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M191 Andrew Gulliford papers

Collection Summary  

Title Andrew Gulliford papers
Dates (Inclusive) 1880s-2000s
Dates (Bulk) 1996-1999
Creator Dr. Andrew Gulliford
Abstract This collection contains the historically significant records resulting from research conducted by Dr. Andrew Gulliford while he was preparing several historical works for publication in the 1990s.
Unique ID M191
Quantity 20 linear shelf feet (in 45 document cases, 2 flat lidded boxes, 2 videotape boxes, and oversize materials in a flat file drawer folder)

Biographical Note  
Andrew Gulliford, a professor at Fort Lewis College, was formerly the director of the Center of Southwest Studies. Gulliford completed his bachelor's degree in American History and his master's degree in Teaching at Colorado College in Colorado Springs. He obtained his doctorate in American Culture and History at Bowling Green State University in Ohio. He was a fourth-grade teacher in Silt, CO, and also taught American History courses at the Rifle branch of Colorado Mountain College for seven years prior to obtaining his doctorate. A public historian with extensive experience in museum work, historic preservation and cultural resource management, he practices and teaches on aspects of that work as well as Western history, Native American history, and environmental history.

Dr. Gulliford joined the staff of the Center of Southwest Studies in July of 2000 and served as the Center's director until April of 2005. He continues to teach in the Department of Southwest Studies. For the decade prior to July of 2000, he was a professor and director of the Public History and Historic Preservation Program at Middle Tennessee State University. Prior to that, Gulliford served three years as director of the Western New Mexico University Museum in Silver City, where he worked with Hopi, Zuni, Navajo and Hispano students as interns and museum staff; helped develop an interagency organization to prevent theft of cultural artifacts from federal lands; and consulted on tribal museum and repatriation issues associated with the Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act (NAGPRA). Gulliford, who grew up and attended high school in Lamar, Colorado, had a long-term professional goal to "return to the West to help preserve Western heritage and to train Native Americans to conserve and curate their own cultural resources." His donation of this collection was one means toward achieving that goal.

The series are numbered consecutively. The lower level of organization is by folder titles. The numbering scheme for the boxes starts with 1 for each series. Items within each series (e.g., subject files, committee files) are arranged alphabetically and then chronologically. Personal folders are the exception; they are often undated, so files of daily schedules, invitations, notes for speeches and editorials are separated by years where possible.

Scope & Contents  
This collection contains the historically significant records resulting from research conducted by Dr. Andrew Gulliford while he was preparing several historical works for publication in the 1990s, most especially his book (published in 2000 by the University Press of Colorado) entitled Sacred Objects and Sacred Places: Preserving Tribal Traditions. These records, donated in 21 boxes, were compiled and maintained by Professor Gulliford between the years and 1990 and 2000. The materials pertaining to Sacred Objects and Sacred Places were shipped in 12-15 banker's boxes.

The collection is comprised predominantly (85-90%) of research materials. Much of the material is articles, newspapers, and other printed materials (or duplicates thereof); their value to the Fort Lewis College students and others who do research at the Center of Southwest Studies is that the materials have been carefully selected and assembled together into one collection. The collection also includes a small quantity of other materials not related to the book research but that pertain to the collecting scope of the Center of Southwest Studies. These include approximately twenty books, including several first-edition rare books; several posters; a small banker's box on the Storm King Fire near Glenwood Springs, Colorado, with notes, photos, books, etc.; and materials used in Dr. Gulliford's research on the Ute Trail on the Western Slope of Colorado. The collection also includes approximately 40 oral history interviews and 18 videotapes - which pertain to the same topics as the research materials already described.

These materials are especially useful to persons studying a broad variety of mostly contemporary issues relating to Native Americans in the United States and especially in the Southwest.

Dr. Gulliford has donated other (earlier) portions of his research materials to the Denver Public Library and the American Heritage Center at the University of Wyoming, Laramie. Research materials pertaining to his book, Boomtown Blues: Colorado Oil Shale, 1885-1985 (Niwot: University Press of Colorado, 1989), are in Special Collections at the Colorado School of Mines. Gulliford’s research materials pertaining to his book, America’s Country Schools (Washington, D.C.: The Preservation Press of the National Trust for Historic Preservation, 1984) are in Special Collections at the University of Colorado, Boulder.

Access. There are no access restrictions on the use of these materials for research purposes. This collection is open to the public for use in the Delaney Southwest Research Library at the Center of Southwest Studies.

Use and Copyright. These materials are for use only in the Delaney Southwest Research Library; they are noncirculating. Limited duplication of print materials is allowed for research purposes. The user assumes full responsibility for observing all applicable laws regarding copyright, property rights, and libel.

Preferred Citation  
Andrew Gulliford papers, Fort Lewis College. Center of Southwest Studies.

Processing Info 
The collection (it was begun with accession 2000:05013) was initially processed at the Center of Southwest Studies in December/ January of 2000/01. The following students of archival course SW 340 arranged and described specific series during the Fall 2004 trimester: Susana Jones and Terry Gasdia (Series 1: Sacred Objects and Sacred Places research materials, partially processed), Robin Davis (Series 2: Ute Trail research materials), and Megan Martin (Series 9: Alaska, and Series 10: newsletters). Stephanie Harwood arranged and described the remaining series in September-November 2007. Student worker, Andrea Bailey, edited and revised the online finding aid in Fall 2010.

Acquisition Info  
The deed of gift for this collection was signed at the first meeting of the Center's new Accessions/Deaccessions Committee on September 20, 2000. The collection has grown through numerous accessions received from Dr. Gulliford since then.

Deaccessioning Information  
No items were deaccessioned during processing. The following 1.5 linear shelf feet of materials were not accessioned but rather were returned to Dr. Gulliford in January of 2001:

- Duplicates (of flyers, books, and other printed materials)
- Nine books that are outside of the collecting scope of the Center's Southwest Research Library
- About a dozen folders of Gulliford's financial housekeeping records for grant-funded work on tribal preservation, ca. 1992-1999
- .5 lsf of Gulliford's files re: MAP grants for which he was a consultant (the Center retained materials about the Poeh Cultural Center and Museum in New Mexico, but not the consultation report materials) - Comprehensive historic protection plan for North Dakota
- Dr. Gulliford's daily planners from 1993 and 1994
- the letter 'X' from a Scrabble™ game

Separated Materials   
The following items were separated out from the Gulliford collection and were placed in the Delaney Library at the Center of Southwest Studies:

- A run of issues of the Native Peoples quarterly magazine, 1992-1999 for the SW periodicals collection
- Approximately 20 books
- Four oversize large posters etc., for a flat file ("map case") cabinet
- Two color post cards for the Southwest post card collection, folder 44; they are described as follows: on Union Pacific Railroad: Sioux Indians and Tepees, Frontier Days, Cheyenne, WY (mailed on 3/25/1942 from Bill in Cheyenne, WY, to Mrs. E. Kuehne in Winona, MN) and #224 Cowboy race on wild bucking bronchos [sic]: rodeo scene in the Wild and Wooly West, 2491-30-N (much worn; mailed on 4/6/1945, again from Bill in Cheyenne, WY, to Mrs. E. Kuehne in Winona, MN).

Related Materials   

Access Terms 

Series/Container List  

Record Groups

Series 1: Sacred Objects and Sacred Places
Series 2: Ute Trail
Series 3: Pot-hunting in the Southwest
Series 4: Storm King Fire
Series 5: Oral history materials
Series 6: Student research papers on Indian topics
Series 7: Tribes of the United States
Series 8: Hawaii
Series 9: Alaska
Series 10: Native American issues newsletters
Series 11: Native American and Southwest issues videotapes
Series 12: Native American and Southwest issues oral history interview audiotapes
Series 13: Advisory board
Series 14: Camp Bird Mine
Series 15: Miscellaneous
Series 16: Wounded Knee
Series 17: Andrew Gulliford publications

Series 1: Sacred Objects and Sacred Places research materials, 1986-2005. 434 folders, in 19 document cases. Includes brochures, newspaper clippings, newsletters, periodicals, and correspondence. The arrangement approximately follows the order of the published book of the same title; each sub-series corresponds to a chapter of the book, for chapters 1 through 5.
back to series list

Sub-series 1.1 (Boxes 1-3) Preface and chapter 1: Repatriation of Native American Human Remains. Topics include the regulations of NAGPRA.
Sub-series 1.2 (Boxes 4-5) Chapter 2: Native Americans and Museums: Curation and repatriation of sacred and tribal objects. Topics include case studies of tribal museums, including the ancient Mimbres people, Blackfeet and Pawnee medicine bundles, and Apache and Crow objects.
Sub-series 1.3 (Box 6) Chapter 3: Sacred places and sacred landscapes. Topics include Hopi and Zuni views of land use.
Sub-series 1.4 (Boxes 6-10) Chapter 4: Preservation of tribal sacred places; protection of sites and case studies.
Sub-series 1.5 (Boxes 11-14) Chapter 5: Living tribal cultures. Topics include contemporary issues.
Sub-series 1.6 (Box 15) Appendices
Sub-series 1.7 (Box 15) Records and correspondence pertaining to grants that funded Dr. Gulliford's work on the book.
Sub-series 1.8 (Box 16) Book production files.
Sub-series 1.9 (Boxes 17-18) SHPO (State Historic Protection Officer) (correct?) records and correspondence by Dr. Gulliford. Alphabetical by name of state. Followed by other files.
Sub-series 1.10 (Box 19) Repatriation files. Includes records and correspondence by/with Mary Thieme (Cumberland Science Museum, Nashville, TN) and materials pertaining to land claims, etc.

