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M001 Fort Lewis College Record Group 23 Student papers

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Title Student papers
Dates (Inclusive) 1965-current
Dates (Bulk) 1970s, 2000s
Creator Fort Lewis College Students
Abstract This collection consists of student papers written for Senior Seminar classes and other FLC courses.
Unique ID M001 RG 23 (Formally M107)
Quantity 26 document boxes

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Users should keep in mind that student papers are not peer reviewed or authoritative, although many are very well written and researched. This collection attempts to document a primary function of Fort Lewis College as part of the conveyance of knowledge--Learning. Student learning is often very difficult to capture because how learning occurs is itself so difficult to understand. As students quickly move through their 4 year education, it is tough for archives to collect student work. This collection was compiled from various sources and represents part of the function of Fort Lewis College and is an attempt to document learning. Many of the papers were deposited at the Center of Southwest Studies by their authors to comply with the Center's requirement that researchers give the Center a complimentary copy of any publication relying heavily on the use of the Center's collections.

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The student papers are separated into two Series: Senior Seminar papers and Other student papers. Series 1 was originally organized by semester and then author last name. However, this arrangement was not maintained and all order apparently lost as of 2014. Senior seminar papers will be added as they are aqcuired and described alphabetically along with box number. Series 2 papers are listed alphabetically by author last name and described with box location.

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This collection consists of student papers on Southwest topics written for Senior Seminar classes and other FLC courses. Topics include Native American culture, education, environmental issues, archeological sites, health, National Park history, religion, and others.

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Access. There are no access restrictions on the use of these materials for research purposes. This collection is open to the public for use in the Delaney Southwest Research Library at the Center of Southwest Studies.

Use and Copyright. These materials are for use only in the Delaney Southwest Research Library; they are noncirculating. Limited duplication of print materials is allowed for research purposes. The user assumes full responsibility for observing all applicable laws regarding copyright, property rights, and libel. The author of each paper retains full copyright; any use of these papers will be the user's responsibility, in accordance with the fair use provisions of the U.S. copyright law.

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Author's last, first name. Paper title. Southwest student papers, Fort Lewis College. Center of Southwest Studies.

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This inventory was originally prepared by the archivist, and has been added to by the assistant archivist as papers are accessioned into the collection.

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Papers are periodically donated by Southwest Studies and Native American & Indigenous Studies professors and students. Many were deposited at the Center of Southwest Studies by their authors to comply with the Center's requirement that researchers give the Center a complimentary copy of any publication relying heavily on the use of the Center's collections.

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Series 1: Senior Seminar papers
Series 2: Other student papers

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Listed alphabetically by author's last name.

