taylor, William B.
Teaching aids
Television series proposals
Tenney, Mary F., correspondence, 1960-1979
Tenorio land grant
Tenorio occupation and water rights
Tenorio Purchase and the Pueblo of Taos
Tenorio Tract, National Forest, Water Rights
Tenorio, Lucero reports and correspondence, 1919-1944
Territory of New Mexico
Tesuque Pueblo
Tewa Indians ethnogeography
Theft of religious art
Though your body may perish
Tienditas documentary research materials
Tierra Amarilla
Tierra Amarilla Co-op and Clinic
Tigua exhibits
Tigua, Mescalero v. U.S.
Tijerina, Reyes
Timber contracts
Title of Pueblo of Santo Domingo to Gallegos Land Grant
Torreon (N.M.)
Towers, Lem A.
Trail to Kolhu/wala:wa
Transcripts of Spanish Records
Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, 1848
Trespass suits clippings and notes
True, Clara D.
Tudesqui house (Santa Fe, N.M.)
Tyler, S. Lyman

U.S. Bureau of Indian Affairs
U.S. Department of Geologic Survey
U.S. Department of Interior
U.S. Office of Indian Affairs
U.S. Bicentennial
U.S. Expeditions through Lands of Western Pueblos, 1850-1873
U.S. foreign policy
U.S. Geologic Survey
U.S history
U.S. Indian Land Claim Commission
U.S. Internal Revenue Service
U.S. v. Duran
U.S. v. Wooten
U.S. War Department correspondence
U.S./ Mexico history
University of New Mexico holdings collections lists, 1960-1975
Utah mystery tree carvings
Ute Indians

Vacit, Frank
Valencio County Historical Society Chavez Memorial
Valle, Alexander
Van Ness, John
Van Stone house (Santa Fe, N.M.)
Vargas Project
Vargas to Henojosa, documentary research materials
Vargas to Henojosa, notes
Victorio Peak
Vigil, Donaciano
Vigil, Juan Batista
Virginia Campaign, 1861-1862

Ward report
Water adjudication
Water and New Mexico
Water disputes
Water in the 20th Century West
Water rights
Water Rights in New Spain
Water use reports and notes by John Baxter
Watson Land Co., Tracts A, B, C
Weber, D.
Weinstein timber report
Western History Association conference programs
Western Pueblos
Western Pueblos history
Westerners International Santa Fe Corral newsletters
Wheelwright Museum of the American Indian newsletters
White Sands
Will of a woman
With Fairness Toward All
Wolfe, Daniel and Mabel, correspondence and clippings
Women in New Mexico history
Wood, Leonard
Woodward, Dorothy
Woodward, Dorothy, correspondence and clippings, ca. 1960
Worcester, Donald
World history (55-57)
World history chart
Wright, Ione, correspondence and obituary, 1961-1981
Wyatsalucy, Mecalito

Ysleta case
Ysleta chronology and historical documentary
Ysleta del Sur
Ysleta incorporation

Zuni Aboriginal Land Holdings
Zuni bibliography
Zuni boundaries
Zuni caves
Zuni Claims Settlement Act
Zuni files
Zuni Forest Reserve
Zuni Governors: 1830-1973
Zuni History Project
Zuni History, 1876-1900
Zuni in Spanish and Mexican History
Zuni Indians under the Laws of Spain, Mexico and U.S.
Zuni land boundaries
Zuni land grant
Zuni Land Grant, 1846-1876
Zuni land maps
Zuni land use
Zuni mining
Zuni missions
Zuni plants
Zuni Pueblo
Zuni Relations, Zuni Land Grant, 1846-1876
Zuni Salt Lake
Zuni speeches
Zuni Tribe v. U.S. (38-40),

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