Using the Collections

The Robert Delaney Southwest Research Library and Archives is a research library that houses an open-stack book and periodical collection as well as special archival collections. Its collections are open to use by any user. The Delaney Library is circulating select material according to the Library Material Loan Policy. Students and researchers are encouraged to do preliminary research to locate materials.

Archival collections are not available for check-out. Archival materials are housed in closed storage archives due to their special or rare nature and are brought to the research room for monitored use. While the Delaney Library promotes the use of its collections, special handling requirements may have to be used to ensure their preservation for future use.

Contact Us in Advance

Advance notification to use our special collections is very appreciated. If you anticipate using a special collection, please contact us ahead of time to schedule your visit and to allow time for our staff to locate the records you would like to see.

Research Preparation

Laptops: The Delaney Library is WiFi enabled if you choose to bring your own laptop. You must download and install the Anti-Virus Software so that you will be able to connect on campus. Delaney Library has three computers for patron use.
Pencils: Pens are not allowed in the library to protect older documents.
Change for the copy machine: $.10-.20 per page.
Flash drive: This is the FREE method of saving digital files of documents when searching microfilm or paper documents you choose to scan.
Familiarize yourself with the Special Collections Use Policy.


Orientation and tours of the Delaney Library and its special collection are available to faculty, students, staff, community members, groups, and other guests by appointment. Please send the Archives Manager, Nik Kendziorski, or the Librarian, Lara Aase, your tour request at least one week in advance.


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