Series Description Year Box/Folder
1.1 Sacred Objects and Sacred Places preface and acknowledgement letters back to series 1 sub-series list Circa 1999 1/1
Human Remains articles 1989/1996 1/2
Testimony of Walter Echo-Hawk to House Committee on Interior and Insular Affairs, Administration, Public Works and Transportation on the American Indian Museum Act HR 2688 v 1989-07 1/3
  Treaty of Smoky Hill, Kansas and enabling legislation 1989 1/4
  Pawnee/Nebraska Burial Sites Records 1988/1989 1/5
  Alaska, Skokomish, Ogala, Pawnee, Oregon, Virginia, burial sites correspondence Undated 1/6
  Pawnee mortuary traditions 1988-09 1/7
  Correspondence on Pawnee Tribe’s reburial request, correspondence of Dr. Dwsley’s studies of dead Pawnee Indians 1988/1989 1/8
  Newsweek, Wallstreet Journal, National Geographic, LIFE, Washington Post, Lincoln Journal, Omaha World-Herald, articles Circa 1989 1/9
  NARF legal memorandum to Walter Huber 1988-09 1/10
  Time Magazine article on Stanford Museum repatriation decision, Pioneer Press article on University of Minnesota decision to rebury 1000 Native American bodies 1989 1/11
  North Dakota State Historical Society Decision to rebury 200 Native American bodies 1988-09/ 1999-06 1/12
  Surgeon Generals Letter 1868 re: Indian Crania and conclusion of establishing Army Medical Museum 1862-05 1/13
  Human remains vs. science articles, Chronicle of Higher Education, Museum Journal, Museum News, Christian Science Monitor, University of Minnesota 1989/1994 1/14
  Sacred Objects and Sacred Places introduction, notes and articles 1990/1994 1/15
  Chapter 1: notes and articles. Bones of Contention Circa 1990 1/16
  Chapter 1: human remains articles 1990 1/17
  Chapter 1: human remains articles 1989 1/18
  Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act (NAGPRA) 1990 1/19
  Chapter 1: evolution/ history of NAGPRA Circa 1990 1/20
  Chapter 1: Human Remains, NAGPRA Symposium, Panel and Testimony 1990 1/21
  Chapter 1: NAGPRA, Cultural Affiliations United States Forest Service 1991-04 1/22
  Chapter1: NAGPRA violations articles 1993/1996 1/23
  Chapter1: NAGPRA grants 1993/1995 1/24
  Chapter1: Historic Preservation Fund grants to Indian Tribes, Alaska Natives, Native Hawaiians 1995 1/25
  Chapter 1: summary for inventories of human remains 1993 1/26
  Chapter 1: NAGPRA regulations, proposal and final 1993, 1995 2/1
  Chapter 1: NAGPRA rules/ revisions 1995 2/2
  Chapter 1: Native American, Alaskans and Hawaiian contact lists for NAGPRA 1993 2/3
  Chapter 1: NAGPRA Federal Agency contacts 1994-04 2/4
  Chapter1: Repatriation and the Allen County Museum Licma, Ohio. articles and correspondence 1991/1992 2/5
  Chapter 1: Smithsonian Institution testimony on Indian human remains 1987-11 2/6
  Chapter 1: Native American Museum Claims Act testimony of Association American Museums 1988-07 2/7
  Chapter 1: human remains Nebraska, human remains Dickson Mounds, Illinois 1991-03 2/8
  Wampangoag Confederation Repatriation Project, Massachusetts 1997-09 2/9
  Chapter 1: Bieden, Robert historical survey of the expropriation of Indian remains 1990-04 2/10
  Chapter 1: Museum News Magazine article on Repatriation at various Museums 1991-01/ 1991-02 2/11
  Chapter 1: NAGPRA rules summary National Park Service 1995-06 2/12
  Chapter 1: White River National Forest: NAGPRA and cultural properties studies of New York University 1995 2/13
  Chapter 1: “reverse” and “positive” archeology articles 1987/1991 2/14
  Nez Perce (Idaho) buy back ancestral remains article 1996-06 2/15
  National Museum of the Native American Indian customs house, articles 1994 2/16
  Creation of National Museum of the American Indian: Senate Bill and articles 1997 2/17
  Chapter 1: repatriation remains articles 1993/1997 2/18
  Cultural artifacts repatriation 1991/1993 2/19
  Museum of New Mexico policy on collection and repatriation 1991-01 2/20
  American Indian Ritual Object Repatriation Foundation 1991/1993 2/21
  “Waiting for Columbus” New Yorker article on 500 year anniversary 1992 2/22
  Pawnee (Kansas) sacred bundles: printed materials 1993 2/23
  Repatriation issues on artifacts and museums, 1985/1991 1985/1991 2/24
  “Sacred Objects” sources, articles and bibliographies 1977/1991 3/1
  Indian Materials Collections at museums: articles 1991 3/2
  NAGPRA comments of Diane Dittemore, ethnological curator, University of Arizona 1997 3/3
  NAGPRA policies of Standing Rock Sioux, North Dakota Circa 1997 3/4
  Red Clouds Rifle returned to Pine Ridge Heritage Center 1990 3/5
  Smithsonian Museum of Natural History summaries on repatriation 1992/1995 3/6
  Sacred objects, skeletal remains repatriation and reburial resource guide, Smithsonian Museum of Natural History 1990 3/7
  Repatriation of Indian artifacts at Colorado Historical Society, article 1997 3/8
  NAGPRA grant application for Indian tribes and museums, National Park Service 1998 3/9
  Human remains, Lima, Ohio: articles 1993/1994 3/10
  North Cheyenne tribal ordinances of cultural resources 1983-08-08/ 1995-02-2 3/11
  Tribal preservation, Dr. Andrew Gulliford manuscript 1st draft 1992-05 3/12
  Tribal preservation, Dr. Andrew Gulliford manuscript final draft 1992-09 3/13
  Human skeletal remains from Colorado, Smithsonian Museum of National History, correspondence 1995-02/ 1995-03 3/14
  NAGPRA bibliography, Stanford Library reference guide 1992 3/15
  Native Americans and museums, Andre Gulliford article to The Public Historian 1992 3/16
  Native Americans and museums, Andrew Gulliford article: correspondence and mailing lists 1991/1992 3/17
  “Bones of Contention,” by Dr. Andrew Gulliford article in The Public Historian 1996 Fall 3/18
  Another view on repatriation rebuttal on Clement W. Meigham, Professor UCLA, and Dr. Andrew Gulliford reply 1992-02 3/19
  The Public Historian Representing Native America History: Special Publication 1996 Fall 3/20
  Bones of Contention: article by Dr. Andrew Gulliford, correspondence on editing from UCLA 1996 3/21
  American Association for States and Local History, conference notes of Andrew Gulliford 1995-09 3/22
  American Association for State and Local History, NAGPRA: correspondence 1996/1997 3/23
  Native American Association for State and Local History: conference and meeting notes 1996-09 3/24
  American Association for State and Local History, Native American initiative 1998-09 3/25
  American Association for State and Local History, Membership Publication and publications brochures 1996/1998 3/26
  Native Wind Newspaper, Vol. 2, Issue 2 1998 3/27
  American Association for State and Local History, Native American initiative meeting notes 1997-10 3/28
  “Landmark Agreement” on funerary objects of a Cheyenne child: Workshop presented at American Association of State and Local History 1997-10 3/29
  Plains Indians, Hopi, Navajo: notes of historical incidents by Dr. Andrew Gulliford Circa 1997 3/30
  Native American Indian Association of Tennessee, purpose statement and newsletters 1991/1993 3/31
  Repatriation of Artifacts: News articles 1993/1996 3/32
1.2 Native American Indian Association of Tennessee, purpose statement and newsletters back to series 1 sub-series list 1991/1993 4/1
  Museum, collections artifacts, authors notes 1990/1999 4/2
  Tribal Museums, History News, magazines 1981-01/ 1998-06 4/3
  Tribal museums and sacred objects, chapter III outline and notes from articles 1993 4/4
  Resolution of the International Committee of Museums of Ethnography, Spirit Sings Boycott, Canada 1986-1988 4/5
  Tribal museums and National Museum of American Indian Public Law, Smithsonian, public workshops, and articles 1980/1992 4/6
  Arizona State Museum, Paths of Life exhibit 1987 4/7
  The Heard Museum, mission statement, policies on education, collections and exhibits: printed materials, notes 1990/1997 4/8
  Salt River Pima Marecopa Au-Authm newspaper, museum brochure 1996-12 4/9
  Shoshone-Bannock museum, Pocatello, Idaho 1990/1999 4/10
  Umatilla Tribe cultural center, Oregon: brochure 1990/1999 4/11
  AK_SHIN Indian community, and Gila heritage park, By Laws, census, newspapers, museum brochure 1996/1997 4/12
  Southern Ute cultural center, brochures, articles 1991 4/13
  Museum of the Confederated Tribes, Warm Springs, Oregon, museum plans, brochures, notes 1996 4/14
  San Carlos Apache cultural center, San Carlos Arizona 1995 4/15
  Zuni War Gods, Zuni People History: articles 1983/1991 4/16
  Zuni war god, New Mexico: articles 1991/1993 4/17
  Crazy Horse memorial, South Dakota: articles 1996/1997 4/18
  Indian exhibits at non-Indian museums, Maine, Wyoming, Tennessee and Minnesota 1992/1998 4/19
  American Indian museums, Brox NY, Window Rock AZ, Iroquois NY, Pequot CT: articles 1994/1995 4/20
  Nipo Strongjeat, Yakima Indian, and Yakima Tribes, treaty and related articles 1938-1988 4/21
  Native American community tribal centers, lists, articles 1992 4/22
  Sotheby’s Auction House, sale of Indian artifacts, articles and authors notes 1992-01 4/23
  Blackfeet bundles, “Troubles Bundles, Troubled Blackfeet” article, on sale of Robert Scriver collection 1993 5/1
  David Bailey, curator of Museum of Western Colorado: notes and Lecture 1997-04 5/2
  American Indian religious freedom project, draft and related articles 1978/1997 5/3
  Crow canyon Archeological Society, Cortez, Colorado newsletters 1992/1993 5/4
  Fort Belknap, Harlem Montana, council directory 1990/1999 5/5
  Little Bighorn Battlefield, MT. memorial design plan: articles 1997 5/6
  Poeh cultural center, Pojoaque Pueblo, New Mexico 1995-2000 5/7
  Poeh Center, Pojoaque Pueblo government policies, resolution, budgets 1990/1999 5/8
  Poeh Center, Pojoaque Pueblo, History, pottery, photos, catalogs 1990/1999 5/9
  National Museum of the American Indian, Smithsonian Museum director, administrators, designers, meeting minutes 1991 5/10
  National Museum of the American Indian, design and construction plan 1991 5/11
  National Museum of the American Indian collections policy 1992 5/12
  San Ildefonso Pueblo. New Mexico, visitors information 1997 5/13
  Arizona State Museum, Tucson, Paths of Life American Indian of the Southwest exhibit 1993 5/14
Pinson Mounds Archeological Park, Tennessee 1980/1989 5/15
  Bean Gulch Road, Billings MT. cultural concerns of upgrading road 1991-07 5/16
  Monument Valley Tribal Park, Utah/ Arizona 1990/1999 5/17
  Canyon de Chelly National Monument, Chile AZ. 1996 5/18
  Museum of Warm Springs, Oregon brochure 1990/1999 5/19
 1.3 National Endowment of the Humanities magazine
back to series 1 sub-series list
1991-09/1991-10 6/1
  Western lands and sacred landscapes correspondence, Fred Chapman 1996-09/ 1999-10 6/2
  American Indian ecology, The Nature Conservancy, article 1992-09/ 1992-10 6/3
  Advisory council on historic preservation, policy statement: Native American concerns 1993-06 6/4
  Sacred landscapes Paper outline, notes, articles 1996-08 6/5
  American Indian Religious Freedom Act, sacred sites article 1979/1997 6/6
  Cultural Landscapes book, abstract publication correspondence 1994 6/7
  American Indian Cultural Programs, brochures, Washington, California and Colorado 1990/1999 6/8
  Pariette Overlook, Utah, Archeological- Environmental research corporation paper 1989 6/9
  Petroglyph National Park, New Mexico development concept plan, environmental statement, ethnographic assessment 1992/1997 6/10
  Petroglyph National Park, New Mexico, planned road, articles 1993/1996 6/11
1.4 Tribal Preservation, Chapter IV outline
back to series 1 sub-series list
1990/1999 6/12
  Native American Cultural Resources outline, photocopied material 1990/1999 6/13
  Executive order 13007, Indian Social Sites 1996-05-24 6/14
  Chapman, Fred: interview on Wyoming sacred sites 1997 6/15
  Taos Pueblo, New Mexico Santa Clara Pueblo, New Mexico historic preservation articles, correspondence 1988/1991 6/16
  New Mexico Pueblos, Dr. Andrew Gulliford notes, visitor center catalog 1991 6/17
  Washington State News, articles on Indians in Washington 1994-07/ 1997-09 6/18
  Proposed mining plan for Zuni Salt Lake, New Mexico and Arizona, Department of the Interior 1990/1999 6/19
  Historic Preservation Fund Grants to Indian Tribes and Alaska Nations, application, guidelines, reports 1990/1993 6/20
  National Park Service funding needs report to Congress, Thopthlocca Indian Tribe, Oklahoma 1990 6/21
  Acoma Sky City rebuilding articles 1990 6/22
  National Park Service National Register Bulletin, guidelines for evaluating and documenting cultural properties 1990/1999 6/23
  Crow Indian Tribe. Montana, application for Crow cultural and historical preservation project 1991 6/24
  Yarapai, Prescott, Arizona. funding needs for historic preservation 1990 6/25
  Confederate Tribes of Coos, Lower Umpqua and Siuslaw Indians, Oregon, funding needs for tribal preservation 1990 6/26
  Tulalip Tribes, Washington, funding needs for historic preservation 1990-01 6/27
  Burial Mounds committee work plan, funding needs for historic preservation 1989 6/28
  Smith, George, protecting the post, articles and notes 1992 6/29
  Maxwell, J.M. correspondence on Native American mounds in North Carolina 1994-02 6/30
  Jicarilla Apache, Dulce New Mexico; notes and contacts Circa 1990 6/31
  Tribal Preservation, miscellaneous topics 1996-09/ 1997-06 6/32
  Indian ruin preservation articles 1994-03-19 6/33
  Preservation master plan concepts for Fort McDowell, Yavapai Heritage Park, report 1990/1999 6/34
  Keepers of the Treasures, Mike Pratt, notes and reports 1992 6/35
  Yakima People/ preservation report 1990/1999 6/36
  Preserving Tribal traditions, miscellaneous topics 1994 6/37
  Proposed 36 CFR 800 regulations, report and correspondence 1995-06-09 6/38
  Tribal Preservation, report/ draft 1992-09 6/39
  Tribal preservation, video notes and miscellaneous topics 1991/1995 6/40
  National Geographic Magazine, Vol. 181, No. 3 1992-03 6/41
  Navajo cultural preservation, notes and printed materials Circa 1995 6/42
  Dinetah Pueblitos, notes 1998-06 6/43
  Permit package for the Navajo Nation 1997 6/44
  Coklarshkit Trail, Montana, preservation, reports and correspondence 1997 6/45
  International tribal preservation, Christian Science Monitor articles 1992-07 6/46
  Issues involving Lake Cushman in Washington, notes correspondence and reports 1994/1997 6/47
  Tribal SHPO, report and notes 1997-11-2 7/1
  National register bulletin # 29 and #38 1990/1999 7/2
  Cultural resource management Vol. 16 1993 7/3
  San Xavier mission, articles Circa 1992 7/4
  Cherokees- Major Ridge and Chieftain House, notes and printed materials 1992-02-02 7/5
  Tribal responses to National Park Service questionnaire to determines funding for Tribal Historic Preservation, official documents and notes 1989/1993 7/6
  National Register of Historic Places, and areas of significance: historic- aboriginal 1992-03-04 7/7
  Preservation ordinance No. 68 and Warm Springs Tribal Code CH 490 1987-08-13 7/8
  National Park Service, tribal traditional cultural places 1992-03/ 1999-08 7/9
  Culture and agriculture Vol. 19, No.3 of the American Anthropological Association 1997 Fall 7/10
  Tribal Land Preservation, articles 1995/1997 7/11
  Navajo Tribal preservation, miscellaneous topics 1990/1995 7/12
  Natural Resources and Environment: AbA section of natural resources, energy and environmental law Vol. 10, No. 3 1996 7/13
  Common ground: Archeology and ethnography in the public interest. Vol. 1, No. 2 1996 7/14
  National Park Service Cultural Resources Management. Vol. 14, No. 4 Navajo Preservation: The Success pf the Navajo Nation Historic Preservation Department 1991 7/15
  Acomas and El Malpais national monuments, reports and government documents 1987/1992 7/16
  Native American Sites and Parks, article, printed materials and notes 1990/1999 7/17
  Fort Hall, Idaho, article in Sho-Ban News 1996-08-08 7/18
  Western Lands and Sacred Landscapes: Native American Sacred Sites and their protection draft including peer review notes 1996 7/19
  Sacred sites to the Cherokee, articles 1990/1999 7/20
  Harney Peak and Black Elk, photographs and correspondence 1999 7/21
  Enola Hill, OR. logging debate, miscellaneous topics 1994/1996 7/22
  Glen Canyon/ Grand Canyon Dam Cultural preservation debate, miscellaneous topics 1997 7/23
  Rivers End Ranch preservation debate miscellaneous topics 1994 7/24
  Haskell Indian School/ sacred site “Morning Edition” 1993-12-06 8/1
  Blue Creek- California and point conception 1978-09 8/2
  Snoqualmie Falls, Washington, article in High Country News 1991-120-02 8/3
  Northwest Today. Yurok and Karuk Sacred Sties, California 1996-12-09/ 1996-12-16 8/4
  Glacier Reporter. Badger-Two Medicine Religious Site 1991-03-07 8/5
  Kottenai Falls, printed item by Montana Historical Society 1981/1982 8/6
  Yakima cultural resources, printed material 1996-08-04 8/7
  Zuni and the Grand Canyon: A Glen Canyon environmental studies report 1995-07-21 8/8
  Transcript, Native American Sacred Sites, by Kenny Frost, Glenwood Springs, Colorado 994-07-09 8/9
  Sacred sites articles from Indian Country Today 1996-05/ 1996-06 8/10
  Federal Archeology Report, The Hopi View of Wilderness, by Farrell Secakuku 1993-09 8/11
  Sacred places case studies: draft version 1998-08 8/12
  Bear Butte, South Dakota, printed materials 1994 8/13
  Historical Ute Trail: draft version 1996-12-19 8/14
  Taos Pueblo Blue Lake Wilderness Area 1997-09-08 8/15
  Pueblo of Taos: proclamation 1991-06-01 8/16
  San Francisco peaks printed material 1998-03-30 8/17
  Ute Mountain Tribal Park: field notes 1997-09 8/18
  Pipestone National Monument, item in Native Peoples magazine 1987-08-28 8/19
  Pipestone National Monument, newsprint articles 1994-04/1994-10 8/20
  Pahuk site photographs on compact disc 1998-04-29 8/21
  Pawnee, Nebraska, article in Great Plains Quarterly 1985-06 8/22
  Pahuk Site, printed item by the Nebraska State Historical Society 1998-04 8/23
  Uintah Basin, Summer/Fall issue of Outlaw Trial Journal 1992 8/24
  Medicine Wheel newsprint articles 1991 9/1
  Medicine Wheel archaeolinguistics, miscellaneous topics 1991 9/2
  Medicine Wheel archaeology assessment 1995-06 9/3
  National Register of Historic Places: Medicine Mountain, photocopied material 1994 9/4
  Chapman, Fred. correspondence and printed material, Medicine Wheel 1998-05/1999 9/5
  Ransom, Jay Ellis. correspondence and printed book; The Big Horn Medicine Wheel 1993/1996 9/6
  University of Wyoming, American Heritage Center sixth annual symposium 1997-09-25/ 1997-09-27 9/7
  USDA Forest Service, Bighorn National Forest, Medicine Wheel/ Medicine Mountain Historic preservation plan 1996-07 9/8
  American places: interpreting the cultural landscape, by Mary Randolph, at the 6th annual symposium 1996-07-27 9/9
  Mt. Graham, Arizona, correspondence by John R. Welch 1991/1996 10/1
  Mt. Graham observatory project, printed articles and correspondence 1997 10/2
  Mount Shasta request for National Registry, correspondence 1992/1997 10/3
  Mt. Shasta update, news from Native California Quarterly 1994/1995 Winter 10/4
  Sweet Grass Hills, Montana, printed materials and correspondence 1994/1997 10/5
  Devils Tower, Wyoming. correspondence 1997-2000 10/6
  Devils Tower, Wyoming sacred site, miscellaneous topics printed materials by the National Park Service 1994/1995 10/7
  Devils Tower, printed material and photoprints from Indian Country Today 1995 10/8
  Devils Tower ethnographic overview by National Park Service 1997 10/9
  Devils Tower, published materials 1994 10/10
  Preservation of Native American cultural resources, land and law review, by the National Park Service 1997 10/11
  Cultural Resource Selections: Intermountain Region, National Park Service No. 9: “Ethnographic Overview and Assessment of Devils Tower National Monument, Wyoming” by Jeffery R. Hanson and Sally Chirinos 1997 10/
  Indian Mounds of Mississippi: a visitors guide, brochure   10/
1.5 Don Juan de Onate, newsprint photocopy from Indian Country Today back to series 1 sub-series list 11/1
  Native Peoples Magazine, Historic Preservation Magazine 1992/1993 11/2
  Various printed materials, Healing the Sacred Hoop-conclusions 1992/1997 11/3
  Native American Elders. photocopies of award winners 1990/1993 11/4
  Native American Language Programs, printed text. 1992/1997 11/5
  Bosque Redondo memorial (article in Smithsonian Magazine) and other photocopied material 1997-12 11/6
  Tribal preservation, language programs, printed and photocopied material 1993/1996 11/7
  Arapaho language and culture camp reports, printed materials 1991 11/8
  Native American health concerns, printed materials 1991/1993 11/9
  American Indians, printed materials from The Christian Science Monitor 1985/1986 11/10
  Native American art, printed material from the New Mexico Business Journal 1992 11/11
  Interpreting historic photographs of Native Americans, photoprints and copies 1985-04 11/12
  Interpreting historic photographs of Native Americans, printed material 1985-04 11/13
  Interpreting historic photographs of Native Americans, notes 1985-03 11/14
  Sustaining Native American culture essential to livability, audiocassette 1993 11/
  Indian Land and Medicine, report by Arizona State University 1994-10-20/ 1994-10-21 12/1
  The National Heritage Fellowships, printed materials 1984/1993 12/2
  Native American quilting, article in Country Home Magazine 1990/1999 12/3
  Indian Summer: At Camp Wolakota Yukini, troubled Sioux Teens Learn the Traditions of Their Past and they Seek out a Better Future, article in Time Magazine 1996-08-26 12/4
  Tribal Enterprise, article in The Atlantic 1989-10 12/5
  Blood quantum, article and printed material Circa 1994 12/6
  Basket makers, printed materials 1992/1994 12/7
  Chaco Canyon and the Solstice Project, notes and correspondence 1990/2002 12/8
  Little Bighorn, articles and notes 1987-08/ 1997-06 12/9
  Native American folk art, articles and correspondence 1990-1999 12/10
  Culture copyrights Michael F. Brown, article and correspondence Circa 1998 12/11
  Hopi preservation, miscellaneous topics 1996/1997 12/12
  Native American issues, miscellaneous topics 1991 12/13
  Traditional Native American agriculture, articles 1994 12/14
  Native American dances/ ceremonial, miscellaneous topics 1992/1993 12/15
  Tribal colleges and higher education miscellaneous topics 1988/1994 12/16
  Santa Fe information, printed material 1990-1999 13/1
  Native Americans and the environment, articles and notes 1992/2002 13/2
  Native Americans and pollution/ waste storage, articles 1990/1995 13/3
  Native Americans and eagle feather gathering rights, articles 1996 13/4
  Yakama tribe and preservation, miscellaneous topics 1996 13/5
  New Agers and conflict/ destruction of Native American sites, articles 1993/1995 13/6
  Native American fakes/ wanna be Indians, miscellaneous topics 1991/1997 13/7
  Makah Whaling, articles and notes 1999-03 13/8
  Makah’s and whaling, report, notes and article 1997/1998 13/9
  The Morning Star Foundation. report and articles 1991/1997 13/10
  Native American Cylinder Recordings, notes 1994/1995 13/11
  Native Americans protecting their culture, articles and notes 1990/1991 13/12
  Offensive symbols/ sports names, articles 1992 13/13
  Tribal casinos, articles 1994/1998 13/14
  National Park Service Cultural Resource Training, reports 1991/1996 13/15
  Hart, Richard The Trail to Zuni Heaven 1990-11-19 13/16
  Advisory Council, notes 1997-10-04/ 1997-10-08 13/17
  Zuni culture and preservation miscellaneous topics 1990/1995 14/1
  Sacred Land Film Project, correspondence and printed materials 2001 14/2
  National Indian Policy Center, printed material 1990/1999 14/3
  Navajo Culture and classes taught by Dr. Gulliford, miscellaneous topics 1990/1999 14/4
  Water Lily: Biographical Sketch of Ella Cara Deloria by Agnes Picotte 1998 14/5
   Modern Native American social issues, articles 1997/1998 14/6
  First Nations Development Institute, reports and printed materials 1996/1997 14/7
  Little Rockies- Montana, legal documents, correspondence, and notes 1991 14/8
  Tribal leaders directory 1992 14/9
  Native American land claims articles 1994/1996 14/10
  Tessie Naranjo interview, photocopied materials 1994 14/11
  National Public Radio Stories on Native Americans, list 1984/1994 14/12
  Miscellaneous Native American articles 1994/1996 14/13
  Four Corner Heritage, printed material 1990 14/14
  List of Native American publications, photocopied material 1990/1999 14/15
  Native American lectures, notes 1994 14/16
  Index of Indian Today articles 1996 14/17
  Archeology at Native American sites, articles 1994/1996 14/18
  Indian history expert witness work notes by Andrew Gulliford on speech by Richard Hart at the National Council for Public History 1994-04 14/19
  Indian Country Today, articles 1993/1997 14/20
  Subsistence for the Native American People, articles and photocopied material 1992/1993 14/21
  Anasazi term and migrations, articles 1995/1997 14/22
1.6 Photographs of Geronimo, articles and notes
back to series 1 sub-series list
1985-03-26 15/1
  Take Two Photography, printed material 1995 15/2
  Apache scouts, miscellaneous topics 1993/1997 15/3
  Haskell Indian University photo exhibit, report 1990/1999 15/4
  Allen, Paula Gunn Voice of the Turtle: American Indian Liturature, 1900-1970, photocopied material 1990/1999 15/5
  Bronitsky, Gordon files and correspondence and reports 1994 15/6
  National Park Service promotion for Sacred Object and Sacred Places: Respecting Tribal Traditions 1990/1999 15/7
  Sacred Objects book, appendices 1997-10 15/8
  Appendix list: Indian museums, sacred sites, remains repatriation, laws, organizations 1990/1999 15/9
  Appendix – laws 1990/1999 15/10
  Tribal bibliography, miscellaneous topics 1990/1999 15/11
  Sacred Objects bibliography, miscellaneous topics 1992/1994 15/12
  Catalogs with Native American books 1994/1995 15/13
  Press Release 1992  15/14
  Native American museums on the internet, report 1990/1999 15/15
1.7 National Trust- Sustaining tribal cultures
back to series 1 sub-series list
1993-10-01 15/16
  James Marston Fitch grant 1991/1997 15/17
  Tribal preservation letters 1992/1993 15/18
  Redd Center- faculty research Grants 1997 15/19
  Newberry Library Fellowship 1993 15/20
  Washington DC trip, notes and correspondence 1992 15/21
  contacts List 1994/1997 15/22
  Smithsonian Short- Term Visitor Award 1991 15/23
  American Heritage Center Travel Grants 1992 15/24
1.8 1868 US- Navajo treaty display, miscellaneous topics
back to series 1 sub-series list
1998 16/1
  Indian Country Today, Black Hills articles 1994/1997 16/2
  Lekson, Stephen University of Colorado, Against Kivas 1999-04-24 16/3
  Deward Walker notes and Clyde Ellis correspondence 1998 16/4
  National Park Service, correspondence/ files Dr. Pat Parkers Office, notes 1992 16/5
  Archeological collections at Frank H. McClung Museum, notes and report 1988 16/6
  Tribal and Native American museum directories 1997/1999 16/7
  Early Book Files 1994 16/8
  Pikes Peak library sacred images photocopied material 1992 16/9
  Northern Arizona University photographs, notes and correspondence 1998 16/10
  George Catlin Drawings, photocopies 1997 16/11
  Pow-Wow portraits, photographs and correspondence 1995 16/12
  Possible photo sources, miscellaneous topics 1992/1995 16/13
  The New Harmony Maximilian- Bodmer collection, miscellaneous topics 1998 16/14
  Book inserts not used 1998 16/15
  Smithsonian Institution Press [rejected] 1998 16/16
  University of New Mexico Press [rejected] 1998/2000 16/17
  University of Nebraska Press [rejected] 1998/2000 16/18
  Western Historical Quarterly [rejected] 1997 16/19
  John Hopkins University Press [did not send manuscript] 1999 16/20
  Organizations for the Protection of Culture: appendix Circa 1999 16/21
  Chapter 5: Living Cultures, revisions and articles 1998 16/22
  General book notes 1997/1998 16/23
  Book citations, additions and corrections 1998 16/24
  Research for conclusion, articles 1998 16/25
  Sacred Objects and Sacred Places: Preserving Tribal Traditions, expert reviews 2002-12 16/26
1.9 Native American documents, miscellaneous topics
back to series 1 sub-series list
1995 17/1
  First State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) Letter 1996-02-14 17/2
  Alabama SHPO 1995-02-02 17/3
  Alaska SHPO 1995-11-09 17/4
  Arizona SHPO 1996-02-11 17/5
  Arkansas SHPO 1996/1997 17/6
  Colorado SHPO 1995 17/7
  Connecticut SHPO 1995-11-06 17/8
  Delaware SHPO 1995-10-25 17/9
  Florida SHPO 1996-03-12 17/10
  Georgia SHPO 1996-01-11 17/11
  Kansas SHPO 1996-02-29 17/12
  Illinois SHPO 1996-11-21 17/13
  Louisiana SHPO 1995-11-07 17/14
  Maryland SHPO 1996-11-25 17/15
  Minnesota SHPO 1996-02-29 17/16
  Mississippi SHPO 1995-10-31 17/17
  Missouri SHPO 1995-11-02 17/18
  Montana SHPO 1995-11 17/19
  Nebraska SHPO 1989-04 17/20
  Nevada SHPO 1996-02-23 17/21
  New Jersey SHPO 1995-11-01 17/22
  New York SHPO 1995-11-31 17/23
  North Carolina SHPO 1996-11-20 17/24
  North Dakota SHPO 1996-02-22 17/25
  Ohio SHPO 1997-02-03 18/1
  Oklahoma SHPO 1996-03-08 18/2
  Oregon SHPO 1995-11-16 nbsp;18/3
  nbsp;Pennsylvania SHPO 1996-02-28 nbsp;18/4
  South Carolina SHPO 1996-12-05 18/5
  South Dakota SHPO 1996-04-15 18/6
  Tennessee SHPO 1995-10-23 18/7
  Texas SHPO 1995-11-27 18/8
  Virginia SHPO Undated 18/9
  Washington SHPO 1995-10-03 18/10
  West Virginia SHPO 1995-10-25 18/11
  Wisconsin SHPO 1997-01-07 18/12
  Wyoming SHPO 1995-10-26 18/13
  Native Americans exhibits 1995/1995 18/14
  Native American historical interpretations, articles 1994/1995 18/15
  New Age conflicts, article 1994-03-29 18/16
  Racial issues, articles 1993/1994 18/17
  Religious freedom, articles 1993/1995 18/18
  Native American repatriation issues, articles 1993/1995 18/19
  Indian Country Today “California Desert Protection Act Puts Shoshone Back in Park” 1995-05-11 18/20
  Native American land rights issues 1994/1996 18/21
  Native American issues, miscellaneous articles 1993/1998 18/22
  Anti-Columbus articles 1992 18/23
  Historic preservation training for tribes 1996 18/24
  Phillips Fund Grant for Native American research , reports and correspondence 1998 18/25
  Native American architecture 1989 18/26
  Practicing anthropology, article and report 1994 18/27
  Kennewick Man, articles, report and correspondence 1999/2002 18/28
1.10 NAGPRA amendments    back to series 1 sub-series list 1988 -09-29/ 1990-11-16 19/1
  NAGPRA Senate, report 1987-01-06/ 1990-05-04 19/2
  NAGPRA House of Representative, report 1990-10-15 19/3
  The United States Department of the Interior, NAGPRA issues 1993 19/4
  Museum repatriation issues, report 1990 19/5
  Smithsonian- NAGPRA, miscellaneous topics 1989/1992 19/6
  The Heard Museum and Mary S. Thieme repatriation issues 1986/1990 19/7
  Florida Museum of Natural History, memo 1990-04-09 19/8
  Field Museum of Natural History, correspondence 1990-02-15 19/9
  The American Association of Museums, repatriation issues, miscellaneous topics 1988/1996 19/10
  Association of Science Museum Directors and Science Museum News, newsletters, correspondence and notes 1990 19/11
  Council for Museum Anthropology, repatriation issues, reports and correspondence 1988/1990 19/12
  The American Anthropological Association , Anthropology newsletter 1979/1996 19/13
  Keepers of the Treasures, newsletters 1992/1994 19/14
  The American Committee for Preservation of Archeological Collections, newsletter 1992/1993 19/15
  American Indian Ritual Object Repatriation Foundation, miscellaneous topics 1994/1995 19/16
  Zuni repatriation, articles 1993/2003 19/17
  Onedia repatriation and land claims, miscellaneous topics 1990-2000 19/18
  Repatriation articles 1990/1999 19/19
  Native American encampments in Germany, photocopied material Undated 19/20
  Native American ethno-ecology, miscellaneous topics 1990/1998 19/21
  Black Hills land issues, articles 1994/1995 9/22
  Photocopies of miscellaneous articles 1994/1998 19/23
  Miscellaneous topics 1994-2000 19/24
  “Mending the Circle: A Native American Repatriation Guide, Understanding and Implementing NAGPRA and the Official Smithsonian and other Repatriation Policies” 1996 19/25

