Internships at the Center

The Center of Southwest Studies at Fort Lewis College in Durango, Colorado offers internship opportunities in various program categories.

For museum internships, please contact the Curator of Collections, Jeanne Brako.
For archival internships, please contact the Archives Manager, Nik Kendziorski.

Most notable, the Center was able to offer paid internships for Native Americans from 2003-2008; 2008 was the fifth and final year of this 3-year Earmark. The Center's Native American Honors Internships program provided select Native students with quality, mentored paid internships in the following areas: archives, library, museum, and historic preservation. Interns worked at the Center of Southwest Studies and participated in outreach opportunities at institutions in the Four Corners Region.

General Internship Guidelines

We recognize that an internship in a professional museum, library or archives setting can be a means of acquiring necessary skills and experience outside of the traditional academic setting.

A typical application should include a letter of interest, two letters of reference, and your resume addressed to the appropriate department contact listed above. Minorities are strongly encouraged to apply.
  1. The period of work and weekly hourly commitment is negotiable.

  2. Under the collaborative leadership of the Department Manager, the Intern will assist with a variety of the broad gamut of tasks at the Center of Southwest Studies. These could include - but are not limited to - arrangement and description, preservation, reference and access service, acquisitions and appraisal of collections, accessioning, Fort Lewis College records management, oral history interviewing, outreach, institutional planning, and work on the Center's web site.

  3. The Intern will complete a discreet project as assigned by the Department Manager (for example, inventorying and preparing a collection of artifacts for long-term storage; arrangement and description on a discrete collection or unit of records; digitization of documents to increase access and preserve original documents; evaluating and cataloging a donated accession of monographs for the library collection).

  4. The Intern will participate in any meetings of the Southwest Studies Advisory Committee, the Southwest Accessions/Deaccessions Committee, and related Committees.

  5. The Intern may assist in the supervision of any student workers.

  6. The Department Manager will be available throughout the course of the Internship for consultation and mentoring with the Intern, and will be directly responsible for the supervision of the Intern's work.

  7. Any historical research the Intern chooses to do must be done on the Intern's own personal time, and research at the Center must be done under the same terms as those that apply to a non-staff researcher (i.e., conducted in the designated research areas and the designated research room hours).

  8. This is a work for hire; thus, all the data files and other products of this work will remain the property of the Center of Southwest Studies.

  9. The Intern is responsible to submit a final report to the Department Manager upon the completion of the Internship.

  10. If the Internship is to count for course credit, the applicant will have to arrange this with the educational institution that they are attending.

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