Title Author Box
The Penitente Brotherhood 2000 Abeyta, Christina Maria ?
Protecting What Is Sacred: Native Religious Sites in the Southwest Alvarado, Lenny Box 3 (1997-2001)
Development in the Bishop Paiute Tribe 2003 Andreas, Jasmine Box 4
Federal Government's Assimilation policy at Ute Mountain Ute Boarding School, Towaoc, Colorado Andricci, Sandy Box 1 (n.d.-1993)
The Galloping Geese of the Rio Grande Southern Archibeque, Vicki Box 2 (1994-1997)
The Origins of the Arellano: Retracing the Geneology Back Through Time 2007 Arellano, Jacob ?
Trading Post in the Last Twenty Years 2003 Beach, Zachariah A. ?
Native Spirituality as an Effective Intervention Strategy Becenti, Geneva Box 3 (1997-2001)
The Presentation on the Customs and Conceptual Views of the Navajo Chidrearing Practices 2003 Begay, Cordelia Marilyn ?
The Influences of Anglo Traders on Navajo Sandpaintings 2002 Ben, Colin R. 2002
We Know This Place: Mapping Relationships Between Landscape and Language: A Study of Moache and Capote Ute Place Names Bennett, Julia Box 3 (1997-2001)
Who is a Native American Artist 2002 Bodine, Cynthia 2002
Oral Tradition in Literature and Performing Arts: Issues of Translation Brady, Marietta Box 3 (1997-2001)
A Sensitive Issue in the Southwestern History Brown, Jeff Box 3 (1997-2001)
Navajo Economics Brown, Roy Box 1 (n.d.-1993)
Navajo Methodist Mission School Chee, Priscella Box 3 (1997-2001)
Hispano Villages: The development of a community 2000 Clampett, Mark Box 3
Wealth or Wisdom: A Comparative Discussion of Durango, Colorado's two Economic Booms:1880-1892 and 1980-1992 Coleila, Jerry (Rick) Box 1 (n.d.-1993)
Webber Canyon: Mormon Connection to the Mancos Valley Coppinger, Pamela Box 1 (n.d.-1993)
Beeakidii Begay and Family Cordalis, Rita Box 1 (n.d.-1993)
The First Kinaalda: Path to Womanhood "Get out of your pants and get into a skirt!" 2002 Cornfield, Antoinette P. ?
[untitled] (family oral history) Cullum, Juan Box 2 (1994-1997)
Native American Powwow 2003 Cuny, Shawn F. ?
Airwaves hit Durango: A Comparison of National and Local Broadcasting Histories, 1920s-1950s Davidson, Scotty Box 2 (1994-1997)
Chief Concerns, Aspects, and Issues of Rural Water Development in La Plata County, CO 2003 Diaz, Brent ?
Santa Fe: A model for tourism in Cortez, Colorado? 2001 Dillman, Dave Box 3
The Community in Space Duncan, Regina [Box 1 (n.d.-1993)]
The Lewis School Duncan, Regina [Box 1 (n.d.-1993)]
The World is Wide Here: Georgia O'Keeffe and the Southwest 2004 Dye, Scott ?
The Use of Conservation Easements in Preserving Family Ranches on Colorado’s Western Slope 2000 East, Pamela ?
Social Impacts of Uranium Mining in the West End Montrose County 2004 Erlandsen, Craig ?
Leadership, Governance, Tradition and Tohono O’Odham Nationhood 2001 Felix, Ronald ?
Native American Wildland Firefighters as a Modern-day Warrior Society 2002 Ferris, Neal ?
American Indian Sacred Sites Preservation and Balance between Religious Use and Multiple Use on Public Lands Filler, Michaela Box 3 (1997-2001)
Education Through Time: A Social Study of Early and Rural Education in Durango and La Plata County Fjerstad, Barbara Box 1 (n.d.-1993)
The Navajo Religion Foss, Wendy [Box 1 (n.d.-1993)]
Peyote Art: Symbols of Struggle and Survival 2002 Francis, Brian ?
The Lucy M. Lewis Family: A Living Tradition of Acoma Pottery Francis, Susan Box 2 (1994-1997)
The History of Navajo Agriculture Product Industry Multimillion Dollar Operations and Agriculture Enterprises, the Navajo Indian Irrigation Project, and the Navajo Nation Methods of Improvements through Education and Technology 2004 Garnenez, Nico H. ?
Taa'wataho, A product of the American Indian assimilation process. A Native American's personal experfience of living with assimilation. 2007 Gasdia, Terry ?