Series 2: Ute trail research materials, 1880s - 1999. 62 folders, in 2 document cases. Includes brochures, newspaper clippings, newsletters, periodicals, and correspondence. This material relates to Dr. Gulliford's work in the early 1990s on "The Ute Trail on Colorado’s Western Slope: Sacred Sites and the Concept of a Trail Preserve."
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Description Year Box/Folder
Ute Trail end notes 1994-03-02 1/1
Ute Trail speech by Andrew Gulliford 1994-03-19 1/2
Ute Trail article manuscripts 1996-12-19/ 2001-06 1/3
Ute Trail speech by Andrew Gulliford 1998-06 1/4
The Last War Trail, introduction and questionnaire 1999 1/5
Ute Trail speech by Andrew Gulliford 1999-06 1/6
Ute Trail speech publicity, by Andrew Gulliford 1997/1999 1/7
The Sand Creek Massacre, Appendix to A Century of Dishonor, printed materials (photocopy) 1992 1/8
Ute tribal sites and artifacts preservation, memorandum of understanding circa 1900 1/9
George Decker historical notes 1992/1998 1/10
National Park Service National Trail System, printed materials 1992-07-23 1/11
Ute Trail publicity newspaper clippings 1993/1999 1/12
Metcalf Archaeological Consultants (Eagle, CO), Ute Trail records and correspondence 1993-01/ 1999-06 1/13
Ute Trail research report by Andrew Gulliford 1994-02-02 1/14
Expenses for Ute Trail presentation 1994-03 1/15
National historic Trails, printed materials 1995-06/1998-02-22 1/16
Ute Trail article, conclusion, endnotes, and correspondence 1996-11 1/17
Ute Trail article correspondence and printed materials 1996/1998 1/18
Clifford Duncan, oral history interview notes by Andrew Gulliford 1997-08-14 1/19
Ute Trail, interview contacts circa 1900 1/20
Ute Trail, oral history notes and releases 1993-06-23/1994-08-04 1/21
Ute Trail, research notes 1993/1998 1/22
The Last War Trail, book notes 1998-02/1998-11 1/23
Ute Trail, manuscript correspondence 1997-09/1998-01 1/24
The Last War Trail, correspondence 1998-06/1999-03 1/25
Ute Trail lecture by Bill Knight, notes 1998-06-22 1/26
The Last War Trail: author’s questionnaire 1999-02-18 1/27
White River National Forrest, printed materials and correspondence 1999 Spring 1/28
Ute Trail and Colorado Historical Society, funding correspondence and printed materials 1999-07 1/29
George Sudworth, biographical materials 1999-07-27 1/30
Robert Emmitt, printed materials and notes Undated 1/31
Capt. Jack, article by Charles Wilkinson Undated 1/32
Old Man Colby biographical essay / from Arthur Hawthorne Carhart papers, (pages 1-4, 65-68) [2 page #’s 67] Undated 1/33
Ute photographs, photocopies, & order forms 1998 1/34
Last War Trail, photographs and drawings, [3 items] Undated 1/35
U.S. Forest Service sign, 1940 2/1
The Last War Trail by Robert Emmitt, book reviews 1950/1999 2/2
Archaeology of the Eastern Ute: A Symposium. Edited by Paul R. Nickens 1998 2/3
GLO Plat–Rio Blanco County, Township No. 1 South Range No. 92 1884 2/4
GLO Plat–Rio Blanco County, Township No.2 South Range No. 94 1889 2/5
GLO Plat–Rio Blanco County, Township No. 1 South Range No. 91 1891 2/6
GLO Plat–Rio Blanco County, Township No. 2 South Range No. 92 1884 2/7
GLO Plat–Rio Blanco County, Township No. 1 South Range No. 93 1886 2/8
GLO Plat–Rio Blanco County, Township No. 1 South Range No. 94 1886 2/9
GLO Plat–Rio Blanco County, Township No. 1, 2 South Range No. 93, 94 1890 2/10
GLO Plat–Rio Blanco County, Township No. 2 South Range No. 93 1990 2/11
GLO Plat–Garfield County, Township No. 3 South Range No. 94 1888 2/12
GLO Plat–Garfield County, Township No. 3 South Range No. 93 1899 2/13
GLO Plat - Garfield County, Township No. 4 South Range No. 87 1890/1889 2/14
GLO Plat - Garfield County, Township No. 3 South Range No. 92 1884 2/15
GLO Plat–Garfield County, Township No. 3 South Range No. 91 1884 2/16
GLO Plat–Garfield County, Township No. 3 South Range No. 90 1884 2/17
GLO Plat–Moffat County, Township No. 4 North Range No. 90 1892 2/18
GLO Plats–Meeker area 1993 2/19
GLO Plats–Resurveys–no trail 1907/1921 2/20
Map of White River National Forrest and allotment boundary description 1990/1999 2/21
Maps of known Ute Trail Area 1880/1990 2/22
Ute Trail topographic maps 1966/1974/1977 2/23
USGS maps of Burns North Quadrangle and Meeker Quadrangle 1966/1972 2/24
Map of Sweetwater area of Garfield County undated 2/25
Map of Carbonate Area of Garfield County undated 2/26
Property owners on Ute Trail Corridor, lists and maps 1993 2/27

