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Collection M 027, Series 1.1:
Durango City Council records, 1991-1999
partial inventory

Accession 9905004: City Council member records of Jasper Welch

Years this material was created: 1991-1999:

Quantity: 1.75 linear shelf feet (in 6 document cases)

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Durango City Government records

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Introduction/ Scope and Contents

This draft inventory describes records maintained by City Councilor Jasper Welch, dating from 1991 through February of 1999. In alphabetical order as subject files in well labeled letter size folders (except for about a half a foot of the most recent material, that was filed by the Center's archival staff upon receipt of this accession). More complete for the first term, 1991-1995, than for the second. In two photocopy-paper boxes and a #10 envelope box. At the time of the donation, Mr. Welch indicated that this represents perhaps only 10 percent of the paper that came across his desk as a City Council member. He also served as Mayor during two portions of that time.

This accession was reboxed (into six document cases), arranged, and inventoried by Center of Southwest Studies archival assistant Whitney Fletcher-Howell on May 13-14, 1999.

Container List

Folder titles:

Box 1 (A - City Council):

Ddvertising/City Council
Agency on Aging
Airport/operations and land acquisition - City Council
Amendment #12-issues, info. - No! on 12
Amendment #1-tax and revenues and limitation
Animas Water Company - AWC
Annexation-Colorado revised statutes - state law
Anti-smoking initiative - petitioned
Arts/carriage works-arts funding - City Council
Artwork/ City Council
Bible distribution - religious freedom
Boards and commissions - applications
Bodo Park-Streets, annexation, zoning
Bond election -11/8/94
Bondad landfill - Fergeson 884-2414
Breakfast with citizens - City Council
Budget-1992 FY - schedule/notes
Budget-1993 - City Council notes, financials
Burns National Bank - Parking 12th & Main
Business improvement - District
Cable TV/TCI - City Council
Capital projects/requests, ideas - City Council
Citizen Survey-"growth management" - 1997 comp plan
City correspondence - letters/memos to Council
City Council - appointment - 7/96
City Council - candidates - 1997
City Council - election materials - re-election
City Council - election-4/2/90
City Council - conferences/meetings/seminars/agendas/registration
City Council - mailing, labels, fundraising - re-election
City Council - re-election media campaign - re-election

Box 2 (City of Durango - economic):
City of Durango - Community Services/human services - Civic Organizations
City trails and recreation
Civic Colorado Municipal League - City Council
CDOT parcel-17 acres Riverwalk Park - City of Durango
Colorado trust-9/8 focus group "raw data" - Irene Sanders
Community relations commission
Compensation/salary study-1994 document - City of Durango
Competition/other candidates
Comprehensive plan-master planning
Comp plan-1995 - policies
Denver Airport/United - Club 2
3 Durangos-September 4-8, 1991 - City Council
Durango Area Chamber Resort Association/lodger's tax and quarterly reports - City Council
Durango City Council - notes - campaign
Durango City Council-door to door campaign - April 2, 1991
Durango Conference Center - Morehart
Durango Convention Center - 3/91
Durango Convention Center - 3/91
Durango Industrial Development Foundation-Bodo Park - Annexation
E-911-communications center
Economic development-Fort Lewis College Econometer - City of Durango

Box 3 (employee - home):
Employee Review Committee-Employee compensation - City Council
"Essence" of Durango-notes - Planning citizen input
Ethics: Colorado Municipal League info.
Ethics/conflict of interest-CML handouts - City Council
Fairgrounds/location - City Council
Farmington Hill - City of Durango
Financial forecasts-City of Durango - long term
Financial memos/info - City Council
Financial reports 1998/1999
Fire protection-City of Durango - Animas Fire - Consolidation
Florida Road - East Third intersection
Fort Lewis College - City Council
Fundraising/financial reports - election
Gambling (gaming) - Southern Ute/ballot
Goal setting-objectives and planning issues - 1993
Graffiti - community appearance
Greeley Gas/franchise fees - City Council
Growth management-Governor initiative 1995 - City Council
Habitability Code - rental housing
Handicapped Access - (?) parking
Health care issues
Historic District
Home Rule Charter - La Plata County

Box 4 (housing - pay):
Housing-rental/codes, funding issues
Insurance-life/health-info/policy - City Council
Joint use facility - City Council
Juvenile detention - holding facility
Juvenile detention facility
La Plata County Commissioner - City Council
La Plata Economic Development Committee-Will Williams 247-5786
Lashley, Doug, email - Council
Legislators/Congress, State of Colorado - City Council
Letters to and from business or residents - City Council
Letters/faxes to Lynn Shine - correspondence
Library Advisory Board-Dan Brassell - City Council
Lodger's tax-City/County - collection history
Mailing/prospect list - addresses
Manna Soup Kitchen - Religious uses & City zoning (1st Amendment)
Mayor Speech -City of Durango 1998
Memos/from City Manager or staff - City Council
Mercy Hospital - City Council
Neighborhood Association
Non-smoking issues - ballot/vote
Parking/joint facilities-Rotary Park and bank vision - City Council
Pay stubs/personal expenses - City Council

Box 5 (per - Southwest Colorado):
Personnel and compensation studies-Doug Johnson - Anderson & Assoc.
Personnel/DDP applications - City of Durango
Planning commission - Durango
Planning department -activity info, fee income, service level
Police Department/recruitment, Police Chief, DUI, etc - City Council
Police patrol squad car, foot, bike - patrol
Power plant/real estate - City Council
Press clippings/Herald news releases - City Council
Press releases - City
Privatization of government services-articles, legislation - City of Durango
Purchasing/City policy - bid guidelines
Recreation facility
Recycling - City Council
Relations: council/staff
Republican/fund raising - City Council
Residents/public participation
Retreat-Council -Chip Tamarron - 9/9/97
Riverfront Task Force
Road impact fees
Rotary Park/development and parking
Sales forecasting - sales tax history
School District 9-R -City Council
Sewer/utility issues
Sidewalk improvements
Smiley Building: issues/concerns
South Durango Planning Area - 160/550 corridor
Southwest Colorado Mental Health-child/adolescent parent connection - City Council

Box 6 (Southwest Cultural - water):
Southwest Cultural Center - liaison comm. - City Council
Spanish/tres Durango - 9/4-9/9/91
Speech/notes - sample text -City Council
Speed humps/safety - traffic
Staff - newsletter (sidelines), staff appreciation letters
Systems-Information-email networks - City/library
Tax code and ordinances - City of Durango
Tax issues
Tax limitation-Colorado Springs - City Council
Teen Center - City of Durango
Thank you to supporters
Tire recycling - waste tires
Tobacco ordinance - youth access
Traffic lights, stop signs, speeding
Transit/Durango Lift - City Council
Transit-reinventing the system - idea folder
Transit reorganization - City of Durango
Vested rights/private property-common law & statutory "vested rights" -land use/zoning
Vendor comments/complaints-city bid process
Vote-final tally - City election 4/1991
Water Commission -meeting notes
Water/Animas-La Plata Water Project/SW water 3/91
Water at Electra Lake -PSCO - Leasing

This inventory was prepared by Fort Lewis College archival student Whitney Fletcher-Howell and by College Archivist Todd Ellison, May 14, 1999.

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