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Historic Preservation Records

Collection Summary  

Title Historic Preservation Records
Dates (Inclusive) 1987 - 2007
Dates (Bulk) 1988-2004
Creator These materials were donated by gift from various sources over time. Sources include Professor of History, Duane Smith, professor of History and Southwest Studies, Andy Gulliford, and the Office of Community Services, and Archives Manager, Nik Kendiorski.
Abstract This is collection contains materials pertaining to the historic preservation of Southwest Colorado, including national and state registers of historically significant sites, preservation “how-tos,” and related articles.
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Quantity 23 document boxes approximately 10 linear feet.


The folders in record groups 1 and 2 are arranged chronologically, beginning with the earliest date. The materials in record group 3 are organized first by county, then by year. The boxes and folders in this collection are not numbered as we expect it to grow and fill out as we add materials.

Scope & Contents   

This collection contains Historic Preservation Review Board agendas, bylaws, correspondence, newsletters, bulletins, National and State Registers of Historic Places, preservation briefs and “how-tos,” National Park Service articles pertaining to historic preservation, as well as Register nominations and information on individual historic sites in Southwestern Colorado.


Access. There are no access restrictions on the use of these materials for research purposes. This collection is open to the public for use in the Delaney Southwest Research Library at the Center of Southwest Studies. Use and Copyright. These materials are for use only in the Delaney Southwest Research Library; they are non-circulating. Limited duplication of print materials is allowed for research purposes. The user assumes full responsibility for observing all applicable laws regarding copyright, property rights, and libel.

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Historic Preservation records, Fort Lewis College. Center of Southwest Studies.

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This collection was arranged and described by Center archivist intern, Kelly McBride, in early 2012. The online inventory was produced by Tia Flippin in spring 2012.

Acquisition Info  
These materials were donated by gift from various sources over time. Sources include Professor of History, Duane Smith, professor of History and Southwest Studies, Andy Gulliford, and the Office of Community Services, and Archives Manager, Nik Kendiorski.

Separated Materials 

Related Materials 
For more information on historic preservation and archeology in Colorado, see Colorado History’s website at: http://www.historycolorado.org/oahp, accessed July 27, 2012)

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Record Groups

RG 1: National Register of Historic Places/ State Register of Historic Properties Review Board
RG 2: Preservation how-to bulletins
RG 3: Preservation articles, Individual Historic Sites by County

RG 1: National Register of Historic Places/ State Register of Historic Properties Review Board   back to RG list

Series 1.1: Review Board agendas, bylaws, correspondence, newsletters, programs, National Register Bulletins (1988-2004)

