Extended Scholarly Use Policy

The Center of Southwest Studies, an academic support program of Fort Lewis College, collects and disseminates information about the Southwest. The Center functions as a museum, library, and archives, and a forum for public programming to enhance people’s understanding of the Greater Southwest.

Under certain circumstances and by decision of the Director of the Center of Southwest Studies, an individual who is not affiliated with the College as a student, an employee or a contractor may be considered a "Center of Southwest Studies Scholar," and may be eligible for certain types of benefits during a stated period of research work at the Center, in return for the acceptance of responsibilities contractually agreed by the individual and the Center. This agreement expires at the end of the fiscal year, and may be renewed at that time by the agreement of all parties. It may be terminated at the discretion of the Director by his giving written notification to the Scholar.

Center of Southwest Studies Objectives in Regards to Scholars

To the extent that the College allocates the requisite resources, the Center of Southwest Studies encourages extended-term professional use of its research collections. The Center’s staff recognizes that it can be appropriate to give special consideration to certain categories of researchers due to the relative isolation of Fort Lewis College geographically, the closed nature of archives, and the occasional need for long-term periods of research at the Center. The Center expects, in return, to receive benefits from this research that will enable the Center to better serve future researchers.

Granting of Scholar status does not entitle that individual to represent the Center of Southwest Studies in any official capacity, nor does it imply any involvement in teaching at or on behalf of Fort Lewis College. The Scholar will not have the authority to act as an agent for the College in any capacity (for example, on any external proposals).

Southwest Studies scholars are encouraged to write grants and proposals for research and public programming projects relevant to the mission of the Center. Scholars should note that Fort Lewis College has an established grant-writing process and procedure which must be followed if the Center or Center staff will be involved in the project.

The College may, at its discretion, extend to these Scholars one or more of the following benefits:

  • Fort Lewis College Computer Account. (allowing access to word processing functions, email, and the web). The applicant must request an account through the IT department.
  • Receipt of incoming faxes at the Center at no charge. The Scholar must pay for all long-distance phone calls, including long-distance outgoing faxes, and also for all copies and printouts made.
  • Parking on campus, by the Scholar’s purchase of a permit, the same as for a Fort Lewis College student or employee. This is the Scholar’s responsibility.
  • A Library card (issued by Reed Library) is available to a Scholar who has a local address. This authorizes a Scholar to check out books, videos and other items from Reed Library (items at the Southwest Research Library do not circulate, however).

Responsibilities of the Scholar

  • The Scholar must abide by the hours of the Southwest Research Library and will adhere to all of the guidelines specified on the Center’s Special Collections Use Policy, including that the Scholar agrees to give the Center a complimentary copy of any publication relying heavily on its collections.
  • The Scholar must submit a current resume to the Center of Southwest Studies.
  • The Center invites Scholars to discuss deposit the results of their research with the Center, so as to help to build the Center’s manuscript, archival, and photographic collections.
  • The Director may add additional conditions to these responsibilities, in consultation with the Center's professional staff.

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