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Artists of the Southwest vertical files (Hensler artist files)

Collection Summary   

Title Artists of the Southwest vertical files (Hensler artist files)
Dates (Inclusive) 1950 to present
Dates (Bulk) 1970s to present
Creator various artists, galleries, museums, newspapers, etc.
Abstract Collection of printed materials on Southwest artists, with the focus on Native American artists.
Unique ID M239
Quantity approximately 12 linear feet

Historical Note   
With their love of Native American and Inuit art, Bill and Sue Hensler began their lifelong passion of collecting in the early 1950s, with major purchases of original art and prints in the 1970s and 1980s. Through their travels they have been able to meet and befriend nearly half of the artists represented in their collection. The Hensler’s focus on searching for work by emerging artists and purchase work that they like, rather than collecting solely established artists.

Not only have the Hensler’s collected – and continue to collect - original art and prints, but they also collect any information they can about the artists in their collection, a breadth of Native American artists, Inuit artists, and institutions. The Artists of the Southwest collection contains information on over 900 artists and institutions, with new artists and institutions added frequently.

The files (in Series 1) are primarily alphabetized by artist last name. If an artist's folder is large, it is further divided within the primary folder by material type, such as articles and correspondence.

If included documents are about group shows, Southwest art in general, or do not feature one artist, they are arranged by publishing instiution or material type in subsequent series. Additional series include Publications produced by museums/galleries, Misc. publications, Newspapers, Magazines, Books, and Oversized materials.

Scope & Contents   
Though the collection started specifically with materials on Native American and Eskimo (Inuit) artists, the collection continues to grow with the addition of non-Native artists who work and reside in the Southwest.

The collection represents a breadth of Native American tribes across the United States, as well as Canadian tribes, Mexican and South American tribes.

Access. There are no access restrictions on the use of these materials for research purposes. This collection is open to the public for use in the Delaney Southwest Research Library at the Center of Southwest Studies.

Use and Copyright. These materials are for use only in the Delaney Southwest Research Library; they are noncirculating. Limited duplication of print materials is allowed for research purposes. The user assumes full responsibility for observing all applicable laws regarding copyright, property rights, and libel.

Preferred Citation   
Artists of the Southwest vertical files, Fort Lewis College. Center of Southwest Studies.

Processing Info  
Student worker, Andrea Bailey, created, edited and revised the online container list in the summer of 2011. Archival intern Daryl Begaye collected summary and historical note details about the collection, scanned and printed large-format posters for display, and marketed the artist files availability for use in the summer of 2011.

Acquisition Info  
The core of this collection was compiled by Bill and Sue Hensler in relation to the artwork that they collected and donated to the Center of Southwest Studies.

Separated Materials  

Related Materials   

F 050 Bill and Sue Hensler art collection: contemporary paintings and prints by Native American artists
  Oklahoma Native Artists Interviews: a collection of oral history interviews compiled by Oklahoma State University

Access Terms   
Art, American -- 20th century -- Exhibitions.
Artists -- United States -- Biography.
Arts, American -- Southwest, New -- 20th century.
Indian art -- Collectors and collecting -- United States -- History.
Indian art -- North America -- Exhibitions.
Indian art -- North America -- Themes, motives.
Indian artists -- Canada.
Indian artists -- United States.
Indian painting -- United States.
Indian pottery -- Southwest, New -- Exhibitions.
Inuit art -- Canada -- Exhibitions.
Modernism (Art) -- United States.
Pueblo art -- New Mexico.
Southwest, New -- In art.

Series/Container List   


Series 1: Artist specific printed materials
Series 2: Publications produced by museums/galleries on multiple artists
Series 3: Misc. publications
Series 4: Newspapers
Series 5: Magazines
Series 6: Books
Series 7: Oversize materials

Series 1: Artist specific printed materials (arranged alphabetically by artist last name)    back to series list