Series 3: Pot-hunting in the Southwest research materials, 1986 - 1994. 77 folders, in 5 document cases. Includes brochures, newspaper clippings, newsletters, periodicals, and correspondence. This material relates to Dr. Gulliford's work in the late 1980s and early 1990s on this topic.
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Description Year Box/Folder
Pot hunting book, research and correspondence 1989/1991 1/1
International Council of Museums Statutes, Codes of professional ethics and photocopied material 1987 1/2
Kansas Burial Remains Bill, notes and articles 1990 1/3
National Council on Public History speech: research materials, miscellaneous topics 1988 1/4
Selected bibliography and research materials 1991/1992 1/5
National Geographic Magazine article proposal (not accepted) on culture thieves, article and correspondence 1991-03/ 1991-11 1/6
Mound Builder Sites and Parks, printed material 1986 1/7
Mississippi valley pot hunting, notes and articles 1991 1/8
Tennessee pot hunting and Native American issues, articles and contacts 1990 1/9
Colorado Historical Society preservation materials, miscellaneous topics 1989/1993 1/10
National Park Service: National Register #38 Undated 1/11
National Park Service: Federal Register 1987/1991 1/12
Museum cultural resources, articles 1989/1992 1/13
Pot hunting book, outline 1991 1/14
Issues regarding artifacts and remains panel, notes and printed materials 1992 1/15
Archeological resources protection act violations in the west, official reports 1977/1990 1/16
Society for American Archeology final report Taos working conference, notes, article and printed material 1990 1/17
Archeological Resources Protection Act, photocopied material 1979 2/1
Four Corners brochures 1990/1999 2/2
National Park Service, Archeology and the Federal Government: official papers 1988-07 2/3
Pot hunting notes for last half, miscellaneous topics 1990 2/4
Smithsonian 1992-03 2/5
Chaco Canyon, miscellaneous topics 1988 2/6
Antiquities Act of 1906 1906 2/7
Crow Canyon, miscellaneous topics 1990 2/8
Replicas of Native American artifacts, articles 1990 2/9
Government and technical reports 1990/1991 2/10
Archeological Resources Protection Act, Regulations and public awareness: articles and reports 1979-1984 2/11
Arizona policy, miscellaneous topics 1990/1999 2/12
Protecting rock art: articles and notes 1992 2/13
Looters or Lovers: Studying the non-archeological use of archeological resources by Thomas King 1991 2/14
USET Tribes, project proposal 1990/1993 2/15
Resource for cultural resource students, Dickson Mounds/ brief historical survey 1989/1991 2/16
National Park Service, Survey of Mimbres artifact collections 1989-05-06 3/1
Mimbres Senate Bill, testimony, correspondence, article 1988/1990 3/2
Mimbres Bill 1991 3/3
National Mimbres Bill with revisions: article 1991 3/4
Mimbres Collections, correspondence and articles 1989/1991 3/5
Mimbres speeches, correspondence and notes 1989 3/6
Mimbres report 1989-08 3/7
Mimbres peoples, essay, bibliography and notes 1988 3/8
International pot-hunting/ looting, notes and correspondences 1990 3/9
Mimbres and Macaws, miscellaneous topics 1988 3/10
Mimbres book materials, miscellaneous topics 1989 3/11
 Amateur archeology contributions, miscellaneous topics   1989  3/12
Mimbres pots for sale and value in American dollar, articles and Sotheby’s lists and a 1991 Sotheby’s catalog 1988/1992 3/13
Grant County Archeological Society, miscellaneous topics concerned with Mimbres 1990/1992 3/14
Mimbres archaeoastronomy, miscellaneous topics 1992 3/15
Mimbres research conducted by Harvard University, papers and notes 1987/1990 3/16
Pot-hunting in the southwest and New Mexico, articles and notes 1989/1990 3/17
Mimbres and color spirals: notes and articles 1994 3/18
Impact meeting materials 1988 4/1
Impact meeting materials 1989 4/2
Impact meeting materials 1990 4/3
Impact meeting memo- Attorney General 1988 4/4
The New Yorker, “What do Army Aircraft and Native Americans have in Common?” 1999-06-07 4/5
The Christian Science Monitor, “Who owns the past?” 1988-11-29 4/6
Pot-hunting articles 1990/1993 4/7
Pot-hunting around the United States, articles 1989/1996  4/8
 Red Ellison interview: notes and printed materials   1987 4/9
Archeology Today, articles and notes 1987/1990 4/10
Mimbres forms 1989/1992 4/11
Culture thieves and the black market, articles 1988-1989 4/12
Pot-hunting file, correspondence, articles and notes 1989 4/13
Pot-hunting in the United States in the 1970’s, articles 1970/1992 4/14
An Archeology of Science by Frank Graziano   4/15
Printed guide to the Dominguez and Escalante Ruins   4/16
American Antiquity: Journal of the Society for American Archeology Vol. 51 Number 4 1986-10 4/17
Fourth world pot sales and pot-hunting, printed materials, correspondence and articles 1989 5/1
Croteau pot-hunting 1980 5/2
Anasazi conference materials and articles 1990 5/3
Thornburg collections, notes, articles and printed material 1990 5/4
Edith Watson papers 1989 5/5
Southwest symposium, notes and printed materials 1988 5/6
Pot-hunting articles 1987 5/7
Prehistory of the Southwest, notes 1988/1989 5/8
Institute of the North American West, articles and correspondence 1989 5/9
Museum fakes, miscellaneous topics 1988 5/10
Arizona Site Stewards Program, correspondence 1990 5/11
Archeology articles 1989 5/12