The Tierra Amarilla Grant: Cultural Conflicts in Land Ownership Gonzales, Pat Box 3 (1997-2001)
Underneath the Sheets: The Pine River Klavern 2004 Harris, Jennifer ?
Mascots and Indian Team Nicknames Haven, Shaun Box 2 (1994-1997)
Navajo Trading in the Twentieth Century Southwest 200 Henderson, Verando ?
The "Silver Goldmine" Hischke, Trent Box 1 (n.d.-1993)
Navajo Education: Traditional and/or Modern Johnson, Mark D. Box 1 (n.d.-1993)
A Time of Uncertainty: Oil and Gas Exploration in Utah's Wild Country 2004 Layman, Nara ?
Transition in Indian Education Focus: Rough Rock Demonstration School 1994 Lewis, Lena Box 2 (1994-1997)
1846-1863, A Time of Change for the Navajo People: A Study of the Historical Implications of Navajos in Captivity Lopez, Alexia Box 2 (1994-1997)
McPhee: The Life and Times of a Company Town in Southwestern Colorado Martinez, Julianne Box 2 (1994-1997)
Controversies in Traditional and Commercial Art Martucci, Nichole Ann Box 3 (1997-2001)
To Build a Home on Cheii's Land: A Story of Allotted Lands in the Checkerboard Region of Navajo Country 2002 McLaughlin, Timothy H. ?
Cultural Commonalities: Parallels Between Scottish and Southwest Native American History McPherson, Elizabeth Box 3 (1997-2001)
Gaining an Economic Foothold: Tribal Control of Energy Resources Meredith, Kathy Box 3 (1997-2001)
The Camp Hale Experience: What it Did for Skiing and Colorado Miller, Elizabeth Box 3 (1997-2001)
Surviving the Dam: Steps Taken to Restore Ecological Balance to the Grand Canyon 2002 Mumford, Leah ?
Syncretism: Religious Adaptation Among Indian People of the Southwest Patz, Todd Box 3 (1997-2001)
Splendid Women of Silverton Peterson, Kim Box 1 (n.d.-1993)
[untitled] (the Blessing Way) 2004 Plummer, Corrina ?
Cultural Loss in Navajo Country: B.I.A. Boarding Schools Quintero, Lolia Box 3 (1997-2001)
Zapotec Weavers Enter the Marketplace of the American Southwest 2001 Redhorse, Consuelo ?
The 1950s: A Decade of Change for Farmington Roe, Debbie Box 1 (n.d.-1993)
The Mine that won't quit: Silverton's Sunnyside Rokop, Kathy ?
The Connie Mack World Series Rose, Sally A. Box 1 (n.d.-1993)
Chaco Canyon Ryland, Cathleen Box 1 (n.d.-1993)
Ignacio, Colorado's contribution to World War II Sherman, Ron Box 5
Promises like Wind-blown Clouds: the BIA and Indian Education Shock, Kathie Box 2 (1994-1997)
Indigenous Languages: History, Destruction and Revival 1996 Silengo, Sharon Box 2
The Archaeological History of the s Creek Rock Shelters: Issues and Ethics Smalley, Jeri Box 3 (1997-2001)
Unity of Separatism: Issues Surrounding Multicultural Education Sparro, Theron Box 3 (1997-2001)
Oil and Gas Development in Northwestern New Mexico Staley, Eddie Box 2 (1994-1997)
Gone but Not Forgotten: Hispanic Grave Decorations in the Southwest Thurman, Karen Box 3 (1997-2001)
Navajo Academy Tomlinson, Lena M. Gleason Box 1 (n.d.-1993)
Mailmen, Ministers, and Veterans: A History of Colorado Skiing Touchette, Matt Box 1 (n.d.-1993)
The "Message" to the Utes: Efforts and failures of the Catholic missions Tracey, Gilbert Box 5
1998 Dine Tribal Government Reform: The Local Governance Act 2002 Tsosie, Lenora ?
Navajo Code Talkers of World War II: Then and Now Tsosie, Rita Ann Box 1 (n.d.-1993)
The Key to Tribal Economic Self-Sufficiency: A Study of the Processes to Becoming a Ho-Chunk Entrepreneur 2003 Warner, Jon D. ?
Faith and Water: The Birth of a Valley Webber, Deborah Box 2 (1994-1997)
Vandalism and Industrial Threats in Dinetah Werito, Patrick Box 3 (1997-2001)
Indian Rodeo: It's History, Founders, and Conflicts 2002 Williams, Jarvis ?
"Hoof Action" 2001 Williams, Leah ?
Native American Studeis Major: An Essential Educational Component at Fort Lewis College 2004 Wood, Celeste S. ?
Ute Creek: A Tributary Stream Zahrt, Dorothy Box 1 (n.d.-1993) (n.d.-1993)