Series 1.2: National Register Nominations 1988-2004

Description Date
Delaney Round Barn (Aurora, Colo.),  Salina School,  Walker Ranch Historic District (Boulder, Colo.),  Cheyenne County Jail (Cheyenne Wells, Colo.),  Peters Paper Company Warehouse (Denver, Colo.),  Civic Center Boundary Revision (Denver, Colo.), Woods Lake Resort (Thomasville, Colo.),  First Presbyterian Church of Ramah (Ramah, Colo.),  Lathrop House (Montrose, Colo.) 1/1988
The Bowles House (Westminster, Colo.), The Wilbur Williams House (Boulder, Colo.), Buchtel Bungalow (Denver, Colo.), J.S. Brown Mercantile (Denver, Colo.), Inez Johnson Lewis School (Monument, Colo.), Highlandlake Community Church (Platteville, Colo.) 6/1988
Snowbound Mine (Gold Hill, Colo.),  Denver Mountain Park System(Denver, Colo.),  Bear Creek Canyon Scenic Mountain Drive (Morrison, Colo.),  Bergen Park District (Evergreen, Colo.),  Colorow Point Park District (Golden, Colo.),  Corwina/ O’Fallon/ Pence Park District (Evergreen, Colo.),  Dedisse Park District (Evergreen, Colo.),  Genessee Park District (Golden, Colo.),  Lariat Trail Scenic Mountain Drive (Golden, Colo.),  Lookout Mountain Park District,  Red Rocks/ Mt. Morrison/ CCC Camp/ Morrison Park (Morrison, Colo.),  United Methodist Church of Parker (Parker, Colo.),  The Rio Grande Southern Hotel (Dolores, Colo.),  Sacred Heart Cathedral (Pueblo, Colo.),  Sacred Heart Orphanage (Pueblo, Colo.) 12/1988
Cheyenne County Courthouse (Cheyenne Wells, Colo.),  Westcliff School (Westcliffe, Colo.),  St. Thomas Theological Seminary (Denver, Colo.),  Marble High School ,  Marble Town Hall,  William D. Parry House,  St. Paul’s Church (Marble, Colo.),  MacGregor Ranch (Estes Park, Colo.),  Redstone Historic District , Gamekeeper’s Lodge 2/1989
Curtis Hardware (Paonia, Colo.),  Field Officer’s Quarters (Denver, Colo.),  Overland Cotton Mill (Denver, Colo.),  Mesa Verde Archeological District 8/1989
Poncha Springs School (Poncha Springs, Colo.),  Avoca Lodge (Denver, Colo.),  Hamburger Building (Denver, Colo.),  Colorado Springs Day Nursery (Colorado Springs, Colo.),  Webber Block (Aspen, Colo.),  Redstone Coke Ovens (Redstone, Colo.),  Jurgens Site (Boulder, Colo.),  Carlton House (Colorado Springs, Colo.),  Flagler Hotel (Flagler, Colo.) 12/1989
Description Series 1.2 Date
Bowman House (Denver, Colo.),  Central Denver Public Library,  Civic Center Classroom (Denver, Colo.),  Crawford Hill Mansion (Denver, Colo.),  Pikes Peak Grange (Franktown, Colo.),  Burgess House (Colorado Springs, Colo.),  Montgomery Hall/ Colorado College (Colorado Springs, Colo.),  Navajo Hogan (,  Midway House,  Hotel Flagler,  Farmers State Bank (Fort Morgan, Colo.),  Florissant Grange (Florissant, Colo.),  Mingus Homestead (Beulah, Colo.),  Florence Oil Fields (Florence, Colo.) 6/1990
First Methodist Episcopal Church of Delta, Boettcher School (Denver, Colo.), First Presbyterian Church (Golden, Colo.), La Plata County Fairgrounds (Durango, Colo.), Glazier House (Greeley, Colo.), Historic Farms and Ranches in Weld County, SLW Ranch Historic District, Yarmony Site (Radium, Colo.), Central High School (Pueblo, Colo.) 11/1990
Bonfils Memorial Theatre (Denver, Colo.),  State Capitol Annex (Denver, Colo.),  Farris Hotel (Pueblo, Colo.),  J.S. Glass Clothing Store (Pueblo, Colo.),  Woodcroft Sanitorium (Pueblo, Colo.),  Arrowhead Lodge (Bellvue, Colo.) 2/1991
Mount Saint Gertrude Academy (Boulder, Colo.),  Wall Street Assay Office (Boulder, Colo.),  Anne Evans Mountain Home (Evergreen, Colo.),  Denver Municipal Auditorium,  Sinclaire Ranch (Larkspur, Colo.),  Mancos High School,  Colorado Building,  Monte Vista Downtown Historic District,  Elmer and Etta Ball Ranch (Briggsdale, Colo.),  Jared L. Brush Barn (Johnston, Colo.),  Barber House/ Montessori School (Golden, Colo.) 7/1991
Curtis School (Greenwood Village, Colo.),  S. A. Grimm Block (Denver, Colo.),  T. H. Robertson House (Fort Collins, Colo.),  State Armory (Craig, Colo.),  North La Junta School (La Junta, Colo.),  Seventeen Mile House (Cherry Creek, Colo.),  Golden Mercantile Building (Golden, Colo.),  Coors Building (Golden, Colo.),  Entriken Cabin (Bailey, Colo.),  The First Christian Church of Craig (Craig, Colo.),  Old Jail House (Westcliffe, Colo.),  Marshall School (Boulder, Colo.) 11/1991
Colorado Department of Employment (Denver, Colo.),  Camp Hale (Redcliff, Colo.),  McElmo Drainage Unit,  Roy’s Ruin (Cortez, Colo.),  McClelland Orphanage (Pueblo, Colo.),  Wall Street Assay Office (Boulder, Colo.),  J.W. Hugus Company Building (Meeker, Colo.) 11/1991
Description Series 1.2 Date
Seventeen Mile House,  Longmont Carnegie Library (Longmont, Colo.),  Gebhard Mansion (Denver, Colo.),  Palmer-Ferril (Denver, Colo.),  Altman Barn (Aurora, Colo.),  Beierle Farm (Watkins, Colo.),  Zeigler Farm (Watkins, Colo.),  Box Elder Road (Watkins, Colo.),  Black Forest School,  Denver Rio Grande and Western Railroad Station (Grand Junction, Colo.),  St. Regis Hotel (Grand Junction),  Hayden Depot (Hayden, Colo.),  Garnethurst (Delta, Colo.),  Buchtel Boulevard (Denver, Colo.),  Wheat Ridge Post Office Building (Wheat Ridge, Colo.) 7/1992