Series 4: Storm King fire research materials, circa 1992-1999. 28 folders, in 2 document cases. Includes research files on the wildland firefighter memorials and on the Storm King fire near Glenwood Springs, Colorado.
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Description Year Box/Folder
National Emergency Training Center documents 1995 1/1
Storm King newspaper clippings 1994 1/2
Storm King newspaper clipping 1995 1/3
Storm King monument and trail dedication, event action plan 1995-07-04/ 1995-07-06 1/4
Fire monuments, correspondence 1995 1/5
Speech on Storm King, outline notes and miscellaneous topics 1995/1996 1/6
Storm King 14 anniversary, miscellaneous topics 1996 1/7
Storm King 14 memorial trail visitor registration 1996 1/8
Kathy Voth interpretive notes 1996-12-03 1/9
Storm Kin/ Mann Gulch topics 1999 1/10
Wildland firefighter memorials, photocopied material 2003 1/11
10th anniversary of Storm King, miscellaneous topics 2004 1/12
Historical wildland firefighter fatalities, reports and miscellaneous topics 1900/1990 1/13
Readers Digest 1996-07 1/14
Firefighter memorials in the west, miscellaneous topics 1995/1996 1/15
Telephone interviews: notes 1996-01 1/16
"The Collapse of Decision Making and Organizational Structure on Storm King Mountain" by Ted Putman 1995 1/17
“Fire on the Mountain: Storm King Remembered” by Dr. Andrew Gulliford, notes and research materials 1996/2004 1/18
South Canyon Fire investigation, official report 1994-08-17 2/1
Memorial correspondence and materials 1995/1996 2/2
Mann Gulch memorial materials 1996 2/3
Storm King miscellaneous topics 1996/1997 2/4
Colorado Historical Society speech: correspondence and notes 1998 2/5
Fire on the Mountain by Dr. Andrew Gulliford: drafts and reviews 1996/1999 2/6
Brad Hugh Letter 1997-10-02 2/7
Storm King Article, comments and correspondence 1997 2/8
Smoke Jumpers: America’s Elite Airborne Firefighters by Charles W. Sasser 1996 2/9
National Wildfire Coordinating Group, Fireline handbook NWCG handbook 3 1989-11 2/10

Series 5: Oral history materials, circa 1992-1998. 39 folders, in 1 document case. Records of oral history interviews conducted by Dr. Gulliford. The related audiotapes are in series 12 of this collection but are housed with the Center's other audiotapes, by collection number, which is U 018: Andrew Gulliford oral history collection. Approximately 50 interviews, of which this collection has 37 folders of paper documentation. Arrangement is alphabetical by name of person interviewed.
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Series 6: Student research papers on Indian topics, circa 1992-1999. 3 folders, in 1 document case. Works by students whom Professor Gulliford advised or taught in class.
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Description Year Box/Folder
Student papers, Native American topics 1979/1989 1/1
Student Papers, Native American topics 1990/2002 1/2
Conley, Manuel dissertation 1997-05 1/3