Series 2: Other student papers    back to Series list

Listed alphabetically by author's last name.

Title Author Year
Creede, Colorado, 1893 Aber, Robert 1970 Winter
Dr. Emil Johnson Alber, Pam 1974 Fall
The Mile High Klan, 20th Century Allen, Curtis 1979 Fall
Gunnison (Colo.), 1880s Allen, Robert 1969 Fall
Short History of the Indian Rights Association Anders, Alan Richard 1972 Winter
Bank Scandal in Durango (Colo.), 1907-1908 Anders, Alan Richard 1972 Winter
Computer Programs for Numerical Analysis Anderson, James R. 1971 Fall
Creede (Colo.), 1893 Andrews, Lanny [undated]
Depression, San Juan Basin Anesi, James C. 1968 Winter
Colorado and the Civil War Anstett, Tom [undated]
Decision to Halt at the Elbe Antolik, Dan 1969 Fall
A History of Animas City (Colo.) Antolik, Mark [undated]
Early Transportation in Southwest Colorado Applegate, Stephen Hunter 1974 Fall
A Rustler a Day Keeps the Cattle Away, or, the Smartest Thief Gets the Beef Aspaas, Helen Ruth 1972 Winter
Marble, Colorado Aspromonte, Sheila [undated]
Arvada, Colorado [unknown] 1974 Winter
Lost Treasures, Treasure Hunting and Treasure Hunting Laws in Southwest Colorado Armstrong, Richard L. [undated]
Willa Cather and Death Comes for the Archbishop Bartelt, Betty 1965 Summer
Cultural Factors in the Learning of Navajo Children Begay, Lola 1971 Winter
Ouray: Chief of Utes Bersch, Kathleen 1969 Winter
Lake City (Colo.), 1870s Babbit, David [undated]
Ashcroft Bader, Margaret 1969 Fall
The 1911 Flood in Southern Colorado: October 4-6, 1911 Baird, John E 1970 Winter
History of the Shenandoah-Dives Mining Company Barge, Margaret [undated]
Program Planning in Recreation Baroch, Stephen R. 1975 Winter
Church in the San Juan Mining Camps Baults, Wanda 1969 Fall
Ludlow (Colo.) Baxstrom, Donnalee 1970 Fall
The Utes Must Go Baxstrom, Donnalee [undated]
The Baxstroms in Montezuma County Baxstrom, Joanne [undated]
Emmett Wirt of the Southwest Beavers, Richard W. 1966 Winter
The First Colorado Volunteers in the Civil War Behrens, Lee 1972 Winter
Early Explorers Benton, Don 1976 Fall
German Colonization and Greeley Union Colony, 1869-1870 Berkholtz, Judy [undated]
History of Bayfield (Colo.) Berry, Elaine and Janet Heimz [undated]
History and Process of Assaying Berry, George 1974 Fall
Hardrock Mining Labor Unions: Strikes in Colorado Berry, George 1975 Fall
Stage Coaching in the United States and Colorado Bersch, Kathleen 1969 Fall
Air Pollution in Colorado Beske, Robert 1972 Winter
The History of Skiing in Aspen (Colo.) Beverly, Becky 1974 Fall
Creede (Colo.): A Little Known Colorado Boom Town Binder 1973 Fall
The Fort Lewis School (Colo.), 1911-1916 Black, Thelma 1967 Winter
Prehistoric agriculture of the Durango region Blackshear, Barbara 1990 Fall
Natani: Navajo Chief Blair, Michael [undated]
Prime Numbers Blaylock, Dan 1971 Summer
Vibrating Strings Blaylock, Dan 1972 Summer
Small Country Schools in La Plata County (Colo.) Blessing, Rick 1976 Winter
A Brief Study of the Life and Politics of Davis Hanson Waite Brace, Marty 1976 Winter
Trimble Springs, Colorado, 1874-1976 Brace, Marty 1976 Winter
Gold and Silver Mining Camps in La Plata County (Colo.) Brace, Marty 1974 Fall
Creede (Colo.) in the 1890s Brauty, Karen 1972 Winter
The Main Mining Towns of Summit County (Colo.) Brinkerhoff, Debby [undated]
Russo-Japanese Relations Before and After the Russo-Japanese War Brothers, Cecilia 1968 Summer
Various Aspects of the Range Cattle Industry in New Mexico, 1865-1900 Brothers, Cecilia 1968 Winter
A Study of Teaching English as a Second Language to Navajo Children Bryant, John W. 1970 Winter
Otto Mears’ Railroad Empire in Southwestern Colorado Bunrger, Alvin R. 1967 Fall
The Election of 1896 as reflected by the San Juan Newspapers Burge, Ila Mae [undated]
