The Center of Southwest Studies is a member of the Consortium of Southwest Centers.

Publications sponsored by the consortium:

The Journal of the Southwest, published at the University of Arizona

The Journal of Southwestern American Literature, published at Texas State University

The Center of Southwest Studies additionally publishes its newsletter, Timelines, which is available free to the public.

More publications by the Center of Southwest Studies:

The Black on New Spain's Northern Frontier: San Jose de Parral, 1631 to 1641
by Vincent Mayer, Jr.; edited by Robert Delaney
CSWS Occasional Paper No. 2, November 1974, 45 pgs.
Price: $20
Steam trainThe Coming of Durango's Little Train
by Robert W. Delaney
1973, 11 pgs.
Price: $5
Fort Lewis College Archaeological Investigations in Ridges Basin, Southwest Colorado, 1965-1982
by Philip G. Duke
CSWS Occasional Paper No. 4, 1985, 325 pgs.
Price: $20
Letters from a Weminuche Homestead Letters from a Weminuche Homestead, 1902
by Edith Taylor Shaw

CSWS Occasional Paper No. 5. Durango, CO: Durango Herald Small Press, 2003.

Price: $14.95
San Juan Sampler San Juan Sampler: Selections from the Nina Heald Webber Postcard Collection
Durango, CO: Durango Herald Small Press, 2004.
Winner of the Colorado Independent Publishers Association “Evvy” Book Award for 2005, and 2nd place winner in the Travel/Recreation category.
Price: $17.95
Southern Ute Lands, 1848-1899; The Creation of a Reservation
by Gregory Coyne Thompson
CSWS Occasional Paper No. 1, March 1972, 67 pgs.
Price: $20
Tough men in hard places Tough Men in Hard Places: A Photographic Collection
by Esther Greenfield
Portland, OR: WestWinds Press, 2014.
Price: $19.99
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Mountain Lion! Mountain Lion!
Signed, limited edition Mountain Lion! exhibit posters featuring photographs by Robert Winslow
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