Abeita, Andy and Roberta
Abeita, Jim
Abeyta, Tony
Abrams, George
Archuleta, Daniel
Adams, Clinton
Adams, K.S “Bud”
Aguilar, Alfred
Aguilar, Tony
Ahasteen, Jack
Ahgupuk, George Aden “Twok”
Ahvacana, Larry
Aiello, Constantine “Staw”
Alaska Native Arts- Crafts (Juneau, Alaska)
Albert, Cedric V.
Alfred, Wayne
The Hope Series Produced for the American Indian College Fund
American Indian Report
Ami, Ella
Amiotte, Arthur
Amos, Patrick
Anderson, Troy
Angeconeb, Allen
Annesley, Bob
Anschutz Collection
Archambault, Joallyn
Arnaktauyok, Germaine
Arnold, Robert
Arviso, Dennis
Arviso, Paul
Ash, Sam
Ashevak, George
Ashevak, Kengivak (Canadian)
Ashkewe, Del H.
Ashley, Murray
Austin, Frank
Ayek, Sylvester
Artist Hopid
Battles, Asa
Bacone College
Bagshaw-Tindell, Margarete
Bahti, Tom
Balcomb, Anton
Bales, Jean
Ballone, John
Battese, Stan
Bear, J. Michael (Legal Name: James Michael Byrnes; also known as: J. Bear, J. Michael Bear, James Bear, James Michael Bear, Jobie Bear, Bear Claw, James Byrnes, Petrach, Standing Bear, Sunrise)
Beardy, Jackson
Beaver, Fred
Beaver, Rick
Becenti, Robert
Beeler, Joe
Beeson, Myron
Begay, Andrew
Begay, Arthur C.
Begay, Carlos
Begay, DY
Begay, Ernest
Begay, Harrison
Begay, Johnny Mike
Begay, Norman
Begay, Shonto
Begay, Thomas
Begay, Tony
Begaye, Sherwood
Benally, Bert
Benally, Chee
Benally, Darrell
Benally, Kee Joe
Benally, Ryan
Bennett, Kay
Berry, Rod “Bearcloud”
Beyale, Wayne Nez
Bia, Fred
BigBow, Woodrow Wilson
Big Elk, Robert
Biggoose, Marcellus
Bignell, Isaac
Billedeaux, Donald
Bird, Greg
Bird, Joanne
Biss, Earl
Bitsie, Anna
Black Elk, Wallace
Blackfeet Tribe
Blackmore, Marvin
Blackowl, Archie
Blacksheep, Beverly
Black Spotted Horse, Everdale
Blue Eagle, Acee
Bonvillain Bruno, Pauline
Boome, Peter
Bosin, Blackbear
Bourdo, Carole
Bowers, Kendra E.
Bowker, R.G.
Broder, Patricia Janis
Broer, Roger
Brooke Fisk, Susan
Brown, Emily Ivanoff
Brown, Joan
Brown, Sherry Lynn
Bruised Head, Pete
Brycelea, Clifford
Buck, Delbert
Burnside, John
Burrus, S.S.
Bushyhead, Jerome and Charles
Butz Jr., Richard
Cadman, Marcus
Cambell, Ben Nighthorse
Canadian Native Prints LTD. (Vancouver, Canada) Please note: This file contains the following listed artists, which have been grouped together under Canadian Native Prints LTD.