Alamosa Railroad Depot (Alamosa, Colo.),  Zapata Ranch (Mosca, Colo.),  Mint Saloon (Empire, Colo.),  Peck House (Empire, Colo.),  Westcliffe Jail (Westcliffe, Colo.),  Westcliffe Feed Mill (Westcliffe, Colo.),  Willow School Westcliffe, Colo.),  Hammar House (Castle Rock, Colo.),  Evergreen Cemetery (Colorado Springs, Colo.),  Rose Lime Kiln (Lake City, Colo.),  Camp George West (Denver, Colo.) 11/1992
Camp George West Historic District (Golden, Colo.),  Ammunition Igloo (Golden, Colo.),  Amphitheater at Camp George West (Golden, Colo.),  DeBeque I00F Hall (DeBeque, Colo.),  Coates Creek School (Glade Park Store, Colo.),  Margery Building (Grand Junction, Colo.),  Stratton’s Independence Mine (Victor, Colo.),  Milne Farm (Lucerne, Colo.),  Townsend House (Denver, Colo.),  McElroy Barn (Kremmling, Colo.),  Pitkin City Hall (Pitkin, Colo.),  Ralston Gold Discovery Site (Arvada, Colo.),  Dinosaur Ridge (Morrison, Colo.),  First Christian Church of Craig (Craig, Colo.) 11/1992
Delta County Bank Building (Delta, Colo.),  Egyptian Theatre (Delta, Colo.),  First Evangelical Lutheran Church (Gypsum, Colo.),  Grand Lake Lodge (Grand Lake, Colo.),  Field Officer’s Quarters (Denver, Colo.),  Bon Ton Hotel (Pitkin, Colo.),  Montezuma Valley National Bank (Cortez, Colo.) 4/1993
Alamosa County Courthouse (Alamosa, Colo.),  Bonney House (Buena Vista, Colo.),  Cole Neighborhood Historic District (Denver, Colo.),  Highland Masonic Lodge No. 86 (Denver, Colo.),  A. T. Lewis Building (Denver, Colo.),  Ogden Theatre (Denver, Colo.),  Rossonian Hotel (Denver, Colo.),  St. Ignatius Church (Denver, Colo.),  El Pomar (Colorado Springs, Colo.),  Rock Island Depot (Calhan, Colo.),  Calvary Episcopal Church (Golden, Colo.),  Oschner Hospital (Durango, Colo.),  Harmony Mill (Fort Collins, Colo.),  Loma Community Hall (Loma, Colo.),  Pueblo Zoo (Pueblo, Colo.),  Dearfield (Wiggins, Colo.),  Denver Mountain Parks,  Echo Lake Park (Idaho Springs, Colo.),  Summit Lake Park (Idaho Springs, Colo.),  Little Park (Idledale, Colo.),  Fillius Park (Evergreen, Colo.) 10/1994
Description Series 1.2 Date
Austin Building (Denver, Colo.),  Bluebird Theatre (Denver, Colo.),  Carnegie Library (Monte Vista, Colo.),  Carnegie Library (Trinidad, Colo.),  Daniels Park (Sedalia, Colo.),  Katherine Craig Park (Morrison, Colo.),  Starbuck Park (Idledale, Colo.),  Dumont School (Dumont, Colo.),  First National Bank of Douglas County (Castle Rock, Colo.),  Fort Morgan City Hall (Fort Morgan, Colo.),  Lebanon School (Dolores, Colo.),  Perry-Mansfield School and Camp (Steamboat Springs, Colo.),  Pride of the Rockies Flour Mill (Denver, Colo.),  Tilden School (Denver, Colo.),  Vanatta Apartments (Craig, Colo.) 2/1995
DeBeque House (DeBeque, Colo.),  Holly Santa Fe Depot (Holly, Colo.),  Louviers Village Club (Louviers, Colo.),  Monte Vista Public Library (Monte Vista, Colo.),  Oil Spring (Canon City, Colo.),  Thiede Ranch (Golden, Colo.),  Tilden School (Denver, Colo.),  Vanatta Apartments (Craig, Colo.) 5/1995
Alpine Tunnel Historic District (Pitkin, Colo.),  Baldpate Inn (Estes Park, Colo.),  Bryant-Webster School (Denver, Colo.),  Carnegie Public Library (Rocky Ford, Colo.),  Colorado Springs City Auditorium (Colorado Springs, Colo.),  Ertel Funeral Home (Cortez, Colo.),  First Christian Church (Trinidad, Colo.),  Garnethurst (Delta, Colo.),  Jackson House (Ridgeway, Colo.),  Joshel House (Denver, Colo.),  Maxwell Building (Steamboat Springs, Colo.),  Romeo Block (Denver, Colo.),  Seventeen Mile House (Parker, Colo.) 8/1995
Atwater House (Canon City, Colo.), Central School Auditorium and Gymnasium (Monte Vista, Colo.), Arthur House at Colorado College (Colorado Springs, Colo.), Bemis Hall at Colorado College (Colorado Springs, Colo.), Cossitt Memorial Hall at Colorado College (Colorado Springs, Colo.), First National Bank Building (Denver, Colo.), Fox Mine Office (Marshall, Colo.), Fox Stone Barn (Marshall, Colo.), Gregory House (Westminster, Colo.), Haxby House (Marble, Colo.), Lamb Spring (Littleton, Colo.), Rochester Hotel (Durango, Colo.), Stonington Methodist Episcopal Church (Stonington, Colo.), Temple Emanuel (Pueblo, Colo.), Twin Creek Ranch (Florissant, Colo.) 12/1995
Barnes-Peery Residence (Golden, Colo.),  Central Platoon School (Brush, Colo.),  Cottonwood Creek Bridge (Colorado Springs, Colo.),  Deaton Sculptured House (Golden, Colo.),  Durango High School (Durango, Colo.),  Kerr House (Denver, Colo.),  Minnequa Steel Works Office Building and Dispensary (Pueblo, Colo.),  San Miguel Bridge (Uravan, Colo.),  Shavano Valley Rock Art Site (Montrose, Colo.),  Sterling Public Library (Sterling, Colo.) 8/2001
Description Series 1.2 Date