Series 7: Tribes of the United States research materials, circa 1992-1999. Arrangement is alphabetical by name of tribe or geographic location. 38 folders, in 2.5 document cases.
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Description Year Box/Folder
Alabama List Undated 1/1
Anishinabe tribe, correspondence and printed materials 1992 1/2
Arapahos- Northern, notes 1995 1/3
Arizona Native American directory 1995/1996 1/4
Black Feet, miscellaneous topics 1992/1997 1/5
California Native Americans, maps and articles 1991/1993 1/6
Denver Post, Canyons of the Ancients article 2002-03-17 1/7
Cherokee Native Americans, notes and printed material 1992/1995 1/8
Creek Native Americans, newspaper clipping 1992-07/ 1992-08 1/9
Colville confederated tribes (Washington State), miscellaneous topics 1984/1998 1/10
Crow Native Americans, miscellaneous topics 1991/1994 1/11
Eastern Native Americans- isolated tribes, miscellaneous topics 1994/1996 2/1
Native Americanas in the Northwest, articles and printed materials 2001/2005 2/1A
lathead Native Americans, miscellaneous topics 1992 2/2
Hopi Native Americans, miscellaneous topics 1992/1993 2/3
LacDu Flambeav- Chippewa Native Americans, miscellaneous topics 1989/1992 2/4
Kansas Native Americans, printed materials 1992 2/5
Lakota Native Americans, articles 1994-09-14 2/6
Maryland Native Americans- Nanticke, article 1994-03-11 2/7
Mille Lacs band of Ojbwe, article 1993-11-03 2/8
Minnesota Cippewa Tribe, correspondence and reports 1993 2/9
Navajo Native Americans, miscellaneous topics 1992/1997 2/10
New England Native American issues, notes and articles 1992 2/11
Northwest Coast Native American Tribes, miscellaneous topics 1992 2/12
North Dakota Native Americans, notes 1991 2/13
Pyramid reservation, printed materials 1997 2/14
Seminole Tribe of Florida, printed material 1992 2/15
Siletz Tribe, printed material and article 1992 2/16
Tribal general information 1992/1995 2/17
Tennessee Choctaws, notes Undated 2/18
Timbisha Shoshone- Death Valley, articles 1994/1996 2/19
Tunica-Biloxi Tribes, Louisiana, miscellaneous topics 1991 2/20
Wampanaag Tribe, article 1994-08-15 2/21
Warm Springs Tribes- Oregon, notes and printed materials 1980/1992 2/22
Washington State tribes, miscellaneous topics 1992/2005 2/23
Washoe Tribe, printed material and correspondence 1993-10-28 3/1
Western Shoshone Native Americans, miscellaneous topics 1992/1994 3/2
Native Americans of the Northwest, newspaper clippings. Topics include water and fishing rights, tribal cemetery issues, petroglyphs, Chinook tribal status, Zeschi (past chief of the Nisqually Tribe), Celilo longhouse, Lewis and Clark Centennial controversy, casinos on reservations, Warm Springs Reservation and children, the death of Gilbert Sohappy at Chemawa Indian School, Portland State University Native American Center, Native language preservation, grave digging and artifact repatriation, etc. 2001/2005 3/3

Series 8: Hawaii research materials, 1992-1999. 28 folders, in 1 document case.
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Description Year Box/Folder
Cultural resource management: Information for parks, federal agencies, Indian Tribes, states and local governments, and the private sector, publication 1996/1998 1/1
Contacts from Hawaii, printed materials and notes 1994-09-27/1999-03-03 1/2
General information on Hawaii and Sacred Spots, notes, newspaper, and printed material 1996 1/3
“Ho’okupu:” fake offerings, correspondence 1999-08-27 1/4
Protecting Native Hawaiian burials, printed materials 1990/1999 1/5
Kukaniloko birthstones, printed materials and site plans 1990-11-14/1999-04-18 1/6
Mokapu repatriation and refinement plans, photocopied materials 1990/1999 1/7
Sacred Objects bibliography and information, newspaper, notes and printed materials 1992/1999-04 1/8
Brochures from Hawaii, printed materials 1990/1999 1/9
Research design and Hawaii trails, newspaper and printed materials 1999-03-31/1999-04-02 1/10
Haleakala National Park, printed materials and notes 1999-03-28 1/11
Wahi Pana: traditional cultural places, calendar 1998 1/12
O’ahu recreation map, printed materials Unknown 1/13
Bishop Museum, printed materials, magazine and notes 1998-04/1999-03-24 1/14
Hawaiian Issues with human remains, photocopies of articles and notes 1994-03-03/1995-07-22 1/15
Maui: General information, printed materials, correspondence and notes 1974-04/1997-10-30 1/16
Native Hawaiians, papers, letters, notes and disk 1993-12-18/1996-06-24 1/17
Environment Hawaii, newsletter 1994-05 1/18
Hawaiian culture, newspaper articles 1994-02-07/1998-02-04 1/19
Native Traditions, notes and newspapers 1991-09-09/1994-07-03 1/20
Kaho’olawe Island information, printed material and report 1994-03/1999 1/21
Hawaiian sovereignty information, papers, correspondence, newspapers, and printed materials 1992-05/1997-10-06 1/22
Future research for Hawaii, newspapers, printed materials and correspondence 1999-04-12 1/23
Expenses, receipts and notes 1999-04-21/1999-04-29 1/24
Association of American Geographers, program and notes 1999-03-23/1999-03-27 1/25
Hawaii reimbursement and AAG, correspondence 1998-01-12/1999-03-11 1/26
Kahanu garden, human sacrifices and Puukohola Heiau, printed materials and notes 1999-03-26 1/27
La Perouse District, notes Unknown 1/28

Series 9: Alaska research materials, 1992-1999. 48 folders, in 2 document cases.
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Description Year Box/Folder
Fishing and Supreme Court rulings, newspaper 1997-06-29 1/1
Alaska Native Heritage speech by W. Richard West Jr, manuscript 1992-08-04 1/2
BLM Iditarod Trail nomination, correspondence and papers 1991-09-30/ 1994-01-26 1/3
National archives –Alaska-, correspondence and paper 1991-02-01/ 1992-05-06 1/4
Eskimos harsh life in great dark North, newspaper article 1992-05-07 1/5
Alaska Native Heritage Park, printed materials 1992 1/6
Alaskan language history and bibliography, printed materials and notes 1990/1991 1/7
Alaska Cultural Conference, notes and printed materials 1992-08-03/ 1998-08-06 1/8
Denali National Park, notes and newspaper clippings 1992-07-07/ 1997-06-26 1/9
“All things considered” National Public Radio, article in printed material 1992-08-25 1/10
Indian Country: Two Destinies, One Land, newspaper 1997-06-29/ 1997-07-05 1/11
Anthropology and the US Park Service, printed materials 1987-02/1989-09 1/12
Following the Smoke: Karuk Indigenous basket weavers and the Forest Service by Beverly R. Ortiz, article in News from California: an inside view of the California Indian world 1998 1/13
Salmon fishery loss effect on Native Americans, newspaper clippings and notes 1994-10/1995-06 1/14
Columbia River Basin salmon fishing, newspaper clippings 1997-01/1997-08 1/15
National Park and Native Americans by Hal K. Rothman, paper 1993-10-15 1/16
National Park Service management policies: selected pages on Native American and ethnographic concerns, manual 1 by US Department of the Interior 1988 1/17
National Park Service Native American sites, printed materials and notes 1991-1993 1/18
Alaska visitors information, printed materials 1992 1/19
General information from Alaska, newspapers, printed materials and notes 992-07-24/1992-08-05 1/20
Gwich’In and Yupik village information, printed materials and news clippings 1990-02-08/1992-01-08 1/21
Keepers of the Treasures- Alaska, printed materials and notes 1991-06-07/1995-09 1/22
Kayak building, newspaper clipping 1992-03-04 1/23
Alaska SHPO, printed materials and notes 1989-1993 1/24
Ellen Hayes: director of the southeast Alaska Indian cultural center interview by Andrew Gulliford, transcript 1992-08-05 1/25
Alaskan language history and bibliography, printed materials and notes 1990/1991 1/26
Ilisagvik College: fundamentals of museum studies 1 course and museum studies pre-baccalaureate programs, printed materials and paper Undated 2/1
Chapter VIII research materials, notes, newspaper articles, outline, and printed materials 1987-08-31/1998-04-10 2/2
Bear research methods, newspaper 1995-07-22 2/3
Alaska Natives Commission, printed materials 993 2/4
laska Native art, printed materials and manuscript 1990-09-13/1991-03 2/5
Northern Athapaskan oral traditions and the White River volcano, papers 1992-09-21 2/6
Arctic Dreams by Barry Holstun Lopez, photocopies of book 1986 2/7
Alaskan structures, photocopies and notes 1981 2/8
Chapter illustrations, photocopies of pictures and notes 1930/1991 2/9
Athabaskan cultural preservation, notes and paper Undated 2/10
Native association in Kodiak, notes and photocopies 1989-01/1993-11 2/11
Sealaska Heritage Foundation, newspaper clippings, notes, and printed materials 1991-12/1992-12-31 2/12
Athabascan languages, photocopy of newspaper 1991-12 2/13
Naa Kahida Theater presents Fires on the Water, newsletter Undated 2/14
Alaska Heritage Resources survey and National Trust for historic preservation, printed materials 1992-01 2/15
Eklutna village historical park, printed materials and notes 1978-05/1992-09-15 2/16
Principles for the conduct of research in the Arctic, photocopy Undated 2/17
Lawrence Hart, Hank Gobin, and Robert Sam taped interviews, notes 1997-10-3/1997-10-4 2/18
United States National Park service: interpretation and cultural diversity and historical preservation, printed materials 1990/1992 2/19
Forest service national resource book on American Indian and Alaska Native relations, guide book 1997-04 2/20
Arctic studies center in the Smithsonian, printed materials and notes 1997-03/1999-01-13 2/21
Alaskan museums and repatriations, letter and printed materials 1991-04-17/1994-12 2/22
National Park service research/resource management report: an overview and assessment of archeological resources, Delani National Park and Preserve Alaska, printed report 1990-09 2/23

Series 10: Native American issues newsletters, circa 1982-1999. 13 folders, in 1 document case. Includes NARF (Native American Rights Fund), etc. Arrangement is alphabetical by title.
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Description Year Box/Folder
American Indian Ritual Object Repatriation Foundation News and Notes 1995/1996 1/1
California Indian Basket Weavers Association, publications and related materials Undated 1/2
Colorado River Journal 1982-07/1982-08 1/3
Folklife Center News 1990 1/4
Heritage, publication 1995 1/5
Keepers of the Treasures, publications and related materials 1997-07/1999 1/6
Native American Rights Fund, publications and related materials 1990/1999 1/7
Native Americas, publication, Volume XIV, issues 1 ,2 & 3 Undated 1/8
News from Native California, quarterly publication 1993/1998 1/9
NMAI Runner, publication 1997-01/1998-12 1/10
Smithsonian Runner, publication 1993-02/1996-10 1/11
Southwest Storytellers Gazette, publication 1989 1/12
The Storyteller, publication 1997 1/13

Series 11: Native American and Southwest issues videotapes, circa 1992-1999. 11 videocassettes in one box. Topics include Crow, Californian Indians, and Hawaiian Indians; firefighters; and The Five States of Colorado.
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Description Year Box
Historic Battle Site of the Crow, tape 1 1991 1
Historic Battle Site of the Crow, tape 2 1991 1
Historic Battle Site of the Crow, tape 3 1991 1
Historic Battle Site of the Crow, tape 4 1991 1
Historic Battle Site of the Crow, tape 5 1991 1
Historic Battle Site of the Crow, tape 6 1991 1
Historic Battle Site of the Crow, tape 7 1991 1
From the Roots: California Indian Basketweavers 1996 1
Ho’ala-To Awaken: An overview of Hawaiian History Undated 1
Ho’okahua- To lay a foundation (part 1) Undated 1
Hui Na’auao: A Community Education Project Undated 1
Smoke Jumpers Welfare Fund: National Geographic Fire Undated 2
South Canyon Creek Fire, Glenwood Springs 1994-07-06 2
Storm King Dedication Ceremony 1995-07-06 2
National Wildlife Firefighters Memorial 1991 2
Smokejumpers- Made for TV movie on NBC 1995-12 2
The Five States of Colorado Undated 2
The South Canyon Fire Memorial Glenwood Springs, Colorado 1995-07-05&06 2