The Town that Built Monuments Burns, Kathryn 1974 Fall
Tellurid (Colo.)e in the 1890s Burr, Donna L. 1972 Winter
Telluride (Colo.) and the Home Front, 1941-42 Burr, Donna L. 1972 Winter
Fluid Erosion: Exploration of Technique Busch, Robert 1971 Winter
The Need for Revitalization of Instructional Media in English Language for American Indians Busch, Barney [undated]
Relationship of Skinner: Philosophy to the Indian Classroom Busch, Barney [undated]
The Campaigns and Siege of Vicksburg (Miss.) Butler, Rubye H. 1965 Winter
Aspen (Colo.) during the 1800s Buzick, Barb 1973 Fall
Rico (Colo.):-Rich in History Byerrum, Jim [undated]
Colorado’s Red Light Districts and Her Scarlet Ladies Cady, Christine 1973 Fall
Disappointment Etched in Stone Calliham, Linda 1972 Winter
The Election of 1928 in Southwestern Colorado Campbell, Michael 1969 Fall
Fort Lewis (Colo.), 1882-1892 Campbell, Richard D. [undated]
A History of Higher Education in Eastern Colorado from 1860-1890 Campbell, Michael 1968 Fall
McElmo Canyon (Colo.) Cantrell, Candy 1974 Fall
The Founding of Mesa Verde National Park (Colo.) Carman, Bruce 1969 Fall
All Is Not Quiet on the Western Front: The Forgotten Battles of 1862 Carpenter, Patty 1991 Winter
Child Rearing Practices of the Hopi Conteras, Elaine [undated]
Ouray: Chief of the Utes Conrad, Paula L. 1969 Fall
Caroline W. Romney, Pioneer Basin Publisher [unknown] 1975 Winter
Elk Winter Range: An Observational Study Carron, Cary A. 1978 Winter
The Grand Canyon (Ariz.): Problems in Southwest Studies Carroll, Tom 1978 Winter
The Santa Fe Trail: Its People, Places, and Era Carson, John M. [undated]
History of Public Health in Colorado Cartter, Don 1979 Fall
Probability – Mathematics Wayward Child Cartwright, Iva 1969 Summer
An Annotated Bibliography. United States History: 1776-1837 Chandler, Melva 1966 Winter
A Study Concerning the Development of Parthenogenetic Rabbit Ova in Vitro Chavez, Daniel J. 1969 Summer
A Close Look at John J. Crooke Cobb, Nancy 1968 Winter
Mining in Telluride until 1904 Coleman, Linda [undated]
The History of Mesa Verde (Colo.) Conway, Greg 1973 Fall
The Ku Klux Klan in Durango, Colorado Coon, Wendell 1965 Fall
William Gilpin Cooper, George 1972 Winter
The History and Adaptation of the Southern Utes Cooper, Kathryn L. 1975 Fall
The River of Lost Souls (Animas River, Colo.) Coulter, Denise Green 1969 Winter
Navajo Silver and Weaving Cotton, Candy [undated]
Blood Typing Aged Bone and Tissue Coulter, Donna [undated]
The Indian War in Eastern Colorado: 1864-1869 Cox, Kevin [undated]
Cardinal and Ordinal Numbers Crane, Stanley A. 1970 Winter
Silverton, Colorado: World War II Crawford, Lorie 1969 Fall
A History of the Civilian Conservation Corps at Mesa Verde National Park (Colo.), 1933-1942 Crook, Judy 1984 Summer
Southwest Colorado rattlesnakes: a baseline survey Crow, Keith K. 2007  Summer
Number Theory Cunningham, Gregory A. 1971 Winter
The Death, Burial, and Reburial of Ouray Daniels, Virginia 1969 Fall
Railroads of Cripple Creek (Colo.) Davis, James F. 1972 Winter
Polynomial Manipulation on the IBM System 360 Using Assembler Language Davis, James F. 1972 Winter
Denver Broncos Day, Mike [undated]
Parrott City (Colo.) Demarest, Jim 1972 Winter
The Teaching of Phonics Denbo, Cadette 1971 Winter
The Animas Valley (Colo.), 1870s-1880s Dever, Denise 1974 Winter
Navajo Jewelry Devins, Karen Sue 1973 Fall
Law Enforcement in Silverton (Colo.) in 1893 Devecka, Mike 1969 Fall
The Education of Native American Children Dimas, Connie 1990 Summer
Evolution of News Photography Dobbins, David 1969 Fall
Mining in La Plata Canyon (Colo.) Devecka, Mike 1969 Fall
Leadville, Colorado: 1877-1880: The City that Shook the United States Donato, Richard [undated]