Colorado Springs City Hall (Colorado Springs, Colo.), Dickinson Branch Library (Denver, Colo.), East Colfax-Cathedral Historic District (Denver, Colo.), Highway Bridges in Colorado 1880-1958, Morgan County Courthouse and Jail (Fort Morgan, Colo.), Nettleton-Mead House (Greeley, Colo.), Photography and Armament School Buildings at Lowry Air Force Base (Denver, Colo.), Routt County National Bank Building (Steamboat Springs, Colo.), Russell and Elinor Gates Mansion (Denver, Colo.), Shirley Hotel (Haxtun, Colo.), St. John’s Greek Orthodox Church (Pueblo, Colo.), Ute Cemetary (Pitkin, Colo.) 11/2001
Santa Fe Railway Water Tank (Sedalia, Colo.), First Congregational Church (Colorado Springs, Colo.), Bee Farm (Fort Collins, Colo.), Fort Collins Armory Building (Fort Collins, Colo.), Wind Ridge (Estes Park, Colo.), EM Ranch (Hartsel, Colo.), Denver and Rio Grande Railroad South Fork Water Tank (South Fork, Colo.), Denver and Rio Grande Western Railroad Creede Branch (Creede, Colo.), Smiley Junior High School (Durango, Colo.) 8/2002
Maitland Arroyo Bridge (Walsenburg, Colo.),  Spring Creek Bridge (Vona, Colo.),  Rio Grande Railroad Viaduct (Florence, Colo.),  Boulder Creek Bridge (Boulder, Colo.),  Cherry Creek Bridge (Franktown, Colo.),  Wolcott Bridge (Wolcott, Colo.),  Spring Creek Bridge (Swissvale, Colo.),  Main Street Bridge (Florence, Colo.),  Rito Seco Creek Culvert (San Luis, Colo.),  South Platte River Bridge ( Denver, Colo.),  Little Fountain Creek Bridge (Widefield, Colo.),  North St. Vrain Creek Bridge (Lyons, Colo.),  West Plum Bush Creek Bridge (Last Chance, Colo.),  Plum Bush Creek Bridge (Last Chance, Colo.),  Granada Bridge (Granada, Colo.),  Dotsero Bridge (Dotsero, Colo.),  Eagle River Bridge (Eagle, Colo.),  Black Squirrel Creek Bridge (Peyton, Colo.),  Colorado River Bridge (DeBeque, Colo.),  St. Charles River Bridge (Devine, Colo.),  Gunnsion River Bridge I and II (Gunnison, Colo.),   Big Thompson River Bridge I-VI (Loveland, Colo.),  Little Thompson River Bridge (Berthoud, Colo.),  Dolores River Bridge (Bedrock, Colo.),  Santa Fe Avenue Bridge (Pueblo, Colo.),  Peterson House (Lakewood, Colo.),  Fort Garland (Fort Garland, Colo.) 8/2002
Temple Emanuel (Denver, Colo.),  St. Thomas Episcopal Church (Alamosa, Colo.),  Sherman-Ross Block Building (Montrose, Colo.),  Herbert and Edith May Crissey House (Palisade, Colo.),  Wallace Ruin (Cortez, Colo.),  Star Mine (Taylor Park, Colo.),  Prospect Heights Jail (Canon City, Colo.),  The Lodge at Los Lagos Ranch (Rollinsville, Colo.),  Jonas Brothers Building (Denver, Colo.) 2/2003
Description Series 1.2 Date
McPhee and McGinnity Paint Factory (Denver, Colo.),  LoDaisKa Site (Morrison, Colo.),  McKenzie Well (Boulder, Colo.),  Jamestown Town Hall (Jamestown, Colo.),  Morley Bridge (Romley, Colo.),  Colorado National Monument Visitor Center Complex (Fruita, Colo.),  Rio Grande Southern Railroad Trout Lake Water Tank (Ophir, Colo.),  Air Force Academy (Colorado Springs, Colo.),  Butt Building (Dove Creek, Colo.),  Blaker-Binder House (Naturita, Colo.),  First Methodist Episcopal Church (Monte Vista, Colo.),  Aldrich House (Monte Vista, Colo.),  Holly City Hall (Holly, Colo.), Diehl Carriage Works (Montrose, Colo.) 5/2003
Park Hill Historic District (Denver, Colo.),  Montview Boulevard Presbyterian Church (Denver, Colo.),  Shannon Farm (Lafayette, Colo.),  Greeley Junior High School (Greeley, Colo.),  Pleasant Valley School (Bellevue, Colo.),  Fort Morgan Armory (Fort Morgan, Colo.),  Christ Congregational Church of the United Church of Christ (Fort Morgan, Colo.) 8/2003
Fourth Church of Christ Scientist (Denver, Colo.),  A.S. Benson House (Loveland, Colo.), Trujillo Homestead (Hooper, Colo.),  Medano Ranch Headquarters (Mosca, Colo.),  Canyon Creek Schoolhouse (Glenwood Springs, Colo.),  Fort Lyon (Las Animas, Colo.) 11/2003
Altamaha Apartments (Denver, Colo.),  West Side Court Building (Denver, Colo.),  Sheedy Mansion (Denver, Colo.),  J.G. Evans Barn (Black Forest, Colo.),  Clatworthy Place (Estes Park, Colo.),  Old Trail School (Wiggins, Colo.),  Santa Fe Railway Manzanola Depot (Manzanola, Colo.),  First Baptist Church of Boulder (Boulder, CO.),  Montrose Masonic Temple (Montrose, Colo.) 2/2004
Sherman Street Historic District (Denver, Colo.),  1750 Gilpin Street (Denver, Colo.),  Downtown Denver YMCA and Annex,  First United Presbyterian Church (Loveland, Colo.),  Maude Stanfield Harter Borland House (Loveland, Colo.),  Greeley Masonic Temple (Greeley, Colo.),  First United Methodist Episcopal Church (Windsor, Colo.),  Columbian School (Las Animas, Colo.),  Summit Creek Guard Station (Routt National Forest),  Park Hill United Methodist Church (Denver, Colo.),  Archaic Period Architectural Sites in Colorado,  Great Pueblo Period of the McElmo Drainage Unit 1075-1300,  Highway Bridges in Colorado,  Ornamental Concrete Block Buildings in Colorado 1900-1940,  Prehistoric Paleo-Indian Cultures of the Colorado Plains,  Railroads in Colorado,  Rural School Buildings in Colorado 5/2004