Apakark Anghik, Abraham

Carson, James

Curran, John

Danby, Ken

David, Joe

Eskimo Prints

Houston, James

Loates, Glen

Lorenzo, Franchetti

Lumbers, James

Miscellaneous Prints

Morris, Karin

Napartuk, Henry

Northwest Coast

Pilurtunt, Kullutu

Reid, Bill

Rock, Geoffrey

Various Artist

Wildlife Prints/Posters

1980-81 Newsletter

Woodall, Ronald

Cannon, Carl
Cata, Regina
Cate, Ricardo
Caton, Narda
Catlin, George
Cespedes, Mario
Chacon, Raven
Chalee, Pop
Challenger, J.D.
Chapella, Grace
Charlie, Ric
Chase-Daniel, Matthew
Chattin, Daniel
Chavez, Alphonso
Chee, Donald
Chee, Norris M.
Chee, Robert
Chee Chee, Benjamin
Cheek, Ronald
Cherokee Art
Cheyenne Tribe
Chief Eagle, Charles
Chiago, Michael
Chippewa, T. Goodwind
Cohoe, Jerry
Choctaw Art
Chris John, Richard
Christopher’s Enterprises Inc.
Cink, Sharon
Claremont, Lee
Clarke, John
Claw, Monty
Claymore, David
Claymore, Tom
Cobiness, Eddy
Colbert, Gary
Colfax, Leroy
Collins, Adele
Colorado Indian Market and Southwest Showcase
Concha, Alama
Conner, Rob K.
Coochwytewa, Victor
Cook, Gary D.
Cook, Rande
Corcoran, Dolores Purdy
Cordero, Helen
Coriz, Joseph
Craig, Vincent
Crane, Mary W.A.
Crespin, Frank
Crumbo, Minisa
Crumbo, Woody
Cruz Montoya, Geronima
Art of the Cuna Indians, Molas
Cuts The Rope, Clarence
Cyrette, Doris
Dark Mountain, Dawn
Dawangyumptewa, David
David, Neil
David Sr., Neil
Davidialuk, Alasua Amittu
Davidson, Robert
Davis, Alex
Davis, Mason
DeMayo, Louis
Deale Jr., Roger W.
DeCelles, Jon
DeGuvara, Mary
Deming, Edwin W.
Dennis, Danny
Denver American Indian Art Show
Deschillie, Mamie
Desiderio, Austin
Dick, Beau
Dixon, Bill
Draper, Robert
Draper Jr., Teddy
Draper Sr., Teddy
Dukepoo, Randy
Duncan, Chebon
Duran, Ignacia
Duran, Joseph E.
Eagle Plume, Charles
Early, Anna
Echohawk, Brummett
Edwards, Ken
Emerson, Anthony Chee
Emrick, Gary
Enemy Boy, Levi
Englehart, Stanton E.
English, Sam
Eskimo Art
Eskimo Art
Eskimo Art
Estes, Shirley
Etook, Tivi
Faber, Jonasie
City of Farmington
Fast Horse, Douglas
Fay, Arlene Hooker
Featherstone Audio
Feder, Norman
Fiddler, Rocky
Fire Thunder, Cecelia
Flores, Bill Vann
Fountain, Doug
Four Corners Indian Art Market
Four Winds Int’l Forum
Fragua, Clifford
Franco, Manuel S.
Franks, Rhonda
Freeman, Robert
Fry, Noland R.
The Trade Roots The Fetish Collection
Greenland Fine Art
Gachupin, Joseph F.
Gallagher, Ralph
Garcia, Robert
Gates, Cathy A.
Gauthier, Anthony and John
Gamboy, Carl
Gayton, Katherine
Geionety, George
General, David M.
George, Artie
Geshick, Joe
Giuliani, Father John
Gobin, Henry
Golsh, Larry
Gonzales, Barbara
Gonzales- Calabaza, Crucita
Goodwin, Marian
Gorman, R.C.
Gorman, R.C.
Gorman, R.C.
Goseyun, Craig
Grandbois, Rollie
Grant, Dorothy
Gray, Gina
Great Canadian Print Company
Great Grassland Graphics
Grey Wind, Kenneth
Guardipee, Terrance
Haida Art
Haloo, Carmichael
Halwood, Benson
Hamilton, Robert
Hamilton- Cushing, Frank
Haney, Enoch Kelly
Hansen, Monica
Hardin, Helen
Harjo, Albert
Harjo, Benjamin Jr.
Harjo, Marcelle Sharron
Harmsen, William
Haskell, Reed
Haskew, Denny
Hatch, William V.
Hawk, Jonny
Hays, Tom
Head, Theo
Heaton, Dow
Hebert- Wilcox, Anna S.
Hendren, Shane
Henselman, Phil
Hensler, Bill and Sue
Henson, Brooks
Heron, Dean
Herrera, Arnold
Herrera, Joe
Highwater, Jamake
Hill, Bobby
Hill, Joan
Hill, John C.
Hill, Sheila
Hofseth, Edward
Holiday, Leland
Honanie, Lorraine
Honer, Janelle
Hood, Rance
Hoover, John
Hopi Tribe
Hopkinson, Glen
Horsechief, Daniel
Houser, Allan
Howe, Oscar
Howell, Frank
Hughte, Phil
Hummingbird, Jesse T.
Hunt, Stan
Hunt, Tony
Hustito, Silvester
Hyde, Doug
Inti Arte Popular ***
Ingram, Jerry
Inuit Art
Iron Cloud, Delbert
Iroqrafts Ltd.
Ishii, Chizomana Chuvenka
Jack, Joanasie
Jackson, Anita Caldwell
Jackson, Ron Toahani
Jake, Albin Roy
James, Eldon
James, Peter Ray
Janvier, Alex
Jenkins, Connie