The Summitville (Colo.) Story: Chapter 1, 1870-1896 Doak, Max [undated]
The Hotel Colorado Doak, Sharg 1977 Winter
The Early Days of Cripple Creek (Colo.) Downing, Michael 1970 Winter
Durango’s Early Days Downing, Michael 1969 Fall
Porter Stockton: He Died with His Boots On Dubois, Jean [undated]
The Wild Becomes Refined Dueat, Susan 1977 Winter
The Prehistoric Indians of Mesa Verde Durant, Bonnie [undated]
The Elementary School Underachiever Durocher, Charlotte 1971 Winter
Music in Colorado Duthie, Gigi 1974 Fall
Cripple Creek (Colo.) Eaker, Ray [undated]
Avalanches and Avalanche Accidents on the Million Dollar Highway Ealy, Marcia 1969 Summer
Humanitarian Reform Ebert, Anna B. 1965 Summer
Ute – An Almost Forgotten Way of Life Eck, Norman 1973 Fall
Early Education in Colorado, 1860-1900 Edison, Diane D. 1973 Fall
Explorations in Durango (Colo.): A Short History of a Colorado Boom Town, The American Scene Edwards, Mickey 1978 Winter
Ike Stockton; Desperado Ehrlich, Mark 1976 Winter
The Sand Creek Massacre Eiland, Charles 1968 Fall
Ouray (Colo.), 1941: Economic Condition Emery, Patsy M. 1969 Fall
A Survey of the Aquatic Invertebrates in Three Streams in Hermosa Park and Junction Creek (Colo.) Engel, Carolyn [undated]
Medicos of the Southwest Farmer, Node 1967 Fall
Basic Ring Theory Farrow, Gary D. 1972 Winter
The Leadville (Colo.) Blues of 1882 Fasolo, Jeff [undated]
Non-Euclidean Geometry Faulkenburg, Alice 1973 Winter
Ghost Towns of the San Juan Region (Colo.) Faulkner, Vicki 1972 Winter
A Fiesta in Town: The Spanish Trails Fiesta and The Navajo Trails Fiesta (Durango, Colo.) [unknown] 1976 Winter
History of Oak Grove Fender, Anna [undated]
Gunnison (Colo.) Expedition: 1853-54 Fender, Anna Marie 1975 Fall
Montrose and the Uncompahgre Valley (Colo.) Fender, Anna Marie 1976 Fall
The Questionable Cannibal Fennelly, John 1965 Winter
Gothic Literature Ferguson, Mary [undated]
Canon City (Colo.): The Silvergate City Flanigan, Michael 1973
Birth of a Colorado Town: Union Colony and its Founders Fleming, Nancy 1970 Summer
Esther – Cave-Man Maiden and Pre-historic Cultures of the Durango, Colorado District Flora, Zeke 1984 Winter
The Naming of the Names: La Plata County (Colo.) Forbidussi, Monica 1979 Fall
Buckskin Joe and Tomboy: A Brief History and Comparison Ford, Nancy 1974 Fall
A Study of Lunarology Ford, Thomas A. 1973 Fall
Pictoral Supplement to a Study of Lunarology Ford, Thomas A. 1973 Fall
The Two Wars Between the Rio Grande and the Santa Fe Railroads in the 1870s Forney, Steven 1972 Winter
Colorado Indians Today Fortunato, John 1972 Winter
The Southern Ute Removal Question: 1885-1895 Foster, Marilyn 1968 Winter
Zeke and the Mummies at Falls Creek (Colo.) Fox, Cynthia 1977 Winter
The San Juan (Colo.) Area Fox, Treva [undated]
The Amity Canal Frank, Paula 1983 Winter
The Last Big Camp Frohardt, Larry E. 1968 Winter
Water Resources in La Plata County, Colorado Furey, James P. 1974 Fall
Aztec (N.M.) during 1940-1945 Gaebler, Nelda 1970 Summer
History of the Gomez Family in Rio Arriba
County, New Mexico and Archuleta      
County, Colorado 1598-Present
Gallegos, Benjamin A. 2011 Winter
Colorado Small Town History Gallegos, Olivia 1976 Winter
Women of the Old Wild West Gallegos, Olivia 1975 Winter
The Rio Grande Southern Railroad and the Galloping Goose Geesaman, Dennis L. 1969 Fall
The Founding of Boulder and the University of Colorado Geister, Scott 1976 Fall
Mining Equipment Germann, Arnold [undated]
A Strategic Fundraising Plan for the Center  for Southwest Studies Gerstenberger, Jane 1992 Winter
The Ute Mountain Utes: A Dying People? Gloystein, Dixi 1979 Fall
Navajo Rug Weaving Goforth, Lucille 1969 Summer