Series 1.3: State Register Nominations 1991-2004     back to RG list

Description Series 1.3 Date
Graham –Gallup House (Denver, Colo.),  Pagosa Hot Springs (Pagosa Springs, Colo.),  Ridgway Historic Overview,  Herran House (Ridgway, Colo.),  Sherbino Theatre (Ridgway, Colo.),  Holmes/ Duckett House (Ridgway, Colo.),  Phillips House (Ridgway, Colo.),  Rasmussen House (Ridgway, Colo.),  Walther House (Ridgway, Colo.),  Stanwood-Carmichael House (Ridgway, Colo.),  Bank Building (Ridgway, Colo.),  Hartwell Park (Ridgway, Colo.) 6/1991
Willowcroft Manor (Littleton, Colo.),  Rock Creek Campsite (Broomfield, Colo.),  Meadow Park Shelter (Lyons, Colo.),  Salida Steam Plant (Salida, Colo.),  Crowley School (Crowley, Colo.),  The Hotel Florence (Florence, Colo.),  Rialto Theatre (Florence, Colo.),  Savage Library (Gunnison, Colo.),  Dinosaur Ridge (Morrison, Colo.),  Fruita Elementary School (Fruita, Colo.),  Raber Cow Camp (Delta, Colo.),  The Bedrock Store (Bedrock, Colo.),  The Carriage Works (Montrose, Colo.),  Meeker High School (Meeker, Colo.),  Nunn Water Tower (Nunn, Colo.) 1/1993
Lamme Hospital (Lamme Hospital, Colo.),  Waycott House (Fort Collins, Colo.),  Greeley Union Pacific Railroad Depot (Greeley, Colo.),  Patterson Bittner House (Boulder, Colo.),  Cheyenne Building (Colorado Springs, Colo.),  Ogden Theatre (Denver, Colo.),  Hotel Hope (Denver, Colo.),  Perry Mansfield School and Camp (Steamboat Springs, Colo.),  Clark Mellen Apartments (Colorado Springs, Colo.),  Shelton Holloway House (Glenwood Springs, Colo.),  Grand Lake Community House (Grand Lake, Colo.),  Montezuma Valley National Bank (Cortez, Colo.),  L.L. Fassett Department Store (Monte Vista, Colo.),  Saguache County Courthouse (Saguache, Colo.), Saguache Elementary School (Saguache, Colo.),  Otis Water Tower (Otis, Colo.),  Grover Depot (Grover, Colo.) 7/1993
Bent’s New Fort on the Santa Fe Trail (Lamar, Colo.), Fort Wise on the Santa Fe Trail (Lamar, Colo.), Iron Springs Historic District on the Santa Fe Trail (Timpass, Colo.), Guaranty Bank Building (Denver, Colo.), Larimer Square Historic District (Denver, Colo.), Oscar Barber House (Golden, Colo.), Quaintance Block (Golden, Colo.), Montrose County Courthouse (Montrose, Colo.), Fort Morgan Power Plant Building, Wickham House (La Junta, Colo.), Boettcher School, Bruce Estate (Paonia, Colo.), Gunnison Hardware (Gunnison, Colo.), Kit Carson Pool Hall (Kit Carson, Colo.), Denver and Rio Grande Engine House (Westcliffe, Colo.), Cherry Creek Schoolhouse (Englewood, Colo.) 11/1993
Description Series 1.3 Date
Palace Hotel (Antonito, Colo.), Granada Relocation Center (Granada, Colo.), Bunce School (Allenspark, Colo.), Georgetown Loop Railroad (Georgetown, Colo.), Tenderfoot Site (Gunnison, Colo.), Rio Grande Southern Motorcar No. 5 (Dolores, Colo.), Pea Green Community Hall (Olathe, Colo.), Windsor Hotel (Del Norte, Colo.), F.M. Light House (Steamboat Springs, Colo.), Four Mile Club House (Florissant, Colo.) 2/1994
Riverside Cemetery (Denver, Colo.), Cherry Creek School (Englewood, Colo.), Hotel Boulderado (Boulder, Colo.), A.T. Lewis New Building (Denver, Colo.), Cherokee Ranch (Sadalia, Colo.), Shrine of the Sun, Christ Episcopal Church (Canon City, Colo.), The Golden Hill Cemetery (Lakewood, Colo.), Hewes-Kirkwood Inn (Estes Park, Colo.), Handy Chapel (Grand Junction, Colo.), El Pueblo (Pueblo, Colo.), Pueblo Mountain Park (Beulah, Colo.), Manzanola Bridge (Manzanola, Colo.), Delta Bridge (Delta, Colo.), Escalante Canon Bridge (Delta, Colo.), Hotchkiss Bridge (Hotchkiss, Colo.), Roubideau Bridge (Delta, Colo.), 14th Street Viaduct (Denver, Colo.), 20th Street Viaduct (Denver, Colo.), Commercial Street Bridge (Trinidad, Colo.), Black Bridge (Grand Junction, Colo.), Fifth Street Bridge (Grand Junction, Colo.), Nepesta Bridge (Boone, Colo.), Masonic Park Bridge (South Fork, Colo.), Four Mile Bridge (Steamboat Springs, Colo.), First Lutheran Church (Colorado Springs, Colo.), Frank Silence Cabin (Capitol City, Colo.), Oscar Barber House (Golden, Colo.), Washington Heights (Lakewood, Colo.), Loma Community Hall (Loma, Colo.) 6/1994