Jim, Marvin
Jimmy, Tommie
Joe, Eugene B.
Joe, James
Joe, Lily
Joe, Oreland
Joe, Sarah
John, Alvin
John, Dallas
John, David K.
John, Isabell
John, Maurice
John, Melvin L.
John, Tolune and Myleka
John, Wayde
Johnson, Yazzie
Jones, Ruthe Blalock
Joshua, Lee Roy
Judge, Raymond
Jumbo, Gilbert
Kaanerk, Angus
Kabotie, Fred (Tawawilseoma)
Kabotie, Michael (Lomawywesa)
Kachina Dolls
Kagige, Fransis
Ka Kay Geesick Jr., Robert
Kakegamic, Goyce
Kakegamie, Joshim
Kanasawe, Eleanor
Kastner, Michael T.
Katexac, Bernard
Kay, Robert
Kaydahzinne, Vincent J.
Keahbone, George
Kennedy Grummer, Brenda
Kent, Kate Peck
Kewanwytewa, James
Kiernan, Ruth
King, David N.
King, James
Kirkland, Vance
Klah, Hosteen
Knott, Norman
Kowchee, Ralph
Koyona, Roy
Kuka, King
Kunayak, Roger
LaRose, Eugene
Lewis, Nelson
Little Deer, Mary
Littletree, Jasper
Little Wound School
Locke, Merle
Lolama, Charles
Lomahaftewa, Dan V.
Lomahinma, Dawavendewa, Richard
Lomakema, Millard “Dawakema”
Long Solider, Daniel
Lubo Sr., F. Bruce
Lucero, J. Ben
Lujan, Jimmy
Lujan, Nettie
Lujan, Patrita
Lujan Lucero, Jeralyn
La Ducer, Judy
LaFontaine, Glenn
La Ford, John
La Fountain, Bruce
Lakota, Sioux
Lammers, Tim
Lammert, Fred
Lansing, Bob
Lansing, Norman
Lappish Fine Arts
Lao Handwork
Laverduke, Andrew
Lee, Charles
Lee, Clarence and Russel
Leedom, Robert
Lemon, David
Lester, Gwen Coleman
Chuck Lewis Editions Inc.
Lewis, Lucy
Lightfeather, Melody
Lightfoot, Jon
Link, Lucy
Lisbourne, Ken
Little, John Wesley
Littlebird, Harold
Littlechild, George
Little Chief, Barthell
Little Coyote, Myron
Loloma, Charles
Lovato, Charles
MacKnight, Sheridan
Mahooty, Chester
Makah Cultural and Research Center
Maktima, Duane
Malinsky, Scott
Maney, Louise Bigmeat
Maracle, Doug
Manygoats, Robert
Marcus, Jessie
Mares, Dona
Marin Indian Art Show
Marler, Nadine
Marshall, James
Martin, Bill
Martinez, Adam and Santana
Martinez, Juan
Martinez, Juanita
Martinez, Manuel
Martinez, Maria
Martinez, Phillip
Maryboy, Robert
Masayesva, Victor
Mayac Jr. Ted
Mayokak, Robert
McAllister, Pat
McCarter, Jack
McCarty-Mauldin, Jane
McCullough, Michael
McCullough, Stephen K.
McCgaa, Ed
McLeay, Don
Mcleod, Mike
McCombs, Soloman
McKay, Mabel
Means, Russel
Meeches, Garry
Melchor, Juan
Menchego, Arthur
Merasty, Angelique
Mesa Verde Country
The Metis of Canada
Metscher, Terri
Mexican, Anslem J.
Mexico and South American Art
Miccousukee Tribe
Miles, Douglas
Miller, Ted
Mills, Clarence Steven
Miner, Melvin and Sandi
Mirable, Ernest “Cloud Eagle”
Missouri Breaks Industries
Mitchell, Ron
Mitchell Springs Ruins
Moline, Bob
Momaday, Al
Momaday, N. Scott
Monongye, Preston
Monroe, Avis
Montileaux, Donald
Montoya, Thomas Edward
Moonwalker, Tu
Moore, Gladys
Moore, John D.
Moosehair, Tufting
Mopape, Stephen
Morales, Maria de Los Angeles
Morrison, Eddie
Morrisseau, Norval
Morrow, Claudine
Morton, Gary
Mose, Allen
R.G. Munn Auctions
Murphy, William (Winnie)
Museo De Las Americas
Miscellaneous Materials
Nagatani, Patrick
Naha, Helen
Naha, Raymond
Nahaulaituq, Samuel
Nahohai, Milford
Nahohai, Randy
Nailor, Gerald
Nakai, Juan
Nakaidinae, Art
Namingha, Dan
Nanagak, Anges
Naranjo, Michael
Narcomey, Jackson
Natchez, Stan
Natachu, Chris
Natan, Peter
The Biographical Directory of Native American Painters
Native American Herbal Tea
Native American Rights Fund
Navajo Art
Navasie, Joy
Nelson, Benjamin Jacob
Nelson, Bennie “Yellowman”
Nequatewa, Bryson
New, Lloyd Kiva
New Guinea
Nez, Gibson
Nez Jr., Guy
Nez, Ricky
Nicola, Tim
Nielsen, Leo “Sweetpea”
Nieto, John
Nighthorse Campbell, Ben
Nizhonie Inc.
Noel, Maxine
Nordwall, Raymond
Northern Plains Art
Northwest Coast Art
Nutumya, Sharold
Odjig, Daphne
Oglala Sioux Student Art Exhibit
Oklahoma Heritage Art Inc.
Okpik, Josh
Okuma, Sandra
Olanna, Melvin
O’ Leary, Dianne
Oliver, Richard W.
One Star, Lloyd
Opua, Marisela
Orr, Chrissie

