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M064 Durango, CO personages

Collection Summary   

Title Durango, CO personages
Dates (Inclusive) 1870 - 2000
Dates (Bulk) 1945-1980
Creator Compiled by Renée Robbins, Kendra Webber, and J. Todd Ellison
Abstract This is an example of an "artificial" collection - one that was constituted by drawing records from various disparate sources. The materials pertain to notable individuals in the history of Durango and vicinity.
Unique ID M064
Quantity .6 linear shelf feet,1.5 document cases

Historical Note 
The collection was mostly compiled prior to November of 1979.

The collection is in a single series of folders, basically arranged alphabetical order by name of the Durango personage.

Scope & Contents   
This is an example of an "artificial" collection - one that was constituted by drawing records from various disparate sources. The materials pertain to notable individuals in the history of Durango and vicinity.

Access. There are no access restrictions on the use of these materials for research purposes. This collection is open to the public for use in the Delaney Southwest Research Library at the Center of Southwest Studies.

Use and Copyright. These materials are for use only in the Delaney Southwest Research Library; they are noncirculating. Limited duplication of print materials is allowed for research purposes. The user assumes full responsibility for observing all applicable laws regarding copyright, property rights, and libel.

Preferred Citation   
Durango, CO personages, Fort Lewis College. Center of Southwest Studies.

Processing Info   
In January-February of 2003, Center of Southwest Studies student archival assistant Renée Robbins refoldered the collection and Kendra Webber listed the folder titles. The inventory was produced by the archivist. Archive student worker Tia Flippin edited and reformatted the online inventory in the Fall of 2011.

Acquisition Info  
The collection was accessioned as 2002:03036.

Separated Materials  

Related Materials  

M107 Southwest student papers: Contains a paper about Willa Cather by one of Duane Smith's Fort Lewis College Colorado History undergraduate students.

Access Terms  
Durango (Colo.)--History.

Container List  

Box 1: Surnames A-K
Box 2: Surnames L-Z

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Ballantine, Arthur, obituaries, 1975 Nov.
Baker, Earl A., obituary, 1968 Apr. 10
Bowman, Thomas Evans, biography, 1975 Aug. 4
Board, F. N. Broad, 1912 Dec. 11
Brimhall, Clayborn, notes from personal interview by Mrs. R. T. F. Simpson, August 15, 1936, print out from American Memory
Broomwell, Jeanne, family history, 1969 Nov. 8; Broomwell, Jeanne, class paper, 1962
Brown, Uvah "Nurse", doll collecting newspaper clippings, 1953-1973
Camp, Alfred M., obituaries and legal correspondence, 1891-1970
Camp, Alfred P., biographical sketch and obituary, 1925
Jennie Cather Charles Cather Cather family papers, 1870-1966. This folder includes a letter written by Willa Cather’s father Charles F. Cather (right) to his sister Jennie Cather (left) who was the grandmother of Mrs. Sam Gilchrist of Durango. The letter is dated October 30, 1970, written in Pueblo, Colorado, but mailed in Cheyenne, Wyoming, to Jennie in Winchester, Virginia. He tells mainly of a trip he took from the Wyoming Territory to New Mexico, which includes some firsthand information about the early history of Colorado. Mrs. Gilchrist donated this letter to the Center of Southwest Studies on September 25, 1964. The letter is one sheet of paper, written on both sides as four pages. She also donated a black and white portrait photo of Charles Cather in this folder that she believes may have been taken about twenty years after he wrote the letter. She noted that "I remember him only as an old man with grey hair and mustache." Also in the folder are a photo of a woman (possibly Willa Cather's Aunt Jennie) and a copy of the Fort Lewis College 5-page press release dated July 20, [1966?] in which the Center's first director, Robert Delaney, recounts the biographical information Mrs. Gilchrist had reported to him about her famous cousin Willa Cather (accession 1964:09001). A paper about Willa Cather by one of Duane Smith's Fort Lewis College Colorado History undergraduate students is in M107 Southwest Student Papers collection.
Chitwood, Andy, "Over the years with Andy Chitwood," 1959 July 26
Clark, Jackson, obituary and memorial tributes, 1997
Cummins, M. J., correspondence, 1966-1967
Daniels, Helen S., correspondence and newspaper clippings, 1959-1979
Day, Dave, newspaper clippings, 1906 Sept. 21; Day, Dave, newspaper clippings, 1971 June
Dwyer, Sheriff Bob, letter to Bob Dwyer, 1881 June 8; Article about Bob Dwyer, 1952; July 27
Emigh, A. M., incoming correspondence from "The D.A.", 1944 May 20. (1 page); Brook, Bill, incoming correspondence from "this D. A.", 1945 May 31. (1 page); Fassbinder family history leaflet, ca. 1944-1945. (1 two-sided-page)
Foley, Ralph E. and Amanda E., correspondence, 1923-1924
Galbreath, Judge John & Mrs., photographs and cookbook, 1952
Gonner, Frank and Henry, family history and obituary, 1912 Feb. 25
Hickman, Mrs. Laurence, correspondence, 1958
Hogue, Parson, history of St. Mark’s Church, 1990-1992
Isgar, George, legal documents, 1892-1920

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Lester, Vincil, biographical sketch, (undated)
Levey, Maurice, proprietor of Tiffany Mercantile Store, Durango Herald article, March 23, 2014
Little, Olga, biographical sketches and newspaper clippings, 1953
Lloyd, Leo, newspaper article, 1989 Oct. 13
McCloud, Richard, brief history of his involvement in Durango, 1945. This folder contains 1 page, which is a paragraph-long account of Richard McCloud's involvement in a Ute land dispute. Chronology: 1886 - he comes to Durango after being appointed as Register of the U.S. Land Office; 1894 - he is reappointed; 1899 - he becomes a partner of McCloud & Witter, formed in response to Ute land being thrown open for settlement when Utes went to the La Plata County courts.
McNeil, John Lloyd, history of public life, 1900s
Noland, Judge James M., correspondence regarding Four Corners monument, 1949
Durango Herald obituaries, 2000 Nov.
Ochsner, Dr. B. J., newspaper clippings, 1917 and1972 Jan. 23
Oldershausen, Conrad and Elizabeth, marriage certificate, 1888 Jan. 24
Pearson, Charles, excerpt from History of Colorado, Vol. IV (undated)
Pennington, William M., biographical sketches, 1980 May 18
Peterson, Theodore Eric, biographical sketch and family history, 1981 March
Pfeiffer, Gladys, autobiography, 1989
Pinkert, Leta, writings about Durango’s history, 1963
Prewitt, Joe, notes from interview by Mrs. R. T. F. Simpson, circa 1936, print out from American Memory
Root, Homer, church notices and newspaper clippings, 1940 and 1954
Sarris, Olive Crawley, oral historical biography, 1982 Fall
Sylvester, Jack, newsletter (undated)
Thayer, Cora E., biography, 1975
Updike, Lisle, newspaper clippings, 1967-1976
Webb, Walter, obituaries, 1963 March 10-17
Wigglesworth, Thomas, newspaper clippings, 1900s