Series 12: Native American and Southwest issues oral history interview audiotapes, circa 1992-1999. 7 videocassettes in one box. Arrangement is by date of interview.
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Series 13: Advisory board records and printed materials, circa 2002-2005. 15 folders, in 1 document case. Includes U.S. Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Resource Advisory Council for Southwest Colorado printed materials, reports, and meeting info, 2002-2005, compiled by Andy Gulliford while he served on the Council.
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Description Year Box/Folder
Resource Advisory Council handbook 2004-09 1/1
Colorado Bureau of Land Management: Directory 2004 1/2
Bureau of Land Management: Southwest Resource Advisory Council appointment letter 2002-10-06 1/3
Bureau of Land Management: Resource Advisory Council Meeting 2002-11-16 1/4
Bureau of Land Management: Resource Advisory Council meeting 2003-06 1/5
Bureau of Land Management: Resource Advisory Council meeting 2003-10 1/6
Bureau of Land Management: Resource Advisory Council meeting 2003-12 1/7
Bureau of Land Management: Resource Advisory Council meeting 2004-02 1/8
Bureau of Land Management: Resource Advisory Council meeting 2004-07 1/9
Bureau of Land Management: Resource Advisory Council, HD mountains discussion: notes and report 2004-10-01 1/10
Bureau of Land Management: Resource Advisory Council meeting 004-10 1/11
Bureau of Land Management: Resource Advisory Council meeting 2005-01 1/12
Bureau of Land Management: Resource Advisory Council Gunnison meeting 2005-05-06 1/13
Bureau of Land Management: Resource Advisory Council Silverton meeting 2005-07 1/14
Bureau of Land Management 2006 1/15

Series 14: Camp Bird Mine road records and printed materials, circa 1877-2005. In 1.5 document cases and 1 flat lidded box. Mostly, photocopies, rather than originals. Accession 2003:07002. Pertaining to a legal case regarding roads and rights-of-ways in mining areas of Colorado, and in particular Ouray County. Dr. Gulliford has stated that he believes this will be a precedent-setting case in terms of how to apply federal law RS2477. Includes the judge's conclusion in the case: that the road is public and has been since at least 1877. Stephanie Harwood summarized his 48-page decision as follows: The court ruled in favor of the defendant, citing that the road in question is indeed a country road rather than a private one. This decision was made pertaining to the evidence presented by the dependent and the lack of evidence from the plaintiff. The basis of the decision came with the understanding that the road which had originally been a wagon trial was always public. The trail was originally used for the public access of a post office as well as the only way to maneuver in and out of the valley. This was used since 1877 as a public trial, and was eventually converted into a road once the mining companies moved into the valley. This changed how the road was used, but it still remained public, as to the fact that the taxpayer’s money was being used for up keep and snowplowing in the winter. Thus by all these factors the road was ruled as public rather than private. The Judge used some questionable defense and support though, and it would be no surprise if this case went on to the Colorado Supreme Court.
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Description Year Box/Folder
Camp Bird (Colorado) Road legal settlement document and correspondence 2003-08-29 1/1
Ouray County (Colorado) expert witness notes, documents and correspondence of Andrew Gulliford, re: Camp Bird Road 2003 1/2
Ouray County (Colorado) expert witness notes, documents and correspondence of Andrew Gulliford, re: Camp Bird Road circa 2004 1/3
Camp Bird vs. BOCC: case bibliography for combined evidence of ownership 2003/2005 1/4
Ouray County (Colorado) Road 361: historical narrative/ synthesis by Mary Joy Martin (45 pages) 2005-01 1/5
Newspaper pages, (photocopies, scarcely legible) re: Camp Bird (Colorado) Road. County Exhibits 61 and 62. 1877/1965 2/1
Ouray County (Colorado) Board meetings minutes, et al. (photocopies)County Exhibits 5, 6, 7, 11, 15, and 17. 1878 2/2
Ouray County (Colorado) records re: Camp Bird Road (photocopies) County Exhibits 19, 20, 21, and 23. 1884 /3
John A. Thompson vs. Thomas F. Walsh in U.S. Circuit Court, Southern District of New York (78 pages, photocopy). County Exhibit 59. 1903-07-20 2/4
Ouray County (Colorado) Board of County Commissioners proceedings (photocopies of road reports). County Exhibits 35 and 47. 1905/1910/1980 2/5
County road through Camp Bird (Colorado), legal correspondence and records County Exhibits 63-68. 1980/2001 2/6
State of Colorado contract with Ouray County (Colorado) (5 pages, photocopies). County Exhibit 49. 1984-05-24 2/7
Camp Bird Colorado, Inc., and Diversified Colorado, Inc., special warranty deed to patented mining properties (6 pages, photocopies). County Exhibit 51. 1994-02-28 2/8
Camp Bird and other county roads, records and correspondence (2 pages, photocopies). County Exhibits 52 and 53. 1995/2000 2/9
Affidavits re: Camp Bird Road (Colorado), (photocopies). County Exhibits 54 through 57 and 60. 2003 2/10
Ouray County (Colorado) claim of a road segment through Camp Bird Mine, written statement by Andrew Gulliford, (7 pages, photocopies). County Exhibit 58. 2003-08-28 2/11
Field notes of the dependent resurvey of portions of certain mineral claims and the metes-and-bounds survey of a portion of the centerline of Ouray County (Colorado) Road No. 361.../ by the U.S. Bureau of Land Management, Gene R. Dollarhide, surveyor, 2003 (20 pages, photocopies, and a copy of the survey map). County Exhibit 69. 2003 2/12
Map of Ouray County (Colorado) road to Canon Creek, undated (photocopy). County Exhibit 29 (see also Exhibit #1, in oversize flat box). Undated 2/13
Map of Red Mountain and the mining region of San Juan, Ouray, San Miguel and Dolores Counties (Colorado)/ by Emil Fischer, (certified photocopy made on Dec. 16, 2002). County Exhibit 22. 1886 2/14
Silverton Quadrangle (Colorado) topographic map (photocopy). County Exhibit 33. 1902-06 2/15
General highway map of Ouray County, Colorado/ by Colorado Department of Highways (photocopy, 2x). County Exhibit 38. 1951 2/16
Plat showing Imogene Pass Jeep Road from Hidden Treasure Pass to top [of] Imogene Pass (Colorado) / by J. Walter Focha, County Surveyor (photocopy). County Exhibit 46. 1968 2/17
Uncompahgre National Forest (Colorado) travel map / by U.S. Forest Service (1 item; original). 1993 2/18
Map of the mountains of Silverton, Telluride and Ouray / by Drake Mountain Maps (1 item; original). 1997 2/19
Hiking trails of Ouray County / topographic map by Ouray Trail Group (1 item; original). 2002 2/20
Ophir-Imogene Loop and Yankee Boy Basin: pocket guide to the San Juan Mountains 4x4 scenic route (Ouray County, Colorado)/ by Brian and Kitty Benzar, Backcountry Travelers, Inc. (Durango, Colo.) (1 item; original). Undated 2/21
Silverton Area Trails Plan (draft) / by 4 Corners Planning & Design Group (Durango, Colo.),(1 volume; original). 1998 2/22
The Great Revenue and surrounding mines (of Ouray County, Colorado) / by Doris H. Gregory (1 volume; 225 pages; original). undated 2/23
A quick history of Ouray (Colorado)/ by D. David Smith, 3rd edition (1 volume; 96 pages; original). 2003 2/24
Camp Bird, Ouray and vicinity (Colorado) slide transparencies / by Andrew Gulliford, 24 images (the Center has the original and two duplicate sets). County Exhibit 70. 2003/2004 2/25
The court's order, sent to the College via email from Mary Deganhart, Ouray County Attorney (Ridgway, Colo.) on Nov. 14, 2007, that the judge found that the road is public and has been since at least 1877. 2007-11 2/26
Ironton Quadrangle (Black and White Photocopy in 2 parts) 1955 3/1
Plot of the claim of H.F. Blythe upon the glen Monarch Lode and Mill Site 1881-01-11 3/2
Map of County Road to Canon Circk: County Exhibit 1 Undated 3/3
Ouray, Canon Creek and Mount Sneffels Toll Road Co., articles of incorporation 1881-06-08 3/4
Camp Bird Post Office Location paper (certified photocopy) 1898-04-04 3/5
County Exhibits 8-10, 12-14,16, 18 1883 3/6
Ouray County Board of County Commissioners meeting minutes 1877/1953 3/7
Otto Mears, Fred Walsen, and Charles Nunn, deed 1889-12-16 3/8
Map showing properties of San Pedro gold Mining Company, Mt. Sneffels Mining District (Ouray County, Colorado) Undated 3/9
Ouray County road map/ by J. C. Ingerall, County Surveyor 1911-09-29 3/10
Ouray County map from official description of school districts and government reports Undated 3/11
Map of Ouray County, Colorado/ by J. Walter Focha, County Surveyor 1961-08-20 3/12
J.W. belcoe and Clyde Garfield, mining deeds  1945 3/13
Ouray Board of County Commissioners proceedings 1963 3/14
ap of County road at Canon Creek, Ouray County, Colorado Undated 3/15
Ouray County Board of County Commissioners meeting minutes 1953-08-18/1953-11-12 3/16
Ouray County Board of County Commissioners meeting minutes 1905-07-12/1910-12-08 3/17
USGS topographic map of Colorado Silverton Quadrangle 1902 3/18
Ouray County Board of County Commissioners meeting minutes 1887-10-04/1887-10-19 3/19
Documents pertaining to the Camp Bird Road and Ouray 1888 3/20
Ouray County Board of County Commissioners meeting minutes 1889-01-04/1889-02-04 3/21
Ouray County Board of County Commissioners meeting minutes 1889-12-11 3/22
Warranty deed for Otto Mears, Fred Walsen and Charles Munn 1889-12-16 3/23
Ouray County Board of County Commissioners meeting minutes 1890-01-15 3/24
Red Mountain and the mining regions of San Juan, Ouray, San Miguel and Dolores Counties, Colorado, photocopied map Emil Fisher 1886 3/25
General highway map Ouray County, Colorado 1951 3/26
Ouray County Board of County Commissioners meeting minutes 1884-05-14/1886-07-08 3/27
Camp Bird Mine National Archive materials including maps 1889/1895 3/28
Articles of incorporation and other documents pertaining to the Ouray, canon Creek and Mt. Sneffels Toll Rd. 1878-06-08/1883-06-23 3/29
Articles of incorporating of the Mt. Sneffels Mining and Reduction company 1879-07-08 3/30
Ouray County Board of County Commissioners meeting minutes 1878-10-08/1890 3/31
Certificate of incorporation of Allied Mines 1880-04-02/1883-07-13 3/32
Ouray County official Description of School Districts, map Undated 3/33
Road map and Ouray County Board of County Commissioners meeting minutes 1963-09-09/1964-03-02 3/34
Ouray County Board of County Commissioners meeting minutes 1966-07-05 3/35
Ouray County Board of County Commissioners meeting minutes 1984-01-10 3/36
General Land Office Mineral Certificate 1983-07-06 3/37
Special warranty deed to patented mining properties 1995-01-11 3/38
Materials for Court Case including Affidavits and position papers 2003 3/39
Ouray County Commissioner and San Juan Historical Society correspondence 2000/2002 3/40
Ouray County Board of County Commissioners meeting minutes 1888-01-06/1888-01-11 3/41
Ouray County Board of County Commissioners meeting minutes 1968-04-01 3/42
Imogene Pass Jeep Road, map 1968 3/43
Ouray County Board of County Commissioners meeting minutes 1989-11-06 3/44