Carlisle, Susanna

Hamilton, Bruce

Johnson, Robert

Orr, Veronica
Ortiz, Mark A.
Ortiz, Mata
Osage, Miles
Oshier, Ed
The Otero Collection
Pacific Northwest Indian Center
Packard’s Chaparral Indian Trading Co.
Padilla Jr., Fernando
Paladin, Chethlahe (David)
Palmer, George (And Imogene)
Palomino, Hine
Pangnirtung Print Collection
Papago Indian Reservation
Pardeahtan, Mana (wife Rena Paradis)
Parr (From Cape Dorset N.W.T.)
Patino, John
Patton, (Kenneth) Wade
Paul, Michael
Payne Auction Company
Pelowook Parks, Judy
Pettier, Leonard
Pena Jr., Amado Maurilio
Penn, Robert
Pepion, Chester
Pepion, Howard H.
Peters, Barry
Petters, Paddy
Pioche, Dennis
Pitseolak, Philip
Platera, Jim
Pletka, Paul
Pletnikoff, Sophie
Plunkett, James E.
Poisel, Winona
Polelonema, Otis
Polli, Andrea

Belin, Esther

Yazzie, Venaya

Pongayak, Mary
Poor Bear, Kevin
Popovi, Da
Pourier, Walter
Pov, Abraham
Povungnituk, Canada
Povungnituk, 1987 Print Collection
Pratt, Charlie
Pratt, Harvey
Preston, Mark
Price, Vincent
Princiotta, Josef
Pudlo, Umingmuk
Pueblo Pottery and Arts
Pullock, Teddy
Putuguk, Shana
Quotskuyva, Gerry
Qualla Arts and Crafts
Quam, Georgette
Quannie, Merril
Quezada, Juan
Woodland Indian Quill Work
Quinnajuak, Lucy
Qoyawayma, Al
Qumaluk, Levi
Rabbit, William “Bill”
Rabbit, Traci
Racine, Albert
Rael, Carl
Raasdale, John
Racine, Albert
Ragsdale, John
Ramirez, Chick
Rankin Inlet, N.W.T.
Raven Arts Ltd.
Ray, Carl
Real Bird, Kennard
Red Bear, Martin
Redbird, Ida
Redbird, Robert
Redbird, Tony
Redbird, William (Will)
Red Cloud Indian School
Redhawk, Jim
Redmam, Don
Red Star, Kevin
Reid, Bill
Remington Russell Schreyvogel
Rey, Jim
Reyna, Ann and Tony
Reyna, Josephine
Reyna, Sharon Dryflower
Richards, Marilyn
Richards, Rueben
Rivera, Robert
Roanhorse, Ambrose
Roberts, Dolana
Robinson, Michael
Rock, Howard
Rolland, Frank
Romancito, Rick
Romero, John C.
Romero, Mateo
Romero, Mike
Romero, Virginia
Rorex, Jeanie Walker
Ross, Charles
Ross, Dennis
Ross, Jack
Rowell, Skip
Royball, Gary
Roybal, J.D.
Roybal, Leon T and Cheryl R.
Roybal, Renee
Roybal, Tim
Roye, Burgess
Roye, Paladine H.
Running-Wolf, Eddie
Runningwolf Sr., Gale
Rutledge, C.A. (Cathy)
Sacatero, Johny
Sahmie, Randell "Randy"
Saint Ignatius Mission Church
Saint Ladre Indian School
Sainte-Marie, Buffy
Sakeva, Al
Salina Bookshelf Inc.
Salter, Richard M.
Salway, Orville
Sampson, Frank
Sanchez, Anthony
Sanchez, Hubert “Patrick”
Sandoval, Carmen
Sandy, Percy Tsisete
Pueblo of San Ildefonso
Santa Fe Festvals of the Arts
Sapp, Allen
Sarracino, Raphael and Pauline
Saufkie, Lawrence
Saufkie, Paul
Saunders, Buck
Savage, Jeff
Savoonga Native Corporation
Schenandoah, Diane L.
Schildt, Gary
Shilling, Arthur
Scholder, Fritz
Schlosser, Carl (Marge) “Cradle Flower”
Schoppert, Jim
Sebastian, Robert
Seabourn, Bert
Sekaquaptewa, Phil
Seowtewa, Alex
Serna, Arabella (Cohn)
Sevier, Chessney
Servier, Jackie
Shafer, Angela Harris
Shellenburg Gallery
Sherman, Iveta
Shi’ Ma Traders
Shimeck, Anne
Shiprock Trading Company
Village of Shishmaref
Shoemaker, Ben
Shorty, Robert
Siberian Native Art
Silook, Roger S.
Silverheels, Jay
Silversmith, Ben
Silversmith, Mark
Silver Sun Jewelry
Simily, Maxine
Simplicio, Noreen
Simpson, Littleriver
Sine, Duke Wassaja
Singer, Ed
Singletary, Preston
Sioux Art
Skywolf, Joseph
Smith, Jaune Quick-To-See
Smith, Kevin Warren
Smith, Sheila
Snow, Carol
Souligny, Alice
Southwest Art (Advertising Suppliment)
Speckled Rock, Paul
Speer, Tom
Spence Bay (Canad’s Nunavut Territory)
Spirits in The Art
Squire, Mike
Stafford, Linda (Crying Wind)
Standing Bear, Michael
Standing Soldier, Andrew
Stone, Willard
Strait, Dorothy May
Strange Owl Raben, Ann
Strongbow Weber, Dyanne
Stroud, Virginia
Suazo, David Gary
Suazo, Herman
Suazo, John
Suazo, Ralph
Sullivan, Dorothy
Sumatzkuku, Edgar
Sundown, Chief (Noel Adams)
Sunrise, Pearl
Supplee, Charles
Supplee, Serena
Swazo-Hands, Patrick
Tafoya, Margaret
Tahbo, Alma
Tahoma, Quincy (Navajo)
Talahaftewa, Roy
Talashoma, Lowell
Talashoma Sr., Lowell
Taos, Pueblo
Tapahonso, Lucy
Tate Nevaquaya, Doc
Taulbee, Dan
Tava, David (Seminole)
Taya’nus (The Catcher)
Taylor, Betty (Cherokee)
Taylor, Linda
Taylor, Urshel
The Tesoro Foundation
Teters, Charlene
Thielen, Sally
Thomas, Chris
Thomas, Roy
Thomas, Tona (Hunkpapa Sioux)
Thomason, Bob
Thompson, Art
Thompson, Dale C.
Three Hawks, Marrion Dwayne Edward
Three Stars Sr., Elton
Tiger (Family) Gallery Please note: This file contains the following listed artists, which have been grouped together under Tiger Gallery.