Pioneers of the San Juan (Colo.) Gomez, Arthur R. 1968 Fall
Problems in the Southwest Gomez, Dorothy 1976 Winter
Silver Camps of Hinsdale County (Colo.) Gordon, Peggy 1969 Winter
own and Fort: Civil-Military Relations in Colorado, 1880-1891 Gorman, Patrick H. [undated]
1900-1903 Silverton (Colo.) in the Hills of the San Juan Grafi, Robert J. 1965 Winter
Communities Southwest of Durango Green, Adena 1978 Fall
George Lecio Zanoni: Looking for the Big Strike Green, Judith L. 1969 Fall
Fortran Programming Support for Anthropological Research Griffins, Michael L. 1972 Winter
World War I: Ouray (Colo.), 1918 Homefront Grubbs, Carol [undated]
Coal Wars in Early 20th Century Colorado Gutierrez, Lori [undated]
Ouray: Friend or Foe to the Indian? Gummere, Jack P. 1968 Winter
Memories of a Bloomfield (N.M.) Little League Bleacher Bum Hall, Warman T. 1995 Winter
Boom Town Baptists: A History of the First Baptist Church of Bloomfield, New Mexico Hall, Warman T. 1995 Winter
Durango (Colo.) Comes Alive Heller, Bruce 1976 Winter
William Henry Jackson (1843-1942) Heiks, Molly Small 1972 Fall
Shonto and Oljato: A Short History of the Indian Traders Heflin, Sharon 1968 Summer
Transportation Coming to Denver (Colo.) between 1860-1865 Hackethal, William J. 1967 Fall
Early Settlement and Industry of the San Juan (Colo.) Hall, Pat 1968 Winter
Durango (Colo.), 1912-1915 Hames, John [undated]
The Relation between Promiscuity, Male Dominance and Aggression in Man and Primates and between Aggression Technology and the Cultural Ideal in Man Hamilton-Hill, Rob [undated]
Osceola: The Great Seminole War Leader Hammond, Chris 1969 Fall
The Alferd Packer Story Hampton, Terry 1974 Fall
A Railroad for Pagosa (Colo.) Hand, Scott [undated]
The Cuban Missile Crisis Hardie, Leo C. 1972 Fall
John Evans: In Pursuit of the Denver Pacific Railroad Hardie, Leo C. 1972 Winter
A Mountaineering Guide to the Elk Mountains [of] Colorado Hare, Michael 1976 Fall
Summary of Issues and Advances in Educational Psychology Herrick, Pat [undated]
Marvel: Portrayed as Rural Ghost Town Harris, Greg 1974 Fall
The Cousin Jacks of Colorado Harring, Drew 1972 Winter
Tourism in Colorado Hartshorn, Mike [undated]
The Range Cattle Industry and Stock Growers Association of Colorado Haugdahl, Shirley 1977 Winter
A Survey of Rural Education Hawkins, Gwen 1971 Winter
Richard Wetherill and the Anasazi Hayden, Janice L. 1968 Fall
Individualized Instruction: How It Is Being Used and the Philosophy Behind It Helmericks, Marcia 1970 Fall
Creede (Colo.) Hendrickson, Ed 1973 Fall
Mining and Lore of the San Juans (Colo.) Henn, Alan 1971 Summer
Some Cross-Cultural Data on Abberrant Behavior Hewitt, Susan 1971 Fall
1975 Salvage Excavations at Bodo Business Ranches: Site 5-LD-115 an Early Pueblo I site near Durango (Colo.) Hibbets, Barry 1976 Winter
The Effects of Nicotine on Growth in Selected Bacteria Higland, Jay E. 1970 Summer
A Brief History of Comparative Analysis of the Ku Klux Klan Hickman, Justin Alan [undated]
The Traditions of Penance and Flagellation in Medieval Europe and the Penitentes of the Southwest Hickman, Justin [undated]
Denver Union Water Company V. City of Denver: The Politics of Transition Herzfield, Jeffery A. 1977 Winter
Henry Moore Teller and the Silver Issue Hill, James G. 1970 Winter
The First Farmington (N.M.) Railroad as Traced through the Farmington Times-Hustler: 1901-1905 Hill, Susan 1966 Winter
A History of Early Durango (Colo.) Business [unknown] [undated]
Sand Creek (Colo.) – Battle or Massacre? Hogan, Beth 1976 Fall
Animas Forks (Colo.) Hill, James G. 1969 Fall
The History of Rocky Mountain National Park (Colo.) Hilton, Tom [undated]