Westlake School (Broomfield, Colo.), Crawford High School (Crawford, Colo.), Surface Creek Livestock Company Silos (Cedaredge, Colo.), Denver Turnverein (Denver, Colo.), Edgecomb-Widergren House (Denver, Colo.), A.T. Lewis Building (Denver, Colo.), St. Ignatius Church (Denver, Colo.), Robert W. Steele Gymnasium (Denver, Colo.), Lamb Spring (Littleton, Colo.), Rock Ridge Ranch (Franktown, Colo.), Colorado Springs and Interurban Car No. 59, Amy Homestead (Howard, Colo.), Aspen Lodge (Parshall, Colo.), Fox Theatre (Walsenburg, Colo.), Colorado State University (Fort Collins, Colo.), Sherwood-Rigden Farm (Fort Collins, Colo.), Rio Grande Depot (Creede, Colo.), Joe Jr. Mill and Camp (Uravan, Colo.), Bauer Bank Building (Mancos, Colo.), Hoopes Drug Store (Otis, Colo.), Schlesitsky’s Dime Store (Otis, Colo.), Platteville Library (Platteville, Colo.), Englewood Depot (Englewood, Colo.) 10/1994
Description Series 1.3 Date
Bain’s Department Store (Alamosa, Colo.), Bruner Homestead (Lake George, Colo.), Canon City Santa Fe Depot, Carnegie Library (Monte Vista, Colo.), Huber Building (Elizabeth, Colo.), Lamb E.R. and Company Mercantile (Cortez, Colo.), Lone Tree School (Larkspur, Colo.), Lowell Elementary School (Colorado Springs, Colo.), Medlen School (Evergreen, Colo.), Payne Homestead (Lake George, Colo.), Perry- Mansfield School and Camp (Steamboat Springs, Colo.), Sacred Heart Church (Elbert, Colo.), Stockmen’s Bank (Colbran, Colo.), Two Buttes Dam (Springfield, Colo.) 2/1995
Barlow and Sanderson Stagecoach (Fort Garland, Colo.), Coy Barn (Fort Collins, Colo.), Delta National Bank (Delta, Colo.), Doyleville Schoolhouse (Doyleville, Colo.), First Baptist Church of Colorado City (Colorado Springs, Colo.), La Casa Ruibalid (Pagosa Springs, Colo.), Lovett House (Cedaredge, Colo.), Pitkin School (Pitkin, Colo.), Rio Grande Hotel (Creede, Colo.), Sawyer House/Sear’s Hotel (Holyoke, Colo.), Tallman Ranch (Black Hawk, Colo.), Union Pacific Pumphouse (Kit Carson, Colo.), Wild Horse Mercantile (Wild Horse, Colo.) 5/1995
Aggie “A” (Fort Collins, Colo.), Alpine Tunnel Historic District (Pitkin, Colo.), Bain’s Department Store (Alamosa, Colo.), Burr Studio and Residence (Denver, Colo.), Castlewood Dam (Franktown, Colo.), Estes Park Chalet (Estes Park, Colo.), Fairlamb House (Delta, Colo.), First Church of Divine Science (Denver, Colo.), Grand Junction Country Club (Grand Junction, Colo.), Harlow Grave Site (Palisade, Colo.), Hellis House (Denver, Colo.), Hotel Grover (Grover, Colo.), Orpheum Theatre (Buena Vista, Colo.), Rockvale School (Rockvale, Colo.), Santa Fe Locomotive No. 2912 (Pueblo, Colo.), State Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Home (Monte Vista, Colo.), Yuma Public Library (Yuma, Colo.) 8/1995
Bootleggers’ Cabin (Black Hawk, Colo.), Coalmont Schoolhouse (Coalmont, Colo.), Colorado Agricultural School (Fort Collins, Colo.), Delta Public Library (Delta, Colo.), Denison Homestead (Steamboat Springs, Colo.), Denver and New Orleans Railroad Segment (Elbert, Colo.), Dodge Ranch (Evergreen, Colo.), Elks Lodge #701 (La Junta, Colo.), Ewing Family Farmhouse (Boulder, Colo.), Florida River Bridge #437A (Durango, Colo.), Frazer’s Barn (Black Hawk, Colo.), Gothic Theatre (Englewood, Colo.), Gregory House (Westminster, Colo.), Holy Rosary Chapel (Cascade, Colo.), Kit Carson Hotel (La Junta, Colo.), Koshare Kiva Museum (La Junta, Colo.), Ralston Creek Gold Discovery Site (Arvada, Colo.), Rio Grande Hotel (Canon City, Colo.), Salida Public Library (Salida, Colo.), Santa Fe Hospital (La Junta, Colo.), Sargents School House (Sargents, Colo.), Tays House (Crystal, Colo.), Vogel Canyon (La Junta, Colo.), World’s Wonder View Tower (Genoa, Colo.), Wurl Ranch (Livermore, Colo.) 12/1995
Description Series 1.3 Date