Tiger, Chris

Tiger, Dana

Tiger, Jerome

Tiger, Jon

Tiger Jr., Johny

Tiger, Lisa

Tiulana, Paul
Historic Toadlena Trading Post &Weaving Museum
Toddy, Calvin
Toddy, Irving
Toddy, Jimmy (Beatien Yazz)
Toddy, Lindsey
Toddy, Marvin
Toehay, Thelma
Toledo, Joe
Toledo, Jose Rey
Tom, Ned
Tommy, Tony J.
Toscano, Dee
Touraine, Emilie
Towayalane Trading Company
Tracey, Ray
Trail Of Tears Art Show
Treece Gallery
Tse-Pe and Dora
Tsinajinnie, Andy
Tso, Justin
Tsoodle, Jay
Tsosie, Anita
Tsosie, Boyd
Tsosie, Doris
Tsosie, Victoria & Dennis Charlie
Tsosie-Maranjo, Michelle
Tsosie Sisneros, Michelle
Tsouhlarakis, Anna
Tubinaghtewa, Buddy
Turo, John
Turpen, Duwayne
Tobe Turpen’s Indian Trading Co.
Two Bulls, Marty
Two Eagles, Bret
Two Feathers
Ute Tribe
Varnell, Billy
Velarde, Legoria
Velarde, Padlita
Vickers, Roy Henry
Victoria Art Brokers
Victorino, Sandra
Vigil, Paul
Wakpa, Don Brewer
Wallace, Amos
Walters, Daniel Aaron
Ward, Michael K.
Warner W., Stuart G.R.
Watchetaker, George
Wathen, Glenda Thompson
Weddle, Star Tehee
Wells, C.J.
Werro, Shannon
Wescoupe, Clemence
West, Dick “Wah-Pah-Nah-Yah”
White, John A.
White, Loren
White, Randy Lee
“White Bear”
White Deer, Gary
Whiteman, Alfred
Whitehorne, Billy
Whitehorne, Edward
Whitehorne-Benally, Elizabeth
Whitehorse Sr. Baje
Whitehorse, Emmi
Whiteman, Claudia
Whiteman, Kathy
Willford, Hollis
Williams, Lorraine
Williams, Saul
Wilson, Will
Winters, Johnathan
Winters, Ray
Witt, Shirley Hill
Wittman, Richard Ray
Wongittilin, Robert
Wood, Glen
Woodring, Carl
Woodward, Ken
Wounaan Culture
Wounded Head, Marilyn
Yaiva, Davis
Yanito, Curtis
Yazzi, Mary
Yazzie, Alice
Yazzie, Douglas
Yazzie, Elmer Charles
Yazzie Jr., Eugene
Yazzie, Gary
Yazzie, Jimi Maloney
Yazzie, Keith
Yazzie, Notah
Yellowhawk, Jim
Yerxa, Leo
Yerxa, Wayne
York, Star Liana
The Ed Young’s Inc.
Young, Herman
Zuni Pueblo Arts and Culture
Zygmund, Robert

Series 2: Publications produced by museums/galleries on multiple artists (arranged alphabetically by name of producing institution)    back to series list