Series 15: Miscellaneous materials and ephemera. 86 folders, in 4 document cases and 1 flat lidded box.
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Description Year Box/Folder
Native Americans in the southwest, miscellaneous photographs 1873-1918 1/1
Dr. Andrew Gulliford/ featured speaker: arts and crafts brochures 2004 1/2
Aspinall Chair, Mesa State College records 1996/1997 1/3
Aspinall Chair, research records 1996/1997 1/4
Historical archeology, records 1998-09/2000-12 1/5
B. G. Randall photographs, Taos, New Mexico Territory 1905 1/6
Antiquities Act of 1906, tin notice signs pertaining to areas protected under the act Undated 1/7
Personal letter to Andrew Gulliford, correspondence and photograph with poem 2003-08-23 1/8
Short biography of Clark C. Spence, by Ronald C. Brown Undated 1/9
Central Arizona Project photographic survey (Tucson, Arizona) pamphlet 1986 1/10
National Forest centennial timeline, printed material 1991 1/11
Native American Rights Fund: Legal Review Special Edition, Freedom of Religion: Today’s Challenge, report 1991 Summer 1/12
USDA Forest Service Southwest Region: Cultural Resource Report No. 31 1980-02 1/13
Holling C. Holling and children’s book information, photocopied material undated 1/14
A Brief Historical Survey of the expropriation of American Indian Remains, by Robert E. Bieder 1990-04 1/15
American Indian sacred objects, skeletal remains, repatriation: Resource guide, by The American Indian Program. National Museum of American History, Smithsonian Institution 1990 1/16
Miscellaneous printed material mailed to Dr. Andrew Gulliford pertaining to his research 1981/1993 1/17
Thomas Arland and Dennis Medina correspondence about Native American boarding schools 2004 1/18
U.S. Forest Service, White River National Forest draft of environmental impact statement , maps 1999 2/1
Department of Indian Affairs Indian casino proposal printed materials 2004 2/2
Colorado’s Hispanic Textiles, by Kathryn Davis Gardner, correspondence and manuscripts 1989-11-27 2/3
Beyond the Mask in New Mexico, by Marsha C. Bol, correspondence, manuscript and photographs 1989 2/4
Diamond Dick Jr.’s call down or The king of the Sliver Box, by W. B Lawson, Diamond Dick Library 1896 2/5
Buckskin Charlie testimony 1919 2/6
Navajo blacksmiths and Spanish prototypes, by David M. Brugge, correspondence and manuscript 1990-03-13 2/7
Executive order of Bill Owens, Governor of Colorado appointments of Dr. Andrew Gulliford as a member of the Colorado Historic Preservation Review Board 2003/2004 2/8
The National Museum of the American Indian, certificate of merit to Andrew Gulliford and Stephanie B. Moran 2004-04-16 2/9
New name given to McInnis’ Deep Creek Wilderness legislation, article Undated 2/10
Center of Southwest Studies, Andrew Gulliford speeches 2002 2/11
“The Soul of the Southwest: New Center Opens at Fort Lewis College,” article in Durango Magazine 2001 Fall/summer 2/12
University of Wyoming issue regarding its library and museum, correspondence and notes 2000-10 2/13
Archeological survey of Wetherill mesa in Mesa Verde National Park, Lynda Bird Johnson, article 1964/1965 2/14
Rocky Mountain Land Library, printed materials 2003-02-10 2/15
Photo America publicity in regard to Country School Legacy: Humanities of the Frontier a film by Dr. Andrew Gulliford and Randall Teeuween Undated 2/16
Cayuse, Umatilla, and Walla Walla homeland heritage corridor, maps Undated 2/17
Ancient Ruins, Fresh Angst, article in The Denver Post 2002-10-20 2/18
Los Penitentes: Ruben Archuleta takes on the task of giving brotherhood a better image, article in The Pueblo Chieftain 2002-12-07 2/19
Viewing Wildlife, protocols printed materials and correspondence 2001 2/20
Readers Festival, Mesa States College, printed material 2003-10-18 2/21
Private Tour of Chaco Canyon led by Andrew Gulliford and Florence Lister 2002-11-09 2/22
 Medal awarded by the Tattered Cover Bookstore to Dr. Andrew Gulliford 2003-08-14 2/23
Ranching Culture speech 2002-10 3/1
Western History Association 42nd Annual Conference, notes, printed materials and correspondence 2002-10-16/2002-10-19 3/2
Colorado College Aficionados, correspondence 2002-05-01 3/3
10th Annual Four Corner SUN (Spanish, Ute, Navajo) Education Conference notes, printed materials, correspondence 2002-03-01/2002-03-02 3/4
Blanding, Utah and Four Corners Brochures Undated 3/5
Colorado Preservation, Inc. Saving Places 2002: Preserving Public Places, printed materials, notes and correspondence 2002 3/6
Kiwanis International Certificate of Appreciation presented to Dr. Andrew Gulliford 2003-07-10 3/7
Organization of American Historians: National Council on Public History Annual Meeting, notes, correspondence, printed materials 2002 3/8
Chaco Canyon trip for Escalante Middle school of Durango Colorado, correspondence 2002 3/9
Danny Boy legend/ Ouray, miscellaneous topics 2003 3/10
Middle Tennessee State University appointment congratulation letters from friends, picture of Andrew Gulliford 1990 3/11
National Trust Denver, miscellaneous topics 2002 3/12
La Llorona in the Southwest, article and research by Dr. Andrew Gulliford 1986-1988 3/13
Colorado Springs Fines Arts Center contract and correspondence 2002 3/14
Colorado Preservation Inc.’s Annual Historic Preservation Conference. Saving Places 2003: Preserving Western Heritage, correspondence and printed materials 2003 3/15
Northern Plains Federal Interagency, Traditional Native American Issues workshop, printed materials 1997-09-29/1997-09-30 3/16
“The New Indian Wars,” The Denver Post Special Report: 1983-11 4/1
Empire Magazine 1983-04-24 4/2
Wounded Knee Feasibility Study, maps and printed material Undated 4/3
Silver City Daily Press “25 Years of Wilderness" 1989-09-25 4/4
Tucson Weekly “A Celebration of Edward Abby” 1989-04-11 4/5
US Department of the Interior: People, Land and Water Vol. 6 No. 2, Special issue commemorating the 150th anniversary of the U.S. Department of the Interior 1999 4/6
The Bureau of Reclamation: An Educational Chronicle of its History, Calendar 2000-2002 4/7
American Association of Museums, annual meeting sign 1993 4/8
Shoshone Tribal Cultural Center, calendar 1997 4/9
Mimbres art, printed material Undated 4/10
Employers wanted in Rifle, Colorado sign Undated 4/11
Harpers Weekly 1860/1870 4/12
Letter from Thomas C. Phelps on the acceptance of a Financial Reports 1982 5/1
Durango Mountain Resort Column, articles and notes 2002 5/2
Country School Legacy Photograph Exhibition including photographs by Andrew Gulliford, schedule 1981-1991 5/3
Boomtown Blues book review in The Christian Science Monitor, April 3, 1990 and in Business Week, April 9, 1990 1990 5/4
Example book and exhibit reviews 1993 5/5
Folk Life and Fieldwork: A Layman's Introduction to Field Techniques, pamphlet 1990 5/6
Preservation of outdoor bronzes, bibliography Undated 5/7
The Denver Post, Section L, newspaper 2002-04-14 5/8
Report of the Native American Sacred Lands Forum Boulder-Denver 2001-10-09/2001-10-10 5/9
Linda L. Reed, Synopsis of Southwest Wilderness Symposium Silver City, New Mexico 1989-09-28/1989-09-29 5/10
Archival Outlook: Newsletter of the Society of American Archivists 2005-03/2005-04 5/11
Neuenschwander, John. Oral History and the Law, pamphlet 1985 5/12
Andrew Gulliford prints, photographs undated 5/13
Native American Culture vita at the Middle Tennessee State University, Schedule 1991-08 5/14
Alberta Museums Journal, article draft and correspondence 1996 5/15
"Boomtowns and Bordellos" speech draft 2002-04-05 5/16
Plains and Parks oral history transcripts 1975 5/17

Series 16: Wounded Knee notes, photographs, manuscripts, and printed materials. 4 folders, in 1 document case.
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Description Year Box/Folder
Rifles at Wounded Knee, manuscripts and notes by Andrew Gulliford 2000/2001 1/1
Wounded Knee rifles, notes, correspondence and photo captions 2001 1/2
Article publication and similar articles found in Western Historical Quarterly 2001 1/3
Wounded Knee, photographs 2000/2001 1/4

Series 17: Andrew Gulliford publications. Printed materials. 22 folders, 1 document case. Arrangement is chronological.
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Description Year Box/Folder
Andrew Gulliford, "The Years Ahead: Life for the Aging in Northwest Colorado" 1977-02 1/1
Andrew Gulliford, "Colorado Country School Legacy," in People and Policy 1980 winter 1/2
Andrew Gulliford, "A Cup of Clear, Cold Water," in The Interstate Compact for Education 1981 spring 1/3
Andrew Gulliford, "Country School Legacy," in UTAH Preservation/ Restoration Vol. III 1981 1/4
Andrew Gulliford, "From Boom to Bust: Small Town and Energy Development on Colorado's Western Slope," in Small Town Vol. 13 No. 5 March-April 1983 1983-03/1983-04 1/5
Andrew Gulliford, "Sod Houses: Cool in the Summer and Warm in Winter," in Fine Homebuilding Feb/March 1986 1986-02/1986-03 1/6
Andrew Gulliford, "Earth Architecture of the Prairie Pioneer," in The Midwest Review 1986 spring 1/7
Andrew Gulliford, "Vernacular and Small Town Architecture of Northwest Ohio," in Northwest Ohio Quarterly 1986 autumn 1/8
Andrew Gulliford, "Progressive Era Children and the Photographs of Jacob Riis and Lewis Hine," in Hayes Historical Journal 1987 winter 1/9
Andrew Gulliford, "Self Portrait of an Industrial Community: "High Iron" Railroad Exhibits and Lima, Ohio," in High Iron 1987 1/10
Andrew Gulliford, article in High Country News 1988-04-25 1/11
Andrew Gulliford, "Western Portraits" photo-journal article from High Country News 1988-08-01 1/12
Andrew Gulliford, "La Llorona in Hispanic Culture," in Southwest Storytellers Gazette 1989 1/13
Andrew Gulliford, "A Lesson in Longevity," in Americana 1991-05/1991-06 1/14
Andrew Gulliford, Exhibit review of the National Museum of American Art in Journal of American History 1992-06 1/15
Andrew Gulliford, " Native Americans and Museums: Curation and Repatriation of Sacred and Tribal Objects," in The Public Historian Vol. 14 No. 3 1992 summer 1/16
Andrew Gulliford, "Interpreting Historic Photographs of Native Americans," in Hayes Historical Journal 1992 summer 1/17
Andrew Gulliford, "Tribal Preservation: An Overview of Cultural Management," in Historic Preservation Forum 1992-11/ 1992-12 1/18
Andrew Gulliford, "History Museums: From Consensus to Controversy," in The Journal of Alberta Museums Association 1996 fall 1/19
Andrew Gulliford, "Following Ancient Trials" article about Andrew Gulliford in Middle Tennessee State University Magazine 1998 summer 1/20
Andrew Gulliford, "Repatriating Rifles from Wounded Knee," in Journal of the West 2003 winter 1/21
Andrew Gulliford, "The Last One Standing" unknown publication undated 1/22