Calcium Limestone Company Kilns (Basalt, Colo.), Capitol Heights Presbyterian Church (Denver, Colo.), Denver and Rio Grande Covered Hopper No. 18387 (Denver, Colo.), Denver and Rio Grande Derrick Blocking and Truck Car No. X-3317 (Grand Junction, Colo.), Denver and Rio Grande Track Panel Car No. AX-3214 (Grand Junction, Colo.), German Congregational Zion Church (Sterling, Colo.), Divide Colorado Midland Railway Depot (Divide, Colo.), Durango High School (Durango, Colo.), Glade Ranger Station (Glade, Colo.), Grant Avenue Methodist Episcopal Church (Denver, Colo.), Julesberg Public Library (Julesberg, Colo.), Minnequa Steel Works Office Building and Dispensary (Pueblo, Colo.), Pearce General Merchandise Store (Arvada, Colo.), Shavano Valley Rock Art Site (Montrose, Colo.), Shirley Hotel (Haxtun, Colo.), Sterling Public Library (Sterling, Colo.), Wright-Sindlinger House (Buena Vista, Colo.) 8/2001
Birch Cabin (Estes Park, Colo.), Bolten Ranch (Hayden, Colo.), Cline School (Commerce City, Colo.), Coffman House (Whitewater, Colo.), Dickinson Branch Library (Denver, Colo.), Limon Union Pacific and Rock Island Railroad Depot (Limon, Colo.), St. Paul’s Lutheran Church (Amherst, Colo.) 11/2001
Directory of Colorado State Register Properties 1991-2001 2001
Avery Bridge over Apishapa River (Aquilar, Colo.), Avery Bridge Leitensdorfer Arroyo (Hoehne, Colo.), Bridge over Arkansas River (Howard, Colo.), Cragmor Sanitorium (Colorado Springs, Colo.), Denver and Rio Grande Railroad South Fork Water Tank (South Fork, Colo.), Denver and Rio Grande Western Railroad Caboose No. 0578 (Golden, Colo.), Elson Bridge (El Moro, Colo.), Bement Site (Mancos, Colo.), Bethany Swedish Evangelical Lutheran Church (Denver, Colo.), Braden and Griffith Block (Florence, Colo.), Church of the Ascension (Pueblo, Colo.), Deines Barn (Fort Collins, Colo.), Elson Bridge (Pueblo, Colo.), Fondis Store (Fondis, Colo.), O’Brien Site (Dolores, Colo.), St. Francis of Assisi Mission Church (Del Norte, Colo.), Wind Ridge (Estes Park, Colo.) 2/2002
Schmid Ranch (Placerville, Colo.), Hillside Grange No. 399 (Hillside, Colo.), Gottlieb and Rose Egli House (Commerce City, Colo.), Kit Carson Union Pacific Railroad Depot (Kit Carson, Colo.), Denver and Rio Grande Western Railroad Engine No. 40 (Creede, Colo.), Florence and Cripple Creek Railroad Combination Car No. 60 (Atonito, Colo.), Denver and Rio Grande Western Railroad Track Panel Car No. AX- 3214 (Denver, Colo.), Denver and Rio Grande Western Railroad Derrick Blocking and Truck Car no. X-3317 (Denver, Colo.) 8/2002
Description Series 1.3 Date
Ken- Caryl South Valley Archeological District (Indian Hills, Colo.), Devils Head Lookout (Castle Rock, Colo.), Kaplan- Hoover Site (Windsor, Colo.), Limon Railroad Depot (Limon, Colo.), Temple Emanuel (Denver, Colo.), Robinson House (Denver, Colo.), Kit Carson UP Signal Maintainer’s House (Kit Carson, Colo.), Union Pacific Railroad Caboose No. 25400 (Kit Carson, Colo.), Herbert and Edith May Crissey House (Palisade, Colo.), Crested Butte Historic District 11/2002
Hayden Ranch (Leadville, Colo.), Valley View School (Salida, Colo.), Crescent Mine (Vicksburg, Colo.), First Methodist Episcopal Church (Monte Vista, Colo.), Holly City Hall (Holly, Colo.), Holly S.S. Ranch Barn (Holly, Colo.), Bauer Bank Block (Mancos, Colo.), Commercial Hotel (Springfield, Colo.), St. Mary Church, School, Rectory, and Convent (Walsenburg, Colo.), St. Agnes Mission Church (Saguache, Colo.), Kesner Memorial Building (Salida, Colo.), Carpenter Barn (Limon, Colo.), Santa Fe Hospital (La Junta, Colo.) 8/2003
Powell and Blair Stone Ranch (Proctor, Colo.), Wiley School (Wiley, Colo.), San Luis Southern Railway Trestle (Blanca, Colo.), Union Pacific Railroad Julesberg Depot (Julesberg, Colo.), Joe Ben Wheat Site Complex (Yellow Jacket, Colo.), Union Congregational Church (Nucla, Colo.), Martin Mining Complex (Silverton, Colo.), Estes Park Ranger Station (Estes Park, Colo.), Davis Barn (Merino, Colo.) 11/2003
Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks (Montrose, Colo.), Martin Mining Complex (Silverton, Colo.), Sand Canyon Archeological District (Cortez, Colo.), First Baptist Church of Boulder (Boulder, Colo.), Santa Fe Railway Manzanola Depot (Manzanola, Colo.), Montrose Fire Department No. 1 (Montrose, Colo.), Denver, Leadville and Gunnison Railroad Buenva Vista Depot (Buena Vista, Colo.), Lincoln Theatre (Limon, Colo.), Flesher House (Denver, Colo.) 2/2004