Aboriginal Arts Gallery Saskatchewan
Adobe Gallery
Allard Phoenix
Amarillo Art Center
American Indian Arts Collection
Anasazi Heritage Center
Andrews Pueblo Pottery and Art Gallery
Arrowhead Galley
Arvada Center
Aurora History Museum
Bell/Ross Gallery
Blackfeet Heritage Center and Art Galley
Blackwood/Haskew Galley
Blue Deer Gallery
The Blue Gem of La Fonda
The Blue Gem Shop and Gallery
Bonnie Gems Indian Arts
Canadian Museum of Civilization
The Cassidy Gallery
Center of Southwest Studies
Cherokee Heritage Center
Children of the Raven Gallery
Chimayo Trading Del Norte's
The Coghlan Catalogue of Contemporary Native Art
Colorado Council on the Arts and Humanities
Colorado Historical Society - Colorado History Museum
Contemporary Fine Art Photography
Crimson Cliffs Gallery of American Indian Art
De Colores Gallery
The Denver Art Museum
Denver Museum of Natural History
Dewey Galleries
Dolores Contemporary Galleries
Driscol Gallery
Durango Public Art
Eagle Plume's
Eiteljorg Museum of American Indians and Western Art
Elk Ridge Art Company
Emerson Gallery
Encanto Hall
Ferretti Galerie
The Five Civilized Tribes Museum
Foothills Art Center (Golden, CO)
Fort Lewis College Art Gallery
The Four Corners
Four Corners Indian Art Festival
Four Horsemen Gallery of Fine Art
The Frank Howell Gallery
Galeria Poblano and Studio
Galleria Del Sol
Gallery Indigena
Gallery 10
The Galley Wall
Gates Galley and Studio
Gilcrease Institute
Glenn Green Galleries
Hallie Ford Museum of Art
Haskell Indian Nations University
The Hayden Hays Gallery
Heard Museum
Hitching Post Galley
Hopi Cultural Center Museum
Hopiit 3 Art Studio
Hubbell Trading Post
Indian Arts and Crafts Association
Indian and Inuit Art Gallery
Indian Pueblo Cultural Center
Murals of the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center
The Innuit Gallery of Eskimo Art
Inter-Tribal Indian Ceremonial Association
Inukshuk Galleries
Institute of The American Indian Arts
Kiva Fine Art
Kiva Gallery
Lone Mountain Gallery
Los Llanos Gallery
Lovena Ohl Gallery
Magee Gallery
Maggie Kress Gallery
Maslak McLeod Gullenos
Matchbox Gallery
Maxwell Museum of Anthropology
Maxwell Museum of Anthropology - Myth, Metaphor, and Mimbreno Art
Medicine Man Gallery, Inc.
Miller Art Museum
Millicent Rogers Museum
Morning Star Gallery
Museum of the American Indian
Museum of Fine Arts, Santa Fe, NM
Museum of Indian Arts and Culture
Museum of New Mexico Foundation
Museum of Northern Arizona
Museum of the Plains Indian and Crafts Center
Musser Gallery
Nadler's Indian Arts
National Cowboy Hall of Fame and Western Heritage Center
Navajo Nation Museum
Ni-Wo-Di-Hi Galleries
Northern Heritage Art Co. Ltd.
Northern Plains Indian Art Market
Northern Plains Tribal Art
Oklahoma Museum of Art
Old Town Gallery (Flagstaff, AZ)
Owings-Dewey Fine Art
Owl Ear Studio
Philbrook Art Center
The Pinon Tree Art Gallery
Quail Plume Studio/Gallery
Red Cloud Indian School
Rideau Hall
Royal Ontario Museum
Saks Galleries Cherry Creek
Saks Gallery Ltd.
School Of American Research
Sheldon Jackson Museum
Shiprock Trading
The Silver Squash Gallery
Sioux Indian Museum and Crafts Center
Smithsonian Institution
Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian
Sorrel Sky
Sotheby Parke Bernet Inc. New York
Southern Ute Indian Cultural Center
Spirit Wrestler Gallery
Tesoro Cultural Center
Thunderbird Shop
Toh-Atin Jackson David Trading Co.
The Turquoise Tortoise
Wheelright Museum of the American Indian
White Buckskin Gallery
Whitehorse Gallery
Whyte Museum of the Canadian Rockies
21st Century Fox

Series 3: Misc. publications (arranged alphabetically by name of publication)    back to series list

American Art at Auction
American Indian Basketry Sale 1980
American West Publishing Company
A.R. Conyers Traders
Art and Indian Individuals
Artists of the Rockies and the Golden West
Bahti Indian Arts
Bien Mur Indian Market Center
Bridger Foundry and Gallery
Colorado Indian Market
Cameron Trading Post
Canadian Indian Marketing Services
Chemainus Festival Murals
Chief Dodge Indian Jewelery Store
Circle of Light Navajo Education
Coghlan Art Ltd.
Collector’s Guide
A Consumers Guide to Indian Arts and Crafts
Contemporary Hispanic Market
The Copper Canyon Comet
The Curator Gilcrease Institute of American History and Art
The Deer Dancer
Eight Northern Indian Pueblos: Offical Guide
Farmington Museum Newsletter, The Confluence
Hopi Arts and Crafts- Silvercrafts Cooperative Guild
Hudson Bay Company
The Humble Way First Quarter
Indian Arts and Crafts Association
Indian Inspirations
Indian Lithographs
Leisure - Aurora Parks and Recreation
Mintmark Press Ltd.
Montana Post Official Newsletter of the Montana Historical Society
National Association of Blackfeet Indians
National Indians Arts and Crafts Corporation
Native American Art Studies Association
Native American Merchandising Enterprises, Inc.
Native Art Network
NDN Gear (Tempe, AZ)
Northern Plains Indian Crafts Association
Navajo Nation Fair Fine Arts Show / Pine Springs Association
Our Fathers, Our Grandfathers, Our Heroes...The Navajo Code Talkers of World War II
Pinon Arts and Humanities Alliance
Pomo Basketmakers 1983 Calendar
Red Earth
R. G. Munn Auction LLC (Auction Books)
Santa Fe Festival of the Arts
Santa Fe Indian Market Gala
Santa Fe Industries Inc. National Archives
Signal-Mirror-Willford Art Ltd.
South Dakota
Southwestern Association on Indian Affairs
Shiprock Navajo Fair
St. Labre Indian School
Tulsa Indian Art Market
Vision Quest Editions