Mancos to Cortez: The Cause for the Transfer of Many Mancos, Colorado, Residents to the Town of Cortez, Colorado at the Turn of the 20th century Hindmarsh, LaRae 1992 Winter
Howardsville (Colo.) Hinkley, Don 1971 Fall
Environmental Effects on Population Density Hobgood, Wells S. 1971 Winter
Wrights Mesa (Colo.) Kinion, Charles F. 1969 Summer
The Strikes in Telluride (Colo.): 1901-1904 Hinkley, Donald 1972 Winter
Culture and Conflict: The Legacy of Sand Creek (Colo.) Hise, John 1996 Summer
The History of Bayfield (Colo.) Hood, Rebecca 1979 WInter
The San Juan National Forest (Colo.) Hittenrauch, Kathryn 1979 Fall
Is there a Mobility Problem? Hopkins, Susan 1971 Winter
A Program for the Mentally Retarded Hoselton, Janie 1970 Winter
Colorado History Hostetler, Clint 1973 Fall
Tracks through Tiffany (Colo.) Hott, Zelta 1973 Fall
Some Basic Concepts of Real Analysis Huang, Celia [undated]
Problems of Indian Education Huffman, William [undated]
Ranching in Colorado: Is it Alive and Well? Hull, William M. 1979 Fall
European History Book Reports Huntsman, Mary Ann [undated]
Otto Mears: Pathfinder of the Southwest Hurley, Maggie 1974 Fall
Labor Disputes in Telluride (Colo.) Isgar, Don 1969 Fall
George Isgar [unknown] [undated]
Set Theory Ivie, Mark 1973 Summer
Ouray and the Ute Indian Treaties Ives, Gay 1973 Fall
Along the Rainbow Route: Red Mountain and Ironton (Colo.) Ivers, John 1969 Fall
Telluride (Colo.) Skiing Jacobson, Eric 1973 Fall
Siphonaptera of Clethrionomys Gapperi, Permomyscus Maniculatus, Surex Vagrans and Surex Cinereus in Southwest Colorado Jacques, Earnest T. 1972 Winter
Cripple Creek (Colo.) – Discovery and Early Boom Jaynes, Ron 1968 Fall
Want Ads of the 1850s Johnson, David 1977 Winter
An Investigation of Properties of Topological Spaces Johnson, Gaylord 1972 Winter
The Preschool in Navajo Education Johnson, Georgia Ann 1971 Summer
Territorial Life in Colorado Johnson, Pam [undated]
Water Rights of Colorado an their Effects on the Western Side of the Continental Divide Johnson, Tamara 1976 Winter
Point Set Topology Johnson, Roger 1969 Fall
Ghost Towns of Chalk Creek Canyon (Colo.) Jones, Margie S. 1972 Winter
George S. Irwin’s White Pine Cone: April 1883 – December 1885 Kaczmarek, Marya [undated]
Native American Church on the Navajo Reservation Kahn, Mariana [undated]
Broadax and Bayonet: by Francis Paul Prucha Karaleff, Charlie [undated]
A Brief History of Archaeological Investigations of the Animas Valley (Colo.) Karlson, Jamie A. 1976 Fall
A History of Archaeological Investigations in Durango, Colorado Karlson, Jamie A. 1978 Winter
Central City (Colo.) Kerr, Rebecca 1973 Fall
The Territorial Theatre in Colorado Kocan, Vicki 1972 Winter
Number Theory Kolego, Sally 1972 Fall
Women of New Mexico: 1739 to 1900 Koontz, Jone 1977 Winter
Ludlow (Colo.) – A Memory Koontz, Tootie 1974 Fall
The Santuario de Chimayo Kurtz, Douglas 1970 Winter
A Victor Visit Langlois, Steve 1979 Winter
NORAD: The Hole in the Mountain Langlois, Steve 1979 Fall
To be the desert: history of land use at Capital Reef National Park Lapse, Mary Ann 1988 Fall
Basic Concepts and Accounting Principles Underlying Financial Statements of Business Enterprises Laurirsen, Richard E. 1971 Winter
Gothic and Crested Butte (Colo.) Lawson, John [undated]
Land use practices of the San Luis Valley and nearby areas Lawton, James R. 1988 Fall
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[untitled] [report on her "attempt to compile data relative to interpreting and understanding those [meteorological] records [of Durango weather] documented by the late W. W. Davies.  These records were given to the Center of Southwest Studies of Fort Lewis College after Mr. Davies' death in March, 1970."] Thrall, Barbara A.  [undated]
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