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Series 2.1: Historic Buildings Preservation briefs by the U.S. Department of the Interior, National Park Service, Cultural Resources Division, Heritage Preservation Services, #s 1-13, 15-27, 29, 31-35, 37-39

Series 2.2: Preservation Tech Notes by the U.S. Department of the Interior, National Park Service, Preservation Assistance Division.

Series 2.3: National Park Service articles on historic preservation

RG 3:Preservation articles, Individual Historic Sites by county     back to RG list

Series3.1: Preservation Articles

Description Sub-series
“Cultural Diversity and the Search for Common Ground: A Social Constructionist Perspective on Collaborative Resource Management Planning in Southwest Colorado” 3.1.1
“Colorado State Roads and Highways: Multiple Property Listing” 3.1.2
“A Profile of the Cultural Resources of Colorado” 3.1.3
“Irrigation and Water Supply: Ditches and Canals in Colorado” 3.1.4
Historic Preservation news articles 3.1.5
“A Sense of Place—A Video Oral History Project for Southwest Colorado” 3.1.6
“Living in the San Juan Mountains: Prospectus on Traditional Cultural Properties on the San Juan National Forest” 3.1.7
“The Power of Heritage and Place: A 2020 Action Plan to Advance Preservation in Colorado” 3.1.8
“The Economic Power of Heritage and Place: How Historic Preservation is Building A Sustainable Future in Colorado” 3.1.9
“The Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for the Treatment of Historic Properties with Guidelines for the Treatment of Cultural Landscapes” 3.1.10
“Shenandoah-Dives Mill HAER Documentation and Historic Structure Assessment Workshop: Schedule of Events” 3.1.11
“Federal Historic Preservation Laws” 3.1.12
“Colorado History News: Learning to Preserve” 3.1.13
“Discover Colorado: Colorado’s Scenic and Historic Byways” 3.1.14
Description Sub-series
“Teatro Historic Perspective: from Arapahoe Tipis to a Grand Hotel” 3.1.15
“Colorado State Historical Fund: 2000-2001 Annual Report” 3.1.16
“The Economic Benefits of Historic Preservation in Colorado” 3.1.17
“Making History: How Gaming has Preserved Colorado’s Past and Enhanced Our Future” 3.1.18
“Tomorrow Now: Enriching Our Future by Preserving Our Past” 3.1.19
“ It’s Not Too Late to Save the Books” 3.1.20
“Preserving the Past: Paper Deacidification 3.1.21
“CRM Bulletin: Historic Structure Reports: A Redefinition” 3.1.22
“The Alliance Review: Charleston’s 1931 Ordinance Still Hard at Work” 3.1.23
“Colorado Preservation 2000: Enriching Our Future by Preserving Our Past” 3.1.24

Series 3.2: La Plata County Historic Sites     back to RG list

Description Series 3.2 Sub-series
A Historic Buildings Survey of Old Fort Lewis, project #2007-02-019 3.2.1
A Historic Buildings Survey of Downtown Bayfield, project #2008-MI-013 3.2.2
Gem Village Quadrangle, Site #5LP.9624 3.2.3

Series 3.3: Ouray County Historic Sites

Description Series 3.3 Sub-series
Dallas Townsite, Site #5OR.69 3.3.1
San Juan Skyway 3.3.2
Red Mountain Mining District Planning, Project #98-02-085 3.3.3
Red Mountain Mining District Planning, Project #99-9 3.3.4
Red Mountain Mining District Planning, Project #2000-01-013 3.3.5

Series 3.4: San Juan County Historic Sites

Description Series 3.4 Sub-series
San Juan Skyway Historic Mining and Railroad Sites, Project #95-02-150 3.4.1
Otto Mears Eureka to Animas Forks Toll Road, Site #5SA.143 3.4.2
Martin Mining Complex, Site #5SA.489 3.4.3
Old Hundred Boarding House, Site #5SA.32 3.4.4

Series 3.5: Montrose County Historic Sites

Description Series 3.5 Sub-series
Alpine Triangle Cultural Resource Management Plan, EA no. CO-037-92-027 3.5.1

Series 3.6: San Miguel County Historic Sites

Description Series 3.6 Sub-series
San Juan Skyway Historic Mining and Railroad Sites, Project #95-02-150 3.6.1

Series 3.7: Montezuma County Historic Sites

Description Series 3.7 Sub-series
Mancos High School 3.7.1

Series 3.8: Arapahoe County Historic Sites

Description Series 3.8 Sub-series
Englewood Santa Fe Railroad Depot 3.8.1

Series 3.9: Gunnison County Historic Sites

Description Series 3.9 Sub-series
Smith’s Opera House 3.9.1

Series 3.10: Hinsdale County Historic Sites

Description Series 3.10 Sub-series
Cultural Resource Survey of Hinsdale County, Project #06-01-036 3.10.1

Series 3.11: Dolores County Historic Sites     back to RG list

Description Series 3.11 Sub-series
San Juan Skyway Historic Mining and Railroad Sites, Project #95-02-150 3.11.1
A Historic Structure Assessment of the Butt Building, Project #2003-HA-021 3.11.2
An Intensive Cultural Resource Survey of Ten Mining Related Sites, Project #04-M2-024 3.11.3

Series 3.12: USFS and BLM Historic Sites

Description Series 3.12 Sub-series
Neglected Mine and Settlement 3.12.1
Toll House 3.12.2
An Overview of the Archeological Resources of the San Juan-Rio Grande National Forest 3.12.3
Native American/ Ute sites 3.12.4
Lost Canyon Stock Driveway, Site #5MT.9469 3.12.5
Ellwood, Site #5RN.829 3.12.6
Joe Mann Cabin, Site #5ML.445 3.12.7
Warr Cabin/Black Diamond Mine Cabin, Site #5ML.444 3.12.8
Lone Dome CCC Camp, Site #5MT.066 3.12.9
Golconda, Site #5MT.10494 3.12.10
Lone Dome Ranch, Site #5MT.16547 3.12.11
Lone Dome Ranger Station, Site #5MT.11689 3.12.12
Dunton Cemetary, Site #5DL.1974 3.12.13
Jackson City, Site #5MT.12313 3.12.14
Rio-Rockwood Wagon Road, Site #5LP.1871 3.12.15
Kenny Flats CCC Erosion Control Project, Site #5AA.2436 3.12.16
An Inventory of the Historic Resources of the San Juan National Forest, Project #2001-02-124 3.12.17

Series 3.13: State of Colorado Historic Sites     back to RG list

Description Series 3.13 Sub-series
Highways to the Sky: A Context and History of Colorado’s Highway System 3.13.1