Series 4: Newspaper articles (arranged alphabetically by name of publication)    back to series list

Albuquerque Journal
Anchorage Daily Times
Boulder Camera
Boulder Daily News
The Calgary Herald
Cortez Journal
Cortez Sentinel
Cross Currents
Daily Camera
The Daily Times
The Denver Post
The Eagles Cry
Empire Magazine
Gazette Telegraph
Indian Country Today
Indian News
The Indian Trader
Koshare News
The Native People
The Navajo Times
Rocky Mountain News
The (Santa Fe, NM)
SJC Today: The Verstovain
Southern Living Magazine
Southwest Art
The Taos News
Tundra Times
Western Heritage Art Fair

Series 5: Magazines (arranged alphabetically by name of publication)    back to series list

About Arts and Crafts
Aboriginal Voices
American Indian Art
American Indian Basketry
Arizona Highways
Arizona Living Magazine
Art of the 4 Corners
Art of the West
Arts and Culture of the North
Arts Perspective
The Beaver
Blue Rain Gallery - Indian Market Magazine
Canadian Arctic Producers, Ltd.
Collector's Guide, The
Colorado Heritage
Cowboys & Indians
Eight Northern Indian Pueblos
Exxon USA
Four Winds: The International Forum for the Native American
Hispanic Heros
Indian Market
Indian and Northern Affairs
Inside Santa Fe
Inuit Art and Crafts
Maclean’s Canada Weekly Magazine
Magazine of the New North
Mankind Magazine
New Mexico Magazine
New Mexico Museum & Monuments (Albuquerque Journal)
National Museum of the American Indian
Native Arts
Native Peoples
Native Streams Contemporary Native American Art
Northern Plains Tribal Arts
Northwestern New Mexico Art
Oklahoma Today
Red Earth: The 2003 Official Guide
Santa Fean Magazine
Southwestern Art
Swaia Indian Market
Tradicion Revista
Western Art Collector

Series 6: Books (arranged alphabetically by title)    back to series list

Note: Books included in the Artists of the Southwest vertical file collection are either duplicates of titles that are included in the Delaney Library book collection (accessible through the OPAC), or were not cataloged/removed from the library book collection if they were determined to be more useful in the Artists of the Southwest vertical file collection.

The Abo Painted Rocks Documentation and Analysis. Grand Junction, Colorado: Sally J. Cole. 1984.
Aboriginal Art of Australia. Hornsby NSW: Shepp Books. 1994.
A Consumer's Guide to Southwestern Indian Arts and Crafts. Tucson, Arizona: Bahti Indian Arts. 1975.
A Descriptive Dictionary for 500 Years of Spanish-Tradition Ceramics {13th through 18th Centuries}. The Society for Historical Archaeology.
Fetishes and Carvings of the Southwest. Santa Fe, New Mexico: Treasure Chest Publications Inc. 1976.
A Guide to Indian Jewelery, Baskets, Silver, Pottery, Rugs, Beadwork, Kachinas, Turquoise. Phoenix, Arizona: Herman & Phyllis Atkinson.
Haida Totems in Wood and Argillite. North Vancouver, B.C., Canada: Whiterocks Publications. 1967.
Historic Saddle Blankets from the Getzwiller Collection: Treasures of the Navajo Horsemen. Wickenburg, AZ: Desert Caballeros Western Museum, 2003.
Mexico Nine/Mexico Nueve Tamarind Institute
Posts and Rugs, The Story of Navajo Rugs and Their Homes. Globe, Arizona: Southwest Parks and Monuments Association.
Quite Triumph. Indian Art Fund. 1966
Rain.. Santa Fe, New Mexico: Museum of New Mexico Press.
Southwestern Indian Ceremonials. Las Vegas, Nevada: KC Publications. 1974.
Southwestern Indian Artist Crafts. Las Vegas, Nevada: KC Publications. 1973.

Series 7: Oversize materials (grouped by material type/title)    back to series list

42nd Annual Red Cloud Indian Art Show Poster 2009
Arts Perspective
Aurora Gateway Gazette
Aurora Sentinel
Canadian Prints
Changing Woman – Art of Helen Hardin Calendar, 1997
Colorado History News
Community Action
Cortez Journal
The Denver Post
Dolores Star
Golden Daily Transcript
Indian Market Artist Directory, 1981-2008
Inuit Art – Cape Dorset Calendar, 2007
Preview Too
Rocky Mountain News
San Juan Silver Stage
The Santa Fe Monthly
The Santa Fe New Mexican
Santa Fe Reporter
Tundra Times
THE Magazine (Santa Fe, NM)
U.S. Art