Use Fees

Event fees can be accessed by clicking here.

Reproduction/Processing Fees

These fees may be waived for Fort Lewis College assisted projects.

Dimensions and type of copy Fee (per image)
Photocopies: if the patron makes their own photocopies $.10 each copy
Photocopies: if Center staff makes the copies for the patron $.25 each copy
Digital document scan (for archival documents, not photographs): if Center staff scan the document for the patron $1 each scan
Digital image scan: required if the Center does not already have a digital image file for a requested item $10 each scan
Digital image file copy: high-resolution master file (usually a jpg), @ minimum 300 dpi (Note: this is in addition to the digital image scan fee.) $15 each file
Media storage charge (per CD) to transmit the digital image file(s) $4

Image Use Fees

(per image, per use, per edition)
These fees are in addition to reproduction, handling, and mailing fees.
  • The Center charges no use fee for images solely used for personal research or display in a private home.
  • The Center charges no use fee for images solely used by any Colorado not-for-profit* or government agency; by university presses engaging in non-commercial publication; and by Colorado news media publishing newspaper articles, newscasts, or non-commercial documentaries.
  • Non-profit organizations outside Colorado* are eligible for a 50% discount on category B-E use fees.
  • Customers ordering more than 10 images at a time are eligible for a 50% discount on use fees only.
           * The Center requires written proof of non-profit status prior to filling the order.

Image Use Fee Categories Fee (per number of copies)
A. By any not-for-profit or government agency and by the authors of articles in scholarly journals/magazines/newsletters, teaching tools, videotapes, posters, reports, display, or similar use.
$10 flat fee
B. In a book, guide, brochure, or similar use.
1-5000 copies $15
5001-10,000 copies $35
10,001-15,000 copies $55
15,001-20,000 copies $75
20,001-25,000 copies $95
25,001-30,000 copies $115
30,001-40,000 copies $135
40,001-50,000 copies $155
50,001-60,000 copies $175
60,001-70,000 copies $195
C. In a published serial.
1-10,000 copies $15
10,001-20,000 copies $30
20,001-30,000 copies $45
30,001-40,000 copies $60
40,001-50,000 copies $75
50,001-60,000 copies $90
D. In a DVD, CD, or videotape.
1-1000 copies $35
1001-2000 copies $55
2001-3000 copies $75
3001-4000 copies $90
4001-5000 copies $105
5001-8000 copies $120
E. Postcards, posters, T-shirts, calendars, mouse pads and/or other non-paper items.
1-500 copies $20
501-1000 copies $40
1001-1500 copies $60
1501-2000 copies $80
2001-2500 copies $100
2501-3000 copies $120
3001-3500 copies $140
3501-4,000 copies $160
4001-4500 copies $180
4501-5000 copies $190
F. On the Web. $50.00 (per image, per site)
The allowable resolution for display is not to exceed 150 dpi or 600 pixels across the long side, whichever is smaller.
G. Other use:
Commercial decorative display (offices, stores, restaurants, public areas, events)
Book jacket/magazine cover (1-10,000 copies; ask ahead for prices on larger runs)
Commercial motion picture or television broadcast (one-time use only)
Non-commercial motion picture or television (e.g., PBS) broadcast
In a formal exhibition
Advertising kits and/or press kits




Handling/Shipping Fees

Handling/processing/mailing fee is $5 per mailing in the U.S. and Canada; $10 minimum if mailed outside the U.S. and Canada. (Fee is waived if you pick up the product at the Delaney Library).

Research Fees

The Center staff understand that researchers can not always come to use the library and its resources in person. We encourage you to conduct as much research online as possible, and if extended research by a Center staff member is necessary, the time is charged at $25 per hour.

While Delaney Library and Archives staff strive to fulfill all requests as soon as possible, please allow up to 5 days for reference and retrieval requests. Involved research or image duplication requests may require a longer response time; please contact a staff member for an estimated time of delivery.

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